Top 9 Women’s Mountain Bike Helmets for Ultimate Comfort and Safety

Looking for the best women’s mountain bike helmets? After researching over 50 odd helmets across different brands; we have identified our 9 favorite mountain bike helmets for women.

A good bike helmet is arguably your best friend on the mounting endeavor. Whether its uphill, downhill, or the tackling turns you better be well equipped with one of mountain bike helmets to stay safe hurling over rocks.

Wearing a helmet is the bare essential when it comes to riding on some of the most difficult terrains. Not just it protects your head from shock/impact but reduces the chances of a serious injury.

If you worry about style issues, discomfort, helmet air, or any other inconvenience. let me tell you modern helmets are more protective, offers better fitting and stylish.

Over the years the fit and retention system of these helmets has continued to improve and the introduction of MIPS ( multi-directional impact protection system ) technology came up as a big leap forward. Thanks to it you get an all-round same protection; no matter which way you hit the ground/rock.

Further, the growing number of inspiring women in mountain biking scene means; there are simply more style options for your protective bike helmet now than a decade before.

Helmet Name
No of Vents
Amazon Link
POC Tectal
0.7 lbs
Smith Venture MTB Helmet
0.7 lbs
Troy Lee Adult A2 Bike Helmet
0.9 lbs
Giro Montara MIPS Helmet
0.8 lbs
Smith Optics Portal
1.3 lbs
TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet
0.6 lbs
Giro Cartelle MIPS Cycling Helmet
0.8 lbs
MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet
0.8 lbs
Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet
0.6 lbs

Best Women’s Mountain Bike Helmets in 2023

POC Tectal, Mountain Bike Helmets

1 ) POC Tectal, Helmet for Mountain Biking

The POC Tectal is the best mountain bike helmet on our list. This 342-gram stylish helmet is no match to others when it comes to its sturdy all-round protection. You can literally slam your head on a rock, but the POC tectal will protect you like a charm without much movement.

The Tectal own rotational impact protection system also known as the SPIN, makes sure your head remains safe and literally untouched no matter how hard you crash.

Comfortable even on long rides, it includes 15 air ducts that keep you cool. Further, since these beautiful helmets are aerodynamic by design you can easily go cruising around mountains.

Its one of few bike helmets that fit a wide range of head sizes and does not suffer from issues of pressure points or the helmet hair. Easy to adjust with a back dial and chin strap. It fits perfectly on your head and will not fall off even without the chin strap done.

Adding to its impressive versatility you got an integrated visor and invisible strap system. Overall its a little expensive but proves true to its price; no matter its looks, style, comfort, fit, or protection.

POC Tectal, Helmet for Mountain Biking: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Smith Venture MIPS MTB Bike Helmet

2 ) Smith Venture MIPS MTB Bike Helmet

Looking for the same build quality as the POC Tectal but at an affordable price tag; well this is one for your adventure needs. With 20 air vents and super aerodynamic design, that keeps air moving. It keeps you cool and protected cruising under unpredictable weather conditions.

It features an impressive MIPS protective system with EPS impact foam that extended on the back for additional head protection. The VaporFit system ensures it fits great, is easy to adjust, and is comfortable.

Unlike many other budget bike helmet the venture did a great job of fitting nicely on your head without making you look like a clown when riding for too long.

The anti-bacterial performance lining along its venture insides keeps it smell fresh and odor free. AirEvac ventilation adjust the air flow venting moist warm air away from sunglasses to keep a clear vision forward. On top you get the integrated visor to act as a shed against rain and sun.

For its price and features this mountain bike helmet does well on trails. Whether its a minor bump or a gnarly crash its good to know it got yourself secured with MIPS protection.

Smith Venture MIPS MTB Bike Helmet: Check Price On Amazon!

Troy Lee Adult All Mountain A2 Bike Helmet

3 ) Troy Lee Adult All Mountain A2 Bike Helmet

Built upon the popular A1 classic design it includes 25% larger vents connected to deep internal channels for maximum cooling efficiency. If you already fan of the A1 classic series its a better upgrade in terms of comfort, fit, weight, ventilation, and odor control.

The try lee A2 bike helmet includes the combination of EPS foam protection ( typically found in lower end bike helmet ) with the MIPS Brain Protection System to offer best insurance against major impacts.

The helmet includes 16% more EPS protection in the frontal lobe and around major impact zones. Further, it also includes the dual-density EPP protection for slower impact or shock.

The interior is quite adjustable and smooth offering a comfortable fit with large vents. It feels light and fit snug on your head with beautiful look from outside. This means it won’t wobble riding through tough terrains and ensures a comfortable fit right out of the box.

On the downside its visor does not slide high enough for a some large googles. Since it is available in a variety of colors there is much to pick for your style.

Troy Lee Adult All Mountain A2 Bike Helmet: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Giro Montara, Mountain Bike Helmets

4 ) Giro Montara MIPS Womens Mountain Cycling Helmet

We’ll admit it; the giro Montara is the most feminist bicycle helmet we found on our list. It comes with a variety of stunning colors, is lightweight by design, includes advanced Roc Loc adjustment system, moisture-wicking pads for odor control, and offers easy go-pro attachments.

In our informal interviews with a mountain biker who owns this helmet; praise it for its compact shape, comfier fit, being nice on her hair ( less sore spots ) and attractive looks.

The Giro Montara has 16 vents around the helmets that let it breathe. Constructed with hard polycarbonate shell it weights just 0.8 pounds and offers the right balance of durability and venting.

Its compact shape designed especially for women gives you the confidence to conquer any terrain with freedom. The exclusive Roc Loc adjustment system with enforced role cage reinforcement provides an unmatched experience of adjustability, comfort, and security.

On a good note, it is designed to have full google integration and breakaway camera mounts with strap grippers on the helmets back. Overall it’s a great helmet for the price!

Giro Montara MIPS Womens Mountain Cycling Helmet: Check Price On Amazon!

Smith Optics Portal Mountain Bike Helmets

5 ) Smith Optics Portal MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet

Let face it, most high-end protective helmets either look too flashy or have a dorky look; but not the smith optics portal. It offers a straight forward sleek design, MIPS protection, and a ton of trail-friendly features. Although not feminine by design this unisex bike helmet will keep your brain safe!

After all it is arguably the most important criteria for using mountain bike helmets. It has 18 air vents that keeps you cool and protects against sweating and bad odor.

The multi-directional impact protection system ( MIPS ) adds to its outer protective features. While its cleverly arranged padding helps keep the dropping sweat away from your eyes.

For just 1.3 lbs weight its actually light on your head; not to mention it does not feel that stuffy as many other protective mountain bike helmets do. Furthermore, its great size customization and ability to fit comfortably right out of the box makes it rise to new heights.

The smith optics is available in two major sizes ( M, L ) and came in 7 colorful options. Overall there is not much to adore this helmet; but I must say you still get great value for the price.

Smith Optics Portal MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Top 9 Women's Mountain Bike Helmets for Ultimate Comfort and Safety

6 ) TeamObsidian Airflow Reinforced Bike Helmet

For under $100 the TeamObsidian Airflow is a versatile bike helmet for your outdoor adventures. It’s extremely light ( 0.6 lbs ), is aerodynamic by design, and remains comfortable after a few hours of the ride. The 2-year manufacturer warranty makes it a risk-free investment.

You can use it with your MTB’s, mountain and road bikes. With a lack of MIPS protection system or its similar alternatives, it’s not that great for aggressive riding on mountains.

But the built-in protection system is enough to protect against light and moderate impacts. So unless you plan to do something too thrilling there is nothing much to worry about.

When it comes to being airy with its large 22 air vents it is on top; nowhere near any other mountain bike helmets. So no more sweating and odor issues after long hours of cycling. The pads compresses too little adjusting with your head and straps having quick adjusters.

The helmet includes a detachable visor and features cushioned chin straps. Together with its excellent customer support and long life; it almost feels like you got your money’s worth.

TeamObsidian Airflow Reinforced Bike Helmet: Check Price On Amazon!

Top 9 Women's Mountain Bike Helmets for Ultimate Comfort and Safety

7 ) Giro Cartelle MIPS Womens Mountain Cycling Helmet

The Giro Cartelle is the little sister of the Giro Montara listed above. In a sense, they are like the base and premium model of the same helmet. I had ridden with both in the past but would prefer the giro Montara unless there is a budget constraint as with myself in my college days.

It also includes the MIPS protection system and has 14 vents around the helmets that let it breathe. With just 0.8 lbs weight it’s lightweight and go easy on your head.

Designed to have full google integration it includes easy lift visors for extra protection. It’s cool-max padding provides all day comfort on trails with odor control and great wicking properties.

Its compact shape designed especially for women gives you the confidence to conquer any terrain with freedom. The exclusive Roc Loc adjustment system with enforced role cage reinforcement provides an unmatched experience of adjustability, comfort, and security.

Overall it’s a great MTB helmet for the price that is airy, add to your style, is equality protective and comfortable while not being ridiculously heavy, or having a weird fit.

Giro Cartelle MIPS Womens Mountain Cycling Helmet: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Top 9 Women's Mountain Bike Helmets for Ultimate Comfort and Safety

8 ) MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men

This one is rather special as for its too low price you get a ton of awesome features. In short, it’s more bang for your buck!!! With this, you get USB safety lights, a super long detachable visor, and camera mounts with EPS foam protection and a unique adjustable dial fit retention system.

The mockfire mountain bike features a fully adjustable chin strap system, large airy vents, moisture-wicking pads, and soft lining to ensure a maximum comfort fit on trails.

Although not a MIPS it includes multi-density EPS foam system to hamper the impact forces protecting your head. Something quite satisfactory for an average rider but not fit for adventures.

Some key features of this bike helmet include a universal action cam point, lightweight design, large airy vents, nice mate finish, reflector red lights at the back and adjustable chin straps. On the downside, it’s just an average helmet with a ton of cool features to compensate for its low level of protection.

If you are a vlogger or simply like to shoot some cool video with your Gopro; this one is a great alternative to many expensive bike helmets that have camera mounts.

MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men: Check Price On Amazon!

Top 9 Women's Mountain Bike Helmets for Ultimate Comfort and Safety

9 ) Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men

A simple yet effective solution to your weekend’s mountain ride. It’s a great fit for beginners looking to buy an affordable helmet that looks nice, is comfortable to wear, and keeps them safe from head injuries. The good thing is, it looks and almost feels like the premium helmets.

Yes it won’t protect you as good as the premium ones but it still does a lot to safe your head. With no MIPS protection system it had to rely on thickened multi-density EPS foam to absorb impact forces.

The removable padding feels nice and provides a greater coverage. Further there is the removable liner and 18 air vents to allow it breath. But if you do sweat anyway its nice padding keeps it from dripping in eyes.

Although it’s not women-specific the Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet offers 7 color options to choose from. So rest assured not just others will appreciate the simplicity of this helmet but also your favorite color. While the nice ratcheting system ensures one size fits all.

Overall its a decent protection for your head and considering its low price it feels great and satisfying to buy. If you are looking for an entry-level model then this is exactly what this helmet is offering.

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet for Women and Men: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Mountain Bike Helmets
Image credit: Graham Dean | CC BY 2.0

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Women

When you are buying any new mountain bike helmet to be used by women. There are a few major things one should always keep in his or her mind.

In other words, to make an educated decision its important to know and ask what is your need? A woman who is just starting out has different needs than someone involved in mountain biking for a long time.

Does it have MIPS?, What size seems to fit my head?, How comfortable is it?, Is it in your budget?, How much does it weight?, Does it has a camera mount?, Its key features? , How much does it affects your hair? , Is the one worth with regards to durability/quality, etc.

These are some important questions you should ask yourself; before making any final decision.

We have thus reviewed and listed the above products based on these parameters. I personally research and tested each Mountain Bike helmet on each parameter and ranked accordingly.

In addition, I have personally looked at their construction, comfort level, ratchet adjustment system, padding, breathability, and fit before making our final list. Since they are some of the basic necessities of any modern bike helmet. They were Our first priority while preparing the above list.

Our first priority while preparing the above list was its protection level then; durability, ease of use, quality, comfort, cost, fit, breathability, weight, additional features such as an adjustable visor or camera mount, padding, construction material followed by all other aspects of a modern mountain bike helmet.

Overall I have come up with a list well suited for all women; irrespective of their current level of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. How did i know if its just the right fit?

Ans: Your helmet fitting is one of the important factor when deciding a secure bike helmet. Your mountain bike helmet should be light, has a nice snug fit and should allow easy adjustments. The straps should be nicely done so as to keep it tight but not choking you.

When worn it should be protecting your forehead while still maintaining a nice cover at the back. If it feels painfully tight around any area its not a good fit. Similarly, if it can be easyly be rotated its too loose to protect your head. Then check for the room on sides to wear sunglasses.

Q.2. Do mountain bikes need a specific helmet?

Ans: You do not need any helmet just to ride your mountain bike, but you should if you want to stay protected and safe cruising on mountain trails. When it comes to protecting your head; what’s better than the mountain bike helmets designed to cater challenge of the terrain.

Do not skim and get cheap on these helmets buying $25 cheap road bike helmets. It does not matter how expensive bike helmet did you wear but whether its of the right kind. So to answer yes indeed mountain bikes need a specific helmet that offers more protection than a regular bike helmet.

Q.3. Do I really need MIPS Protection?

Ans: MIPS stands for the Multi-directional impact protection system. As the name suggests it is about keeping you safe from major collisions involving rotational forces generated from angle impact. In simple words, it is an add-on safety feature that protects against 60% of the most severe accidents.

The argument for the MIPS technology is that while traditional foam protection is designed to protect against vertical impact forces. What happens if you impact at an angle twisting the helmet to the other side caused by the rotational motion from impact forces. The one that leads to severe brain injuries.

Q.4. Can you wear a road helmet for mountain biking?

Ans: It is not uncommon to see people wearing their road bike helmets for mountain trail; especially among the beginners. As long as there is some helmet on your head its better than taking the risk to go without one. A road bike helmet is made different than the ones built for mountain bikes.

Helmets used with road bikes are typically light, have very large air vents, and offer basic protection to your head. On the other hand, a mountain bike helmet provides extended cover, added protection, removable visor, and MIPS system ( Multi-directional impact protection system.

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