Are Electric Bikes Dangerous? Safety Risks Revealed!

Electric bikes are know to be fun, supportive and adventurous while being safe at the same time. But today we will know are electric bikes dangerous, and what we can do to minimize the risks.

If you are curious about the dangers of riding an electric bike, you’ve come to just the right place. Almost all sports and activities come with their own set of dangers and downfalls. However, they are still carried out while taking adequate care and protective measures.

Just like electric bikes are a fantastic innovation, it is true that they have a couple of drawbacks along with a plethora of benefits.

It is a well-researched fact that electric bikes and traditional bikes are as dangerous as each other. However, the nature of the dangers differs when it comes to electric bikes.

It is important for you, as an electric bike rider to understand the dangers that come with owning and using an electric bike. As they say, “Knowledge is power.” Knowing the risks that are involved in riding an electric bike, you can learn and be more aware of how to avoid them and have a safe trip.

Along with listing out the risks for you, I will also give you a few things you can do to ensure you have a fun adventure ride while being safe at the same time.

6 E-Bike Risks To Know And Avoid

It is a common mistake for electric bike riders to get on their bike before assessing the risks and dangers involved in riding the bike.

If you wish to be a responsible rider, you need to know a set of risks that come with riding an electric bike.

It is only when you know the risks at hand, that you can make an effort to steer clear of them. Below is a list of a few of the common risks that come with electric bikes and ways in which you can mitigate these risks.

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Applying Too Much Throttle At Start

To put it simply, applying too much throttle at the start, means accelerating too much at the beginning of your ride. This is one of the most common causes of accidents and injuries when it comes to electric bike riders. Although no serious injury can take place by this, why take the risk when it can be avoided?

To avoid any unwanted injuries, make sure to apply the full-throttle only when the electric bike is in motion.

Some electric bikes also allow you to install a small switch, with which you can regulate the power during the course of your ride, thus making it a much safer ride.

It is of utmost importance to make sure the setting of the throttle is adequate for your ride and all your needs. It is advisable to start at a low setting and then gradually increase the throttle as your ride progresses.

Taking this small step can ensure your safety at all costs. It does not take any effort, but rather helps you have a safe adventure.

Electric Bikes Battery Catching Fire

Your battery catching fire while you’re on an exciting trip seems terrible, doesn’t it? This is one of the most common fears electric bike riders have and they cannot be blamed.

This is one of the most dangerous things that could happen, but don’t fear! There are ways in which you can avoid such a terrible incident from taking place.

Most electric bikes contain batteries made of lithium, which are very likely to catch fire. It is also possible that excessive load or overriding the default motor can spark a fire.

The speed setting is also essential when it comes to battery fires, and they must be checked and kept in control at all times, to keep the friction to a minimum.

Finally, your battery could also catch fire if purchased from an unreliable seller and it has not been maintained well or contains low-quality components.

To avoid such a situation, it is advisable not to build or alter your own battery, unless you are trained to do so.

Less Visibility At Roads at High Speed

Several people opt for an electric bike over a traditional bike because of its ability to take on a higher range and thrill that comes with greater speed.

As you know, speeding while riding can be highly dangerous for you and also those around you. Riding at a high speed also makes it difficult for other vehicle drivers to notice you and thus, avoid you.

It may also get difficult for you to pay proper attention to the street and the ongoing traffic.

Although you are riding an electric bike and not an actual motorbike, the two are quite similar to each other. It is important to remember to follow street rules and speed limits, regardless of the vehicle you own.

If you wish to go above the speed limit and add thrill to your adventure, look up areas and streets in your area that allow for higher speed limits.

No thrill in the world is worth it if you meet with an unfortunate accident. It is an integral part of riding to follow regulations and ensure the safety of those around you and yourself.

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Risks of Accidents Due To High-Speed maneuvers

If you are an avid electric bike rider, you know the dangers of maneuvering and that too, at a high speed. The important part here is that, although it may be a daunting experience, it is essential to practice difficult maneuvers on streets you are comfortable on.

This will not only prepare you to ride safely on the streets but will also make you feel confident doing so. 

Mastering a maneuver can be a tiring process, but as they say, “Practice makes one perfect.” It is important to have control of the throttle and the handlebar.

Gripping the handlebar too tight can hinder your range of motion, which is of utmost importance in a perfect maneuver. If not it will only add up to make electric bikes more dangerous.

Additionally, keep your speed low, so as to avoid getting into an accident and having a safe ride.

Maneuvering at a high speed will definitely hamper the control you have on the electric bike and ruin your chances of having a hassle-free adventure.

Lack of Regard For Traffic Rules can make electric bikes dangerous

Lack of Regard For Traffic Rules

It may be tough to believe, but most electric bike accidents occur because of riders’ neglect of traffic rules, and not because of the internal working of the electric bike.

It is important to understand that an electric bike is not a traditional bike; it is a mix of a traditional bike and a motorbike or a vehicle. Riders often feel they are not obligated to follow certain speed limits and road signs because they do not consider electric bikes as vehicles.

Additionally, as you are aware, electric bikes allow for a high range of speed, and riding at high speeds on busy roads without adhering to rules and regulations and can be detrimental to the rider.

Riding an electric bike is as big a responsibility as riding any other vehicle and riders must take care and ensure they follow basic traffic guidelines to stay safe and away from harm.

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Failure of Parts When Riding

Having the parts of your electric bike fail while riding is a huge fear to have and it is not an irrational one. Even with a traditional bike, there are some risks of parts failure when riding.

The front fork of electric bikes is at risk for damage and can lead to your front wheel bending, thus putting you at risk while riding. The rear fork is also one that can cause a ride to be dangerous.

Although this happens in the rarest of cases ( 1/10000 ), as a rider, you must be aware of it. If the rear fork of your electric bike is damaged, it can lead to your rear wheel swinging off the bike.

Before it swings off, it can hamper the chain of the bike and cause an accident. With traditional bikes it might be less painful but at high speed associated with e-bikes it can be sometimes fatal.

The bike’s frame also often can get damaged and cause your bike to be tilted while riding. This could be because of overload and can lead to poor riding conditions.

Together they make electric bikes more dangerous than traditional bikes by 15%. The only way to prevent this from happening is to maintain your bike and ensuring it is always in optimum condition.

How To Ride Your Electric Bike Safely

Pay Greater Attention To Traffic

Right from our childhood, parents and teachers have always tried to teach us about road safety by saying, “Look left and right before you cross the street.”

If we’ve been cautioned about traffic and other vehicles on the street, why stop paying attention now?

Riders with traditional bikes should pay attention to traffic and road signs, but those with electric bikes must be all the more careful unless you want to make riding electric bikes more dangerous.

I say this because drivers may not expect to see a rider at 20mph and may be taken by surprise. This can lead to serious accidents and be detrimental to both the driver and the electric bike rider.

It is also an advantage that riding an electric bike is not an exhaustive experience.

Studies suggest that when one is not exhausted, they are able to concentrate and pay more attention to their surroundings. This is exactly what electric bike riders need to do, to have a safe and fun experience.

Take Great Care of Battery

One of the great risk associated with battery and electrical wires in electric bikes is of fire. We have already discussed and showed how if not managed well it can cause great damage to the rider and property.

It is thus very important you understand the basic know hows of electric bike battery and how to maintain them well; following proper charging cycle.

Most of the incidents happens mainly due to alteration with battery, overriding default limit switch, wire faults, poor maintenance and excessive charging.

Storing your battery at too high or cold temperatures also negatively affects your battery life and its performance. Use timer to limit charging upto 90% of the full charge capacity.

Make Yourself Visible especially At Night

While riding, it is of utmost importance that your safety comes before anything else. This becomes all the more important if you are riding at night. In order to ensure safety, electric bike users must either invest bikes with powerful headlights or buy a headlight and fix it on your bike.

In today’s modern market, there are electric bikes that come with LED lights. These lights are highly powerful and increase your chances of being seen by other vehicles on the street.

Not only will this LED light help others see you, but it will also help you see the road ahead more clearly and navigate safely. The taillight is also important, as it helps alert other vehicles of your position.

To make yourself visible at night, you could also consider wearing reflective clothing or attaching a red reflective triangle on the tail end of your bike.

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Be Alert And Be in Control at Speed

The most common mistake riders make with their electric bikes make is to head out at the fastest assist setting that their bike allows for.

It is a fact that riding at high speeds does not allow riders to concentrate on their surroundings and reduces their alertness too. Thus increasing the risk of accidents making electric bikes dangerous.

Being in control of your electric bike’s speed is of utmost importance to ensure safety while riding at all times.

Having the ability to increase your speed also means you should have the ability to apply the brakes. If you wish to halt or lower the speed of your riding, you much practice applying the brakes earlier and gradually.

Slowing down well in advance not only gives you time to take control of your electric bike but also keeps you safe while riding.

To make sure you do this the right way, you should get to know your electric bike in and out. Get comfortable with the motor speeds and the brakes and practice before you set out on your adventure.

Be Careful on Corners

It is a common difficulty several riders face when they must manage the speed of their electric bike while turning a corner. It can be a highly daunting experience to turn a corner, as one cannot see what they are about to crash into. The uncertainty and anxiety this comes with needs riders to put in some practice.

It is essential to learn how to turn corners efficiently, to stay safe at all times.

To practice, you can pick a street with a corner you consider safe. Once you start riding, make sure you have a steady and controlled handle on the throttle.

It is important to keep your body tilted towards the corner, i.e. inwards. You must also make sure you have a good grip on the handlebar and look ahead at all times.

You may need to adjust your riding technique according to the terrain and type of corner you are turning.

Remember It Still a Bike

One of the key things that make electric bikes dangerous. Many riders just forget they are still riding a bike and not a motorcycle making high-speed maneuvers testing the bike to its limit.

Electric bikes can often feel like motorbike since they come with powerful motors and go up to 38 mph. However, this is where most riders are mistaken.

It is easy to have this misconception, but one must remember that an electric bike is also fitted with pedals just like any traditional bike and they look pretty much the same.

If one continues to think of riding an electric bike to be all about speed you are less likely to take safety and laws seriously. Every time you get on your electric bike, mindful of pedestrians and other cyclists.

This will make you more serious and you will be sure to take your responsibilities as a rider more seriously. You might look like a regular cycle but have more power and speed.

So be responsible riding on the street; “With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibility“. This way, not only will you be safe, but you will ensure the safety of those around you too.


It is said that we only fear what we don’t know, and I think this can be very aptly applied to the dangers that come with riding electric bikes or what makes electric bikes dangerous.

Now that you are aware of all the risks that come with using an electric bike, you also know how to avoid and deal with them. So, why wait any longer? Get set to begin your fun and safe adventure today!

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