Best 3 Speed Bikes For Commuting (Review & Buyers Guide)

Cycling is one of the highly enjoyable physical activities in the world. As Doug Donaldson said, “Your bike is a discovery, your bike is freedom”. If you are reading this then you must a Speed bike lover and if 3-speed bikes cannot excite you I don’t know what will!!

Because, whether you want to pick a bike to commute on the finest roads on a daily basis or to take an adventure by inclining and declining hills a 3-speed bike serves it all.

But, here is the thing!! what to choose? how to choose?

What are things you need to consider before getting 3-speed bikes? It’s ok to be confused as we have an ocean of options floating in front of our eyes and that’s exactly why we went on with neck-deep research and finally came up with options that satisfy your requirements by making you grin from ear to ear.

So, If you are someone who wants to get your hands on an efficient yet affordable 3-speed bike to add a thrilling activity to your daily routine then keep reading…

How Do 3 Speed Bikes Work?

It all melts down to the internal hub system when you consider the working of a 3-speed bike. The 3-speed bikes are designed for minimalists as they look simple and the mechanism is easy to understand.

You can shift between two gears according to your requirement; you can choose the gear based on how fast you want to move and the path you are choosing to travel.

To be more precise, let’s say you have to shift the gear for pedaling uphill then you should go with the first gear, Likewise, you have to pick the third gear for pedaling downhill.

But what makes a 3-speed bike interesting is that one can easily shift gear just by twisting the handle grip inwards or outward depending upon the gear you want to pick and these gears are completely invisible as they lie inside the hub of the wheel.

Simply put, a 3-speed bike is specially made for minimalists who take a lot of bumpy rides regularly.

If that ring a bell, then keep scrolling as we are going to explore the features and benefits of a 3-speed bike

Advantages of Using 3 Speed Bikes

Knowing the features and benefits of a 3-speed bike will help you in ticking off the features that you are looking for in a bike.

So, we jotted down some of the key components of a 3-speed bike which makes it quite a catch. The advantages are given based on the design, mechanism, and user experience.

It’s Simple and Versatile

As mentioned before the three-speed bikes are made for the minimalist who likes simple designs yet loves to enjoy a trill trip on a bumpy surface.

The gear shifting mechanism makes the three-speed bike look more attractive as the shifting can be done effortlessly.

With three-speed bikes, you can leverage the speed in a few shifts without any complications; this improves the quality of a ride by offering a smooth and much comfortable experience to the user.

Comparatively, the three-speed bike lies somewhere in the middle of a single gear bike and multiple gear bike as it is a hybrid of both gear bikes. It is as simple as one gear bike yet offers versatile gear shifting like a multiple gear bike which ultimately makes you feel under control.

Bikes Chains Are less Likely To fall

The best thing about a three gear bike is that the gears are nicely tucked in an internal hub so they stay invisible. So, the chain stays still as it doesn’t have anything much to do.

Since the moment of the chain is very less it doesn’t need a derailleur and it is less likely to fall or get damaged yet you can uphill and downhill by shifting gears and the three-speed bike doesn’t disappoint you with its performance.

Do you know what “no regular chain” repair means?

Yes!! No more going crazy with lubricants and staining your pajamas which brings us to the next advantage “low maintenance”

Requires much less maintenance

No regular chain repairs, simple design, durable, easy to operate, no vigours, and time-consuming cleaning routines that might sound like a wild dream for many speed bike enthusiasts right!!

Well, you can have it all!!

When I said that I mean that, the three-speed bike is best for couch potatoes like me as you don’t have to invest a lot of time or money in maintaining it.

Isn’t this one thing that enhanced your hunger to get a three-speed bike??

I guess it does!!

Increase Safety and range

From a newbie to an expert in cycling anyone can easily switch the gear in a three-speed bike. All you need to do is twisting the handle grip inwards or outward depending upon the gear you want to travel with.

This reduces the time taken in shifting gears which double the safety as you can feel everything under control.

Since the gears are easily shifted you can go from high range to low range swiftly without any risk factor involved.

You can Shift Gears While Stationary

What if you can set your gear before starting your ride?

That’s probably a load off your chest!! Phew…

Well, with the three-speed bike you can shift your gear even when you are stationary. This means you don’t have stress about what gear to pick while moving ahead with your travel.

Best 3 Speed Bikes Review And Recommendation

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 3-Speed Bikes

1. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 3-Speed Bike

You can’t help but notice the six three zero EVRYjourney women’s 3-speed bike design as it comes in an eye-catching rich cream color with a bright brown seat and grip

This hybrid touring bike has a frame around 17.5 inches and is made of steel which adds stiffness and helps you in riding with a neutral cycling posture without stressing out your body.

The bike comes in a single size with a 26-inch wheel and 2-inch semi-slick tires that amplifies the grip and makes your ride much smoother and comfortable.

However, the biggest question while purchasing a 3-speed bike is how much time and effort it takes to assemble the bike?

If you are worried about the same thing then we got your back as six three zero EVRYjourney women’s 3-speed bikes come 85% assembled.

So, you don’t have to waste your time and energy assembling it, and this stylish 43.6 pounds bike is super lite in weight, with great dimensions 72 x 28 x 17.5 inches; so now you can stretch your legs, flip your hair in the air and enjoy the ride.

Last but not least the 3-speed Shimano internal hub comes with a nexus shifter that helps you ride in a breeze through tough terrains and uneven landscapes.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 3-Speed Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Firmstrong Urban Lady 3-Speed Bikes Beach Cruiser

2. Firmstrong Urban Lady 3-Speed Beach Cruiser

If your gallery is filled with pink aesthetic wallpapers and pink bikes then this one’s for you girl!!

The Firmstrong Urban Lady 3-Speed Beach Cruiser comes in lovely pink color with a black seat which makes a perfect bike for pink lovers.

This cute and cheerful bike comes in a large size (15.5 inches)with a coaster bike style.

Coming to the exterior, the frame of the speed bike is made of steel and aluminum wheels which hastens the grip and gives that extra dose of support and confidence to ride.

This 42.6 pounds super lite bike is ideal for women with a height ranging from 5 to 6 feet tall. So, get ready to drive along the beach with this summer beach cruiser.

This Firmstrong 3-speed bike has Shimano internal hub that comes with an easy to use Nexus shifter which increases the efficiency while shifting the gear to incline mountains and get on ruff surfaces.

The 7-speed Shimano external hub adds a great benefit from casual evening rides to long road bike trips.

This speed bike also comes with a front and rear handbrake which gives you complete control and the 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur supports those passionate pro riders by giving a wide gear range.

Firmstrong Urban Lady 3-Speed Beach Cruiser: Check Its Price On Amazon!

sixthreezero Around The Block Men's Beach Cruise

3. sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruise

This bike is especially for riders who cannot maintain a good riding position as the frame and cruise of Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach gives you a good body posture and helps you in avoiding those unnecessary back and shoulder aches.

This single-speed bike smoothes your riding on plane landscapes and the pedal-backward coaster brakes help take over control whenever you please too.

Coming to the dimensions of the bike, The frame of this sophisticated speed bike has 26-inch,2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels with large waffle tread tires that amplify the stiffness and enhance the grip.

This 40-pound lite weight bike is ideal for men in height ranging from 5 feet to 6 feet,2inches, and comes in 5 different colors and 7 different styles, so go ahead and pick the one that suits you.

As mentioned before the bike comes in 5 different colors starting from a brick pool with a black seat and grip, Matte black with a black seat and grip, Matte black with a brown seat and grip, Matte grey with a black seat and grip to steel cloud with a black seat and grip and the

style of the bike ranges from 26 inches/1 speed to 26 inches/3 speed.

sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruise: Check Price On Amazon!

Huffy 3-Speed Cruiser-Bicycles Hyde Park

4. Huffy 3-Speed Cruiser-Bicycles Hyde Park

This bike has an ergonomically designed grip that fits right in your hand and makes you feel super comfortable and gives an amazing feeling throughout the ride.

Huffy 3-speed cruiser-bicycle is ideal for people with a height ranging from 5‘3”-5’10”.So, Get your hands on the best low maintenance bike with an internal hub from Shimano nexus.

The structure of the bike will amuse you for sure as it is designed very cleverly with a perfect frame that provides good support and the best part about huffy is that they have come up with a really interesting seating design.

The seat is set a little back which offers a lower center of gravity and the handlebar is swept back, this design helps you in riding with confidence as it ensures to provide a good riding posture.

This ultra-modern speed bike comes in two color variations namely magenta and brown.

The Key components like Alloy Linear pull brakes with machined alloy wheel rims and the brake pad, dual springs and padding enhances the ride quality and rider’s experience.

Finally, coming to the body of the speed bike the frame is made up of aluminum which is much lighter in comparison with steel offers a flowy, smooth, and comfy ride.

Guess what?! you will also be getting a 10-year warranty on the frame.

So, hurry up!! and get yourself a huffy speed bike if you think it’s the best fit for you.

Huffy 3-Speed Cruiser-Bicycles Hyde Park: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru Comfort Hybrid Bike

5. Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru Comfort Hybrid Bike

Any vintage collectors here?!! This bike will sure take you back in time with its timeless vintage look.

Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru Comfort Hybrid Bike comes with a Sturmey Archer internal hub which cuts down the maintenance and urges you to keep your bike clean.

You don’t have to bother about shifting gears as long as you have a good grip over the handlebar because the Revoshift grip shifters help you in shifting gears in a manageable and trouble-free way.

It also comes with a front and rear caliper that gives you complete control over the stopping.

The grip, saddle, rear rack, and front light will make your life much easier and simpler by adding extra comfort to your ride.

The best thing about the Speed bike is you don’t have to put in any effort as you will be getting an 85% assembled bike and you will also be getting an owner’s manual that guides further in assembling the rest.

This 28-pound weightless vintage speed bike comes in two different sizes(In medium and large to be more precise) and it is available in single, three, and seven speeds

Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru Comfort Hybrid Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Schwinn Mikko & Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

6.Schwinn Mikko & Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

This incredible adult beach cruiser bike gives a wide range of options to choose from, the bike comes in 6 different styles and colors and it is available in 1,3,7 speed drivetrains.

The bike comes in some cool stunning colors like teal, purple, red and it also has some neutral color options like black, grey, and navy. So, pick a color depending upon your style.

The style of the bike goes from Huron 1-speed to Mikko 7-speed and it has a well-cushioned and dual spring padded cruiser seat and a gripping cruiser handlebar that sets you up in good rider posture which amplifies the comfort of the rider

This bike is ideal for the rider with a height ranging from 5’4” to 6’2”

and the dimensions of the bike are 26” x 2.1”(wheel size) with a frame size-17” and pedals-1\2 which matches the requirements of the suggested rider’s height.

The Bike has a rear coaster brake which makes it convenient to stop

Schwinn Bike also comes with retro fenders that keep your bike clean and the twist shifter helps in switching the gear faster than ever. and it comes right in front of your door ready to be assembled.

Schwinn Mikko & Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Gama Bikes Speed Cat 3 Speed Urban Commuter

7.Gama Bikes Speed Cat 3 Speed Urban Commuter

The Gama bike is classified as an Urban commuter which makes it sound more superior and sophisticated and the bike comes in a black and gold combination with a linear-pull brake style that helps you in stopping the bike quickly and immediately without any hatch.

This super-light alloy made bike has nexus 3-speed internal gearing houses, since the gears are located inside the wheel it is easier to maintain and clean the bike.

This also means you can shift gears even when the bike is stationary and This bike has 700c wheels that make your ride much smoother and faster.

This speed bike is ideal for people with a height ranging from 5‘5”-5’6” as it has regular dimensions 52.3 x 32.2 x 8.2 inches; 31.9 Pounds.

and the vinyl is completely covered with stainless steel rivets as it supports the rider’s position.

Gama Bikes Speed Cat 3 Speed Urban Commuter: Check Price On Amazon!

How To Choose The Best 3 Speed Bike?

There are some factors that you need to consider before getting a new 3-speed bike


It is really important to check with your handlebar before getting a 3-speed bike.

The handlebar plays deals with shifting gears and stopping the bike without any failure.

There are different types of the handlebar, some come with twisting gear and some have easy reach.

It depends on your requirements to choose in between these two types.


A bike that fails to offer enough comfort is just a complete waste of money, so check whether you are comfortable while pedaling around the city.

You can check the cushioning of the saddle and grip offered by the handlebar and also check if that particular bike dimensions matches your height or not before getting your hands on a 3-speed bike.

3.Frame and Tyres

Always check the frame as it gives comfort by offering support to maintain a good rider position.

The tires of a speed bike also matter a lot as they are specifically designed to match your requirements.

If your purpose of getting a bike is to go uphill and downhill regularly then you might have to go with some thick tires. If you are going on normal plan roads then you can go with thin tires as they serve the best.


Let me give you a quick recap of what we discussed in the article

Firstly, we started exploring how cycling can bring a massive change in environmental conditions, and then we went through how a 3speed bike works and the advantages it has to offer and we jotted down some of the best 3-speed bikes and ended with how to choose a perfect 3-speed bike.

Now, as you know everything about the 3-speed bikes go ahead and get yourself an amazing bike and cut down the long ways by peddling smoothly.

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