Best Affordable Mountain Bikes Under $200 | Review & Comparison

Best Affordable Mountain Bikes Under $200 | Review & Comparison

Mountain biking, now more than ever has become a great pastime. To be able to stay socially distanced and at the same time have fun with friends and family there’s not a lot that can beat riding the trails on mountain bikes.

The refreshing feeling of speeding down a trail with the wind whipping through your hair and the fresh smells of rejuvenating nature all around you.

It really gets your blood pumping with exhilaration. And we know the feeling.

So we put together a list of 14 of the absolute best mountain bikes that were rated for the value at the price and riding experience that each mountain bike had to offer.

Each mountain bike that we test was ridden 2 miles a day for ten days (Weather Permitting) And put through
real-life endurance tests and real-world situations NOT A RIGGED TEST TRACK.

They were graded fairly and by numerous people who all had different experiences.

Top Mountain Bikes In Budget – Comparison Table

Bike Name
Amazon Link
Kent KZ2600 MTB
22 lbs
Full suspension
Roadmaster 26″ Granite
37 lbs
Kent Hawkeye Light MTB
37 lbs
Hyper Shocker Mens MTB
40 lbs
Full suspension
Genesis 26″ Women MTB
38 lbs
Cycle Force Men MTB
33 lbs
Dual suspension
Merax FT323 21 Speed
41 lbs
Full suspension
Schwinn High Timber
38 lbs
Roadmaster Women MTB
14 lbs
29 lbs
Huffy Trail Runner Women
30 lbs
Krusher Men’s Fat Tire Bike
45 lbs
Dual suspension
Mongoose R4054WMC Ledge
50 lbs
Full suspension
US Stock Folding MTB
44 lbs
Dual suspension

14 Best Mountain Bikes To Buy Under $200

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

1 ) Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The first one that goes on our list is the best bike under this price range. This Mountain Bike has a 21 speed Shimano Shifter with rear turney derailleur and front disc brakes.

It sports a 26” full-frame floating beam suspension design and has alloy wheel rims and a 65mm travel suspension fork. This bike does not come fully assembled but for a little extra you can have it put together for you. By yourself, assembly can take anywhere from 30 min.

To an hour and a half if you’re not a novice biker or without the proper tools for assembly. (Allen wrench and screwdriver) But the average assembly time is right around an hour.

The overall look of it was very nice and the ride was much smoother than some of the others that I tested. Overall the bike is light, durable, and a joy to ride with just minor tweaking.

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Roadmaster 26" Granite Peak Men's Mountain Bike

2 ) Roadmaster 26″ Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

This bike is an 18 speed and was one of the sturdiest bikes that I tested with a steel frame instead of aluminum and a front fork with shocks built right into the frame.

Also, this bike has a 3 piece mountain crank for more durability. It is great for riders who are between 5’ 4” and 6’ 2”. The assembly was mostly done for you already but you will still need an Allen wrench and pliers for handlebars, tires, reflectors, and foot pedals.

The brakes will need to be calibrated also but it does come with a manual for those. If you are unsure of the process please take them to your local bike shop, it’s worth it.

The brakes are front and rear linear-pull and will stop on a dime if calibrated correctly. The bike shifts smoothly on the trail. Excellent braking. Knobby tread on the tires just wished they might be a bit bigger for rough trails. Really well on roads and up to medium rough trails.

Roadmaster 26″ Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Kent Hawkeye Light Weight Trail Mountain Bike

3 ) Kent Hawkeye Light Weight Trail Mountain Bike

The most notable feature about this bike is that it is built around a 6061 aluminum frame equipped with an alloy crown suspension fork for efficient performance and durability.

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes make stopping on any terrain safe and smooth. Further, this mountain bike has 29 “ double-wall alloy rims with 29” x 2.30” tires.

I have mixed emotions about this bike in particular. The box was severely damaged but everything was alright at first. This bike has a Shimano 7 speed with a rapid-fire 21-speed shifter.

Equipped with front and rear mechanical disc brakes 31.8” alloy handlebar and stem.

I liked the way the handlebars felt and the overall look but this bike was a rough ride for me and will be for anyone over 150 pounds.

The shocks were a bit spongy but perhaps that was just me. I would suggest this bike more for desert trail riding. I think it was excellent as long as I didn’t hit any big bumps.

It has a great overall size and feels and the bike itself was very lightweight. A great buy for the budget biker looking for a decent mountain bike for the long term.

Kent Hawkeye Light Weight Trail Mountain Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Hyper Shocker 26" 18-Speed Men's Mountain Bike

4 ) Hyper Shocker 26″ 18-Speed Men’s Mountain Bike

This Mountain Bike I had a great time with. Assembly was a snap but I’m partial to the Hyper Shocker for the heavier trails anyway for being my first mountain bike in garage.

It has a steel frame with a front suspension fork so you can go downhill with confidence. Further, its easy 18 speed gears make it fun to ride with speed.

Though this bike was easy for me to assemble you may get it done for you at any near bike shop at a nominal price. You can still do it pretty easy but I had to markdown for the hassle.

The dual suspension does work well on absorbing bumps, all the way making it smoother on gravel & rough trails. The bike delivers great comfort and smoothness and is a great option for regular use.

It has a strong frame given the fact that it is made of HiTensile, which is a form of steel. With a deluxe padded seat and alloy quick release seat clamp, you will never regret placing your behind on it for long hours.

It is a nice choice for starters, but it may not be the perfect fit for everyone.

Hyper Shocker 26″ 18-Speed Men’s Mountain Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Genesis 26" Whirlwind Women's Mountain Bike

5 ) Genesis 26″ Whirlwind Women’s Mountain Bike

I was ​ never really a huge fan of the whirlwind until I rode this one. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. This mountain bike was easy to handle.

It’s a 21-speed aluminum bike with easy-action grip shifters and has 26” wheels with linear-pull, disc brakes, and a rear Shimano Derailleur for the big hills.

It had an overstuffed springer style saddle seat which I didn’t need to replace for comfort.

(Almost a first) The brakes were excellent and when you’re cruising downhill on a mountain road in the Rockies you really need great brake control for speed regulating.

I found I actually missed my whirlwind when I moved onto the next bike to review.

Genesis 26″ Whirlwind Women’s Mountain Bike: Check Its Price On amazon!

Cycle Force Men's Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

6 ) Cycle Force Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

The best advantage of this bike is that it comes 98% assembled and comes with the basic assembly tools you might need to put the rest of the bits together.

The Cycle Force features a steel dual suspension frame with a suspension fork. It is a sturdy pick and can handle long miles even on rough terrains.

It isn’t very sporty-looking, but it handles well on challenging terrain. This bike has a 26” wheel with 18-speed twist shifters that makes it extremely pleasant to ride. Additionally, there are custom decals available for you to customize your bike according to your liking.

However, it is really not for a grown man as it may not be very suitable if your height is over 6 ft. And the frame and pedals were more suited for kids/teens than men.

Cycle Force Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Merax FT323 21 Speed Full Suspension MTB Bicycle

7 ) Merax FT323 21 Speed Full Suspension MTB Bicycle

This bike is made from heat-treated alloy and is a 21-speed mountain bike with full suspension and an aluminum frame. The dual suspension design helps to give you a smoother ride and better handling on hills.

The wheels are 26” and the bike comes with a front and rear linear v pull braking system.

This bike comes mostly assembled and what isn’t assembled already is easily done with the manual and if not that then the instructions on their site are helpful and you can always watch the helpful video posted for assembly on their website or from independent creators on YouTube.

I really like this bike, It looks nice you can tell there’s quality and thought in the design, style, and parts. Leaning was a little hard for me going downhill as I like to do when cruising turns in the road.

This was still an amazing bike for the price and well worth it to buy.

Merax FT323 21 Speed Full Suspension MTB Bicycle: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bikes

8 ) Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bikes

I have to admit I was a little hesitant about getting this bike. There were many bad reviews online, especially about the handlebars and chain braking.

Luckily I got nothing to worry other than tedious assembly process when it first came. I opted for the 21 speed and I went ahead with 26” wheels for superior all round performance.

Unlike the other bikes, the Schwinn High Timber comes in a number of color options to choose from.

Let me say I have always been a fan of Schwinn bikes. They are a brand that I know and trust. But this bike can be said far from their best bike.

Although the bike is strong, comfortable and high performing it has 2 major design flaws. One being its improper or weak brakes for a mountain bike and second the difficulty assembling it.

Overall its a great bike for the price but i will suggest changing the brakes for serious biking.

Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Roadmaster Women's Granite Peak Mountain Bikes

9 ) Roadmaster Women’s Granite Peak Mountain Bikes

This next up on our list is an excellent all-rounder mountain bike made to suit the needs of modern women who want something personal, strong, and stylish on their mountain biking trip.

This Mountain Bike has a steel frame and 26” tires with a linear-pull braking system. It’s an 18 speed with a twist-shift and front suspension. It has a Shimano rear derailleur.

I was weary after the Schwinn bike took so much effort. The Roadmaster was easy to assemble and I did not
encounter any break or handlebar issues like the reviews suggested I would.

But that too does not mean it’s all shiny and great It would be nice if they could optimize package handling especially where bikes are concerned so they do not come damaged.

I like the way it looked assembled but I’m 5’4” and this was a little big for me. It handled well but the seat alone made me not want to ride for very long.

So I would suggest it as a good buy considering its specs that are specifically designed for a wonderful rider’s experience but definitely replace the seat for the most comfort.

Roadmaster Women’s Granite Peak Mountain Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Affordable Mountain Bikes Under $200 | Review & Comparison

10 ) BESPORTBLE Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame Suspension

The next one on our affordable bike number is the Besportble Mountain bike. It comes along with an excellent derailleur system that makes it easy to control and maneuver at the steep downhill ride.

The gears are easily adjustable and change smoothly, enabling you to enjoy the thrilling speed. The bike also comes equipped with Shimano’s 21-speed gearbox that ensures you always ride with confidence.

This mountain bike is a 21 speed with aluminum framing and alloy wheels. It has mechanical disc brakes and has front suspension. Another good thing about this bike is that there is a PP water bottle that comes along, so you will never be dehydrated on your ride.

Keep hydrating and boom, face the sun with all your energy! The alloy disc brakes work fantastically and stop without any harsh squeal or bump.

It is quite handy to assemble it and comes along with the repair tools for future use. It has an attractive sporty look and guarantees a comfortable ride.

BESPORTBLE Mountain Bike with Aluminum Frame Suspension: Check Price On Amazon!

Huffy 26" Trail Runner Women's Mountain Bike

11 ) Huffy 26″ Trail Runner Women’s Mountain Bike

Okay here’s another one of my favorites. This mountain bike is an 18 speed with an index shifter (my personal favorite shifter) that runs fast and gives a great performance boost on trails.

The frame is steel and has alloy linear-pull brakes integrated with the Shimano derailleur and a 3 piece crank. A dual suspension frame and dual fork.

I really enjoyed this bike. I have already ordered two more for my daughters. This bike handles very well and the brakes were excellent even in wet and muddy conditions.

Bravo to the designer of this bike, it was a unanimous favorite and a real crowd pleaser. Whatever your biking needs are, the Huffy Trail Runner has it all!

Huffy 26″ Trail Runner Women’s Mountain Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Affordable Mountain Bikes Under $200 | Review & Comparison

12 ) Krusher Men’s Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike

The Krusher Dynacraft comes with a full-suspension mountain bike frame. It is sturdy and can handle rough terrains. It features an 18 speed Shimano derailleur with Shimano grip shifters for a smooth rider experience.

The bike handles well to the most extreme terrain without falling apart. This bike is definitely worthy of buying – after all, the last thing you want is your bike failing miles away from anywhere.

You might think a bike at this price might not be so great for serious off-road riding, but wait, I have tested it with my team of testers through different terrains and it worked out just fine.

The Krusher Dynacraft is a very popular bike and quite a nice deal for this price range.

It’s front and rear V-brakes perform a smooth task. They keep working consistently regardless of the conditions, and they won’t wear out your rims over time.

Additionally, the bike has an adjustable seat post, which is something you must definitely be grateful for. You will definitely gonna love this bike on your next adventure!

Krusher Men’s Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Mongoose 27.5" R4054WMC Ledge Trail Mountain Bikes

13 ) Mongoose 27.5″ R4054WMC Ledge Trail Mountain Bike

This bike has a 27.5” wheel. Front and rear linear brakes to slow down the 21-speed alloy wheels with a 3 piece crank and Shimano Derailleur.

It has dual suspension and really navigates quite well. This one was a little harder for me to steer but it handled very well both on and off the trail.

Assembly was easy and I would highly recommend this bike. There were a few complaints about feet scraping while pedaling with some of the bigger footed testers.

This bike was higher up then I was expecting but the seat was easily adjusted and it worked great with heavier weight then some of the other light frames.

All in all a very sturdy bike for the price and a great buy. If you’re a broad man or a heavier set person this is a great bike. It’s lightweight and sturdy on most terrain. Very exceptional.

Mongoose 27.5″ R4054WMC Ledge Trail Mountain Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Affordable Mountain Bikes Under $200 | Review & Comparison

14 ) US Stock Folding Mountain Bikes for Men & Women

We saved the best for last unless you are among many who prefer not to use folding bikes. No assembly really required really. Just some minor adjustments like seat and chain resistance if you want it.

The overall look of the bike is sleek and it’s graceful even on rough terrain but it’s really all the thought and attention to detail that went into the design of this bike that makes it my number one pick.

This 21-speed lightweight foldable mountain bike is made of carbon steel and has 26” dual spoke wheels with wide knob tires. There’s an indexed Ace TT rear derailleur combined with a micro shift twist.

High-quality age resistant rubber and aluminum was used. Everything about this bike was designed for an
amazing ride and a great look to boot.

The brakes are amazing and it’s a breeze going uphill and downhill both on and off the road. A superb ride and bike. I have to brag about the lean and the size of this mountain bike.

I can weave so easily in and out of traffic and around turns that it’s become My #1 pick for the foldable mountain bike and the only one on this list. A great buy for the price range!

US Stock Folding Mountain Bike for Men & Women: Check Price On Amazon!

How To Choose Affordable Mountain Bikes Under 200

Finding some of the best mountain bikes under $200 can be a huge undertaking. While there are many highly rated bikes in the market, they are far from being affordable.

When you need to buy an affordable mountain bike that is not just strong, stylish and durable but is also loaded with a ton of features. Here are a few major questions one should need to answer.

What would you do with your mountain bike? Would you use it for downhill, enduro, trail biking, cross country, off-road touring, recreation, or for light exercise in the park? How much and how far would you be using this bike; for example on the weekly basis, daily, and distance?

Based on them you then need to consider key things like the suspension, wheel size, frame material, gears and breaking, construction, frame size and traction.

It can soon become too much for yourself to figure out, this is where we came in for the help.

We have thus reviewed and listed the above products based on these parameters. I personally research and tested these mountain bikes on each parameter and ranked accordingly.

In addition, I have personally looked at their frame, comfort level, seats, suspension, traction and assembly before making our final list. Since they are some of the basic necessities of any modern mountain bike. They were our first priority while preparing the above list.

Overall I have tried my best to bring out a list of best mountain bikes to buy in budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are mountain bikes so expensive?

Ans: Modern mountain bikes are equipped with a ton of safety and performance equipment like the front shock, rear suspension, better tires, and efficient braking system. To handle tougher terrains they have heavy durable frames and expensive components that can take quite an abuse.

From the outside, while they may appear the same as any other bike type they are much easier to control, safe, and smooth on gears than any other bike type. Other than the performance and control on bikes what makes mountain bikes so expensive is the security aspects of the bike.

Q. How much is a decent mountain bike?

Ans: The average cost for most decent mountain bikes range somewhere between $500 to $1200. For anything more than that you are mostly paying for the brand value. Similarly, if you are paying anything less you might buy a less safe mountain bike 5 out of 10 times if you don’t know what to look for.

You may find some decent mountain bikes under $300 or $ 200 but they are extremely hard to find and usually lacks in one thing or another, style, build quality safety, comfort, durability. So if you don’t have much experience riding mountain bikes go ask an expert, do some research or be ready to pay more.

Q. What is the best cheapest mountain bike?

Ans: There is no one bike that is one size fits all, they are mostly one that may be best for most but not all rider. Since mountain bikes vary based on gender, terrain and size buy one that fits your need. But if I would have to choose one for myself I would pick Genesis 26″ Whirlwind Women’s Mountain Bike.

It is a great companion for women looking for a beginner-friendly stylish mountain bike. This is a strong bike smooth on gears, durable, and is easy to control with knobby tires to ensure a great grip on the trails.

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