Which Bike Type Is Best Fit For Commuting?

Which Bike Type Is Best Fit For Commuting?

Riding a bike is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. From professional racers to casual riders, bicycles can be found everywhere: roads, cycle paths, or sidewalks.

There are almost no feelings more enjoyable than riding a bicycle for many people, and they love sharing their experience by bringing home a new bike.

Further, with environmental concerns at an all-time high, many people are drawn to cleaner modes of transportation, and bikes are the king of green transit.

That said, not all bikes are created equal and a wrong decision can leave you with the wrong bike. You need to select the right bike specific for your commuting needs.

In this article we will see different types of bikes; their appeal, advantages and disadvantages in commuting.

Advantages of Using Bikes For Commuting

Bikes are popular for being both cheap and heavily reliable. These nimble commuting bikes favor hassle-free day-to-day commute while saving extra cash for yourself.

They perfectly fit the travel ventures held in intra-city; and are one of the most affordable bikes that provide appropriate value for money. They are very easy to operate and taking a ride on them is more than just fun.

It is a cost-effective option that not only provides comfort and safety but also promises durability. All credit goes to steel or aluminum frames that make them stronger than ever.

Most commuting bikes have enough functional storage space at the rear and front of the bike in the form of fenders and racks. It is quite light in weight and thus provides an awesome riding experience.

The best part is that you can explore several alternate routes and have the freedom to ride to any place without worrying about fuel since it doesn’t require it.

It is always easier to find a parking spot for a commuter bike than for a car. The seat and grips are also quite comfortable and help in making your every ride as amazing as you.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Bike


Size is one of the most important factors when buying a bike. If you are choosing a bike for yourself, you should be able to sit on it comfortably. The seat height should be adjustable and easy to adjust.

Also, the handlebars should not be too high or low, and the saddle should be at the right height. The size of your bike will depend on your body size, leg length and arm length.

If you are buying a kids’ bike, then make sure that they are comfortable with their bikes because if they are not comfortable, they will not enjoy riding it as much as they would if they were satisfied.

If you have already bought a bike, but it is too big or small for you, then there are ways to fix this problem without spending extra money on another bike.

You can adjust your current bike by adjusting its seat height or handlebar position so that it fits better with your body size. You can use accessories such as padded seats and gloves to be more comfortable for you when riding.


The terrain is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bike. Light bikes are great for city riding and racing but not for off-road terrain.

If you plan on riding a lot of dirt trails, consider a mountain bike or an adventure bike. These bikes have knobby tires and other features that make them ideal for off-road use.

Get a fat tire bike if you want to ride in sand or mud. This type of bike has wider tires than traditional road bikes, so they can better handle the soft terrain that these surfaces present.

If you plan to ride in cities or suburbs with lots of pavement and roadways, then get a road bike designed to handle this kind of surface well.

Which Bike Type Is Best Fit For Commuting?

Accessory Compatibility

If you’re getting a new bike and want to add some accessories, such as lights or fenders, it’s essential to make sure they’ll work with your bike.

This is especially true if you’re buying online and don’t have the chance to try out different products before purchasing them. One of the most common issues with accessory compatibility is incompatible frame sizes.

If you buy a bike with an oversized frame (typically 29 inches or larger), it may not fit on all racks or other mounts designed for standard-sized bicycles (26 inches).

Another issue with accessory compatibility is tire size. Most racks and fenders are designed for 26-inch or 700c wheels — not both.

This difference isn’t an issue in some cases because a frame might fit both types of tires (assuming it has enough clearance). However, if you’re planning to use your bike for commuting and need a rack that will accommodate your panniers, you’ll likely need to purchase one that fits 700c wheels only.


Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of owning a bike. If you want your bike to last, you’ll need to keep it in good shape.

This means regular maintenance and repairs, which will help prevent expensive future issues. Maintenance is also about taking care of your bike’s body and components.

You can’t expect your bike to run like new if you don’t clean it regularly. Depending on how often you ride your bike and what kind of terrain you’re riding in, you need to do maintenance.

If you’re commuting every day or riding on rough roads, your bike will probably require more frequent maintenance than if you’re only using it for leisurely rides on paved paths through parks or along trails.

In addition to regular maintenance (which includes cleaning), several major repairs can be done at home by someone with even basic knowledge of mechanical tasks or with a little bit of patience and internet research.

These include:

  • Changing a flat tire
  • Replacing brake pads/rotors/cables/hoses
  • Adjusting derailleurs (front or rear)
  • Adjusting headset bearings

Fitness Level

If you’re a beginner, start with a low-impact bike. Cycling is a great way to lose weight, but you might want to start with an upright or cruiser bike if you’re new to cycling.

If you’re looking for something that challenges your fitness level, consider buying a mountain bike or road bike. Mountain bikes can be ridden on trails and off-road paths, while road bikes are best suited for riding on paved roads and paths.

If you’re looking for an exercise that will burn calories, try a spin or indoor cycling class. These classes use high-intensity workouts that get your heart rate up quickly.

Dress Code

When choosing a bike, it’s essential to consider the riding you’ll be doing. In this case, You are talking about the dress code. The type of clothes you wear can make or break your ride.

Riding for 2-3 miles everyday in your work cloth is doable but riding more than 6 miles may not. If you want to commute in your work cloth find a bike that is more comfortable; better it if has step-through design.

It doesn’t matter if you are cycling for leisure or commuting to work; clothing is important. Here are some tips to consider when choosing your cycling attire:

Dress appropriately for the weather. If it is sunny and hot outside, then shorts and a t-shirt are acceptable, but if it is raining or cold out, wear layers to adjust to changes in temperature easily.

If wearing jeans, make sure they are not too tight or loose, as this will cause discomfort while riding.

Shorts or pants with a zipper pocket on the back are ideal for carrying items like keys or wallets without worrying about them falling out during an intense climb up a mountain pass!

If wearing shoes, make sure they have a good grip as this will help prevent slips and falls on wet pavement during wet conditions such as rain or snowfall. Shoes with clips are also helpful in keeping feet securely attached to pedals while pedaling at high speeds to maintain balance.

What’s The Best Kind of Bike For Commuting?

Which Bike Type Is Best Fit For Commuting?

Hybrid Bike For Everyday Commute

As the name says, Hybrid bikes are a hybrid of two types of bikes. These are road bikes and mountain bikes. By having a hybrid bike, you can get the best of both bikes.

They provide a comfortable riding position with upright handlebars along with a padded seat. They are best for short-distance travel and to find errands nearby in the town.

They are ideal for unpaved trails but not enough to handle the rough surfaces. Well, the width of their tires falls in medium range which allows for a decent ride.

They are also called cross bikes. Don’t puzzle them with cyclocross bikes. They perfectly serve the purpose of a casual ride. Modern hybrid bikes have aluminum or carbon fiber frames for lightweight and easy handling.

There are several hybrid bikes that have front suspension.

On the other side, there are also the major sections of hybrid bikes that are closely similar to road bikes. They are a perfect choice for a daily commute and weekend fun.

City Bikes For Commuting To Work

City bikes target ease of riding for short-distance and riding inside the city. They possess several features of hybrid bikes and incorporate them with simplified riding in the city.

Their primary goal is to provide an easy commute to daily travelers.

Their features include styled handlebars with flat position, mudguards, lights, and also the chain guards and skirt guard, especially on the rear wheel.

They come with attached pannier racks so that the rider may keep the luggage and other items in it. City bikes are popularly known as urban bikes.

It gives an upright riding space like a cruiser bike and the size of the wheels is similar to the hybrid bikes. The fun fact is that these bikes are also referred to as Dutch bikes.

It is primarily because there is a very close similarity between day-to-day bikes that are used in Amsterdam and some other European cities that are bike-friendly.

Nowadays, city bikes come with drivetrains and a really wide gearing range.

Folding Bikes For Public Transport

Ever heard of blessing in disguise? Well, fold-able bikes perfectly fit into this instance. They are even versatile and the most underrated cycling option.

With increasing population and real estate prices, there are high chances that you may have limited storage space. Other times, you may be commuting on a train, following some of the fight steps, and yes facing the elevators.

Fold-able bikes can be a real game changer that can easily be packed and taken along at any place.

As the price range increases, you will get a lightweight fold-able bike that would have a lighter frame made up of titanium or even carbon fiber.

Their wheel is usually designed to manage a small space and be light at the same time.

Also, most modern fold-able bike fans feel that the smaller wheels outweigh the difference by making it a folding bike that is highly portable.

Overall, they are a good option for daily commuters who travel by train or bus and need to have a bike along the way.

Electric Bikes For Power-Assist

There are several people who want electric bikes for commuting to work or run errands. Well, they are really affordable and one of the most reliable commuter bikes in today’s time.

Rather than investing money into any fancy types of equipment and unnecessary little things, an electric commuter bike is a much better option.

The focus is on a high-quality drive-train. Yes, I understand it’s pretty boring at first glance.

But, it’s reliable at the end of the day. It will help you in getting all the places wherever you want without too much worrying. Or better say, it will help you in riding involuntarily.

It is an awesome blend of higher ergonomic and cost-effectiveness. The fat tires offer a smoother ride. It is asymmetric but quite easy to maintain the balance.

Here’s a kind mention, if you buy an electric commuter bike, make sure that the city laws have allowed using it. There may be times when you will need to get a license for riding an electric commuter bike.

Fixed Gear Bikes For Low Maintenance Commuting

If you want to have amazing pedal efficiency with unlimited control on handling, then having a fixed gear is the best option. The fixed gear commuting bikes have a strong and durable steel frame that is equipped with solid welds.

Their tires are thick in nature. As with other biking options, fixed gear bikes are bound to give you an upright riding position that is going to be really convenient.

They have distinct features that will allow having a plethora of visibility even if you are in traffic.

Being a commuter bike, having a couple of fenders and some extra racks that are required to carry the luggage and other items become very easy.

But, the most important thing that makes these bikes stand out of the crowd is a bearing hub that is completely sealed. It helps to make the bike a perfect fit in all the weather.

Health benefits include helping you with your cardio. Additionally, because of having fewer components, it is very easy to maintain.

What’s The Best Kind of Bike For Commuting? - Road Bikes For Speed

Road Bikes For Speed

Designed for speed road bikes are fast, agile, light and aerodynamic. while they may not be most comfortable bike to commute they are quick on roads and easy to maneuver.

Road bikes have drop handlebars for a forward-leaning aerodynamic position. Not just it adds up to your speed allowing for several hand positions for better grip and handling.

Thanks to that you can ride them for miles without any discomfort to your hands.

Since everything about them is built and designed for some extra speed; they have the narrowest wheels among all bike types to minimize rolling resistance.

Even the components and frames are made from lighter material to minimize weight. Because saving weight means you can go a little faster for the same pedal force.

On the downside they are not as comfortable as other bike types; though they work great on paved road it starts to get uncomfortable on non paved gravel / dusty roads.

Mountain Bikes For Commuting Off-road

Depends on the terrain. Mountain bikes are indisputable winners when it comes to riding on uneven gravel paths and unpaved trails.

You can definitely use mountain bikes for commuting if you do not have any issue because of slower speed as it has really broad tires and suspension, which increases the overall weight of the bike as compared to other bikes.

At the end of the day, any type of bike which is comfortable and approaches practicability is a clear winner. It depends on you whether you want to handle that extra weight and compromise your speed for its sake.

It is best to get a bike that feels like you want to take a ride again and again on it.

Mountain bikes can also be used for urban riding taking shortcuts, making your own way through grass, stairs, streets and more. All you need to ensure is that there are hard trails / unpaved terrains in part of your commute.

Also, keep an eye on your bike every time you have to go a little far so that it could not be stolen. Other things include hardship in pedaling but it would get resolved once you start using it regularly.

Best Bikes For Commuting, According To Experts

Which Bike Type Is Best Fit For Commuting?

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Commuter Bike

This bike is fairly basic, but it is exactly what you need for getting around town.

Though it’s simple, the model is sleek and modern looking. With a Retrospec bike, you’ll get good quality for a budget price, and there is very little maintenance work required.

The frame is durable and the tyres have grooves to better grip the pavement during a commute, which further guarantees your safety and security as you ride.

The Harper is designed to look good and drive well. It has front and rear brakes to help you stop at a moment’s notice, and the barspin clearance has no toe overlap to make every turn swifter and cleaner.

With a comfortable saddle and aluminum handlebars, this bike is perfect for those looking for an uncomplicated yet well-equipped ride.

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Commuter Bike: Check Its Price on Amazon

Which Bike Type Is Best Fit For Commuting?

ANCHEER Blue Spark 500W Electric Commuter Bikes

ANCHEER Blue Spark 500W Electric Commuter Bike does a lot more than what it promises. It is efficiently designed by keeping in mind all your needs and requirements in advance.

It has twenty-one-speed gearing combined with 500W.

Additionally, there are five levels to provide pedal assistance. You know the interesting thing is that even a throttle acceleration to a speed of about 15mph is never going to be a huge concern.

Coming to the features of ANCHEER Blue Spark 500W Electric Commuter Bike is that the frame is made up of aluminum alloy which signifies it is a lightweight commuter bike.

There are appropriate brakes at the front and rear sides. The rims are also made up of aluminum and have double walls. It uses a Lithium-ion Battery with 48V 10Ah. The smart meter is LCD compatible with five-speed levels. The battery won’t take more than six hours to get fully charged.

The best part is that ANCHEER Blue Spark 500W Electric Commuter Bike can also be used for efficient riding in the rainy season and taking it out for a quick tour.

ANCHEER Blue Spark 500W Electric Commuter Bike: Buy on Ancheer.com / Check Price On Amazon

Which Bike Type Is Best Fit For Commuting?

sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Commuter

sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Commuter Bike falls at top in the list of hybrid commuter bikes. It is heavily comfortable to visit the entire city by riding on it.

Be it the random streets, any shaking way out there, or a new undiscovered place waiting for you, sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Commuter Bike fits perfectly in all the circumstances.

The frame is made up of aluminum and the fork is made up of steel. Even the swift release mounts consist of rear fenders and yes, no front fenders.

The tires are up to mark and have the standard size. Even the crack material is also aluminum and all the combination makes it a lightweight standard hybrid commuter bike.

But do you know the prime reason behind the awesome design of the sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Commuter Bike? It’s speed.

With a firm and comfy seat, it is good for often uphill riding. And it’s obvious because hybrid bikes are made to have some characteristics of a mountain bike. Riding on a paved surface or common trails with a moderate pace can give you the best result for almost every day ride.

Explore Your Range Hybrid Commuter: Buy on sixthreezero.com / Check Price On Amazon


So, does that mean there is no “best” bike for commuters, and instead one for each type of commute?

City bike and mountain bike perform better in different environments, but the reality is most people aren’t going to have two bikes to ride: one for the town and the other for country.

Instead, you should have one that will perform admirably in most circumstances, with a premium placed on features that impact your health, comfort and safety.

So how to find the best bike for yourself to commute to work?

Look for a bike that is fit for you is one that is comfortable, not too heavyweight, with at least moderate speed, right riding position so that it won’t result in any health issues, and last but not least, that is within your budget.

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