Best Bikes Under $200 Reviewed | Most Reliable List in 2023

Buying the best bikes under $200 can be a very important decision since a lot of time should be invested in research; especially if it is going to be your first bike.

Riding a bike gives us relief and freedom from the harsh realities of one’s life. It is simple, easy to use, refreshing and can be a good form of exercise.

Bikes are those ever-ready partners who can travel competitive distances in a cost-effective and environment-friendly way. But, the first step is to choose the budget we want to secure for having an affordable yet classy bike that has as many features and benefits as modern bikes possess.

That’s why I’m here to make sure that I present a well-researched and better review of the best bikes under $200. That can be a game-changer in a way that won’t need to break your banks.

I have deliberately listed the bikes in the order of best features for the price so that you can choose your version of a better fit and take an intelligent buying decision.

10 Best Bikes Under 200 Dollars Reviewed & Tested

Best Bikes Under $200 - Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

1 ) Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike does a lot more than being your best friend forever. Its drivetrain is single speed which makes it amazingly easy to ride.

The comfort of cushioned wide seats impeccable when combined with dual springs.

The top is quilted for your comfort. If you are a great fan of classic handles, then the Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike handlebar is tailor-made for you.

The wide tires allow you to ride smoothly not only over the road but also you can explore the beaches by being on your bike that is stuck nowhere.

While you can always be the next rider, it has mentioned the ideal riders’ height between five and a half feet to six feet approximately. It is user-friendly, easy to maintain, and a cost-effective bike under $200 that allows you to uncover hidden pathways.

Your one-stop solution to a durable and smooth ride is Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike with cruiser frame and also the fork constructed from heavy-duty steel.

Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike: Check Price on Amazon!

Best Bikes Under $200 - Micargi Women’s M50 Adult Mountain Bike

2 ) Micargi Women’s M50 Adult Mountain Bike

The ultra speed monster with surmountable demand is a bike for you to ride ever through tough terrains with ease and fun. It gives you wings that you can’t resist wearing once you start your bike for a smooth and happy ride. And, for beginners, this is your bike!

The wide tires will handle the bumpy streets and rough trails. They give you an enormous amount of control and leverage that you can handle and feel while climbing the hills and playing your favorite song.

There are V-Brakes that help you quickly stop your bike without worrying to fall forward.

The gear won’t let you down. When I say this, I mean it. It is fast and calm to make your ride extra fulfilled with Non-Index Shifter. Note that this bike is specially made for women.

So there should not be worries regarding your dress whether it would hamper the ride or not. It has a Step-through frame that makes sure that beauty is riding an awesome bike.

Micargi Women’s M50 Adult Mountain Bike: Check Its Price on

Best Bikes Under $200 - Micargi Women's Roasca V7 Adult City Bike

3 ) Micargi Women’s Roasca V7 Adult City Bike

You are going to fall in love with the varying colors it offers. Being a city bike, Micargi Roasca V7 City Bike makes sure that you get seven speeds in three sizes that fit the needs of all the riders out there.

It is durable because of its heavy-duty steel frame that is not only resistant to rust but also allows an effortless long life to your bike.

It has numerous impacts starting from the effectiveness of absorbing the shocks to the capability of handling the jerks of rugged trails, your bike is made to handle it all.

You are going to have a sturdy grip during swift turns and the tires are specifically made to handle the rolling and dusty domains. Take this for a ride and you will be thanking me for recommending it!

The brakes are alloyed with a caliper that makes it easier to make a break in haste without leaning down. The best part is that it implements what it says.

So, this weekend, get one Micargi Women’s Roasca V7 Adult City Bike for you or your loved one.

Micargi Women’s Roasca V7 Adult City Bike: Check Price on

24 Inch Micargi Women Tahiti 7SP Cruiser

4 ) 24 Inch Micargi Women Tahiti 7SP Cruiser

Ever wanted to take a ride that leaves the alongside people to turn back? If your answer is yes, then the 24-inch Micargi Women’s Tahiti 7SP Cruiser is for you.

All you need is to showcase your cruising with this seven-speed Tahiti bike designed especially for women. Undoubtedly, the stunning features are just a number in front of the comfort and ease of ride it offers.

The step-through frame helps you in getting at higher speeds and maintaining the stability of the bike at the same time. Just to mention that it is made up of a sturdy and heavy-duty steel frame that is highly tensile to make your bike rust-free forever.

The full fenders are more than an add-on since they contribute towards your stylish look and smooth ride.

It is worth considering the comfortable and wide saddle which is not only very comfortable but also helps to get an easy ride on rough terrains.

24 Inch Micargi Women Tahiti 7SP Cruiser: Check Its Price on

Best Bikes Under $200 - Huffy Stone Mountain Women's Mountain Bike

5 ) Huffy Stone Mountain Women’s Mountain Bike

Stone Mountain Women’s Mountain Bike stands to vanish concern of bike’s warranty among the buyers especially when the budget is tight yet features are awesome.

It is a goldmine for riders from the age of 13 and a height above or equal to five feet.

It is determined to offer you some breathtaking moments because it delivers twenty-one speeds right from climbing the hill or going down.

The bike stands strong against rough terrains and rugged trails and handles the bumps so smoothly that you won’t even feel them. It is a multi-level gift for you that is sturdy and cool at the same time.

The Kraton grips are quite smooth to touch with surmountable follow-up features like the tires that are knobby and the hands’ brakes accept a linear-pull to provide a stop without haste.

The seat height can be adjusted according to your need with no effort at all. Finally, in the end, it leaves you with a beautiful riding experience.

Huffy Stone Mountain Women’s Mountain Bike: Check Price on Amazon!

Micargi Women's Rover Budget 7 Speed Cruiser

6 ) Micargi Women’s Rover 7 Speed Cruiser

Are you the one who enjoys cruising and riding a group ride? The cruiser in you is waiting for something like Micargi Women’s Rover 7 Speed Cruiser to unleash its complete potential.

The lightweight and affordable V-brakes made up of alloy available at front and rear are one of the best features that Micargi Women’s Rover 7 Speed Cruiser possess.

Even the handlebars are wide and they bend in such a way that they sync with the position of the rider and help the rider get a comfortable posture while having a ride.

As mentioned before, it is usually recommended to get a bike with full fenders since they protect you from being in contact with any mess that is on the ground.

The colors are absolutely awesome and give a stylish and classy look.

One more thing to mention is that the saddle is quite wide and comfortable and is made up of highly dense foam that contributes to having a comfy and smooth seat.

Micargi Women’s Rover 7 Speed Cruiser: Check Its Price on

Best Bikes Under $200 Reviewed | Most Reliable List in 2023

7 ) Oyama Anti Slip Folding Mountain Trail Bike

Having a folding MTB always counts on your side in the long run. Among its numerous features, I love it most primarily because it is quite easy to store.

It really saves a lot of space and if your apartment is small or you don’t have a garage.

Also, commuting to a workplace and worrying about parking won’t be an issue when you have an Oyama Anti Slip Folding Mountain Trail Bike.

It is made up of steel so needless to say that it’s gonna be more durable and lightweight. It can easily handle extremely rugged trails and is rust-free.

The gears are perfect and offer a smooth and comfy ride. Considering the saddle and grips then all are well-functioning with enormous control and appropriate paddings.

The most important thing to mention is that even if it is a folding mountain bike, you need not worry about the assembling part since it is quick and quite easy.

Oyama Anti Slip Folding Mountain Trail Bike: Check Price on Amazon!

Best Bikes Under $200 Reviewed | Most Reliable List in 2023

8 ) 20” Micargi Womens Hero Classic Bicycle

The best part of having a lowrider is that girls below five feet can enjoy rides. It is a single-speed bike so won’t need to worry about various speeds and that makes it a beginner-friendly bike too.

The steel frame is strong and appears quite stylish that can instantly grab attention. Precisely saying, this bike is not less than an absolute package in itself.

The handlebar is designed in such a way that makes it offer you an extremely awesome riding experience.

Its size consists of the springer fork at the front and the handlebar is plated with steel chrome that made it a better choice than other competitors.

The reflectors are a very essential tool for a rider to make sure that they get an overview of the busy roads and side hurdles, especially at night time. Even the seat is shaped like a banana that makes it not only comfy but also it helps in maintaining the rider’s posture while riding.

20” Micargi Womens Hero Classic Bicycle: Check Its Price on

Best Bikes Under $200 Reviewed | Most Reliable List in 2023

9 ) TANWPN Road Bike for Men & Women

The most impressive feature of TANWPN Road Bike for Men & Women is that it is extremely lightweight as compared to its class among the competitors.

It can be your perfect fit if you are looking for a high-quality bike for under $200.

The aluminum frame makes the bike not only more durable but also lightweight. It includes free pedals and that too with every bike.

The bike has a twenty-one speed that is centered around making it switch the gears at a quick and swift pace. The spoke wheels have their major features from being tough and elastic to adjust the resistance.

The high elastic and tough nature are combined to form a hum that is directed along a tangent and the impact of the outside force is scattered by all the spokes that make the hub accept merely calculated instants.

The disc brakes are powerful and can easily save you from a bad weather day. The solid frame stands strong and is there with you for the next ride.

TANWPN Road Bike for Men & Women: Check Price on Amazon!

Best Bikes Under $200 Reviewed | Most Reliable List in 2023

10 ) Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

It is an awesome mountain bike that is tailor-made for you if you are a classic lover. It supports eighteen speeds and thus the rider has a lot of ways to explore the riding in an amazing way.

The brakes are explicitly located at the front and rear for a swift and appropriate stop without making you lean down. It has a steel frame that makes it rust-free and contributes to the longevity of the bike.

Precisely saying, it makes the bike more durable with less maintenance.

Also, the front suspension is designed in such a way that it offers you an amazingly smooth ride that is helpful for long travel. The pull brakes work perfectly awesome.

The twenty-six inches wheel makes sure that it is perfectly fit for a rider whose height is between five and a half feet to six feet approximately. Get Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike for an amazing and smooth ride that never stops at the turns and hills.

Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike: Check Its price on Amazon!

How To Choose Best Bikes Under $200 Buyers Guide

1. Choose Your Bike Type

There are a lot of bikes available in the market. You have to choose one that fits your requirements. For instance, a mountain bike will be a great companion fit for rough and rugged roads and hills.

You should choose to have an MTB if you need to often revisit some uneven terrains.

Similarly, cruiser bikes are great for cruising alongside the beach or city roads with a calm and straight geometry. Biking on the lanes becomes easy with them.

On other hand folding bikes are lightweight, portable, and saves space. They are perfect for carrying in the car while going to the office and can be easily fit anywhere at home.

Road bikes are great for speed and consistency on roads and plain terrains. It is fit for you if you stick to the roads and avoid visiting any uneven terrains.

2. Revisit Bike Anatomy

Your bicycle frame is the most important thing that is going to contribute to the longevity of your bike. It must be metal no matter what. You can choose aluminum (lightweight) or steel (decent weight).

The second most crucial part that deals with gears is the drivetrain. At most 30 that is divided such that approx twelve are reserved for the back while up to three are in the chainrings at the front.

Needless to say, most of us still love the traditional chain.

Then ensure the quality of your wheel, make sure they use a good quality rubber tire. Considering the rim and the hubs then it must connect them by spokes that are of good quality.

It is true that they are heavy in weight but at the end of the day, they stop at a rapid pace with low effort. The rim brakes are quite inexpensive and you can find them in many bike models.

The coaster hub brakes are designed mainly for beach bikers.


I am glad that you read the whole post and here we are just at the end wrapping up things by having a candid talk. Also, all the reviews are well-researched and some of them are a mixture of my personal experience.

There are many awesome bikes available in the market under $200. All the needed tasks, especially the research part, are covered by me with a gift for you in the form of this mini-guide.

Make sure to have a checklist of all must-have features that you personally feel important for your bike. After all, it all counts on at the end!

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