Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight Persons

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

There are some good reasons why you should ditch your old saddles and opt for a comfortable bike seat that not just hold your back but is equally supportive and comfortable.

Your default bike saddle is far from perfect when it comes to supporting bigger bottoms. Being too small for your size they are really painful and itchy to your bigger butts.

When riding a bicycle for hours you need something that is comfortable to land on and not one that made you hate biking because of the terrible butt pain after riding.

Then there is this issue of high pressure acting on a tiny sitting area for regular saddles. This can negatively effect blood flow leading to potential health issues overtime.

However riding your bicycle does not always have to be that painful. Good news is there are bike seats that is designed specially with overweight people in mind.

With ample padding and support they provide comfort improvements making it easier to ride bikes and for longer hours. In this article we have provide in-depth reviews of best bike seats for heavy riders.

Extra Wide Bike Seat For Heavy Rider – Comparison Table

Wide Comfortable Bike Seat
Best For
Amazon Link
Bikeroo Oversized Comfortable Bike Seat
Indoor, Hybrid
Thick Padding
Selle Italia Women’s Diva Gel Bike Seat
Road Bike
Moderate padding
YLG Oversized Comfort Memory Foam
MTB, Hybrid
Thick Padding
Brooks Classic Bicycle Leather Saddles
Cruiser, Hybrid
No Padding
Giddy Up! Memory Foam Bike saddle
Cruiser, Hybrid
Lite Padding
Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard bike seat
Hybrid, Road
Moderate padding
INBIKE Cruiser Wide Soft Padded Seat
Moderate padding
DAWAY Comfortable Bike Seat Large
MTB, Hybrid
Lite Padding
Sunlite Cloud-9 Cruiser Bicycle Saddle
Heavily padded
Zacro Gel Bike Saddle – BS053
Thick Padding

Best Comfortable Bike Seat For Heavy Riders

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

1. Bikeroo Oversized Comfortable Bike Seat for Women and Men

If you’re a heavy cyclist, you know that it isn’t only riding outdoors that can leave you feeling saddle sore. Bikeroo knows this too, and their oversized comfort bike seat was made to address this issue.

This product comes equipped with a universal rail mounting system, allowing you to use this cushy seat as a replacement on road bikes, mountain bikes, and even stationary exercise bikes.

They say no pain, no gain, but they didn’t mean pain in your backside. You can focus on your spin class routine in comfort with this seat.

Speaking of comfort, it comes first with this saddle. Measuring 10.2 inches in width, it will hold you, instead of jabbing into you painfully.

The attractive, waterproof, vegan-leather seat cover conceals a thick layer of foam padding that cushions your bottom, instead of painfully compressing it.

And, don’t be afraid of a few bumps in the road. The dual spring suspension will absorb the brunt of every impact, even if you’re mountain biking on an off road trail.

The springs come in either stainless steel for outside riding, or elastomer for your indoor bike.

Bikeroo Oversized Comfortable Bike Seat for Women and Men: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

2. Selle Italia Women’s Diva Gel Superflow Bicycle Saddle

If you’re a heavy woman, Selle Italia is betting that you’ll appreciate a bike seat made specifically with your anatomy in mind. Females carry their weight differently than males, and the Diva Gel Superflow is designed accordingly.

First, this seat is made to be flexible. Its nylon composite base gives with your movements but not so much that it can’t provide a sturdy platform to pedal from. Second, the padding is silicone gel, yielding comfortably to your weight, and dulling the bumps and vibrations of the road.

You’ll notice there’s a triangular cutout in the center of the bike. No, it’s not a missing piece, but rather an innovative feature.

It lowers stress buildup on your tailbone while shifting load-bearing pressures from your soft tissues outwards to your hips, which are built for that kind of work.

This seat isn’t just comfortable for everyday riding, either. It’s built for racing, with an eye towards high comfort and durability at a low weight.

That’s partially why the cover is microfiber, and the rails are made of titanium. They are strong, durable materials, but their added expense is also justified due to their low weight.

With this saddle on your seat post, you can ride like the wind even if you are carrying some extra pounds. Experience the thrill of the race, without the pain of a common seat.

Selle Italia Women’s Diva Gel Superflow Bicycle Saddle: Check Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

3. YLG Oversized Comfort Memory Foam Soft Bike Seat

For those with especially wide posteriors, this oversized bike saddle from YLG will be a godsend. It’s the ideal choice for overweight cyclists with beach cruisers, stationary bikes, or other bikes that promote an upright riding style.

This seat is all about supporting the rear. It’s short in the front, but extends 13.38 inches out to the sides and has a large contact area for the buttocks.

Ergonomic contours arc upwards towards the sides to provide greater contact and force distribution and generous padding combine memory foam and gel for a soft, pleasant ride.

Even long rides remain enjoyable on this YLG seat, thanks to the clever air channel in the seat’s center. It allows circulation to keep your posterior cool as your ride you won’t feel like you’re in the hot seat.

Dual spring, rubber ball suspension means a rough patch in the road won’t unseat you. The waterproof, non-slip seating means you won’t slide out of your seat in rain either.

Rounding out these cautionary features is the reflective tape on the rear of the saddle. This is a seat that ensures your safety as well as your comfort.

YLG Oversized Comfort Memory Foam Soft Bike Seat: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

4. Brooks Classic Bicycle Leather Saddles B67 Men’s

There’s no reason why a saddle made to support overweight riders can’t also feature gorgeous, vintage styling. Brooks Saddles proves this point with the B67, a lovingly handcrafted callback to their iconic B66 seat design, debuted in the 1920’s.

The first thing you’ll notice about this saddle is the beautiful honey leather cover, vegetable tanned to a rich finish. Gleaming steel rivets connect it to the seat body, offering a contrast that you won’t know whether to look at or sit on.

But, when you do finally hop into this saddle you’ll find it’s oversized rear width of 13” can comfortably seat even an ample rear end.

The dual spring system is spare with classic styling, and smoothly cushions shocks and vibrations. A single rail makes this seat ideally suited to the micro-adjust seat posts common on higher-end road bikes.

Think a leather saddle means an uncomfortably hot ride? Brooks will have you revising that notion. Their leather treatment leaves the pores open, meaning this leather is quite breathable.

With this seat on your road bike or cruiser, you’ll ride in comfort and project old-school style.

Brooks Classic Bicycle Leather Saddles B67 Men’s: Check Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

5. Giddy Up! Memory Foam Waterproof Comfy Bike Saddle

Looking for a seat comfortable enough to sleep on? This cozy saddle from Giddy Up! is so plush, it could double as a pillow.

You can imagine how nice it feels to sit on, especially when you’re carrying some extra weight around.

Memory foam is the reason for this luxurious feel. This attractive faux leather seat is packed full of the same material used in high-end mattresses, and the seat is both yielding yet supportive as a result.

The dual rubber ball suspension setup also plays a role in the smooth ride, absorbing shocks so you don’t have to. You can put this seat on practically any bike, as it fits the standard double rail connection.

It even comes with a tilting clamp, so you can set your riding angle.

Don’t worry about it getting wet or dirty during transport or storage. It comes with a waterproof case that keeps it in excellent condition until you need it.

This seat also goes above and beyond when it comes to safety. Not only does it come packaged with a reflective band to affix to your bike when you need it, but it also has an integrated LED taillight. Rain or shine, night or day, you’ll be sitting pretty on this bike seat.

Giddy Up! Memory Foam Waterproof Comfy Bike Saddle: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

6. Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard bike seat for Women

Plus-sized women: here is another seat made just for you, this time from Planet Bike. The A.R.S., or Anatomic Relief Saddle, combines comfortable padding with an ergonomic form perfect for enjoying a leisurely ride or speeding around town.

The shape of this saddle has been carefully calibrated to deliver support and cushioning where you most need it, and to relieve pressure from your soft tissue areas.

Gel pads are located where your lower pelvis rests, perfectly placed to avert the common soreness in that area, while foam provides support throughout the seat.

You’ll feel cool in the saddle thanks to a center recess running the length of the seat, along with a cutout that allows your perineum to remain uncompressed while you ride.

The seat shape doesn’t cut off your blood flow, either, so you won’t experience any unpleasant numbness. The A.R.S. is compatible with any bike using the standard double rail system.

It’s flexible and resilient lycra spandex cover is both weather-resistant and abrasion-resistant along the sides, so it’s built to last.

Ladies, swap this in on your favorite set of wheels to transform your riding experience for the better.

Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard bike seat for Women: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

7. INBIKE Cruiser Wide Soft Padded Comfortable Bike Saddle

Does your idea of a perfect bike ride involve commuting through town, or rolling along well kept park paths at a leisurely pace?

Has that experience so far been spoiled by narrow seats that can’t support your weight? Then you need to check out this cruiser saddle from INBIKE, made for riders just like you.

Ride in comfort atop this padded perch, built wide all around to cushion your rear and thighs. Two elastomer bumpers beneath the seat negate the impacts and vibrations you encounter on your way to work or home.

A version of this saddle with a center cutout takes off even more pressure and lets you feel the breeze.

INBIKE paid special attention to this seat’s visual qualities as well. The PU leather exterior features an eye-catching ribbed design.

It comes in two colors, either a buttery brown, or pitch black. Either shade is finished with polished steel rivets securing the material at the rear of the saddle. Install this seat on just about any seat post, and you’ll stand out from the crowd, even when you’re sitting down.

INBIKE Cruiser Wide Soft Padded Comfortable Bike Saddle: Check Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

8. DAWAY Comfortable Bike seat For Large Men And Women

Sometimes, you want to take a calm, relaxing ride in the cool night air. Not only do you want to be comfortable in such a situation, but you also want to be safe.

DAWAY is offering you a way to achieve both, in the form of a comfy seat with nighttime riders in mind. This unisex seat approaches comfort from all angles.

Its tapered front won’t chafe your thighs. The interior material is a high-density foam that molds to your buttocks but is firm enough to maintain stability.

The exterior is made of supple PVC leather that flexes with the foam, and sheds rain and snow with ease.

Riding in darkness, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with having a built-in tail light shining and blinking your presence to drivers and other riders behind you on the road.

The light is just as weather resistant as the seat, so inclement weather can’t ruin your vibe.

The suspension provides a smooth ride feel, especially when your pace is nice and slow. You can connect this seat to any cruiser, and just about any other bike type as well.

DAWAY Comfortable Bike seat For Large Men And Women: Check Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

9. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Cruiser style bikes get a lot of attention when it comes to making seats for overweight riders. Though, these replacement seats are often compatible with any bike you choose. Sunlite continues this tradition with the Cloud-9 saddle, which promises ride comfort bordering on the divine.

As wide as it is long, this seat provides plenty of support. The narrow front doesn’t impede the motion of legs when pedaling, while the fanned out rear is plump with padding.

Dual-density gel and foam provide a pillowy-soft cushion for you to set your tush in. As the name suggests, it will feel like you’re riding on a cloud.

It helps that the airflow channel running the length of the seat carries a cool breeze to where it’s most wanted. It also affords your sensitive areas relief, as the same groove keeps them free of pressure.

Coiled spring suspension keeps turbulence large and small from impacting your rear and lower back.

The chrome finish on the springs provides a classic feel and contrasts well with the black seat. It’s as nice to look at as it is to sit on.

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight – Up to 500 Lbs

10. Zacro Gel Bike Saddle – BS053 Dual Spring Design

If you’re a heavy rider in the market for a bike seat, with cushioning you can really sink into, Zacro has you covered. At a glance you can tell this is a quality seat, but it’s true claim to fame is the thick padding concealed within.

The polyurethane exterior is attractive, though. It’s smooth texture does a good job of repelling the elements. But a surprising amount of high-elastic gel foam fills the interior, and cradles your posterior. If your couch cushion was a bike seat, this is how it would feel.

Dual spring shock absorbers assist the foam in convincing your bottom that the road beneath you has no imperfections. With this saddle, you can fully focus on the feedback you receive through your handlebars, instead of judging the terrain by how much it makes your back ache.

And, the best part is, you can put this seat on any bike you want! It can be easily mounted on the vast majority of seat posts. Zacro even includes a wrench to help you get it done. You don’t have to ride one more mile in pain, not when a seat like this is readily available.

Zacro Gel Bike Saddle – BS053 Dual Spring Design: Check Price On Amazon!

How To Choose Best Wide Comfortable Bike Seat

A well-made bicycle saddle is more than a necessity, not just it supports your back but helps ensure the best possible physical alignment when riding a bicycle leading to a great overall experience.

If you experience pain or numbness when riding your bike; it is one of the few things responsible. Your bike saddle is either short for your size, is ill-fitted, or lacks sufficient padding.

Short ill fitted saddles can cause short term health impacts in the form of chafing, numbness, saddle discomfort etc. If not checked this may lead to complex issues like urethral compression in heavy women.

A good bike saddle is thus crucial for all cyclists especially heavy riders. When buying a new bike seat one should look at the shape, padding, cover, size, suspensions, and durability.

Finding some of the best comfortable bikes seats in budget can be a huge undertaking. We have thus reviewed and listed the above products based on above mentioned parameters.

Further, we have hand tested most of them with different bikes, asked biking groups for their feedback and experience with the various bike seats when compiling the final list.

When creating the list of best bike seat for an overweight cyclist I have reviewed and listed above bike saddles based on comfort, size, saddle width, padding, base fit, test results, budget, suitability, cover, nose, seat mounting, suspension followed by other basic necessity of modern bike saddles.

Overall I have tried my best to bring out a list of most comfortable bike seats to buy for heavy riders.

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