10 Stylish Bike Helmets for Urban Commuters (Updated 2023)

Bike helmets are a part of the neccessary kit for any serious cyclist. Wearing one is the best way to protect yourself from serious head injuries, which happen to be the main cause of cycling fatalities.

Helmets are serious business — but, that doesn’t mean they can’t double as cute and stylish fashion accessories.

Just as clothing evolved from a method to protect us from the elements into perhaps the most widely used medium of personal expression, so too have bike accessories.

The humble helmet is no exception, and has been resculpted in many ways to suit the many classes of riders and their personalities. Like the one’s mentioned in our old post 9 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Helmets.

Yet, there are always looks that stand out above the rest. Some cute and novel design flairs, or fashion forward lux details simply outshine the competition, and 10 such winners make up the list below.

So, no need exhaust yourself searching through the thousands of listings for a few glimmering needles hiding among mounds of hay. Instead, take a look at these beauties. One, or more, is bound to tickle your fancy.

Cute Bike Helmets – Comparison Table

Bike Helmet
No of Vents
Amazon Link
Nutcase VIO Adult Commuter Bike Helmet
1.9 lbs
Thousand Heritage Collection Bike Helmets
1.1 lbs
OutdoorMaster Multi-Sport Adult Bike Helmets
1.0 lbs
Thousand Adult Chapter Bike Helmet
2.2 lbs
*POC Omne Air Spin Adjustable Bike Helmets
1.5 lbs
PATHLANE Adult Commuter Bike Helmets
1.4 lbs
EASTINEAR Goggle Shield Cycling Helmet
1.1 lbs
bollé Messenger Standard Cycling Helmet
0.8 lbs
MOKFIRE Cool & Sleek Commuter Bike Helmet
1.2 lbs
EASTINEAR Adults Adjustable Bike Helmets
1.5 lbs
*Note: POC Omne Bike Helmet Use MIPS Alternative ( SPIN )

Top 10 Stylish Bike Helmets For Urban Commuting

10 Stylish Bike Helmets for Urban Commuters (Updated 2023)

1 ) Nutcase VIO Adult Commuter Bike Helmet

With a name like Nutcase, you know this helmet’s brand has a good sense of humor, but they also have a strong sense of style. The VIO marries a classic, clean profile with modern, tech-forward features and flair.

It’s a look that has a lot in common with today’s tech aesthetic: rounded transitions instead of angular, glassy smooth surfaces instead of busy contours.

Worn with a suit on the work commute, or athletic wear on the weekends, it looks just as good.

The VIO comes in 6 different colors, and two different finishes. So, combinations like the wine red “Cabernet Matte” or the smoky “Blanco Glossy” allow you to customize to your taste.

Don’t expect any neon bright color options though. Nutcase stuck with earthy and pastel tones for this one, to better contrast with the integrated LED lights.

The lights are arranged in a strip that wraps around the back and sides, and in a front head-lamp style fixture. The rear LEDs are red and orange, while the forward facing light is white.

So, even if your bike lacks head and tailights, the VIO makes sure you can see and be seen in the dark.

The attractive design doesn’t detract from this helmet’s primary safety functionality. A DUO Density EPS foam interior employs 2 types of layered protection to absorb impacts. The MIPS safety system augments this to be effective versus collisions from all angles.

With 9 airflow vents, the helmet stays cool on the head, and the adjustable cradle makes sure it fits comfortably. If the clean tech style is your thing, this helmet will fit your wardrobe and your head just right.

Nutcase VIO Adult Commuter Bike Helmet: Check Its Price on Amazon!

10 Stylish Bike Helmets for Urban Commuters (Updated 2023)

2 ) Thousand Heritage Collection Road Bike Helmets

Heritage is an apt name for this helmet from the Thousand brand, as the design hearkens back to the moto lids of the 1950’s and 60’s. The helmet is totally smooth, with gentle contouring around the edges to the trim.

Even the 7 air vents don’t break the iconic silhouette, as they are cut flush with the curves of the exterior.

Twelve vintage colorway options provide something for everyone. Whether you want rainbow racing stripes, metallic silver or gold, or one of several old-school earth tones, Thousand has you covered.

All of the hues are beautifully realized on the carbon helmet’s rubberized, matte finish, for a truly striking, premium appearance.

The exterior isn’t the only element of style here, however. The chin straps are supple vegan leather, and the interior pads have vibrant colors and patterns of their own, keeping this helmet as effective as it is attractive.

Beyond the styling and certified protection capabilities, the Heritage boasts several notable features.

Adjusting the fit is as simple as turning a dial, which can be easily set in place to maintain maximum comfort. A magnetic buckle lets you easily secure or release the helmet one-handed.

When you aren’t wearing it, you can even secure the helmet to your frame or bike lock using the strap.

A secret poplock means a would-be thief can’t easily snag it — and an anti-theft guarantee means Thousand will look out for you if anything goes wrong.

This is a useful feature, because a Heritage helm is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it, whether it’s on your head, or hanging from your bike.

Thousand Heritage Collection Road Bike Helmets: Check Price on Amazon!

OutdoorMaster Multi-Sport Adult Bike Helmets

3 ) OutdoorMaster Multi-Sport Adult Bike Helmets

The Multi-Sport from OutdoorMaster also reaches into the retro past for its look, but brings it into the modern age with a more vibrant color palette.

The ABS outer shell has the smooth, low profile look reminiscent of the classic moto style.

Of the 11 colorways you can choose, some double down on the nostalgia with muted hues. Other colors, like the high visibility lemon or orange, pop with energetic, neon brightness, perfect for riding on a bright Summer day.

Color coordinated strap holds bring the design look together, and show OutdoorMaster’s attention to the small details. This extends beyond the appearance, into the interior where extra thick EPS material provides .7 inches of padded protection for your noggin.

The Multi-Sport comes with two sets of removable liners as well, so you can easily take them out and clean them between rides.

Not that sweat will be a big problem with this helmet. It has 12 strategically placed vents, machined flush with the shell for maximum cooling with minimum disruption to your cool silhouette.

Weighing a miniscule .79 lbs, it sits on the head lightly with no strain to the neck, even on a long ride. Yet, light as it is, it fits firmly and securely as well.

This is thanks to both a modern dial-controlled fit system and the adjustable chin straps. The MultiSport is a great choice for someone looking for a vintage style helmet updated to suit today’s tastes.

OutdoorMaster Multi-Sport Adult Bike Helmets: Check Its Price on Amazon!

10 Stylish Bike Helmets for Urban Commuters (Updated 2023)

4 ) Thousand Adult Bike Helmet – Chapter Collection

Thousand enters the list for a second time with the Chapter helmet, another moto lid-inspired offering similar to the Heritage, but including a few upgrades for the sake of both fashion and functionality.

In the looks department, this is another helmet with the vintage low-profile design, more rounded and bowl-shaped than the elongated form factor of most contemporary helmets.

The exterior has the same rubberized finish effect present on the Heritage model, but the 8 active ventilation vents are larger and arranged differently, lengthwise along the sides.

The change is due in part to the inclusion of a red magnetic headlamp, meant to be placed on the back of the helmet to keep a rider visible to following traffic.

The 30 lumens of brightness make sure you won’t be lost in the dark, and the lamp is USB rechargeable so no fiddling with batteries or worrying about it dying on the way.

But, the vents aren’t the only visual change. The Chapter has 3 premium visor options: hand-painted tortoise shell, matte black, and metallic rose gold.

These lux looks are paired with the colors navy, black, and white, ensuring that they are displayed to maximum visual effect.

On the safety side, this helmet includes the MIPS system, in addition to the already effective existing liner. MIPS grants greater protection from concussions, so this helmet has much to recommend it from a safety standpoint.

The Chapter has the outer look of a bespoke fashion accessory, but still manages to put safety first. It’s a great choice for those who want to add a little glitz and glamour to their cycling kit.

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet – Chapter Collection: Check Price on Amazon!

POC Omne Air Spin Adjustable Bike Helmets

5 ) POC Omne Air Spin Adjustable Bike Helmets

The Omne Air SPIN marks a shift in the list to the more contemporary helmet style. Whereas a moto style helm is more rounded, this helmet from POC has the sleek, streamlined form factor most common today.

That does not mean it’s any less stylish, however. It looks just as good on a work commute as it does when you’re shredding a trail.

The shell is separated by expansive and stylized vents and air channels designed to funnel cool air over the head while riding. These vents are edged in black, providing a striking high contrast to many of the other color options.

In all, there are 12 colorways, with cool names like Fluorite Green and Actinium Pink that go well with the more futuristic design.

Wider vents mean less material is used overall, which is why the Omne Air SPIN is a featherlight .63 lbs. Yet, it guards your cranium with the best of them, combining a sturdy shell with a core that is thicker at the danger zones.

The EPS liner has carefully calibrated density, finding the sweet spot between comfy and shock absorbent. POC’s own SPIN system provides additional protection thanks to silicone padding.

This helmet is specifically designed to fit male riders, and it comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

Yet, that’s hardly the extent of fit variability, and a 360 degree size adjustment system allows you to further refine the way it sits on your head, by way of a dial and adjustable precision straps that are integrated into the liner itself.

POC Omne Air Spin Adjustable Bike Helmets: Check Its Price on Amazon!

PATHLANE Adult Commuter Bike Helmets

6 ) PATHLANE Adult Commuter Bike Helmets

This helmet from Pathlane is something of a hybrid. The lack of aggressive contouring on the shell gives it a retro vibe, with unbroken sections of smooth, gently curving polycarbonate material.

A detachable soft-flip visor even grants it something of a jockey cap profile, underscoring a classic feel.

Yet, the 10 large angular vents, and the two toned coloring, and integrated rear headlight give off a decidedly modern vibe as well. There are 4 color schemes available: a cute pink and white, green and brown, two shades of blue, and one all black.

All of the shades are forgiving enough to jibe comfortably with whatever you’re wearing. This is yet another helmet that matches athletic wear and casual clothing equally.

It comes in a single large size, though Pathlane also labels it compact because it isn’t as long as your typical modern day bike helmet.

It relies on EPS foam for shock absorption, with varying densities to shore up the most likely points of impact. The liner pad is removable, as is the fabric visor, so both can be washed as needed.

The rear headlamp mirrors the angular style of the vents. It has 8 different modes, can go constantly for 3 hrs at a stretch, and is rechargable.

Even with all that included, the Pathlane kept the wait down to merely .8 lb. This helmet fits right into the intersection where casual, techy, and sporty styles meet.

PATHLANE Adult Commuter Bike Helmets: Check Price on Amazon!

10 Stylish Bike Helmets for Urban Commuters (Updated 2023)

7 ) EASTINEAR Adults Goggle Shield Cycling Helmet

Eastinear enters the list with a helmet sure to appeal to those with more sporty style sensibilities. It has a throughly modern style, with aerodynamic contours incorporating large air vents and channels, 8 in total, to maximize airflow and heat dissipation from the head while riding.

There are 6 colorways, each of which features stylized race striping and highlights colored to contrast attractively with the primarily shades of the polycarbonate shell.

Rows of indentations and fin patterns contribute to an all around more aggressive, active aesthetic.

Setting this helmet apart both in terms of appearance and capabilities is the included magnetic eye shield. When attached, the shaded lenses protect the rider’s eyes from bright light, as well as from grit and debris.

This is particularly useful in a race, or when riding fast in on loose, offroad terrain. Because it’s magnetic, attaching and detaching can be done easily, no tools needed.

Along with this extra level of eye protection, the helmet shields your head with polycarbonate and EPS foam. A rechargeable USB taillight also contributes to your safety, with 3 different modes that make sure you’re seen.

This is another one-size-for-all model, with full 360 degree size management. It’s unisex design means that your gender is no barrier, so if you like the race-ready styling, this is one helmet that should be on your list.

EASTINEAR Adults Goggle Shield Cycling Helmet: Check Its Price on Amazon!

10 Stylish Bike Helmets for Urban Commuters (Updated 2023)

8 ) bollé Messenger Standard Cycling Helmet

The Messenger is a helmet with a sophisticated, modern design. It features the more elongated form factor, paired with a smooth top plate that is uninterrupted by vents.

Instead, the intake vents are concealed in a slender gap in the front, while the exhaust openings are situated on the sides. The effect is striking, as the curved plane of the shell is both impressive and understated all at once.

There are 3 color choices, the sort of grays, greens, and browns that bring to mind a pair of camos. It’s an apt comparison, as the colors allow the Messenger to blend into any situation.

This is definitely a commuter helm, meant to give a more professional impression, and to fit well with casual and work attire.

Still, the shell and foam interior are just as up to the task of taking the brunt of any impacts as they are on more sporty helmets. The novel ventilation setup, meanwhile, is far more effective than most at keeping your head dry when riding in the rain. A safety LED light is installed in the rear of the helmet.

You can remove it when you don’t need it, saving a little weight off of the 1.43 lbs total. Either way, the helmet is sure to draw attention thanks to its one of a kind look.

bollé Messenger Standard Cycling Helmet: Check Price on Amazon!

MOKFIRE Cool & Sleek Commuter Bike Helmets

9 ) MOKFIRE Cool & Sleek Commuter Bike Helmets

Mokfire’s entry into this list is notable for it’s artful treatment of features common among bike helmets: the visor, ventilation, and straps.

The integrated visor, which Mokfire calls their hat tongue design, gives the helmet a cute, baseball cap look. The straps have a contrasting, reflective stitch pattern, and a high visibility red fastener that provides a pop of color.

The vents are artistically formed into symettrical, smoothly udulating chains of openings along the top, with two, softly angular holes on the sides. Functionally they are no different from the usual, but their design gives the helmet additonal character.

Mokfire markets the helmet towards the casual riding set, and commuters. It comes in 9 colors, varying between glossy and matte finishes, and even has a quirky wood grain design option.

The ABS and EPS combo provides solid protection, but the looks are prioritised over the sort of additional protection and aerodynamic performance you’d want for more serious riding.

It also includes a rear light that, paired with the reflective straps, provides 360 degree visibility for the wearer.

The helmet comes with a carrying bag as well, though you’ll probably only use it in storage, since this is the kind of helmet you want people to see even when you’re not wearing it.

MOKFIRE Cool & Sleek Commuter Bike Helmets: Check Its Price on Amazon!

EASTINEAR Adults Adjustable Bike Helmets

10 ) EASTINEAR Adults Adjustable Bike Helmets

Eastinear’s second entry rounds out the list with a helmet that embraces the edgy, hyper aggressive and stylized look that in many ways dominates the bike helmet market.

Like the fibers of a tensed muscle, the shell is marked by deep channels and vents, a total of 18 of them. Clashing color options like orange and blue create a riotous, high energy feel.

Even the detachable sun visor is scored with holes, and tapered to a spikey points.

This is a helmet designed not only to manipulate the air around it, but to seem almost chaotic and wild, like a representation of a competitive rider’s energy, sculpted in ABS. This is for the cyclist who doesn’t want an understated look, but would rather make a statement instead.

Yet as different as the exterior styling is, the interior shares features with the majority of the helmets on the list.

EPS foam padding, a removable moisture-wicking liner, and a rechargable rear light are all included in this helm. It’s also very light, with a weight of just 0.6 lb.

Eastinear openly describes this as a helmet for mountain and road riders, acknowledging that the styling is probably to extreme for the average casual commuter.

But, if this look fits your personal style, then this is a quality choice.

EASTINEAR Adults Adjustable Bike Helmets: Check Price on Amazon!

Things To Consider When Buying Bike Helmets

Does it Fit Your Personal Style?

One of the secrets to pulling off any stylistic choice is your comfort level with it.

Even if, say, tight pants are “in,” if you aren’t at ease wearing them, or they clash with everything else you wear, choosing them will likely create a negative outcome.

The same is true with a bike helmet. A helmet that doesn’t match your bike or riding wear is likely to garner negative attention.

Likewise, if you aren’t comfortable with the helmet, you aren’t as likely to feel very confident wearing it.

Not only does such a situation defeat the purpose of curating your own look that allows you to feel fashionable or cute, it can make you less likely to wear the helmet at all.

Pick a helmet you like, that you actually want to wear, and the confidence and enjoyment you feel will contribute to how good you look in it.

Will it Actually Protect You?

Looking good is a fine goal, but it shouldn’t trump your safety. You have to keep in mind that a helmet’s primary purpose is to protect you from serious head injuries in a crash.

That’s why you don’t just wear a regular hat while riding, even though it might go great with your outfit.

Many commuter hats trade high visibility for a more harmonious style. This is fine if you ride during the day, and have other visibility aids like head/tail lamps and reflectors on your bike or other gear. But, if you really need to maximize you visibility, opt for helmet with high vis coloration instead.

Likewise, you should choose helmets with visors if you often ride in bright conditions, to prevent being blinded by glare. Make sure the helmet you choose is certified for the type of riding you plan to do as well.

Commuter helmets have much lower standards of required protection than something made for downhill enduro riding. Taking a hard fall with insufficient protection could prove catastrophic.

Ventilation & Weight

Bike helmets provide protection to your head from impact involved in accidents. But where there is no compulsory helmet laws, lack of adequate ventilation in helmets is often quoted for an excuse to not wear one.

Sadly most bike helmets that are cute and stylish lacks in ventilation with less vents in total. Although not having hyper-ventilated models does not makes these helmets inadequate for short to medium distance commute.

But if you live in a hot/humid area and regularly need to cover large distance its better choose a model with more vents in total with better airflow dynamics inside for optimal cooling.

Finally you should also pay attention to the weight as a few pounds may have a noticeable impact on comfort and feel on longer rides.

How To Measure Helmet Size

Wearing an ill-fitting helmet can be just as bad as wearing no helmet at all. Bike helmets are carefully designed, and the effectiveness of their protection is heavily dependent upon a proper fit.

A strategically reinforced area of cushioning, and even the directional mitigation of the MIPS system, can’t function if they aren’t situation on your head exactly as intended.

With the proper fit being so important, it’s lucky that measuring your head to fit bike helmet is actually easy to do. All you need is a soft tape measurer, or a regular ruler and a piece of string long enough to encircle your head.

You’ll need to measure your head circumference by wrapping the tape measure or string around your forehead, about an inch above your eyes. Mark the point where the measuring tool meets the end you started with. The length from the end to that mark is the measurement you need.

Once you have that number, you can choose a large, medium, or small helmet.

The helmet’s own fit tuning options, such as dials and straps, will allow for the ideal fit to be found so long as you’ve chosen the right overall size.

Head Measurement
Helmet Size
20-21.75 in (51-55 cm)
21.75-23.25 in (55-59 cm)
23.25-24.75 in (59-63 cm)
>24.75 in (>63 cm)
Extra Large

That said, helmets have different shapes, so size alone doesn’t ensure the fit will be right. Once the straps are tightened, the helmet should fit snuggly, with no looseness or wiggling.

However, it should not be so tight that it causes pain or discomfort. No part should be biting into your skin, or rubbing uncomfortably.

If you have any of these issues, and adjusting the fit doesn’t solve them, you should try a different helmet.


Bike helmet manufacturers have clearly come to understand that, for many riders, the helmet is a tool for self expression. In many ways, it serves as a shorthand for a cyclist’s personality, while also protecting them from harm.

If you found your way to this list, it’s because you are such a rider.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a staid and laid back commuter with an understated style, a casual rider with a penchant for the cute and colorful, or a competitive rider who see’s high performance as the height of fashion, the list contains an option for you.

Hopefully, you found at least one piece of gear that reflects the type of rider you are, and meets the safety needs for the type of riding you engage in.

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