Best Car Racks For Electric Bike – Build Model Type Compared

Have you been searching for a method to help you take your e-bike along with you in your car? You might have encountered this thing several times that most car racks are curated to hold ordinary bicycles.

Since electric bikes weigh almost twice the weight of standard bicycles, that’s why we cannot use traditional car racks to carry them. So, what’s the solution to this problem?

We recommend taking out the battery from your electric bike, which will reduce the car rack’s weight. Thus allowing you to use standard car racks.

In case you are going to travel in extreme conditions of hot or cold, you must avoid storing the e-bike’s battery in your car and must use racks specially designed for electric bikes.

Do You Need Specialized Bike Racks for E-Bike?

As mentioned earlier, standard car racks may not be durable enough to sustain the weight of an e-bike.

If your e-bike batteries are detachable, then you will be able to remove the battery conveniently (the e-bike’s weight will reduce significantly).

After removing the battery, if it does not exceed the car rack’s weight capacity, this will save you money spent buying a new specialized car rack for e-bikes. On the other hand, if the weight capacity is exceeded, you will be required to purchase a specialized bike rack for e-bikes.

Another alternative will be to select a platform hitch rack that can distribute the weight of your e-bike uniformly; this will be an ideal option for those who wish to transport more than one bike.

Then there are other limitations by State laws that makes specialized E-bike racks our go to choice.

Buying Guide For The Best Bike Rack for Electric Bikes

When buying a car rack for an e-bike, it’s necessary to consider the build or the bike’s design and unique geometry. No doubt, if the overall construction of the bike (or the bike’s weight) suits the design of the car rack you are going to buy, then only you should purchase.

Similarly pay attention to the types! Note that there are majorly three types of car racks for e-bikes., these are hitch-mounted racks, truck-mounted racks, roof racks, etc.

When it comes to choosing car racks there are many different car racks models; its roof racks and trunk-mounted racks are appropriate for lighter electric bikes. On the other hand, the hitch-mounted racks are best suited for heavier electric bikes, and also they offer immense flexibility.

Before choosing any car rack, make sure its features are adaptable to ensure easy transportation of e-bike (without causing any damage to its parts or battery).

Then you will be required to consider factors such as your budget. Since every e-bike is unique, not all car racks will be suitable for your e-bike, so always weigh your requirements before making any choice.

2. Mounting Options

As specified earlier, there are three different mounting options.


First, we have the roof mount mounting style. Usually, this mounting style is not recommended for heavier electric bikes. It’s worth mentioning here that lifting the bike to the roof can be quite tricky for most people.

Also, if the roof mount has to be installed on tall vehicles, then reaching the e-bike can be challenging for some people. As compared to other mounting options, roof-mounted racks do not offer much adaptability.

Besides, there are chances that you may hit your garbage door (hence causing damage) in case you forget that your e-bike is kept on the rooftop of your car.


Trunk-mounted racks have a weight limit of 35lbs per bike. You can mount the trunk-mounted racks to the rear hatch or trunk of your car or SUV.

Note that trunk-mounted racks are less costly than hitch-mounted racks. However, like roof-mount racks, trunk-mounted racks are not considered appropriate for heavy e-bikes.

Once mounted, trunk-mounted racks hinder trunk access. With this type of rack, locking your e-bike to the car can be challenging, which can be a significant issue. Since trunk-mounted racks have restricted load capacity, these are not recommended in most cases.

Hitch-Mount Rack

Note that compared to the other two types of car racks mentioned above, hitch-mounted racks are more costly. However, if you have to regularly use the car rack, you should go for hitch-mounted racks as they offer more flexibility and durability.

For those who wish to carry more than three e-bikes, no doubt, hitch mount racks will be the best option for you. Hitch-mount racks are available in two styles: Hanging Cradle Style and Platform Style.

These racks are highly durable, but these car racks support easy installation.

With Hitch-racks, there are no issues related to the safety or security of your e-bike as you can conveniently lock the hitch racks to your vehicle. For all the frequent users out there, we highly recommend hitch-mount racks. Some hitch racks also feature in-built locks.

3. Weight Capacity

When buying a car rack for an electric bike, it’s imperative to consider the weight capacity. Don’t be tempted to buy heavier car racks thinking they would be substantial.

Lighter aluminum works perfectly for car racks. Since steel is denser than aluminum, it is likely to bend under heat or force.

It’s also essential to consider the size and type of your e-bike before selecting any car rack. Before purchasing a car rack for an e-bike, always remember to carefully go through the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Bike Geometry

Since every bike has a unique geometry, it’s always advised to be extra careful when choosing a car rack for your e-bike. The car rack you choose should be suitable to accommodate your car’s bike’s unique geometry.

The car rack design should ensure your bike’s proper security and stability. You will find that the components’ positioning is unique in different models.

When choosing a car rack, your first and foremost priority should be “sturdiness.” Nowadays, car racks are foldable to ensure easy storage. You should look for a car rack which supports easy loading.

5. Rack Weight

As mentioned several times earlier in this article, you must consider its weight capacity before selecting any car rack. You should find a type of rack that suits your bike’s specific size and weight.

Ensuring safe transportation ensures that the e-bike’s weight never exceeds the rock’s weight. You might be wondering what to choose between Roof-mounted racks and towbar-mounted racks.

Considering that a roof-rack is less accessible, you should prefer towbar-mounted racks over roof racks. Many e-bikes weigh as much as 25 Kg’s, so purchasing a towbar-rack will be a wise decision.

Hitch Rack Size Guide

For safely transporting Lithium powered e-bikes, there is no doubt that hitch racks are an excellent choice. There are many types of hitch racks, making e-bike transportation quite convenient.

These hitch racks easily slide into the receiver tube of a car. Nowadays, hitch racks feature an integrated lock to ensure the security of the e-bike.

Before choosing any hitch rack, you must be aware of your bike’s wheel, weight specifications as well as hitch receiver size.

Keeping in account your e-bike specifications, you should select a hitch rack (following the size of your e-bike). Most of the hitch racks you will find in the market are available for 1.25- and two-inch receivers.

The main advantage of purchasing a hitch rack is that it is effortless to install. Besides, after you choose a hitch rack of suitable size, this rack supports a jiggle-free connection for easy carrying.

Hitch Class
Receiver Tube Size
Common Applications
TW Capacity
Max Tire Width
Hitch Class 1
1-1/4 inch
Car and Crossovers
200 lbs
3 inch
Hitch Class 2
1-1/4 inch To 2.00 inch
Car, Hatchbacks,
Minivans and Crossovers
350 lbs
5 inch
Hitch Class 3
2.00 inch
Hatchbacks, SUV, Trucks
Vans and Crossovers
800 lbs
5 inch
Hitch Class 4
2.00 inch
SUV and Trucks
1000 lbs
5 inch
Hitch Class 5
2.00 inch To 2.5 inch
Trucks and SUVs
2500 lbs
5 inch

7 Best Bike Rack for Electric Bikes Review

Kuat Racks Nv 2.0 Electric Bike Rack

Kuat Racks Nv 2.0 Bike Rack

Kuat Racks is one of the most innovative hitch racks out there. NV 2.0 is available in both 2” & 1.25” hitch sizes. It offers a front tire cradle system that is adjustable.

You can carry up to 2 bikes up to 60 lbs. Overall, we can say that if you want a car rack that is easy to use and can safely carry your e-bike, you should go for Kuat Racks Bike Rack.

Another important fact is this model is much better than the older one (as it offers better security to e-bike). When not in use, the car rack can be folded conveniently.

This rack also features a foot-assisted pivot system. According to most online customer reviews and ratings, it is a value for money buy. The rack weighs 52 lbs and fits 20″ to 29″ tires with 4.8” width.

This hitch mount rack comes with high-end security features, such as two burly cable locks. The Kuat NV2.0 is suitable to carry nearly any type of bike, thus outsources other options in terms of versatility.

Kuat Racks Nv 2.0 Bike Rack: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Thule T2 Pro Xt 2 E-Bike Car Racks

Thule T2 Pro Xt 2 Bike Rack

When it comes to user-friendliness, Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack should be the top choice. Not only does it offer great strength, but also it is perfect for carbon frames, mountain, downhill, bikes as well as fat bikes.

Like other top products, it features an integrated cable lock for proper locking capability. For all those concerned about your bikes’ security during transportation, this car rack comes with a hitch lock and integrated cable locks. Thule comes with a lot of features that make it an innovative brand.

Above all, this bike rack is priced the most competitive in the market, and most customers highlight this perk in their reviews. The car rack can be folded conveniently at times when required.

The product dimensions are as follows-137.2 x 38.1 x 109.2 Centimeters. It fits 20 – 29 “wheels and features a tool-free Auto Attach system. The T2 rack is easy to set up and use because of the platform-style. The T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack can handle two 60-pound bikes.

Thule T2 Pro Xt 2 Bike Rack: Check Price On Amazon!

KAC Overdrive Sports K4 2" Hitch Mounted Car Racks

KAC Overdrive Sports K4 2″ Hitch Mounted Rack

With a 60 lbs / Bike weight capacity, this car rack fits most Electric Bikes and Fat Tires. This hitch rack can carry up to four bikes with ease. It features padded adjustable hook arms.

This rack comes with a limited lifetime warranty. No doubt, the price is unbeatable, not only it has an impressive design but also it has a solid construction.

The material used in this rack is alloy steel, which assures high durability. It supports easy installation. The wide wheel holders are also adjustable to fit most of the bikes.

This car rack also offers Quick Release Tilt Design to ensure easy cargo access. Why think or rethink, go online and place your order for KAC overdrive mounted rack.

This rack comes with a lifetime warranty covering a wide variety of mishaps and performance issues. It is highly suitable for a range of bicycles, spanning from gravel bikes, fat bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes to road bikes. The durable powder-coated steel enhances the overall aesthetics.

KAC Overdrive Sports K4 2″ Hitch Mounted Rack: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Car Racks For Electric Bike - Build Model Type Compared

Leader Accessories 2-Bike Platform

This car rack easily transports up to 2 bikes; the best part about this bike is the anti-wobble system. The carrack also has a tilt feature that supports easy loading and lifts gate access.

This mounted hitch rack is appropriate for most vehicles and e-bikes of varied designs. It ensures high durability and strength; you will not need any installation tools.

With great flexibility, this car rack is quite easy to install. For improved visibility, this car rack comes with a rear reflector. This bike rack scores over several other market options, mainly because of its competitive price.

With the abrasion-resistant technology, the rack is toner coated to prevent resist chipping, fading, scratching, and wear & tear. The bike carrier presents a hassle-free manner to transport your bikes.

The cushioned hooks are highly adjustable for various sized bikes. The fold-up design makes it a space-saving product, you can fold it when not in use.

The tilting down feature with the car rack allows easy access to the trunk.

Leader Accessories 2-Bike Platform: Check Price On Amazon!

Kac Overdrive Sports K2 2" Hitch Mounted Rack

Kac Overdrive Sports K2 2″ Hitch Mounted Rack

KAC Overdrive hitch mounted rack features a patented anti-wobble system. It conveniently supports two bikes up to 60 lbs. The product dimensions are as follows 33.6 x 21.9 x 10.6 inches.

This car rack weighs 49.8 pounds and comes in an almost pre-assembled condition. This rack has three locks, and also you can fold the car rack when not in use.

The load-bearing parts are made up of steel; you don’t need to be worried about your bike’s security as this car rack supports a secure connection.

The rack is easy to mount, won’t take more than a few minutes to get the job done using minimal elbow grease. The durability of this bike rack is unparalleled and its biggest USP.

The lifetime warranty covers mishaps and performance guarantees. The rack is easy to install, as most of the components come pre-installed. The rack supports two bikes up to 60 lbs each using durable powder-coated steel tubing for a striking effect.

Kac Overdrive Sports K2 2″ Hitch Mounted Rack: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Car Racks For Electric Bike - Build Model Type Compared

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider

If you are looking for an economical hitch rack, then Hollywood Racks Sport Rider would be an ideal choice for you. An interesting thing to note here is that their car rack offers a reasonable weight limit per bike.

The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider holds up to 80 lbs in each tray. Which is great for loading large heavy bikes with tire size as large as 5” wide.

With a heavy load carrying capacity, Hollywood’s hitch racks are foldable. One of the most impressive features of their bike racks is that it has extra heavy-duty wheel holders.

To make sure cargo access is convenient, their car racks have tilting capability. Thus Hollywood car racks provide a security cable and locking frame for your books’ security.

You can carry two bikes at a time with ease on their rack.

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider: Check its Price on Amazon!

Best Car Racks For Electric Bike - Build Model Type Compared

Saris Superclamp EX 2 Car Bike Rack

Sari’s hitch carriers offer a compact design; they are relatively light in weight. However, they score other brands in terms of strength. Their racks offer immense flexibility.

You will surely be impressed with its eye-catching design. Home at Madison, Wisconsin the brand takes prides on its made in the U.S. offerings.

Saris Superclamp EX 2 Car Bike Rack is a solid 2-bike ebike carrier that holds firm, is sturdy and does not touches the frame of the bike. Even when you cross the train tracks or potholes it won’t wobble a much.

Saris are known for the fastest loading bike rack ever because of its dual wheel-clamping hooks. Besides, this car rack offers integrated locks to ensure the bike is connected to the frame in the most secure manner.

Saris Superclamp EX 2 Car Bike Rack: Check Price on Amazon!

A Few More Tips to Consider

Here’s a special trip for you; before loading e-bikes into a rack, you should always remove the battery; this will help to lighten the overall weight. As said many times prior in this article, it’s highly important to meet the weight requirements to ensure safe and secure transportation of e-bikes.

The sensitive components of the e-bikes (such as the battery) should always be stored in a dry place. Whenever you leave your e-bike unattended, always ensure that your bikes are locked properly.

The car rack should be designed in such a manner to ensure proper weight distribution. Always make sure that it supports the unique geometry of your bike.


We hope you found the article useful; you can choose any of the top products mentioned earlier. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article, please feel free to write it down in the comment section.

Stay Tuned!

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