Are Road Bikes Much Faster Than Hybrids?

Road bikes have always been popular for their speed, style, and overall performance. Like road bikes, hybrid bikes provide a thrilling experience, and riders can make lasting memories with either type of machine.

If you’re looking for speed, you may be wondering which one of these outperforms the other, both in competition and during relaxing hours on the streets.

Your cycling needs are personal, and what suits another cyclist, may not be ideal for you. While both hybrids and road bikes are fast, the performance of a hybrid can be compared to an AMG.

A road bike is more like a Murcielago. Both vehicles are fast, but the difference in performance makes road bikes ideal for quickly covering distances of 10 miles, or even 40 miles, in quick time.

The average speed of a road bike is 10-12 mph but experienced cyclists can go up to 16-20 mph. On the other hand the average hybrid bike speed is just 8 mph with experienced cyclists going as far as 14-16 mph.

Real World Difference of Road Vs Hybrid Bike

I have a road and a hybrid bike that I use to commute and go for long distances. Some cyclist feels the road bikes are superior to hybrids; but in my experience they both have their advantage and disadvantage.

The first difference anyone can notice between the two bikes is the drop handlebars.

The drop handlebar position in road bikes gives a more aerodynamic riding position. While the straight handlebars in hybrids give you a more comfortable upright riding position.

Commuting in busy traffic where you need a higher visibility a more upright riding position as in hybrid bikes came in handy to clearly observe and maneuver with safety. Similarly road bikes offers better manuerability on roads and came in quite handy going through heavy traffic ( need some experince ).

When switching between a road bike and hybrid I clearly see 2-3 mph consistent difference.

On roads and other paved tracks it is the road bike that came in as the winner while on unpaved dusty trails it’s the hybrid that tops the chart with a similar margin.

It is on the windy days and long-distance rides ( 80 miles + ) that you really bless your road bike. As you will go faster, face less wind resistance, and can adjust your hand positions when riding.

As there are three different hand positions on a road bike in respect to just one in hybrids.

Why Road Bikes Much Faster Than A Hybrid?

1. Faster by Design

The speeds that you can attain on a road bike are higher because of its design. Road bikes have dropped handlebars, which give you an aerodynamic advantage. Its super-light carbon frames significantly reduce the overall weight of the bike, allowing you to easily use muscle power to boost your position in a race.

Many of these road bikes with lightweight frames, weigh less than 25 lbs. You can select road bicycles with carbon bars, carbon wheels, and strong, lightweight saddles made of carbon.

Carbon-fiber and aluminum options are available, with aluminum being a more affordable option.

Aluminum road bikes aren’t as fast as those made with carbon-fiber, but they do deliver impressive speeds. If you really want to have an edge in a race, the extra cost of carbon-fiber is worth it.

If you’re riding for thrills but also watching your budget, a road bike with an aluminum frame will give you a rewarding experience.

The thin 24 mm tires on road bikes can easily support the lightweight frames found on these bikes.

The overall design reduces road drag. Several cyclists also find the narrow profile more aesthetically pleasing than that of a hybrid bike.

Road bikes have a low bottom bracket. This provides you with greater aerodynamic advantages than a hybrid.

You overcome wind resistance more easily with this feature. The seat of the bike is situated higher than the handlebars. That naturally allows you to lean forward, so you produce more power as you ride.

Road Bikes - Built for Speed & Comfort

2. Built for Speed & Comfort

Road bikes are inherently faster than hybrids, but cyclists may wonder if they’ll have a jarring experience while riding. Road bikes are more comfortable, so your body doesn’t experience additional stress when you ride for long hours.

The gears on a road bike are different from those on a hybrid. This feature also helps to make these bikes faster, even when you are riding up or down a hill.

Dropped handlebars are on road bikes, and these allow you to move your hands from one position to another, as you adjust your speed.

They also complement the forward and downturned posture that is possible with road bikes. This reduces pain, and increases the efficiency of your movements while riding at high speeds.

Road bikes are ideal for getting to work quickly, but when you have a day off, they let you make the most of your time. You can tour a new city or town on these bikes in less time than with a hybrid.

Hybrid bikes are built to handle off-road trails well. If you’re planning on a leisurely ride through stunning natural scenery, their sturdiness will keep you safe on rugged ground.

If you want to tour a city, or quickly check out a new attraction, a road bike will help you make the most of your time.

Are Road Bikes Much Faster Than Hybrids?

3. Tire Design That Keeps Friction To a Minimum

Road bikes were made to help you race effortlessly along paved roads. You can race, and get your best results, with these machines. Navigate narrow lanes at high speeds, avoiding accident-prone congestion in busy cities.

The overall design reduces road drag and the thin tires keep the friction to a minimum.

Road bikes use smooth 700 cc tires. This helps them to provide balance and stability at high speeds, even on slightly uneven surfaces. These slim tires also help your bike to go faster and are easy to replace or repair.

However, it also makes it hard to build quick acceleration from the wet surface.

They are made with less rubber than wider tires, so they weigh less. Although a few grams saving might not look significant; it has a snow ball effect on the weight saving on its frame.

This decreases the overall weight of the bike, so it can go faster. Road bikes’ tires provide less traction than some other tires, and this also enhances your speed.

Road Bikes- Efficient Chain Rings And Gear Ratio

4. Efficient Chain Rings And Gear Ratio

In general road bikes have bigger chain rings than that of hybrids. The hybrid chain ring is designed to take load as you ride but does not feel that efficient to pedal. Further the end gear position is different in both bike types; one focusing on speed while other on strength ( can take heavy jerks ) and power.

The gears on a road bike are different from those on a hybrid. Having the right gear ratio enables you to go up hill much painless and efficient if on a paved track or raod.

This feature also helps to make these bikes faster, even when you are riding up or down a hill.

Gears on bikes vary according to the manufacturer, so you should assess your needs while selecting a bike for competition or training. Since the gears on road bikes allow you to do less work on hills, you’ll have more energy available to power along smooth, flat stretches of road.


Minutes matter when you’re trying to make the most of your morning commute, or vacation time. Speed is even more important when you’re racing to win, or need to get a delivery to a customer.

If you need a bike that gets you where you’re going in the shortest possible time, road bikes beat hybrids every time.

Most riders are at least 20% faster on a road bike, than a hybrid. Riders with a greater level of fitness are even more efficient, shaving minutes off their journey even over a short commute.

If you’re looking for speed and comfort while you travel, a road bike is always the better choice.

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