Is Kent a Good Bike Brand? An Expert Review

If you’re in the market for a new bike, it’s likely that you’ve come across Kent bike brands. Kent Bikes have been around since the early 1900s and are known for their affordability and durability.

But is Kent really a good brand, or do they just offer average quality?

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing all the considerations to make when evaluating whether a Kent Bike will suit your needs, from features and styles to prices and overall quality.

So that you can make an informed decision on if it is the right bike brand for you. Read on to find out if they are worth your investment!

Kent As A Bike Brand And Their History

Kent is an iconic American bike brand that was founded in 1909. For over 114 years, this classic bicycle manufacturer has provided quality and dependable bicycles to generations of cyclists.

Since 2014, Kent has operated the largest bicycle manufacturing plant in the USA.

Their classic models have gone from a simple wood frame with leather handlebars to a comprehensive variety of steel and alloy frames, as well as kids, women’s and folding bikes.

Beyond the classic looks and construction that made them famous, Kent bikes feature a wide range of components like coaster brakes, high-performance shocks and more.

No matter your experience level or budget, there is surely a Kent model for you.

From their line of attractive beach cruisers perfect for mornings on the boardwalk to the modern commuter models designed for urban cyclists who value reliable transportation.

You can find it all with the traditional name in biking: Kent International.

What Types of Bikes Does Kent Offers

Kent’s selection of bikes is extensive, ranging from small, lightweight bikes for cruising around the block to rugged mountain bikes for tackling more intense terrain.

The company also offers foldable and electric bikes for those in need of an easy-to-transport or energy-efficient option. Hybrid models provide the best of both worlds, allowing riders to switch between road and off-road settings while on their journey.

No matter the style or purpose, Kent’s wide selection of bicycles has something great in store for everyone.

On their official website we have found 258 different bicycles and frames, 142 in total for adult bikes and 116 in kids bikes, of which 69 bike models were available in stock at the time.

Where are Kent Bikes Made?

Kent Bicycles are now made in Clarendon County, South Carolina after a decision to move production to the United States once more.

The bicycle manufacturer began building its products in Kearny, New Jersey back in 1979, but chose to outsource manufacturing in 1990.

This changed when Walmart declared their commitment to revalue American production, prompting Kent Bicycles’ subsequent move of part of their production to the home front.

As of 2014, Kent Bicycles has continued its commitment to American-based designs and craftsmanship by maintaining operations and constructing the new facility in Clarendon Country.

How Much do Kent Bikes Cost?

Kent bikes offer a wide range of bike types, at different price points. If you’re after a mountain bike, you can expect to pay between $285 and $429, while city and cruiser bikes often cost less.

Meanwhile, Kent electric bikes cost more, ranging from $700 to $900.

However they come with a powerful motor that can conquer any terrain, making them worth the investment for riders who are serious about off-road rides or daily commutes.

Whatever your needs and budget may be, Kent bikes provide reliable options for everyone. That too in the budget giving riders the opportunity to explore bicycling without having to break the bank.

Where Can You Find The Best Deals on Kent Bikes

If you are looking to buy a Kent bike, there are a few places you should start your search. First, online retailers will often have great deals on Kent bikes and other cycling equipment.

Additionally, discount stores like Walmart and Target can be great places for picking up a Kent bike at an unbeatable price. For those seeking a more personal shopping experience, local bike shops typically carry a line of Kent bikes that may offer greater comfort and customization options.

Furthermore, many department stores carry a small selection of bikes that could include both high-end and budget-friendly selections from Kent.

Finding the best deal on a Kent bike will ultimately depend on one’s individual needs, budget, and preferences – but any of these sources could likely provide the perfect fit!

Pros And Cons of Owning a Kent Bike

Owning a Kent bike comes with many advantages as well as potential drawbacks.

On the pro side, assembling a Kent bike is usually very easy and the relatively affordable price makes it a great choice for budget-minded buyers, particularly those just starting out cycling.

This make offers fantastic value for money, boasting Shimano gears and comfortable paddle shifters. On the flip side, the bike isn’t built for rough use so more care must be taken during off-roading activities.

Further, Kent bikes often require more maintenance than other types of bikes and some owners may find that their seats are not as comfortable compared to brands with higher market profiles.

As the basic bike seat provided isn’t as plush as those found on more expensive models. With all factors considered, owning a Kent bike can be an excellent way to enjoy casual cycling without breaking the bank.

In short, Kent offers inexpensive bicycles that are built for beginners or casual riders without needing to break the bank. However; these entry level models don’t provide optimum performance and may fall short of expectations if you plan on using them regularly or for more intense riding.

Customer Service And Warranty Protection

Kent Bikes understands that customer satisfaction is essential, which is why they offer excellent warranty protection. All frames are covered for the entire usable life of the bike, and Kent International will replace the frame or fork if it fails at any weld point.

On the manufacturer’s website, we can read:

“The frame is warranted for the usable life of the bicycle. Kent International will replace the frame at no charge, should it fail in any weld point when the cycle has been used in a normal manner, and determined by our inspection. Kent will also replace the bicycle fork if it should fail at any weld point.

You must receive prior authorization from Kent Customer Service, before returning any product or parts.

All other components are warranted against defects for six months from the date of purchase when properly assembled and used in a normal manner.” – Source : Kent Bikes

Whether or Not You Should Buy a Kent Bike

When considering the purchase of a Kent bike, there are many things to take into consideration. Your individual needs and lifestyle should determine the best choice when selecting a bike.

It is important to think about where you will primarily be using your bike: on trails, city streets, or in local parks? How often do you plan on riding?

Since Kent bikes can be great for beginners, casual riders and students looking for a okay / decent bike for their need at low cost but won’t mind slightly lower perforce or less comfortable seats.

Most people who do buy bikes at such rates do know about the price limitations. So if are not up for the fastest bike, best performer, best built or lightest bikes there is much Kent bikes has to offer.

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