9 Best Folding Electric Bikes 2023 | Budget Portable Bike

Folding electric bikes is the new hot thing in biking. It was 2017 when I first saw one of these and now I can’t see less of them. Even I had ones recently.

Folding bikes have long been the go-to choice for the daily commuter and tourist looking for a portable biking option. The idea of portable bikes is not new and one can trace their origins from the early days of biking.

While simple folding bikes were just cool. An electric folding bike makes it hotter adding the portability of folding bikes with the convenience of motor-assisted electric bicycles.

After looking into them myself for days before I finally buy them, I have found these bikes are rather inexpensive with a $400 to $1000 price range. Whether you are new to this bike or looking for an electric folding bike that is comfortable, versatile, and convenient, keep reading for more information.

If you are like me and want to ride steep hills for good exercise but hate those horrific bike racks that need to be put on permanently on the back of your vehicle. It’s time you buy a folding electric bike for good!

This guide will help you find and select the right bike for your personal needs. I have personally gone through them researching and talking to their individual owners to finalize this post.

After researching over 50 odd bikes across different brands; we have identified our 9 favorite folding electric bikes for 2023. The ones I would choose to buy if not have one already!

Best Lightweight Folding Electric Bikes

9 Best Folding Electric Bikes 2023 | Budget Portable Bike

1 ) Qualisports Electric Volador Folding Bicycle

The Qualisports Electric is the go-to electric bike for folding bike users. It is super stylish and quickly earns you compliments from friends and coworkers.

A quality bike for the price works out great for every bike owner we talked to. The best thing I liked; It fits well in the sweet spot where it does not feel too nimble and is powerful enough to go the distance.

For just 36 lbs weight including battery, it’s super light and can be easily carried in the back of a hatchback or most cars. With an easy fold-in mechanism it’s done in quick time.

The 350W powerful motor equipped with 7-speed gears allows you to dominate the trails with optimal power transfer. Even if you are not physically fit you can go for miles and fast without any stop.

It’s, no doubt, one of the best electric folding bikes under $1000 in the market. Not to mention the frame is built of industry-grade Aluminum and uses genuine Shimano gear systems.

Overall it’s a great bike, lightweight, powerful and sturdy. One of those rare ones that are most satisfying and feel happy to ride on weekends and for the daily commute.

Qualisports Electric Volador Folding Bicycle: Check Its Price On Amazon!

9 Best Folding Electric Bikes 2023 | Budget Portable Bike

2 ) YAMEE 500W 20Inch Folding Electric Bike

Looking for something bold and powerful for trails? Yamee 500W folding electric bike just offers that with high-performance motors powered by 48V 14.5ah lithium battery to give maximum torque.

Equipped with a cruiser control function the bike adjusts itself to topographic needs. While the double shock absorption system and hydraulic brakes ensure you always feel in control.

Really put a smile on your face as one sees himself dominating the trails with this bike. The bike is more faster ( 28 mph ) than any other bike and lasts longer per charge ( 80 miles ).

On the downside, the bike is not one of the coolest in the industry. It won’t win you much compliment unless you wish to use it on trails and steep hills.

Whether it’s snow, mud, sand, or hills its thicker tires ensure better traction of ground. The gear ratio to the pedal-assist setting for this bike is pretty decent with 8-speed settings.

YAMEE 500W 20Inch Folding Electric Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

9 Best Folding Electric Bikes 2023 | Budget Portable Bike

3 ) Vivi 21 Speed 350W Electric Portable Mountain Bicycle

Of bikes that I get a chance to test the Vivi 350 Electric shocked me the most. It gives better than expected performance and finds it better than my own bike in some area.

It is a powerful commuter built with practicality in mind. I had no problem riding this bike for 30 minutes from any of its parts be it the disc brakes, front and rear suspensions and headlight.

Made of the aluminum alloy it’s lightweight and easy to carry thus offering a seamless experience. The bike is also waterproof and all its accessories and cables are detachable.

I find this bike rather easy to fold in and out. It took me just 30 seconds to fold this one after a round trip home. Thanks to Shimano 21 speed technology riders can easily adjust their speed according to the path.

The shock absorbers and breaks are of superior quality and allow for users to stop suddenly with ease, in case of emergencies. Thanks to them I was tempted to try it off road, and it worked just fine!

At last its a beautiful piece of engineering, a perfect folding bike with powerful motor, removable battery, adjustable Handlebar, comfortable seats and double disc brakes.

Vivi 21 Speed 350W Electric Portable Mountain Bicycle: Check Its Price On Amazon!

SAMEBIKE 14 inch 250W Folding Electric Bike

4 ) SAMEBIKE 14 inch 250W Folding Electric Bike

Made by a brand that engineered bikes design specifically for commuting. This 14-inch folding bike is reasonably comfortable, fantastic at feel, and looks just perfect.

Made with a solid Aluminum alloy frame with a responsive braking system; it’s one of the best electric bikes for daily use ensuring a fast and smooth ride in traffic.

For starters, it’s a low-maintenance bike with only a few things that can ever go wrong. The bike came with all bells and whistles a commuter would ever want or need.

On the downside, the bike is not waterproof but water resistant which may cause some issues if exposed to rain for longer hours. The assembly is quick and easy with very less parts to attach.

Overall it’s a decent electric folding bike for half the price of others. One that gets you lots of compliments and makes one happy commuting to and from work.

SAMEBIKE 14 inch 250W Folding Electric Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

eAhora X7 Plus Folding Cruiser E-Bicycle

5 ) eAhora X7 Plus Folding Cruiser E-Bicycle

eAhora X7 Plus is a top-selling folding electric cruiser bicycle with a lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy frame. It is full of advanced safety features, longer battery life, pedal-assist, and a top speed of 30mph.

Therefore, the bicycle is corrosion-resistant and has a longer lifespan than other folding electric bikes in its category. The bicycle features 20-inches fat tires and exhibits strong wear resistance, anti-puncture.

The battery is waterproof and has a charging time of five hours. The anti-theft lock is the USP of this bicycle responsible for its increased sales in the market.

If you weigh different factors of buying a folding electric bike, speed, durability, battery and build quality, this bike outscores others in a similar price range.

The shortcomings of the eAhora X7 Plus folding electric cruiser bicycle is its pricing is slightly on the higher side, and the headlights are small.

eAhora X7 Plus Folding Electric Cruiser Bicycle: Check Its Price On Amazon!

CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Folding Adult Ebike

6 ) CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Folding Adult Ebike

CLIENSY 26 Inch is a sturdy e-bike with a good battery. The bike is compact and easy to store and tag along everywhere by your car or public transport.

It is a versatile e-bike that performs well on different terrains, including steep hills, rough grounds, and even gravels. The speed of this e-bike is up-to 19mph and travels up to 31 miles using the assisted mode, which is apt for daily commutes and short trips.

It is made out of premium-quality and long-lasting materials and has a responsive braking system that never fails to impress. The 21-speed gear allows secure movement at every speed.

It has a powerful motor and comes with cycling modes. The seating of this e-bike is to ensure proper posture and releasing pressure on our back and shoulders.

The smart charger system shortens the charging time. It is a great e-bike for long and heavy trips. This e-bike is apt for everyone. The biggest shortcoming of this e-bike is relatively weighty.

CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Folding Adult Ebike: Check Price On Amazon!

Vivi 20 Inch Electric 7-Speed Folding Assist Bike

7 ) Vivi 20 Inch Electric 7-Speed Folding Assist Bike

The Vivi 20 Inch folding electric bike is made out of a top-quality alloy frame, the front fork is made using high-strength carbon steel and offers improved shock absorption performance.

This e-bike is light in weight, strong, and durable. Further, it is easy to store and carry around everywhere. You can put it in the trunk of any vehicle.

It comes with a 350W high-speed motor that delivers better performance for daily commutes. It supports three cycling modes; you can charge the bike on or off-road at your convenience.

The height of the front & seat can be adjusted freely for a comfortable.

It is equipped with LED headlights for a safe night ride. The company offers a one-year warranty for battery, charger, controller, and electric motor.

A prevalent shortcoming, according to many users, is the instructions, which may be slightly confusing.

Vivi 20 Inch Folding Electric 7-Speed Assist Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

EB7 Elite Plus Folding Extended Electric Bicycle

8 ) EB7 Elite Plus Folding Extended Electric Bicycle

EB7 Elite Plus is a great cost-effective, reliable e-bike for daily commuters. The 7-speed gear shifting delivers better ride control that every cyclist desires for.

The 36V li-on battery gets fully charged in just three to four hours. There is a key secured compartment that keeps the battery safe from splashes and dust.

It features 16-inches wheels and improved rear suspension, making this e-bike perfect even for rough roads. It has dual-disc brakes, and the stopping power is superior; you can trust it any day.

It has a one-year warranty and offers excellent customer support to clear even the minutest query of yours right away via phone, chat, or email.

EB7 Elite Plus is a long-range premium e-bike with greater power and durability.

The air-filled tires provide better traction and stability. The only con associated with this e-bike is that price is relatively on the higher side than other popular options.

EB7 Elite Plus Folding Extended Electric Bicycle: Check Price On Amazon!

Macwheel Budget Portable Electric Bike

9 ) Macwheel Budget Portable Electric Bike

The Macwheel is an ultra-budget e-bike with improved looks and quality. The e-bike is a top-speed of 15.5 miles per hour. It features a 36 volt, 7.5 amp-hour battery that is integrated with the frame’s straight tube.

The horizontal design is streamlined and has an aerodynamic feel to it. You can transport and store this e-bike anywhere you want to. It is an entry-level bike with greater affordability.

This portable electric bike allows users to travel across extensive lengths without feeling exhausted. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? You can also turn off assist and switch to the traditional way of biking.

The bike ensures comfort even on the roughest terrain and allows riders to have a truly enjoyable adventure. Macwheel also gives users breaks with a dual disc, thus allows for safety at all times.

Macwheel Budget Portable Electric Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

How To Choose Best Folding Electric Bikes?

Here are key factors to consider when selecting a folding electric e-bike:-


How much power do you require? The 250-watt motor is standard, perfect for all your daily communities and shorter trips. If you want to go on longer and heavy trips, it is advisable to go with a higher motor, approx a 500-watt motor. But, you must make sure such an e-bike is legal in your state.


The short answer to your query of what range of e-bike you need depends upon a variety of factors, it includes your weight, are you riding on the hills, the size of the battery, and will you be pedaling as well?

To simply put, the average distance of a folding e-bike is approx 20 miles run on a single charge. If you’ve concerns about the range of e-bikes, we would recommend you opt for an e-bike with pedals so that if your bicycle runs out of energy, you have the pedal power for a long trip.

Wheel Size

It is highly advisable to select an e-bike that delivers you the best comfort. There are several options for wheel sizes, right from 16’” to 26”.

The 16” wheel size is light in weight, portable when folded, but it is a shortcoming that it is not suited for long trips. The 20” wheel size is the most preferred wheel size in the market.

It is preferred for leisure and daily commutes. However, the e-bike is a little bit bigger when folded.

The 26 inches wheel size provides better stability and shock absorption, perfect for various terrains. The biggest shortcoming associated with such a big wheel size is that it consumes a lot of space when folded.

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