Are Giant Bikes Good? What You Need To Know Before Buying!

Are Giant Bikes Good Quality Brand? (Giant Bike Review!)

Are Giant bikes good? Is the brand trustworthy and produce excellent bikes in both budget and Premium category. These are some of the questions we usually have.

Giant is a brand that was built in the year 1972 and has been producing the best equipment since. Giant was also the first brand in the biking industry to manufacture bikes with frames made of carbon fiber.

The heritage of innovative Giant Bikes goes back to 1987 when it introduces some of the first bikes with carbon frames. One of the finest pieces of machinery loved by enthusiasts and cyclists alike.

The company has invested heavily since then in the research of better material and design. Thus ensuring better quality, speed, and control on trails with giant bikes.

In the past couple of years, they have been leaders in innovation and cutting-edge design.

But what does all that mean for you as a consumer? Are their bikes suitable for your needs and are they worth the money? Today, we’ll answer these questions. So, let’s go and meet Giant Bikes.

So What is Giant Bike’s Reputation Today?

Being well-acquainted with the reputation of a company before investing in its products is a must and Giant has a reputation that precedes it when it comes to analyzing the world of bikes.

It is a company that is truly unique and is well-renowned for managing all its operations in-house. Right from ideation to manufacturing and production, Giant does not believe in out-sourcing any of its work.

The brand astonished the market when it came out with a special line of cycles for women in 2008, which were uniquely designed for the female body type.

This was a huge step in the direction of equality and helped break stereotyped in society. Giant has also won several prestigious awards including the Bicycling Editor’s Choice Award.

Apart from this, what also adds to Giant’s reputation is the love and loyalty it receives from its customers. Apart from customers raving about the suspension technology that comes with all bikes Giant manufactures, they have also fallen in love with the effortless biking experience that Giant offers all its customers.

With comfort, stability, and control being at the forefront of the bikes Giant manufacturers, customers, testify that the bikes they have purchased offered exactly that.

Company History in Brief

Giant is a brand that was built in the year 1972 and has been producing the best equipment since. The brand was built from the ground up by Tour de France racers and other biking lovers.

The goal of the brand has always been to deliver the best mountain bikes to customers across the world, without geographic borders being an obstacle.

These bikes can travel through the roughest of terrains, without breaking down and gives riders a seamless experience. No doubt, Giant is a wonderful option for those looking for durable bikes at an affordable price.

Giant was also the first brand in the biking industry to manufacture bikes with frames made of carbon fiber.

The brand completely re-invented what a bike looked and felt like and set its products apart from the traditional bikes in the market.

You should note that Giant has now partnered with CCC Team riders, new engineering techniques are being brought day by day to produce more and more competitive products.

Apart from that, it also gives importance to the suspension technology it offers customers. The brand is committed to delivering top-notch bikes when it comes to both, design and functionality.

Giant has always focused on producing reliable mountain bikes and offers users a mountain bike they can trust and take a long way.

How Reliable Are Giant Bikes?

Giant Bikes have a reputation for longevity. If you ask around or browse social media and forums, you can find riders who got theirs decades ago. The brand is famous for using high-quality parts and components even though they are considered to be budget-friendly.

There’s a bit of debate about how much of that longevity you can squeeze out of newer models. All of their bikes in the past were made previously in Taiwan.

The country still holds high standards when it comes to manufacturing, so much so that the label “Made in Taiwan” holds almost the same weight as when a product originates from Germany or Switzerland.

However, at some point, they have moved a large portion of their manufacturing to China and about 70% of its output comes from there today.

Fans and many experts will point out that this didn’t impact the quality of the product, but some question if they could still last 40+ years.

Innovative Models of The Past

When it comes to innovative models of the past, Giant turned heads in 1987 when it manufactured some of the first bikes with carbon frames. Exactly 10 years about this, Giant also came out with bikes that possessed ‘compact geometry’ and was the first in the market to do so. 

Speaking of some of the examples of the most innovative models Giant has manufactured, the TCR Advanced SL 0 disc bike is one that surpasses all expectations.

It is one of the lightest bikes at 14.5 pounds and has supreme pedaling technology. The tubeless carbon rims are sure to take you a long way.

Another bike Giant prides itself on is the E+1 Pro e-bike that possesses a pedal assistant. The bike allows riders to travel extensive paths without feeling exhausted, but while exercising at the same time.

Additionally, this bike also has a sturdy frame made of aluminum and top-of-the-line geometry.

These are just two of the innovative bikes Giant has manufactured; there is a huge list of other bikes that also rank off the charts in comparison to competitors in the market.

Where Are Giant Bikes Made?

Giant manufactures its bikes primarily out of an outlet in Taiwan. Apart from this, the company also functions out of manufacturing plants in China, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

These manufacturing facilities are efficient, hygienic, and precise in all their functions.

Additionally, Giant is one of the bike manufacturers in the market that prefers employing people, rather than machines to do all its work.

The company is the world’s largest bike manufacturer and prides itself on its in-house manufacturing facilities. This is one of the aspects of Giant Bikes that keep it in the top position as compared to other bike manufacturers.

Having an in-house manufacturing plant allows Giant to be in-charge of all levels of production. It is because of this that customers can rest assured that they are in good hands.

With Giant, what you see is what you get, and its quality is sure to impress you and make you fall head over heels with its features.

What Types Of Bikes Does Giant Make?

Giant Bikes makes almost every type of modern bicycle imaginable. However, availability is a different story. Since the brand operates internationally, there’s a chance that you won’t find the same models in each region.

Luckily, there’s a lot to choose from if you come from the US. You can purchase the either directly from their website or from many specialty and big box stores.

On Road Bikes

Giant Bike has a wealthy portfolio of road bikes. As of now, they have at least one model suitable for racing, endurance, city use, fitness, or all all-rounders. They either come with aluminum or composite carbon frames, with every possible option when it comes to pedals, suspension, seats, etc.

There seem to be two tiers to the prices. The more affordable models are in the mid-hundreds, while the most expensive ones can reach four or five figures.

Very interestingly, browsing online, the cheaper models tend to have higher ratings than those super pricey ones.

The Simple Three is a solid cruiser bike. It can handle both paved and unpaved roads. But if you are looking to invest in a great-performing racing bike, the Propel Advanced models come with solid recommendations and high praises.

Off-road Adventure Bikes

Unlike some of its competitors, Giant Bikes doesn’t make steel frames – only aluminum and carbon. However, they are still known for making some of the most durable gravel bikes.

They cover everything from trekking to cyclocross. The model selection is rather modest in comparison to road and mountain bikes, though. Still, there is a more budget-friendly model in the mid to high hundreds, and quite a few that cost as much as a second-hand car.

The more affordable models are called Roam. They are built on a lightweight aluminum frameset with “updated geometry and innovative technologies”, as the brand claims.

Some reviews claim that they give quite a bung for the buck.

Amongst the more expensive ones, the TCX Advanced Pro models stand out. They are designed for racing, and chances are your favorite racer is using one.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes from Giant Bikes come in five categories – Enduro, fat bike, trail, XC, and recreation. The frames are either carbon or aluminum, and they come with full suspension, hardtail, or rigid.

There’s also a two-tier price system here. Giant Bie mountain bikes have been held in high regard for decades and are usually some of the industry’s best-rated ones.

Talon models belong to a more budget-friendly bracket. There are currently nine of them to choose from, and all are designed for riding on very uneven terrain.

If you have some more money to spare, you should check out Trance. It comes in both adult and junior models. Also, you can purchase a whole frame if you need to replace it.

Trance bikes are designed for more challenging off-road terrains and tricky weather. They take a lot of what’s good about gravel bikes and them to a more agile format.

Electric Bike

Giant Bikes carry road, mountain, gravel, and lifestyle e-bikes. The last one you can find under the brand name Momentum Lifestyle USA.

On all of them, the pedaling is assisted by SyncDrive Technology, while the Smart Assist automatically adjusts the settings during a ride.

They also claim that they have one of the best batteries in the industry as well as one of the fastest chargers. And of course, each bike connects to an app that you can download from the App Store and Google Play.

As for the models, they are pretty similar to what they offer in equivalent categories of non-electric bikes.

The road bikes come in both speed and endurance versions, the gravel bikes come with no or front suspension, and the mountain bikes are either hardtail or full suspension.

Their featured model is Trance X Advanced E+ LTD, a mountain e-bike that has been getting some good reviews from both consumers and experts.

Kids & Youth

You’ll also find bikes for different purposes in the kids’ section. You can filter them out by age (size) and category – City and Hybrid, Trail, XC, and First Bike.

They all come with the same features as adult bicycles, so the kids can enjoy the same quality of rides as the adults.

Their featured model is called Animator 12. Even though it’s meant to be a first pedal bike, it’s built to handle quite a bit of abuse. Another to check out is the PRE model which is ideal for both riding off the road and regular commutes.

Giant Bikes Use Advanced Technology in Full Effect

Giant Bikes started innovating in the 80s and they never stopped. From inventing the carbon frame to something simple as making sure the batteries on an e-bike don’t let you down.

They were the first to introduce carbon frames with their CADEX carbon fiber road bike in 1987 and won the Eurobike Award for four consecutive years from 2007 and 2010.

In the past couple of years, they have been leaders in innovation and cutting-edge design.

It;s not all about great design in house, but they have managed to apply numerous other innovations on their models over the decades. If something is cutting edge, the Giant Bike tends to include it.

Giant Bikes Have Some of the Best Framesets

Giant Bikes began as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), today they have some of the best framesets in the industry. They even provide frames for some Trek bikes.

They’ve also continued improving carbon frames since the late 80s. They also pay extra attention to the geometry and overall design.

For example, a model recommended above, the Simple Three has a simple curve that helps take the simple everyday model to transform into a bike that you can ride over paths as smoothly as you do over paved roads.

Women Dedicated Bike Line Liv’

This is not the “Pink it and shrink it” curse that haunts the riding community. The company didn’t just choose to paint their bikes and call it a day. Giant Vike actually made adjustments to address the difference in mass and build between male and female riders.

And it’s not like they have made a few bikes and left it at it. Almost every option that exists for “men’s” bikes, is available in the women’s models as well.

Although girls are still allowed to pick a “boy’s model”, they now have options if they find them too uncomfortable or too difficult to ride.

Superior Build Quality

For 40 years, Giant Bikes have made sure all its models are made with some of the best components on the market and by some of the most skilled workers.

In many interviews, the owners made sure to point out that this is not just a product they sell but something they are passionate about.

Considering they were the ones who introduced the carbon frames, they also always strive to stay on top of their game. The carbon bike they made today are among the best in the industry.

And as mentioned above, Taiwanese manufacturing standards are almost comparable to the ones of the EU. If you buy one of the bikes that came out of their factory in Taichung, you can be confident in the quality.

Giant Bikes have become an integral part of the biking community. They have built a good name with both pro and casual riders over the decades.

And unlike many companies who, after decades. rely mostly on name recognition, they still pay attention to quality and introduce innovation that makes sense.

As far as many riders are concerned, if you see that blocky logo on the side of a bike, it’s something that’s at least worth checking out.

Is Schwinn Better Than Giant?

To put it simply, no, Schwinn is not better than Giant as a bike manufacturing company. This is mainly because, if you are a beginner, Schwinn is the way to go.

However, if you are a biking enthusiast, it’s Giant all the way! Giant is a company that caters to the bike lovers across the globe and gives them superior quality over everything else.

Giant also prides itself on the fact that the company manufactured bikes that are comfortable and stable.

The bikes from Giant are also ones with highly responsive and intuitive brake technology.

Thus making it not only a great bike to use but also one that is sure to stick by you in times of uncertainty and unforeseen circumstances.

Although the brand may be on the slightly more expensive side of the spectrum, it is sure to give users the best the market has to offer. Additionally, Giant manufactures bikes that are worth the money you invest in them, and this makes it one of the top guns in the industry.

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Should You Consider Buying a Giant Bike?

You must definitely consider going in for a Giant if you are in the market for a new bike. There’s a reason these bikes are immensely popular among cycling enthusiasts, in fact, there are a plethora of reasons.

Giant manufactures bikes for people of all types and is sure to offer you the bike of your dreams. For whatever purpose you need a bike, Giant will be at your rescue. 

Giant’s aluminum frame bikes make them some of the lightest ones in the market. They also host extremely high-quality brake technology and keep upgrading their models constantly.

With Giant bikes, you will be sure to get a high-performance bike that pays attention to the value for money. The sturdy nature of the bikes is sure to give you a seamless riding experience, even on the roughest terrain.

The suspension technology on these bikes is just a cherry on top of the rest of its glorious features.

Apart from all these features, Giant has to offer, its bikes also have aesthetic, fun, and creative frames and designs just for you.

Top 3 Giant Bikes To Consider

Top 3 Giant Bikes To Consider - Giant Anthem Advanced Pro

1 ) Giant Anthem Advanced Pro

The Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1 is one of the best mountain bikes Giant has to offer. The bike comes with a frame made of carbon that provides riders with the stability and support one is looking for in a mountain bike.

The fork of this bike is also a supreme one, thus making it a top-notch bike in the market.

The shock absorption technology on this Anthem Advanced Pro 29 1 mountain bike is supreme, thus allowing you to make your way up-hill in no time.

The shock absorber helps riders not get impacted by the rocky paths that are common on mountain biking adventures. The braking technology this bike possesses is also personally something I am in awe of.

It is highly intuitive and makes sure it keeps you ready for unfortunate events or narrow paths.

This bike also hosts a maestro suspension for the rear wheel, thus making your ride a hassle-free one. This mountain bike is sure to be one of your dreams.

Giant Future Shift Advanced Road Bike

2 ) Giant Future Shift Advanced Road Bike

This future shift road bike from Giant is one of the top-notch ones in the market. This bike is an aero bike and is designed from the ground up with utmost precision and detail.

The combination of the handlebar and large stem on this bike makes it one that is easy to ride. I loved the narrow wheels on this bike, as it helps with more precise navigation.

The stiff frame also aids in times of harsh climate, thus helping riders withstand it all. The disc brakes are also unique and compliment all the other fantastic features of the bike.

With this bike, you can attain an expansive drag and this is all thanks to the vector seat post that can be adjusted as per the riders’ needs. I firmly believe that this bike is the best in the market for day-to-day riding when it comes to stability, comfort, and usability.

Using this bike for your adventures is sure to help you have a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Top 3 Giant Bikes To Consider - Giant Contend 3 Road Bike

3 ) Giant Contend 3 Road Bike

The Contend 3 bike is an aluminum one and is highly versatile in nature. The bike promises a high-quality product and promises great performance and work.

This bike is sure to help you keep a good pace, ride continuously for miles on end, and have a fantastic experience at the same time.

This bike is just the right pick for riders, right from beginners to seasoned professionals.

The bike comes with a 28mm wheel that makes for a comfortable, stable, and smooth-riding experince. The bike also possesses a brake lever with double action technology that acts as gear shifters.

Additionally, from personal experience, I would say that the handlebars are highly efficient and make sure the ride is smoother and more comfortable than ever. Overall, the bike makes sure you are in control at all times, and also ensures you are safe, no matter the terrain or the climate.


Before you invest in a bike, it is necessary to be aware of the brand you wish to go in for. Now, you have all the information you need to know about Giant bikes.

Right from its history and reputation to the best Giant bikes in the market, both in the past and at present times, you are armed with information about it all. So, are you ready to embark on your adventure?

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