Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

Choosing a full face MTB helmet requires a careful balancing act. Your first consideration is, of course, safety, as that’s the entire point of the helmet.

But, depending on where and how you ride, certain features may be incompatible with your needs. A perfectly serviceable half shell helmet may be fine for road biking, while it would be a risk if taken off-road.

Full face helmets offer the most protection available, and are made to be used in the most dangerous situations on rough trails, where a branch across the face at speed could seriously injure you.

The spray of debris from your tires and those of others could blind you, and a hard tumble from the saddle is much more likely. Yet, safe as they can be, not all full-face helmets are ideal for every off-road scenario.

Without proper ventilation, trying to climb a steep hill with a chin restricting your airflow is going to make the job harder rather than easier, and an ill-fitting helmet lacking adjustments will shift around and pose risks instead of providing protection.

With all the options that exist, trying to narrow the list down to the cream of the crop is a daunting task.

Luckily, it’s already been done for you. The list below represents the best options among full-face mountain bike helmets, covering different price points, feature sets, and applicability.

Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding – Comparison Table

Full Face Bike Helmet
Amazon Link
Leatt DBX 4.0 BMX Bike Helmet
1.9 lbs
Troy Lee Designs Stage Full Face Helmet
1.6 lbs
Bell Super Air R MIPS Bike Helmet
1.4 lbs
POC Air Spin Downhill Bike Helmet
2.3 lbs
Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Bike Helmet
1.74 lbs
IXS Unisex Full Face Mountain Protection
1.4 lbs
Kali Zoka Downhill Mountain Bike Helmet
2.2 lbs
O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road Series
3.1 lbs
DEMON Podium MTB Full Face Helmet
2.2 lbs
Giro Disciple Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet
2.4 lbs

10 Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

1 ) Leatt DBX 4.0 V20.1 Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Helmet

If you’re looking for a full-face helmet that you can comfortably wear for hours of vigorous riding, the DBX is for you. The attractive forest green helmet is tough, lightweight, and breathable.

The outer shell is made of a resilient polymer compound that resists damage from rocks, grit and whipping branches. It encases layers of EPS and EPO foam that cradles your head and absorb shocks, along with Leatt’s 360 Turbine Technology that reduces rotational impacts.

The innermost layer is a Dri-Lex liner that wicks away sweat and odor generated during hard cycling. And, it still allows air to circulate comfortably.

This is further ensured by the 22 vents featured on this helmet, which keep the interior of the helmet cool with circulation you can feel when you’re flying downhill, and even when climbing inclines at lower speeds.

The removable mouthpiece can also factor into the airflow, and it’s simple to snap back into place when you need full facial shielding in rough terrain.

Available in two sizes, you can also finely adjust the fit by way of the adjustable chin strap. With all these features, this helmet only weighs 3.7 lbs.

Add in its downhill certification, and you have an ideal choice for trail and enduro riding.

Leatt DBX 4.0 V20.1 Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Helmet: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

2 ) Troy Lee Designs Stage Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Troy Lee Designs offers a helmet that not only exceeds many safety certifications for a mountain biking helm, it also exceeds expectations when it comes to customization and comfort.

Available in a variety of color combinations and sizes, this helmet also includes multiple cheek pads and neck rolls so you can achieve the perfect fit.

Yet, safety comes first, and the fiber reinforced polylite shell material won’t crack or dent when hitting hard surfaces if you wreck on the trail.

The MIPS system keeps your head stable, letting the outer helmet experience the brunt of any rotational forces, while a mix of EPS and EPP foams means you’re protected from both heavy and light impacts.

A magnetic Fidlock buckle will keep the helmet secured on your head no matter how rough the ride gets.

The silver X-static liner will keep sweat and smells from becoming a problem while being soft against your head skin, and the 25 intake and outtake vents allow you to feel the breeze.

A feather-light 1.8 lbs at its smallest size, you can ride all day wearing this without feeling strained. And, a magnetic point at the crown gives you a perfect camera mount from which to immortalize your mountain biking experience.

Troy Lee Designs Stage Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet: Check Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

3 ) Bell Super Air R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

This super light helmet from Bell excels at versatility. Enduro and trail riders take note, the Super Air converts smoothly from uphill half-helm to downhill full face helm with a simple flip of the visor and addition of the removable chin bar.

Bell has loaded this helmet with unique features, like a flex spherical MIPS system that protects you from high and low-speed impacts, as well as rotational impacts. Their proprietary shell construction makes for a sturdier feel, with the foam padding fused to the polycarbonate exterior.

An impressive overbrow ventilation system keeps your entire head cool, and X-static padding makes the interior both comfortable and hygienic, with silver fibers discouraging odor causing bacterial growth.

The padding both wicks sweat away and guide it to be efficiently expelled from the helmet, helping to keep it from your eyes so you can see the trail. Even the cam mount received attention.

It allows you to secure the camera without the need for extra straps and ties and breaks away in a collision. With the Super Air, you can safely chase footage of your gnarliest rides.

Bell Super Air R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

4 ) POC, Coron Air Spin Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking

If you need a helm you can wear all day, and that can be converted for uphill, downhill, and trail rides, the Coron may be for you. It’s specifically made to meet the needs of Enduro riders, and it has the certifications to back that up.

POC loaded this helmet with features you will appreciate when cycling through changing conditions. The company’s own silicone pad technology allows you to add or remove the cheek pads on the fly and all padding can be removed for washing, so your helmet can remain fresh and clean inside and out.

The helmet is well ventilated even in full face mode.

It also has specially shaped ear chambers so that you won’t suffer issues with hearing or balance, which can make the difference between winning and losing an Enduro race.

The weight maxes out at 2.7 lbs for the largest size, light enough for all-day comfort, but hefty enough to give a feeling of solid protection.

And, the fiberglass shell and foam impact absorbers ensure it’s not just a feeling. Wearing this helmet gives you the confidence to hit the hardest trails without the worry.

POC, Coron Air Spin Helmet for Downhill Mountain Biking: Check Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

5 ) Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

The pioneer of removable chin bar technology is back with an upgrade. The Super 3R is an adaptable helmet for cyclists looking for dependable protection on light to heavy trails, and even moderate descents.

It is certified for standard cycling use, and when you need peace of mind on particularly nasty terrain, the chin bar can be popped into place for true full-face protection.

The sturdy shell and foam combo, paired with the vaunted MIPS system, provides superior impact shielding in a light, 1.67 lb package.

The helm geometry provides a wide field of view, letting you see obstacles further to your sides, while also seamlessly accomodating a wide array of goggles.

You can adjust the visor as needed, and X-static padding can be removed to tailor the fit for maximum comfort and stability. If that’s not enough, the helmet also comes in 3 sizes, so anyone should be able to find a fit that works for them.

A convenient breakaway POV camera mount means you can film the whole trail. The 6 color options means you can look good while doing so.

Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

6 ) IXS Unisex Full Face All-Mountain Protective Bike Helmet

When on the subject of a light full face helmet, IXS leads the conversation. This helmet is the lightest, fully certified, full face mountain bike helmet on the market, making it an automatic consideration for anyone looking for an all day, all terrain helmet.

At a scant 1.4 lbs, it is amazing how much protection this helmet offers.

Using a proprietary “Imould” process allows IXS to construct their foam layer in one solid piece, which not only shaves weight but increases rigidity. The reinforced chin bar isn’t removable, but you won’t feel the need when you feel the air flowing freely through 27 vents.

Because of the low weight and ventilation, you can ride this bike uphill without struggling for breath. There’s no need to remove or attach pieces as you go, the helm is designed to meet all challenges as-is.

And, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for the safety this helmet provides.

The retention system helps illustrate the point, keeping the helm snugly in place by use of the worn angle and position of an adjustable rotary wheel in the rear. Even securing the magnetic strap is a cinch, and can easily be accomplished one-handed, while wearing your gloves.

IXS Unisex Full Face All-Mountain Protective Bike Helmet: Check Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

7 ) Kali Zoka Full Face Downhill Mountain Bike Helmet

The Zoka from Kali is an example of how affordable, entry-level products can still be full featured and reliable performers. This helmet is targeted towards both adult and young riders, though that doesn’t mean it’s limited.

It can be used for riding trails, enduro stages, and downhill, as well as for practicing tricks in a skills park and BMX biking.

The ABS exterior and foam internals will safeguard riders from the rocks and twigs being kicked up by tires on the trail, while the moto-style visor keeps the sun from blinding them at crucial moments. The visor is secured with alloy mounting, which is a welcome custom feature.

On the subject of customization, the bike comes in 6 vibrant designs, so there’s something palatable to everyone’s taste.

The cheek pads, which feature antimicrobial fibers, can also be removed, along with the rest of the liner, for easy cleaning. That’s said, the carefully placed venting will keep the interior from becoming too sweaty.

Cyclists who choose the Zoka should know that, when trying out hard trails and ambitious tricks, at least their heads are well protected.

Kali Zoka Full Face Downhill Mountain Bike Helmet: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

8 ) O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 2SERIES Helmet

O’Neal specializes in motorcycle gear, a heritage that is visible in this helmet’s styling. This is a solid helmet choice for off road riding, rated not just for use on mountain bikes, but provides protection while on touring motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles as well.

These helmets have striking styling, and they have been manufactured so that the graphics will hold up to the beating this type of gear can take, without quickly fading or scratching away.

The ABS helmet material is sturdy, while the interior is very plush and pleasant to have on your head. It can also absorb sweat and can be removed for washing when needed.

The features don’t stop there, however. A rubber roost guard protects the wearer’s nose, while the visor can be adjusted to different heights with ease.

It even has a chin strap with a double-d release, canceling out any worries that it won’t remain firmly in place once secured. Ventilation is not a problem, nor is the weight.

At 3.19 lbs, this helm sits firmly on the head and provides long-lasting durability you can count on when enduring the rigors of the trail.

O’Neal Unisex-Adult Off Road 2SERIES Helmet: Check Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

9 ) DEMON UNITED Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Demon United delivers a reasonably priced offering with some serious styling and functionality. The Podium comes in a whopping 9 different color options, and 5 different sizes. The overall design is the sort of smooth, stylish look that will turn heads when you’re navigating the trail.

Looks aren’t all this helmet has to offer, however. The polycarbonate, injection molded exterior can deflect debris and take a beating, while the EPS foam interior saves you from the shock of collisions.

The foam lining also plays a part in comfort and retention, molding to your head for a snug fit. But, if you want to fine tune it further, you can remove the cheek pads and adjust the buckle to get just the right look and feel.

The Podium helmet also includes an adjustable visor, and as for that lining, it can be removed and kept squeaky clean so your helmet doesn’t smell like yesterday’s ride.

At 2.2 lbs, wearing this helmet won’t be a pain in the neck, but for those times that you want to carry it instead, it comes with a handy carrying bag.

DEMON UNITED Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Full Face MTB Helmets For Enduro & Trail Riding

10 ) Giro Disciple MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

The Disciple makes a name for itself with safety features that exceed the industry standards, but Giro takes it further with the expert integration of features that are just for fun. And, they manage to pack all of this into a helmet that weighs only 2.86 lbs at its largest size.

This helmet has top of the line features, such as fiberglass shell construction strong enough to handle collisions with rocks and branches, yet lighter than many other materials.

Plush vinyl nitrile liner on the chin bar provides extra cushion for the area most likely to smash into the handlebars or get whacked by a branch when barreling downhill.

Removable cheek pads and a visor that can be bolted on without tools up the convenience of the Disciple, while the 20 vents make sure that cooler heads prevail.

A breakaway camera mount rounds things out, but the audiovisual support doesn’t end there, as Giro also included integrated speaker pockets. You can literally provide a soundtrack to your recordings as you ride, creating a unique riding experience all your own.

Giro Disciple MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet: Check Price On Amazon!

How To Choose The Best Full-face Mountain Bike Helmet

Whether you are doing downhill, enduro or trail biking a full face helmet is your best friend when it comes to all round head protection riding on gnarly trails.

When you are buying any new mountain bike helmet there are a few major things one should always keep in his or her mind primarily; protection, comfort and weight.

In other words, to make an educated decision its important to know and ask what is your need? A person needs a different level of protection for downhill biking than enduro, trails or regular cross country biking. Similarly, there are different priorities such as comfort, ventilation, color, budget etc.

Does it have MIPS?, What size seems to fit my head?, Does it have adjustable visors? How much does it weigh?, Does it has a camera mount?, Its key features? , inner material?, Eyecare compatibility?, How much does it affect your hair? , Is the one worth with regards to durability/quality, etc.

These are some important questions you should ask yourself; before making any final decision.

We have thus reviewed and listed the above products based on these parameters. I personally research and tested each Mountain Bike helmet on each parameter and ranked accordingly.

In addition, I have personally looked at their structures, design, ancillary protection, safety certificates, level of protection, fit adjustment, padding and air flow/ventilation.

Overall I have come up with a list well suited for all bikers irrespective of their current level of experience.

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