Presta vs Schrader Valves – What Are The Differences?

If you have been into riding bikes for a while you must have noticed the difference between bicycle tire valves. There are just main types; presta and schrander valves and your bike may have any one of them. Bicycles tires, wheels, and inner tubes vary tremendously between different types of bicycles. One of the more […]

Are Tire Valve Caps Necessary? Truth About Bike Tire Valve Caps

Whether you’ve been riding bicycles for a while or you’ve just started biking to curb that pandemic boredom, you’ve probably seen and even lost one or two of these tiny, black plastic caps. These are called valve caps or stem caps. These are used to cover the valve stem of bicycle tires and are usually […]

All About Oval Chainrings And Why You Should Have One

Oval chainrings tend to turn bikers into evangelists. After a few weeks or months on a bike with one of these elliptical contraptions, you’ll hear friends, coworkers, and media personalities gush about their magical new part for hours on end. But is the hype real? Let’s dive into the world of chainrings and analyze what […]

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