What 10000 Steps A Day For 30 Days Do To Your Body

The average American walks only 3200 steps per day, or roughly 1.5 to 1.6 miles per day. That’s less than half the recommended amount for good health. But there are many other things that contribute to our overall fitness level, for example nutrients in food, sleep quality, lifestyle, age, exercise and pace of your walking. […]

One Hand Cycling: How To Signal, Drink, Bike Without Falling

Once you have learned to ride a bike, then the next natural step in the process is cycling one handed. For some, riding a bicycle with only one hand is considered the first real trick. But for many others, riding with one hand allows the cyclist to multitask. With enough practice and dedication, anyone can […]

10 Reasons Electric Bikes Are Better Than Regular Bicycles

Bikes are fun to ride, especially electric bikes. E-bikes are the future. Industry experts predict that the annual sales of electric bicycles will grow from $3.7 million to $17 million by 2030. It is clear that many cyclists are gravitating toward power bicycles. You have probably seen several e-bikes while cycling down the road on […]

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