10 Reasons Electric Bikes Are Better Than Regular Bicycles

Bikes are fun to ride, especially electric bikes. E-bikes are the future. Industry experts predict that the annual sales of electric bicycles will grow from $3.7 million to $17 million by 2030.

It is clear that many cyclists are gravitating toward power bicycles. You have probably seen several e-bikes while cycling down the road on your normal bike. And maybe you liked them and are contemplating making the switch.

But are the motor-powered bicycles worth the hype they are getting? What makes them different from your regular bikes? Let’s find out.

In this post, we will explain why electric bikes are better than regular bicycles.

1. They Save You Money

Gasoline prices never seem to stop going up. If you want to reduce your transportation expenses, an electric bike could be a perfect commuting alternative.

E-bikes and regular bicycles are great options to save money on gas, but e-bikes will likely have more impact.

Here’s why. The actual cost for owning and operating a car includes price of gas + monthly car installments + maintenance + insurance fees; which lies between $700 to $1000 based on your car.

On the other hand for a $2000 to $4000 E-bike with monthly maintenance between $13 to $18 the average annual cost of charging the battery is just $10.56.

Further, since e-bikes come equipped with an electric motor, you can select a level of support that does not leave you in a sweaty mess when you arrive at work.

The sweat-free experience will encourage you to use your e-bike more often than an analog bicycle.

Tires, brake pads, suspension, and other expensive-to-replace vehicle components wear out with more use. Riding an e-bike to and from work can also help save on vehicle maintenance and repair costs.

2. They Are More Convenient

Navigating through traffic-congested cities or towns is often challenging. Power bicycles could be the solution in those days you cannot afford to be stuck in heavy traffic. Traffic jams are rare on bike paths.

Also, there’s probably more than one route to your destination. With an electric bike, it’s easy to take alternative roads less crowded with people and vehicles.

Hill climbs on the alternative routes might be preventing you from using your regular bike to beat the traffic jam. If so, consider getting an e-bike.

You’ll top a climb with your legs feeling fresher because of the assisted riding. Your travel time will be more predictable than riding a traditional bike or car.

With Electric bikes, You can go farther with less effort. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled in the chain or running out of battery power.

Foldable e-bike designs exists for more convenient parking. After a few days of riding experience, you will regret why you didn’t purchase an electric bike sooner.

3. They Provide Healthier Exercise Options

Don’t make the mistake of assuming motor-powered bikes won’t support your fitness needs. While e-bikes have electric motors to power your ride, it doesn’t mean manual pedaling gets eliminated.

Electric bikes provide an alternative to traditional exercise options. If you’re looking for something different, try riding one. It’s a great way to stay fit while enjoying the outdoors.

E-bikes get the force to move faster and hit the desired top speed through pedaling like on regular bicycles, although you will exert less effort.

Riders can still get a great aerobic workout, as they would on the standard bikes, but without excessive strain on muscles and joints.

Accelerating uphill on an ordinary bike puts a lot of stress on your legs.

There’s a chance you will want to take a rest before continuing with your ride, especially if you have not developed the strength in your muscles. You will need more recovery time than when riding an e-bike.

4. They Help Reduce Pollution

There are several ways you can help reduce pollution and global warming effects. One of them is riding a motorized bicycle. Electric bikes are environmentally friendly because they use less energy than conventional bikes.

This means fewer emissions and lower costs for consumers.

In addition, electric bikes reduce pollution by reducing the need for fossil fuels. E-bikes and regular ones don’t emit exhaust gases into the atmosphere like cars, trucks, and motorcycles that run on gas and diesel.

Did you know that a typical passenger vehicle releases 8,887 grams of carbon dioxide for every gallon burned? In one year, you may contribute to polluting the environment with about 4.6 metric tons of CO2.

Therefore, alternating your car with an e-bike when commuting or for other reasons is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. It is easy to assume that your efforts will make little to no impact.

But you must understand that creating a sustainable environment is a collective effort. Every individual action counts.

5. They Can Be Used for Commuting

Riding a conventional bicycle to work or school can leave you feeling exhausted. That’s especially true when you cover long distances. Or if the sections of the road have steep terrain.

Getting to your office or class soaked up in a sweat and already exhausted is the last thing you want.

What’s more, you will likely spend more time on the road. Perhaps that’s why many people don’t like commuting to work using traditional bicycles.

An electric bike makes commuting a lot easier than most people think. This type of bike has various levels of powered assistance to boost your cycling.

You can cover greater distances and navigate the steepest roads without necessarily overworking your body and muscles. E-bikes will get you to your workplace more quickly than regular bikes.

6. Allows for Faster Rides

With electric bikes, you can ride faster regardless of your fitness level. Most e-bikes on the market cut out at between 15mph and 20mph.

You will likely notice a difference in your overall speed unless you move from point A to B on an entirely flat road.

Another point worth highlighting is that the extra power from the electric motor allows you to accelerate to top speeds with little effort from a standstill.

Unlike a regular bicycle, an e-bike makes it easier and less nerve-wracking to keep up with traffic at traffic lights and junctions.

Considering e-bikes are typically quicker for urban trips, many riders don’t mind pulling their bikes out of the garage whenever they want to save time.

7. Great for People suffering from medical ailments

Even though cycling is considered an excellent exercise for your overall health, your healthcare provider may advise against it in some cases.

If you must ride a bike, the caregiver will likely recommend an electric bike over the regular type. For instance, that is true if you have bone and muscle problems that limit your movement.

As mentioned earlier, conventional bikes require you to work harder on inclines. When it comes to electric motorcycles, you can adjust the level of assistance as needed.

That way, you will not be forced to exert significant energy, pushing your heart, knees, muscles, and joints too hard beyond the safety limits.

E-bikes can make exercises attainable and more enjoyable for people with certain health issues. These bikes can also help some patients to restore a sense of independence.

10 Reasons Electric Bikes Are Better

8. They are More Comfortable

You will realize how comfortable electric bikes are a few minutes into your ride. The saddles are water-resistant and provide more excellent pressure relief bases than most regular bicycles.

Riding up steep inclines is a breeze for everyone, including those without well-developed calves. The increased comfort allows you to cover more distance.

One study revealed that electric bike riders aged 41 to 49 covered an average of 4 miles more than cyclists using ordinary bikes. Regular cyclists could ride about 7 miles.

But with e-bikes riders, they could cover approximately 11 miles.

While motor-powered bikes have an added weight, they are easier to handle when you are not riding. Many e-bike models have a walk-assist function or similar.

You will not struggle to push the bike up the hill or around obstacles.

9. Encourage You to Explore New Places

Since e-bike allows you to travel long distances while using less energy, you might be intrigued to explore new places more often than before.

Electric bicycles can meet your exploration demands, whether inside or outside your city or town.

While a regular bike can do the job, it limits your opportunities when you are in the mood to go about anywhere on weekends or days off.

Riding for hours, especially along rough and steep terrain, can prove less fun on traditional bikes. You are likely to need more recovery time for your next ride.

You may not want to explore as often as you would with an electric bicycle.

If you love exploring rugged terrain along nature paths and less on city streets, you will find off-road electric bikes perfectly suited for your needs.

10. They’ll Help You Keep Up With Mates

Another reason to consider replacing your regular bicycle with an e-bike is to match your cycling group pace. Many people are increasingly embracing electric bicycles every day.

Being the odd one out is not bad, but not in every situation, and probably not in this one.

If the other riders in your group have already upgraded, you might find it challenging to move at their pace, especially if you have just started working on your fitness.

You will feel like you are holding back those riders who are fitter.

For a second, think about riding with your family members. Muscle strengths may differ, making it hard to maintain the same speeds and hold conversations as you cycle.

Therefore, purchasing e-bikes can improve the riding experience for all group members. Everyone will be excited to pull their bikes out of the garage for another ride.

Wrapping Up

Overall, an electric bike will allow you to get the most out of your riding sessions every time you hit the streets. We should not sound biased when we say e-bikes are a couple of steps ahead of conventional bicycles.

From saving time and money to providing a sweat-free experience, motor-powered bikes are sure to impress you. Once you have your hand on an e-bike, do not be surprised to wish you had upgraded earlier.

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