How to Unlock Your E-bike’s Full Power with Speed Limiter Removal

"Boost Your E-Bike's Performance: A Guide to Removing the Speed Limiter"

Unleash the full potential of your E-bike with our comprehensive guide on Speed Limiter Removal! Discover how to boost your ride’s performance safely and efficiently, maximizing speed without compromising control. Start your high-powered adventure now!

Speed is often considered a necessary part of the sport in the world of cycling. If you are riding an electric bike, then one way that you can increase your top speed is by increasing the motor’s torque. Unfortunately, this will only take you so far until something breaks and prevents the bike from going any faster, so your ride can become dangerous very quickly.

When you look at the top speeds of the fastest e-bikes, you will usually see them getting about 40 MPH. But if you are not content with just a 40 MPH bike and wish to go faster, one way to achieve this goal is by removing your e-bike’s speed limiter.

Things to Consider Before removing a bike’s speed limiter

When removing your bike’s speed limiter, it’s important to keep an eye on your speedometer. Most modern bicycles have a digital speedometer, but without the limiter, this won’t give an accurate reading. To get an accurate reading, you’ll need to invest in a new speedometer with a needle calibrated to your bike’s input.

Another thing to consider is that most e-bikes, like cars, are limited in terms of power output. The only difference is that you can adjust your electric bike’s power output with a few button presses instead of taking it to the shop.

is it safe to Remove a Speed Limiter?

Why Remove Speed Limiter
The red circle indicates the position of the rear wheel’s magnet and the frame’s base sensor.

We all love the thrill of the wind rushing past us as we speed down the open road on our bikes, feeling like we are one with the machine. Yet, this love of speed and powerful machines comes with a price — one that is most apparent when talking about electric bikes, or “e-bikes” as they are commonly known.

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to upgrade to a more efficient bicycle, but the appeal of a motor powering the rider comes with some problems. While many of the traditional issues with speed and safety (for both the rider and others on the road) are present for traditional bikes, e-bikes have the potential to take the rider to speeds that can be dangerous and even illegal without any top-speed limiter installed.

The idea of going fast can be alluring, but the risks of going too fast aren’t worth it, no matter how exciting it may seem. It’s ultimately up to the rider to assess the risk and think twice before choosing to take an e-bike to its maximum speed.

After a few accidents related to e-bikes, countries like the USA, Canada, and even the EU have restricted how fast an electric bike can go. In most cases, bike companies comply by installing speed limiters.

The limiter controls the power supply to the motor, thus restricting you from going faster than what is specified by the government in that country—for example, 20 MPH in most EU countries. However, you can quickly get faster without spending a premium by removing or adjusting/bypassing the set settings of the speed switch.

e-limiter removal tips

Speed limiter removal all depends on what kind of electric bike you have. Some are as easy as simply changing the setting in maintenance developer mode on the panel, switching out to a smaller wheel diameter, or moving the sensor and adding a magnet.

How To Remove Speed Limit On A Pedal Assist Electric Bike

To remove speed limits on your bike, you need to locate and disable the speed sensor that communicates with the speed limiter. The rear wheel’s magnet and the frame’s sensor are typically the components that sense your speed and control the motor output. You can either remove them entirely or relocate them.

For the best results, it’s recommended to replace the magnet on your pedal bracket and position your speed sensor to face the magnet, enabling you to enjoy a fast and thrilling riding experience.

Alternatively, you can find and cut/remove the speed-limiting wire connected to the speed controller. Gently take out this wire, and you are done. Generally, this limiting wire is next to your electric bike gear.

Pros of Removing The Limit On Your E-bike

There are many advantages associated with removing it from your bike. The main benefit is, of course, being able to go faster than before. If you don’t like pedaling your bike, you have found the perfect solution. Here are some of the key benefits of removing the speed limit from your e-bike.

Time Savings: Going faster means getting to your destination faster – it’s that simple. By removing the speed limit, you can get to where you’re going more quickly and free up more time for yourself in the process. This is especially beneficial for busy people who need to maximize their time.

Faster Acceleration: Another benefit of going faster is that it allows for quicker acceleration. This allows riders to get up and going quickly with minimal effort, making it easier to navigate through traffic or start from a complete stop.

More Fun: For those looking for a little bit of thrill on their ride, removing the speed limit can make for a much more enjoyable and exciting experience. The added speed gives riders a chance to really feel the wind on their face and experience the joys of riding on two wheels.

Increased Safety: Removing the speed limit can actually increase safety for some riders. By increasing your max speed, riders have more room to maneuver in dangerous situations. This means that they can make faster and smarter decisions when faced with unexpected and potentially hazardous situations on the road.

Cons of Removing The Limit On Your E-bike

If you decide to eliminate the speed limiter on your bike, there are risks involved. Running the motor at high speeds for long periods of time can lead to damage. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly inspect your bike to make sure it is in good working order before accelerating it to higher speeds. Additionally, if your bike is equipped with a shaft-driven motor, it is important to keep in mind that the chain may snap if you exceed certain speeds.

Electric bike riders should be cautious about modifying their bikes to go faster than the manufacturer’s set speed limit. This is not only due to the increased risks of accidents or reduced lifespan of the bike’s motor and battery, but also to avoid breaking the law. Most countries and states have established legal speed limits for electric bikes, which the manufacturer sets the speed limit to comply with. In the US, the speed limit for electric bikes is typically between 20-28 MPH, depending on the bike’s class. Removing the speed limit to go faster than the legal limit is not only dangerous but also illegal.

Riding an e-bike at high speeds can be exhilarating, but your safety should never be compromised. In order to protect yourself, it is crucial to wear protective gear such as a helmet and arm guards. These simple precautions can literally save your life in the event of a crash.

Final Thoughts

Removing the speed limiter on your e-bike can be a great way to unlock its full potential. It’s easy to do in a few simple steps, and the rewards can be satisfying. When you’re done, you will be able to cruise at faster speeds and get more out of your e-bike.

However, it’s important to be aware that removing a speed limiter does come with inherent risks. Keeping safety in mind is mandatory when it comes to increasing speed, so make sure you are taking the proper precautions when riding fast and loose.

Would you ever remove a speed limiter on an electric bike?

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