9 Best Bike Messenger Bags 2023 | Work + Travel + Leisure

Looking for best messenger bags fit for bike commuting to the office or heading to campus?

Riding a bicycle is exhilarating and provides many benefits. Commuting on a bike is not just good for your health and environment but also helps save money.

For daily commuters and trail riders alike, keeping belongings inside the pocket, no matter how small can be very hard and bothersome. How do you carry all your gear and personal belongings?

Then there are the extra’s that you need to carry just for the work; including your laptop.

There are many available storage solutions for cyclists in the market today. Some opt for a basket or pannier rack, while others favor messenger bags.

Choosing the right bag for cycling may seem like an easy thing, but there is a lot that you have to consider.

You want to be able to take your personal belongings, office laptop as well as emergency equipment like a portable tire pump or bike tools, without worrying that anything is at risk of being damaged.

A bicycle messenger bag is a great alternative for casual biking because there is no need to take racks on and off when you need to get something.

It eliminates the storage disadvantage without adding unnecessary weight. Compact and affordable, it’s one of the most recommended biking gear every cyclist should have.

Best Bike Messenger Bags – Comparison Table

Messenger Bag
Amazon Link
Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Bag
17″ laptop
24 L
2.8 lbs
Two Wheel Gear Messenger Bike Bag
15″ laptop
20 L
3.3 lbs
Chrome Mini Metro Messenger Bags
13″ laptop
20.5 L
2.4 lbs
Timbuk2 Command Bike Messenger Bag
15″ laptop
20 L
2.2 lbs
Timbuk2 Classic Bike Messenger Bag
12″/15″/17″ laptop
15-24 L
1.1 lbs
Chrome Crossbody Mini Metro Messenger
15″ laptop
20.5 L
2.4 lbs
Timbuk2 Commute Bicycle Messenger Bag
13″ laptop
15 L
2.8 lbs
Timbuk2 Scumbags Origin Messenger Bag
11″ laptop
15 L
1.3 lbs
Osprey FlapJack Courier Day Pack
15″ laptop
18 L
1.8 lbs

Top 9 Best Bike Messenger Bags Reviewed

Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Satchel Bag

Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Satchel Bag

Chrome is considered to be among the best messenger bag producers in the market. Chrome bike messenger bags are consistently lauded for their high-quality materials, durability, and industry-standard awesome design.

Available in nine color variations, the Citizen Bike Messenger Satchel Bag is a perfect fit for both professional and casual settings.

It comes with the iconic quick-release seat belt buckle, which can be pretty handy for easy access. The shoulder straps come with a stabilizing strap and reflective strips to keep you visible and safe in the nighttime.

The added daisy chain is useful for enthusiasts to attach other accessories such as bike lights or carabiner. The built-in bottle opener is perfect for opening drinks after or during a ride.

A tech-friendly bag, it can accommodate up to a 17″ laptop with 24 liters of capacity.

With its military-grade materials, your tech cargo will be in good hands. Although it fits in a higher price range at roughly $150, its worth is evident when you look at its sturdy build and feature.

The lifetime warranty on the bag doesn’t hurt either.

Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Satchel Bag: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Laptop Messenger Bike Bag

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Laptop Messenger Bike Bag

Two Wheel Gear promises to build products that riders love. Their company story revolves around an ideal balance of form and function for life on two wheels.

Their products boast a combination of design, function, and the desire to fulfill commuters’ needs. Two Wheel Gear has good news for tech-savvy cyclists out there.

This Laptop Messenger Bike Bag boasts a whopping 15-inch laptop pocket, two device sleeve, four pocket sections, internal mesh zip pockets, and expandable bottle pockets.

Gadget and accessory organization has never been this easy.

Keep your valuables safe and dry even in a downpour with its rugged 600D fabric with waterproof coating and additional fluorescent rain cover.

With its reflective design and outer loops for bike lights; its help with night visibility.

It comes with the Rixen and Kaul Kompakt Rail Mounting System that attaches to standard bike racks and a locking hook that mounts the bag securely.

You can also convert it to a regular or shoulder briefcase when on foot, perfect for formal or business occasions.

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Laptop Messenger Bike Bag: Check Price on Amazon!

9 Best Bike Messenger Bags 2023 | Work + Travel + Leisure

Chrome Industries Mini Metro Messenger Bags

Another entry from Chrome Industries is the Mini Metro Messenger Bag, a smaller version of the original, iconic messenger bag street-tested by professional messengers since 1995.

Like its bigger version, it comes with the signature seat belt buckle that is tough enough for any rough situation but easy to release when you need to get your gear.

The bonus built-in bottle opener is a handy add-on with reflective compression strips for safe visibility. This 20L bag is perfect for nine to five commuters because the spacious satchel can accommodate up to a 13″ laptop.

Your precious devices will also be secured and safely packed away with the help of its cross-chest load stabilizer in addition to the industrial strength hook & loop accessory shoulder mounting strap.

The built-in floating bucket liner that separates the wet and dry cargo is very handy for quick getaways.

Raging rains and splashes of mud and water will never be a concern too, as this mini wonder is also waterproof and built to last a lifetime.

Chrome Industries Mini Metro Messenger Bags: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Bike Messenger Bags

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Bike Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 is also considered one of the best bag manufacturers out there. From its beginnings in 1989 in San Francisco, the brand has consistently been making top-quality bags for people who value safe and easy travel.

At first glance, the Timbuk2 Command looks like an ordinary messenger bag. One can easily deduce that this is a no-frills bag geared for organized travel, smart commutes, and business use.

The simplistic briefcase design veils a tricot-lined floating pocket that offers ample protection for devices and even fragile accessories such as sunglasses.

A 15″ laptop can comfortably fit inside with a clever zippered compartment that unzips all three sides of the bag to fold out so you can lay your laptop flat.

Internal pockets for electronics organization is very well thought out, providing plenty of space for writing tools, a mouse, and cords. You won’t have to worry about mix-ups and scratches to your laptop though, as it has its own sleeve secured with excellent padding.

What sets it apart from other brands is the unique tension aluminum hooks for quick and secure closure, instead of the usual buckle or direct Velcro.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Bike Messenger Bag: Check Price on Amazon!

Timbuk2 Classic Durable Bike Messenger Bags

Timbuk2 Classic Durable Bike Messenger Bags

Another entry from Timbuk2 is the Classic Durable Bike Messenger Bag, one of their highly sought-after models.

The Timbuk2 Classic comes in an impressive 45 different designs to choose from on top of its four different site variants, extra small, small, medium, and large.

Made from rugged 150D Poly Tweed, it has a weather-resistant liner that protects your gear in all conditions.

The bag boasts an easy wipe internal liner and organizer for various gadgets such as a laptop and other small stuff with an internal slash pocket that provides segregation for your valuables.

The fully adjustable shoulder strap partnered with the cross strap makes the bag rest between the shoulders and waist instead of sitting horizontally at the waistline.

Coupled with the super comfortable air mesh strap pad, it maximizes comfort while cycling.

The side holsters on either side of the bag are perfect for a water bottle or travel mug without the risk of overturning and spilling liquid contents unto your valuables.

Staying true to their pledge for legendary quality and excellent craftsmanship, Timbuk2 guarantees a warranty for the lifetime of the product.

Timbuk2 Classic Durable Bike Messenger Bags: Check Its Price on Amazon!

Chrome Crossbody Mini Metro Messenger

Chrome Crossbody Mini Metro Messenger

True to the Chrome Industries legacy, the Chrome Crossbody Mini Metro also comes with the Chrome standard buckle closure with a quick-release buckle with a built-in bottle opener.

The quick-release buckle releases fast once the release button is hit, making it easier to take off. The classic design is comfortable and durable while providing easy access to the contents.

The low-fuss and bombproof design lack a lot of extras that might get in the way, perfect for commuters who require something light.

Chrome bags always come to mind when we talk about messenger bags due to the manufacturer’s iconic status in the industry. They are known for their durability and waterproofness.

The Crossbody Mini Metro is one of the most comfortable bags out there because of the wide, adjustable, and well-padded shoulder straps combined with a stabilizing strap that create an ergonomic feel.

The interior is cargo protected with a weatherproof tarp liner and durable nylon shell that can easily accommodate up to a 15″ laptop with separate compartments for other smaller gadgets.

It performs very well in the rain, thanks to overlapping flaps that seal it shut.

Chrome Crossbody Mini Metro Messenger: Check Price on Amazon!

9 Best Bike Messenger Bags 2023 | Work + Travel + Leisure

Timbuk2 Commute Bicycle Messenger Bag

Featuring a sleek yet functional hand-sewn design, the Timbuk2 Commute Bicycle Messenger Bag boasts ten interior slips, one interior, and three exterior zips.

This totals to 14 line pockets for pretty much everything you will need for a day at school or in the office.

The TPU liner and self-sealing Velcro “ears” fulfill an excellent job in keeping the contents safe from the elements making it ideal for use at any point during the day.

Same with the Timbuk2 Command, the Commute also rocks a TSA-approved zip-out laptop compartment and an adapter for your roller luggage. This feature contributes to carefree and hassle-free traveling.

If you cringe at the thought of having similar-looking bags while zipping in and out of traffic or in the airport, the Timbuk2 Commute offers a fairly wide variety of nine different color variations in three different sizes.

The bag also offers provisions for multiple carry options: a nicely padded handle perfect for briefcase-type carry, a cross-body strap complete with air mesh padding, and a luggage strap for easy luggage attachment.

Timbuk2 Commute Bicycle Messenger Bag: Check Its Price on Amazon!

9 Best Bike Messenger Bags 2023 | Work + Travel + Leisure

Timbuk2 Scumbags Origins Messenger Bag

A direct revival of the original bag produced in a San Francisco garage, the updated Timbuk2 Scumbags Origins still maintains its rugged original design.

True to its reputation as a messenger bag that honors its past while acknowledging its future, only the slightest adjustments were made.

Each bag is still manufactured by hand in San Francisco, remaining true to the company’s commitment to domestic manufacturing and loyalty to the city they represent despite the brand’s significant growth.

The heavy-duty 1000D Cordura Nylon that is built to take a beating makes up the main body. Red ripstop nylon interior creates a nice contrast and increased visibility, perfect for finding jammed stuff.

Two sturdy buckles with detachable industrial reflective tabs secure the main compartment and provide visibility. The adjustable crossbody strap enables commuters with different body types to find the perfect fit.

Although this great all-around bag has only three smaller pockets in addition to a laptop compartment, each compartment is readily accessible and the lightweight design makes it a perfect daily carryall.

Timbuk2 Scumbags Origins Messenger Bag: Check Price on Amazon!

Osprey Men's FlapJack Courier Day Pack

Osprey Men’s FlapJack Courier Day Pack

Looking for a bag that can effectively carry your electronics, gadgets, and other cargos with ease without breaking the bank? The 20L Osprey Flapjack Courier Bag is an excellent alternative to more expensive options.

Awarded Best Buy Award by most cycling enthusiasts, this casual bag comes at a fair price.

Whether you are headed for a work meeting or wander around the rugged outskirts, this bag will safely carry your essentials. The reflective graphics and blinker light attachment helps to increase visibility in low-light situations, making it comfortable and safer to bike in traffic.

The seven interior slips, two interior zips, and three card slots can safely hold a laptop and other electronics.

The extra storage provided by the zippered pocket lends quick access to phone and power cords without opening the main compartment. All of these features help to maintain an effective accessory organization.

The hybrid pleated water bottle pocket easily transforms from external to internal when the shoulder strap is weighted, closing the water bottle securely inside.

So it can be protected from scratches and damages while in transit.

Osprey Men’s FlapJack Courier Day Pack: Check Its Price on Amazon!

How To Choose Best Bike Messenger Bags

When choosing the right bike messenger bag for you, you should start by considering practical things.

The most important is the size and capacity of the bag because you want to be able to store everything you need without worrying that a piece of equipment will scratch your phone, for example.

Most are designed to have a larger capacity without becoming overly bulky and heavy on your side.

To follow on from the compact size, comfort is a crucial thing that should factor into any choice you make for an addition to your bike.

When you’re wearing a bag as you cycle, you don’t want it to knock against your body or the bike frame because this will be uncomfortable and make pedalling more difficult.

Most messenger bags come with an adjustable strap that you can use to tighten it against your body, though you don’t want it too tight in case the strap chafes.

It is also a good idea to choose a bag that is waterproof. Most have handy compartments that you can use to organize your belongings.

This will help to keep everything dry if you need to open the bag when it’s raining because you won’t need to dig through to find what you’re looking for.

Bigger bags are also compatible with laptops, so if you’re planning on bringing multiple electronics with you, they will all be safely organized and stowed away.

Compare different features against their prices. Once you’ve decided all of the important things, you can factor in your own personal preferences, such as color, shape, and brand.

Some people may like bags with lots of zippers and compartments, whereas others may prefer a simpler design with one zipper to access everything.

There are plenty of colors and designs to choose from because messenger bags are a popular type of bag.

Your preferences may not always align with the perfect bag for your bike, but with so many on the market, you’ll be able to compare plenty of bags and find the one that is just right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Is Better, Messenger Bag or Backpack?

Both of these bags are popular choices for cyclists because neither impedes the legs during pedaling and neither requires you to take your hands off the handlebars to adjust them.

However, though it is a matter of personal preference when choosing the right bag for you, the messenger bike bag does have some features that make it the better choice.

For example, will keep your shoulders free because it only uses one strap across the body, which will stop your back from sweating behind the backpack.

Having nothing on your back will allow you to remain in the upright riding position, which will optimize your comfort and give you the best grip on the handlebars.

You’ll also be able to access your belongings without needing to take the bag off. With a backpack, you’d need to stop to retrieve it.

Q. How Do You Wear A Messenger Bag On A Bike?

This bag is worn with a strap across the body, so you can choose to have the bag at your right or left side when on the bike.

Some riders choose to wear it on their back by adjusting the strap accordingly, but the size and shape of the bag will prevent it from insulating your back like a backpack would, which makes it more breathable.

Sometimes, people may choose not to wear the bag at all and fasten it onto the rear bike rack, or put it in the front basket, if they have one.

This is a good idea if you don’t like the thought of wearing a bag while you’re cycling, but it also means your belongings will be less accessible.

Luckily, messenger bags are designed to prioritize your comfort, so wearing one on a bike shouldn’t cause you any hassle.

Q. Do Messenger Bags Cause Back Problems?

The short answer is no, if you wear it correctly. Of course, wearing a heavy bag constantly will put pressure on your shoulders and may cause you to start leaning a certain way due to back and shoulder pain, but you should plan ahead for this when packing your bag.

Try not to overload the bag so that it becomes an uncomfortable weight.

Put heavier items, such as a tyre pump, on the rack instead and just use the bag for your most precious items.

Work with the strap as well to adjust it to the most comfortable position. Try to avoid having the bag worn on the same side every time you cycle because this will put consistent pressure on just one of your shoulders.

Messenger bags are designed to be comfortable, so if you pack sensibly and properly adjust the bag, you shouldn’t suffer any back problems.

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