7-Speed Bike Vs 21-Speed Bike | Riding Experience, Gear And Shifting

Speed is something that gives us all the thrills and chills. It’s so damn important new riders and cyclists often argue on which bikes are fast enough and which speed gears go the fastest 7-speed vs 21-speed.

There are many top-notch bikes available in the market that have different speed abilities; thanks to better speed gears and lightweight aero design.

Those who love to cycle invest their money on specialized cycles. For professional cyclists who participate in competitions, a bike with good speed is necessary.

There are many types of bikes with good speed available in the market, but they all carry in speed and gears. While today we will ignore the other aspects of bike speed like weight and design; we will definitely see for ourselves and learn how the number of gears affects your speed and performance.

Today most bikes are equipped with either of these two types of gears ( unless they are a fixie ); the 7-speed and 21-speed types. Both of them have their advantages and limitations, so choose your bike wisely, something that suits your needs and desires.

In this article, we will discuss both of them and give the best riding experience.

What is 7-Speed Bike?

A 7- speed bike is one in which 7 gears means there are seven levels of speed. The gears facilitate speed. This bike is suitable for riding on rough and tricky terrains.

This bike is specifically known for adapting to high terrains. The lower gears in the bike help the cyclist easily pedal, and the high gear helps to initiate smooth movement.

The gear of a 7-speed bike can be changed according to the needs and preferences. The good things about this bike are that it consists of distinct sized cogs and properly spaced chainsets.

The 7-speed bike provides the idealistic gear mechanism that every cyclist aspires to. These bikes are very much affordable and require less maintenance.

This bike is used by people who love to ride on high altitudes, for which this bike is specifically made.

What is 21-Speed Bike?

A 21-speed bike consists of 3 gears at the rear end and 7 at the back end. So the thing about this bike is that it has an amazing combination of gears that lets you increase the speed while riding it.

When you combine these combinations of gears that the bike provides, you can easily increase and decrease the speed by pedaling as per your needs.

With this bike, you can ride on difficult terrain at varying speeds. This type of bike is quite simple to learn, especially for beginners.

The high number of gears present in this bike causes less leg fatigue than riding the 21-speed bike.

If the bike is to be ridden on difficult terrain or a competition happening in which the track has a high terrain, it will be the best choice because of its speed.

7-Speed Bike Vs 21-Speed Bike | Riding Experience, Gear And Shifting

Difference Between 7 Speed And 21-Speed Bicycle?

As the name suggests, the difference is there in the number of gears. The more the gears, the more the speed. Both of these bikes have different sets of gears and combinations.

The 7- speed bike has only one front sprocket and 7 for the reverse with a single gear level.

In the 21- speed bike, there are 3 different speed ratios at the front of the bike and 7- speed ratios at the back that is the rear wheel.

The other difference between them is that a 7-speed bike is cheaper as compared to a 21-speed bike. The 7- speed bike also requires less maintenance in comparison to a 21-speed bike.

In terms of efficiency, the 21-speed bike is more efficient since it has more gears, and because of more gears, the speed ratio and comfort will be more.

The pedals in the 21-speed bike are more smooth because of the presence of more chainsets and sprockets. The 7- speed bike is used for riding on rough terrains, while the 21- speed bike is suitable for covering a long distance.

The tires of a 7- speed bike are thinner compared to the 21- speed bike, while the tires of a 21- speed bike are very thick and heavy. The 21- speed bike is a road bike, and you can term a 7- speed bike as a gravel bike since it is used for riding on high altitudes.

7 Speed Enough on a Bike?

The needed speed entirely depends on the rider. Every rider uses different techniques and has his/her comfort zone. Every person has different preferences for bikes.

But if we talk in technical terms, for a person who wants to ride on high altitudes, the speed of a 7-speed bike is a suitable one. Speed is not always the determinant for the efficiency of the bike.

Higher speed will not take you anywhere. What matters is the bike provides comfort and the best riding experience. Every rider has his comfort level while riding, So to summarise, 7- speed is good enough on a bike. The speed is never the deciding factor.

The purpose for which the bike is used is what matters the most. There are also 3-speed bikes available in the market, but that bike provides very low-speed efficiency since it has only 3 gears. So a 7- speed bike provides the right number of speed gears with efficiency to ride on difficult terrains.

As long as you are comfortable and happy with the 7- speed bike, the 7-speed will be enough for you. It’s not about the speed always; it’s about that the bike is efficient enough to ride smoothly on rough terrains.

Riding Experience: 7-Speed Bike Vs 21-Speed?

Riding Experience: 7-Speed Bike Vs 21-Speed?

These bikes give a different riding experience because they have different speed levels and distinct structures in terms of gears. When riding on a 21-speed bike, you will be able to cover long distances because of its exceptional speed ability quickly, and the pedaling is also faster in a 21- speed bike.

The 7-speed bike’s speed will be slower than the 21- speed bike because it has fewer gears, but the 7-speed bike will be more efficient when riding on difficult altitudes.

In a 21-speed bike, you have the freedom to choose your gears, while in a 7-speed bike, there will be some limitations. The riding experience is different for every rider because everyone uses different techniques and has different comfort levels and bikes’ preferences.

If you ride a 7-speed bike and a 21-speed bike on high terrain, the 7-speed bike will be more effective because the 7-speed bike is only designed for this purpose.

The 21-speed bike won’t perform well on that terrain because this bike has an excellent speed, and you can’t ride on too much speed when it comes to riding on high terrain.

Should You Get A 7-Speed Bike Or A 21-Speed Bike?

Both of these bikes serve a different purpose and have different speeds. The 7-speed bike is suitable for riding on high altitudes, and the 21-speed bike is best for riding on flat surfaces.

21- speed bike is used by professional cyclists who participate in competitions because what matters is those competitions’ speed.

If you are a person who loves speed, then a 21-speed bike will be more suitable for you. The pedaling speed is more in a 21-speed bike, but the 7-speed bike is best for riding on difficult terrains.

A 7-speed bike will prove to be more efficient when riding on a high terrain than a 21-speed bike because to ride on high terrain, less speed is needed and more able to ride on a steep platform.

However, if you want good speed and are a professional cyclist, then the 21-speed bike will be suitable if we ignore the purpose and the rider’s comfort and judge only the bikes.

The 21-speed bike is better because of the presence of a higher number of gears. The 21-speed bike has a better frame structure and is quite lightweight. The pedaling is easier and smooth on the 21-speed bike.

How To Choose Relevant Gear Ratio For Your Bike? | 7-speed bike vs 21-speed bike

How To Choose Relevant Gear Ratio For Your Bike?

Having the right type of gear facilitates a better riding experience and speed. The primary purpose of gear is to initiate speed and smooth movement of the bike.

If more low-level gears are the reverse gears present in the bike, then whenever you pedal, you will be pushed backward. If there are more high gears, the pedals will start moving very fast.

Thus making it difficult for you to pedal properly. Fatigue is caused in the legs while riding. No one would want a super slow speed to be left behind or too fast that the person starts facing difficulties to pedal.

So it is crucial if you find genuine gear for the bike. The person needs to ask himself that he/she needs more slow gear or high gear; it also depends on the type of road or riding surface.

According to these purposes, a suitable combination of gears is made. If a person is comfortable pedaling fast and wants good speed, then he/she will require a bike with more gears.


Choosing the right type of bike is difficult. First, you need to ask yourself how much speed ratio you need in what type of terrain you will be riding your bike.

After choosing the bike, go for a suitable combination of gears. The 7-speed bike and 21-speed bike are among the best options because of their features.

Before buying one, do an in-depth study of both these bikes, their gears, riding experience, and shifting. Every bike has its charm and features.

That’s why it’s important to try and test every bike before you go to purchase one. Buying a bike is a one- time investment, so choose wisely. Choose a bike that is durable and requires less maintenance.

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