About US

About US

Environments have suffered so much and their is so much to learn and share about bikes and cycling in general. Fuel prices are already high and their is also concern of global warming.

In the last 10 years a very little has been done in respect of the growing concern and its time we too contribute our parts in protecting our environment by switching to bicycles.

Thus, spreading a healthy and Eco-friendly lifestyle that can encourage others to join this movement and at least commute once a week by their bikes.

Being a passionate cyclist and a true believer in green initiative; I want to share all the knowledge I have about bikes and cycling in general and whatever I learn in the process. 

I had started Goingfitunfit.com with an aim to provide valuable information on bikes, e-bikes in particular and other fitness product that I was interested in at the time.

I believe it is not easy to find a bike that suits all your need. And it was rather frustrating when I was doing my own research for the same. So I started sharing insights on how to find the right bike for yourself.

later I also included maintenance tips, safety measures and latest bicycle trends in my blog website.

Who Are We?

We are a team of like minded individuals who have a passion for cycling, bikes ( both normal and electric ) and share the same vision for reducing our own carbon foot print. 

Started with an idea of two friends and a single laptop Goingfitunfit.com has grown to be a professional biking solution. Founded in Nov 2019 we provide the most relevant and helpful information related to bikes, bike accessories, bike maintenance, and the industry in general. 

Other than producing myself I also source content for this site from my cyclist friends who have a neck for writing and wants to share their knowledge. 

Occasionally I also asks  expert content writers who have a history for writing in this field ( bikes / sport and fitness ) to write for my site so we can provide you the latest and most diversified view points. 

What We Do.

We create a great learning resource for beginners and recreational cyclist to help them enhance their cycling experience and find quick solutions to their doubts and problems of extreme importance.

Goingfitunfit.com is a free cycling resource written by the everyday cyclist for the everyday cyclist in the simplest way possible. Which otherwise is often hard to understand with generic articles with heavy technical term recommending accessories that are too expensive and often irrelevant for casual cyclist.

Our cycling tips and buyers guide written for average biker makes us different than the most biking sites that focus just on Reviews, technical stuff, and latest news.

We call this ( Goingfitunfit.com ) a place for all riders, irrespective of their experience and reason for cycling.

We are always open for your suggestion and will never judge anyone based on their bike, its equipment and how much they bike per month.

In our eyes all cyclist are doing their part in reducing carbon emission whether you are a professional, recreational cyclist, cycling for fitness needs or prefer bikes for commute.

Have Questions or Like to Contribute?

Contact us by Email at hello@goingfitunfit.com.