9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Fixed gear bikes, also known as “fixies”, are single speed bicycles with no freewheel mechanism in the drive-train. This means that when the rear wheel is rotating, so are the pedals.

You can’t stop pedaling while that rear wheel is moving because it is directly connected to the pedals and they will spin for as long as it does.

Despite this more complicated setup, fixed gear bikes have their benefits, especially for experienced cyclists. Once you are used to the way of pedaling on a fixie, you’ll find them to be really efficient and enjoyable to ride.

They are ideal for exercising, especially if you like to partake in racing. But if not, single-speed bikes are just a lot more convenient because their lack of freewheel mechanism means that they require virtually no maintenance.

Whatever your reason for choosing this kind of bike, you won’t be disappointed. After all, these bikes have been slowly but surely rising in popularity over recent years for a reason.

Why Use A Fixed Gear Bike

As previously stated, fixed speed bikes are perfect for those who don’t have much time to spend maintaining and fixing up their bike. As well as the freewheel mechanism in the drivetrain.

A fixie also lacks the disc brakes and caliper brakes of a traditional bike. Less components means less maintenance work and more time to be spent riding around on your bike.

The lack of gear pulley in the rear also makes pedalling more efficient, though this will only become apparent the longer you spend on the bike.

These bikes are more lightweight than the majority of traditional bicycles, which is another element that makes them easier and faster to ride.

Once you’ve got into the swing of cycling on a bike without multiple gears, you’ll be able to get around the city in no time at all. These bikes are especially good for commuting purposes and can be enjoyed by casual and experienced cyclists alike.

9 Best Fixed Gear Bikes For Commute & City Ride

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Commuter Bike

This bike is fairly basic, but it is exactly what you need for getting around town.

Though it’s simple, the model is sleek and modern looking. With a Retrospec bike, you’ll get good quality for a budget price, and there is very little maintenance work required.

The frame is durable and the tyres have grooves to better grip the pavement during a commute, which further guarantees your safety and security as you ride.

The Harper is designed to look good and drive well. It has front and rear brakes to help you stop at a moment’s notice, and the barspin clearance has no toe overlap to make every turn swifter and cleaner.

With a comfortable saddle and aluminum handlebars, this bike is perfect for those looking for an uncomplicated yet well-equipped ride.

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Commuter Bike: Check Its Price on Amazon

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Sole Bicycles Overthrow II Fixed Gear

Another great fixie with a similarly great low price is the Overthrow II bike by Sole Bicycles. It is perfectly constructed and looks slick and modern.

The frame is light and easy to navigate on, especially since the wheels are equipped with the brand’s signature Gripmasters’ to make them more durable and secure.

You’ll be able to ride in the proper upright position as the saddle and handlebars are positioned at a comfortable distance from each other.

The front and back brakes will put your mind at even greater rest as you cycle.

This bike will stay in solid condition for a long time as well because the frame and fork are constructed from hi tensile steel to make them durable and the wheels are designed to grip the road and resist potential damage.

Wherever you choose to commute, your ride will be smooth and comfortable.

Sole Bicycles Overthrow II Fixed Gear: Check Price on Amazon | Buy Direct on Solebicycles.com

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle

6KU are another brand that make high-quality fixed bicycles. They define their Track Bike as lightweight yet affordable, which it certainly is.

The aluminum frame and fork are designed to be aerodynamic and keep the ride light, though the double-walled alloy wheels offer the rider a lot of support during a commute.

You won’t need to do a lot at all to keep your bike looking good, which is an added bonus. As well as the bike, 6KU will also provide a build tool kit with all that you need to get your bike constructed.

Some of the most integral parts of this bike include the strong front and rear brakes for immediate stopping, durable pedals that your feet can grip onto well, and comfortably positioned handlebars.

Your every need will be taken care of on this bike.

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9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

P3 Cycles Track Aluminum Single Speed Fixie

Another simple bike with all that an everyday cyclist needs is the Track Aluminum Single Speed bike by P3 Cycles. It is available in blue or black and comes equipped with durable tires, quick brakes, and comfortable handlebars.

The bike also has a “flip flop” hub, which means that the rider is in control of how they cycle.

With those front and back caliper brakes and a lightweight aluminum frame, you can put faith in the bike however you choose to ride it.

Like the 6KU Track bike, this model by P3 Cycles also comes with some extra equipment to help you put the bike together. It includes a manual, an allen wrench, and a 15mm wrench.

This bike is better suited to taller riders, specifically those between 5’7” and 6’, so pay attention to that when buying your bike.

P3 Cycles Track Aluminum Single Speed Fixie: Check Price on Amazon!

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Sole Bicycles the Duke II Fixie Bike

Another excellent model sold by Sole Bicycles is their Duke II bike. As with the Overthrow II, the Duke II is also super lightweight and nimble, weighing just 26lbs.

It has the brand’s signature Gripmasters’ as well to keep you secure at the bike’s contact points. The light frame is a stylish white, though its hi tensile steel material is the best thing about it.

You’ll find yourself as comfortable as can be on the brand’s streamlined saddle too.

This retailer are really flexible and accommodating when it comes to different rider heights, so you’ll be able to purchase the Duke II in four different frame sizes (49cm, 52cm, 55cm, and 59cm).

You may not have thought that you’d be able to maximize your comfort so well on a fixie, but Sole Bicycles have made that absolutely possible, so the Duke II should definitely be in your top choices when buying a new bike.

Sole Bicycles the Duke II Fixie Bike: Check Its Price on Amazon | Buy Direct on Solebicycles.com

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

The signature fixed bicycle by Golden Cycles is excellent for entry level riders and those who are experienced with cycling on one gear alike.

All the components are designed to last, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t also look good. The bike is simple and glossy, with a classic black frame.

It is easy to assemble yourself and you’ll get your money’s worth from this quick ride, especially with the strong brakes on the front and back of the bike.

Other enjoyable additions to this bike are the two sets of bosses, which allow you to attach bottle cages, and the wide range of different colors for the paintwork.

It is ideal for using as a commuter bike because the frame is so lightweight that you’ll feel as though you’re gliding.

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike: Check Price on Amazon!

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Sole Bicycles Purple Cheetah Single Speed Bike

A third bike by Sole Bicycles makes this list, and with a name like Purple Cheetah, your expectations will be high. Luckily, this bike meets them and more.

Its vibrant white and purple frame and yellow KMC chain will have all eyes on your bike as you ride past, and the cheetah print saddle and handlebars are surprisingly comfortable.

The handlebars also have extra grips to help you steady yourself as you ride. The brand humorously describe this bike as “one fast cat”, so the front and rear hand brakes are a necessary safety feature.

The “flip flop” hub allows you to cruise along on one speed or get more of a workout on the “fixed” mode. This is one standout bike that you’ll be able to enjoy for its unique look and excellent speedy movements.

Sole Bicycles Purple Cheetah Single Speed Bike: Buy Direct on Solebicycles.com

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

26-Inch Micargi Men RD 818 Fixie Bike

This bike is a great choice for men who are looking for a new commuter. It comes in four colors (red, black, white, and matte black), and is perfect for riders who enjoy a simplistic model that covers all of their commuting needs.

As with the other bikes mentioned, you’ll be able to get around quickly and efficiently. The 26-inch wheels are the perfect size and have excellent grips for those all-important contact points.

Micargi make reliable and long-lasting bike components, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of their RD 818 Fixie Bike.

The aluminum frame and fork will stand up to any dirt or debris in their path, staying perfectly lightweight and streamlined for hassle-free cycling.

You’ll see fantastic speed on this bike, especially on really flat and smooth road surfaces. With so much packed into a simple bike, you really can’t go wrong.

26-Inch Micargi Men RD 818 Fixie Bike: Check Price on Bikeberry.com

9 Best Fixed Gear Single Speed Bikes for Commuting

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

Schwinn are a reputable bicycle retailer, and for good reason. Their Kedzie bike is a comfortable and smooth ride, with excellent build quality and high-quality 700C wheels.

The hi tensile steel frame is indicative of Schwinn’s signature racing frames, with the potential to last for a long time and resist plenty of damage.

The vibrant blue paintwork is also great to look at and makes the bike look even more stylish. This bike is perfect for those who are familiar with road bikes because it performs at its best during on-road city commutes.

You’ll be able to glide down streets and zip around corners on this lightweight model with better bike grip. Other great components include the simple speed drivetrain, the alloy wheel rims, and the adjustable seat post.

This bike caters to the rider’s comfort and convenience, putting you in the best position possible to spend as much time as you can commuting by bicycle.

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike: Check Its Price on Amazon!

How To Choose The Best Fixed Gear Bike

When it comes to choosing your bike, you should prioritize two things above everything else: comfort and speed.

These are important regardless of the bike that you choose, but with a one-speed bike, these things are even more important because you’ll spend a lot of time non-stop cycling and you need to be in the best position possible to do this quickly and efficiently.

You should look for a bike with the saddle and handlebars positioned a comfortable distance apart, so that you can ride without hunching over or stretching unnecessarily.

As for speed, the faster you pedal on one of these bikes, the faster you’ll go. The best fixed gear bike will work excellently for commuting purposes and allow you to cycle very fast on flat road surfaces.

To keep the back wheel rotating as it should, choose a bike with a durable chain that won’t take much damage at all. A similarly durable frame will help to keep you on track so that all your focus is on the pedaling itself.

You want to feel the ultimate control when you’ve got your feet in direct contact with the drivetrain, so make sure that the bike doesn’t feel at all unstable as you cycle.

The brakes need to be top quality because you’ll be pedaling hard and moving at a steady speed. Being able to stop at a moment’s notice without the bike becoming unstable should be another of your main priorities.

And the lack of components when compared with a regular bike doesn’t mean that you can choose just any fixie.

You should be paying even more attention to the components that a bike does have to make sure it is all in immaculate condition and ready for riding every single day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are fixed gear bikes good for commuting?

These bikes are excellent commuter bikes. You can control the speed of the bike to suit your own abilities much better than if you had to use the brakes to slow down after accelerating.

The majority of on-road commutes are short journeys on flat road perfect for these one-speed bikes.

They are also great bikes for cycling in winter because having your feet directly connected to the drivetrain gives you better control.

Q. What are fixed gear bikes good for?

These bikes are much simpler to ride than traditional bikes, even if you’ll have to get used to cycling without changing gears. The lack of shifters means that you only need to focus on pedaling and navigating.

These bikes perform best on flat, smooth surfaces and will allow you to commute on them easily. You’ll likely feel more secure on a fixie because there is nothing between your feet and the drivetrain.

Feeling greater control will give you more confidence when you cycle.

Q. Can you ride a fixie uphill?

You can ride one of these bikes uphill, but it will not perform to the best of its abilities on a steep hill.

This is because riding uphill on just one speed is quite difficult and takes a lot more work than if you’re able to move up through your gears.

You’ll be able to make it to the top of a long hill eventually, but it will take a lot of hard pedaling and stamina. They are best suited to shorter, quicker hills.

Q. Can you stop pedaling on a fixed gear bike?

You won’t be able to stop pedaling on a fixed bike because the bike will stop moving entirely. You can’t coast on a fixie, so there is no break for pedaling.

If you do want to give your legs a break, you’ll have to stop cycling and hop off the bike.

If you don’t think that you have the endurance for non-stop cycling, a bike without a freewheel mechanism might not be for you.

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