Best Road Bikes Under $500: Budget Bikes For Beginners

If you are new to biking, purchasing your first bike can feel intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be because there are several budget road bikes that are perfect for beginners.

Naturally, the majority of people do not equate low cost with high quality, so it may seem strange to purchase a road bike for under $500, especially for a beginner. Of course, quality should always come first; however, it is possible to get this quality without needing to splurge on the bike.

This is especially important to know if you are a beginner because you don’t want to be caught out by extortionate prices when you are trying to buy an entry level bike.

Road bikes have much lighter frames than other bikes, such as mountain bikes, so they are easy to manage and become used to riding. Avoiding a heavy-framed bike will make it easier for you to train yourself up while cycling and try out different entry level routes.

You’ll want to choose an entry level bike so that you can get used to cycling and increase your comfort and confidence on the bike before progressing onto more difficult routes.

Entry level bikes are ideal for road biking and are simple for new riders to use.

Road bikes are very easy to come across, but it is not always so simple to find a high-quality bike that is also cost effective, so it is important to have several options before you make a purchase.

Below are the ten best budget bikes for under $500 that you should consider if you are a beginner biker.

Budget Road Bikes Under $500 – Comparison Table

Bike Model / Name
Amazon Link
Schwinn Fastback Performance Road Bike
22 lbs
Schwinn Volare Mens Sport Road Bike
34 lbs
Genesis 700c Adult Saber Men’s Road Bike
38 lbs
Vilano Shadow 3.0 Adult Road Bike
25 lbs
Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum 21 Speed Bike
26 lbs
Hiland Road Bikes Racing City Commuter
30 lbs
Hiland Road Bike 14 Speeds Race Bicycle
37 lbs
Eurobike 21 Speed Adult Road Bikes
38 lbs
LOOCHO 21 Speed Adult Road Bikes
40 lbs
Hiland Road Bike Steel City Commuter
28 lbs

10 Best Budget Road Bikes Under $500

Best Road Bikes Under $500: Budget Bikes For Beginners

1 ) Schwinn Fastback Tourney Performance Road Bike

This bike is a great choice for beginners because it ensures a smooth ride. It is a lightweight bike, weighing around 22lbs, so you need not worry about transporting or storing the bike.

As a lightweight bike, it is also perfect for cycling around a city and navigating paved or gravel roads.

The 700c tyres are fairly wide, which means better grip and durability and an overall more comfortable ride. These tyres make the bike a great choice for summer or winter cycling.

The comfortable ride provided by the Schwinn Fastback means that you’ll be able to cycle for miles with the peace of mind that the bike can handle it.

The triple-butted aluminum road frame is slender, making the bike nimble and perfect for exploring more compact routes. Equipped with efficient gears and shifting ( Shimano drivetrain and Schwinn crank and shifters ) the bike will tackle hilly routes more easily, making an uphill ride feel like less of a strain.

You will be able to push yourself effectively with this bike because it is durable and a great choice for a variety of seasons and surfaces.

The Schwinn Fastback comes in six different sizes: XS, SM, SMD, MLG, LG, and XL. You choose the size of your bike based on your height, with the suitability for XS starting at 4’11” and the suitability for XL finishing at 6’4”.

Schwinn Fastback Tourney Performance Road Bike: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Best Road Bikes Under $500: Budget Bikes For Beginners

2 ) Schwinn Volare 1500 Mens Sport Road Bike

Also from Schwinn, the Volare 1500 Mens Sport Road Bike is also an excellent choice for an entry level cyclist. With twenty-four speeds to choose from, this bike puts you in charge of the ride and lets you start off slowly and build up speed the more confident you get.

It is a reliable and consistent bike that you can see your progress on with every ride.

The rigid aluminum frame and drop style handlebar will give you a comfortable but secure riding posture. You can also adjust the seat for greater comfort.

This bike is designed for you to build up to high speeds because, like the Schwinn Fastback, its frame is slender and agile, able to cope with lots of different routes.

You can also conquer hills on this bike because the shifting between gears is smooth and simple, and the 700c tyres offer fantastic grip and security.

The alloy caliper handbrakes give the bike decent stopping power, allowing you to bring it to a smooth stop on any surface, and the alloy double wall rims work wonderfully to prote2.9ct the wheels when you make these manoeuvres.

The Schwinn Volare 1500 is speed, agility and comfort all condensed into one bike. It is perfect for beginners looking for a road bike that is easy to use while also increasing their riding abilities.

The guaranteed durability of the bike means that it can be used on a frequent basis for rides all around your city.

Schwinn Volare 1500 Mens Sport Road Bike: Check Price on Amazon!

Best Road Bikes Under $500: Budget Bikes For Beginners

3 ) Genesis 700c Adult Saber Men’s Road Bike

The Genesis Saber is another lightweight choice that is a great bike for a beginner cyclist who is looking to adjust themselves to road biking.

This bike has everything that a beginner cyclist needs: a simple yet effective bike that works efficiently and allows them to cycle on any surface at any time. With a bike, you are looking for excellent quality for good value, and the Genesis Saber is a reliable, durable product.

The twenty-one-speed drive train and its Shimano derailleurs make this bike a quick mover with efficient shifting for a smoother ride.

The front and rear alloy caliper brakes give the bike clean, crisp braking, and the soft, sure grip handlebar tape offers both comfort and grip.

With its tough tyres and sturdy structure, you can train yourself for miles cycling on this bike. You’ll see yourself tackling smooth roads, uneven trails and hills in comfort and with ease.

The Genesis Saber is perfect for riders between 5’8” and 6’2”, with a seat that can be adjusted for maximum support during a ride. It comes in sizes small, medium and large, so you can choose the size that’s right for you.

The included water bottle holder is a convenient addition to a bike that is designed for long and fast rides.

Genesis 700c Adult Saber Men’s Road Bike: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bikes with Integrated Shifters

4 ) Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bikes with Integrated Shifters

The Vilano Shadow 3.0 is a modern, stylish bike that is well-suited for beginners to train themselves and exercise on. It is most current version of Vilano’s SHADOW road bike collection.

Like the formerly mentioned bikes, it has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it the perfect choice for road biking when you are just starting out.

Though it has only fourteen speeds, you can still build up good speed, and the integrated brake shifters provide a clean ride. This bike from Vilano even comes with free pedals included.

The bike’s frame comes with an integrated headset and internal cable, which simplifies the design of the bike and allows the bearings to be slotted in and out really easily when you are putting the bike together.

Furthermore, the braking and shifting systems come together in a single unit that is conveniently designed for road biking. The precision of this bike means that you will be totally in control of all its movements and, as a result, less hesitant and nervous as a beginner cyclist.

This bike has three frame sizes: 49cm, 53cm and 57cm, each with a different reach and standover.

So long as you choose the correct size for you, the Vilano Shadow 3.0 will be comfortable and have you wanting to take longer rides.

Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike with Integrated Shifters: Check Price on Amazon!

Best Road Bikes Under $500: Budget Bikes For Beginners

5 ) Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum 21 Speed Bike

The Vilano Tuono is a versatile bike that is perfect for paved paths, trails, and open roads. It features disc brakes, an uncommon feature for bikes at this price point.

Disc brakes offer more braking power and reliability, even on wet surfaces, which is a real advantage for most beginners. It is a safety feature that is growing in popularity on beginner and commuter bikes.

This type of brake also puts less wear and tear on the rims of the bicycle.

The Vilano Turano is also built with strength in mind, with strong and sturdy construction that will hold up over time and urban terrain. The frame itself is double-butted, which increases strength.

Even with the double-butting, the aluminum frame makes it quite a bit lighter than steel-framed bikes and even other bikes of its class. Being so lightweight also makes getting up to cruising speed a little easier, which can be a bonus for those new to road biking.

With 21 gears on this bike, it will be easy for you to find one that works for you. It can handle hills with ease and offers a comfortable, smooth ride.

Generally, the Vilano Tuono is highly rated, especially given that it is designed to be a starter.

Although it might be important to point out the components used to manufacture the bicycle are low-to-mid grade, which is to be expected for the price tag.

Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum 21 Speed Bike: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Best Road Bikes Under $500: Budget Bikes For Beginners

6 ) Hiland Road Bikes Racing City Commuter Bicycle

The Hiland Road Bike Racing City Commuter Bicycle is also an aluminum-frames bike and has 14 speeds. It is a bit heavier than the Vilano Tuono but is still considered a lightweight option–weighing in at almost 30 lbs.

It is also a large bike, and could potentially take up a bit more storage space, and there are options for different sizes– you will want to order the one that is the best fit for your body.

The wheels on the Hiland bike are big which can mean less work for the rider– the larger the wheel the less the need to pedal. Its tires are specifically created for road use and offer a smooth ride.

The aluminum rims also making carrying a burden easy, so no worries if you need to carry extra weight on your ride.

The Hiland is also known for its durability, which is a bonus for new riders. The price is significantly higher for the Hiland, on most websites, giving you less value but still putting it well within the $500 range.

This bike is fairly easy to assemble and comes with all the tools you will need to put it together properly. It is an overall great choice and a great value.

Hiland Road Bikes Racing City Commuter Bicycle: Check Price on Amazon!

Best Road Bikes Under $500: Budget Bikes For Beginners

7 ) Hiland Road Bike 14 Speeds Racing Bicycle

This is another solid choice from the Hiland Brand. The Speed Racing Bicycle is aluminum-framed and 14 speeds, the same as the City Commuter Bike.

However, the tires on the Road Bike are high-performance making the ride even more comfortable.

This bike comes with superior shifters giving you total control in almost every situation on the road, which is advantageous for new riders.

It also helps in areas with busier traffic because it gives you more precision. The shifter is also controlled by the thumbs, which makes it easier to reach than other similarly made bikes.

A regular problem in both Hiland bikes is being able to determine the size of the bike that you need. Because they come in various options, it is important to consider the size of the person who will be riding it regularly.

It also has a lot of style, comparable to bikes that are in a much higher price range. It is built to be durable, and some reviewers even claim it is a good bike for heavier people.

This bike weighs a bit more than the City Commuter putting it at nearly 35 lbs. which may make uphill riding a bit tougher. Overall, however, it is a solid choice for any new rider or commuter.

Hiland Road Bike 14 Speeds Racing Bicycle: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Eurobike 21 Speed XC550 Adult Road Bikes

8 ) Eurobike 21 Speed XC550 Adult Road Bikes

The Eurobike is another 21-speed bicycle with disc brakes that are longer lasting than traditional bike brakes.

It also has the added benefit of a lifetime warranty on the bicycle frame, which is made of steel–providing cost-effective durability. The shifting system is versatile, making it better on different types of terrain.

The tires on the Eurobike are a bit wider than other bikes in its class, which gives it a very smooth ride.

The wheels also give you the ability to go on more rough terrain, making it a good choice for those who want to get off of the beaten path.

But it is lacking in the bells and whistles that might appeal to advanced riders. This is definitely a bike with a lot of style and that alone makes it a good choice.

There are quality replacement parts readily available if you were to incur any issues, and it meets ergonomic standards, which gives it a leg up for people who are not used to riding.

Like most items made of steel, it is important to take proper care of any bike you are riding. Steel is prone to rust in wet conditions, and your climate should be considered before you choose a bike.

Eurobike 21 Speed XC550 Adult Road Bikes: Check Price on Amazon!

LOOCHO 21 Speed Road Bikes With Dual Disk Brake

9 ) LOOCHO 21 Speed Road Bikes With Dual Disk Brake

The Loocho 21 Speed Road Bike With Dual Disc Brakes is another great choice for a beginner bicycle. It has an aerodynamic design and is simple to assemble. The dual disc braking system gives you a lot of stopping power and it responds well on wet surfaces.

This is also a bike that rides well on different types of surfaces.

Overall, it is a high-performance bicycle that will grow as you do. And it has a unique matte paint job that gives it the look of a high-end model without the high-end price tag.

The Loocho bike is a steel-frame model that tends to exceed the expectations of its buyers. It is heavy duty and built to last, with easy-to-shift gears that quickly change.

This bike has gained the reputation of being one of the highest quality bikes in its class. It is even called by some have noted that it is the best hybrid bike on the market– stating that it can even handle mountainous terrain.

LOOCHO 21 Speed Road Bikes With Dual Disk Brake: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Best Road Bikes Under $500: Budget Bikes For Beginners

10 ) Hiland 700c Road Bike Steel City Commuter

Bikes made by Hiland prioritise quality and performance, and the Hiland Steel City Commuter is no different. It is a great choice for entry level cyclists who are looking for a high-quality bike at minimal cost.

This bike is perfect for the road because it is durable and has high-performance 700c tyres for improved grip on any surface. The Shimano 14-speed thumb shifters ensure a smooth ride, so you will find this bike very easy to manage and navigate.

The Hiland Steel City Commuter has a strong yet fashionable frame that should hold up for a long time, allowing you to take regular rides with peace of mind that the bike can handle it.

The paintwork should withstand any scratches or knocks to the bike and keep it in high-quality condition no matter the weather. The steel fork supports on the frame have shock absorbers to make the bike ultra-safe.

This is especially important since you can cycle very fast on this bike.

The fourteen speeds and handy thumb shifters make it easy for you to start out slow as a beginner and then work your way up to quicker speeds.

The front and rear disc brakes can stop the bike at once, preventing you from losing control.

Hiland 700c Road Bike Steel City Commuter: Check Its Price on Amazon!

How To Choose Best Road Bikes Under $500

When it comes to entry level road bikes, you have a great few options to choose from. Though it may be easy to come across cheaper bikes, the bikes listed in this article will guarantee you quality at a cost-effective price.

When it comes to choosing the best road bike under $500, you’ll want to be assured of the quality so that the bike will be safe for both you and the roads you are riding on.

An easy way to narrow down potential road bikes is to only consider those that meet general essential criteria, such as your height, weight and style preferences.

All road bikes should be lightweight yet durable, but it is best to really figure out how you would like your bike to look and perform. Then, consider your comfort because you will be riding the bike a lot.

Consider the saddle, the handlebars and then things like thumb shifters and the location of the water bottle holder. For a successful ride, you want to be as comfortable on the bike as possible so that you can cycle for a long time and not have to worry about cramping or falling off.

You should think about how much you intend to use the bike so that you can make the most informed choice when you purchase one.

700c tyres are perfect for a road bike because they are slightly oversized for the bike and offer it a good grip on the road. You want to feel supported and steadied by the tyres on the bike.

If you live in an area where your bike is likely to suffer more damage on the road then you’ll want to go for a sturdy frame, like an aluminium frame. This material is a solid choice for bikes because it is durable but also lightweight.

Of course, budget is another big thing to consider when buying a bike, but if you are choosing from the aforementioned affordable road bikes then your budget need only stretch to a maximum of $500. You can rest assured that quality bikes for so cheap a price do exist.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision that you make in purchasing a bike will always depend on your comfort, your circumstances and your preferences.

Finding a fantastic bike for so low a price may make you uncertain, but the bikes included in this article are guaranteed to deliver long-term, smooth rides that will have you feeling more and more confident the more you cycle. You can find these bikes available online from various sellers for under $500.

Some will even come partly assembled, so you won’t need to put in too much work before you start cycling.

It’s as easy as locating the bike that you want, purchasing it for an incredible price, finishing its assembly, and then entering the biking world as a fully equipped beginner.

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