Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

Looking for the best cyclocross bike? One that is not just in the budget but can handle anything from fast speed to tough conditions the road throws at you.

Well, Cyclocross bikes have been one of my favorite being able to perform more than a typical road bike. If you love country cycling like me or like to explore new routes it’s a perfect bike to have.

Today I will introduce you to the best cyclocross bikes in the market today. After researching over 50 odd bikes across different brands; we have identified our 6 favorites in each price point i.e premium bikes between $1000 to $5000, Professional bikes under $1000, and bikes for beginners under $500.

Designed to perform equally well on both on-road off-road conditions these are far more comfortable than a standard road bike and can go far longer in rough, patchy roads.

The enhanced performance geometry makes you go fast as air yet upright enough to keep you comfortable and relaxed, making it great for longer cyclocross events or group tours.

That being said not all cyclocross bikes are the same or build equal. Some are better made, are lighter in design, faster, and secure while others just a better version of your standard road bikes.

List of Best Cyclocross Bike – Comparison Table

Bike Name
Brake Style
Amazon Link
HeartsBio Carbon Frame Road Bike
Carbon Fiber
Raleigh Bikes Willard 4 Adventure Road Bike
TRP Hybrid
Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike
Gravity Liberty CXD Cyclocross Bike
Diamondback Women’s Endurance Road Bike
Carbon Fiber
Diamondback Haanjo Adventure Road Bike
Raleigh Bikes RXW Women’s Cyclocross Bike
Linear Pull
Diamondback Bicycles Century Road Bike
SAVADECK Aero Carbon Road Bike
Carbon Fiber
Linear Pull
Kilo TT Mercier Reynolds 520 Steel Bicycle
Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Beginners Road Bike
Schwinn Fastback Performance Road Bike
Carbon Fiber
Tommaso Sterrata R2000 Adventure Bike
Linear Pull
BearBike Performance Road Bicycle
Tommaso Forcella Endurance Road Bike
Tommaso Sentiero Gravel Adventure Bike
NAKTO 26″ 250W City-Electric Bicycle
Linear Pull
Schwinn 27.5″ Aluminum Comp Women’s


6 Best Cyclocross Bikes Over $1000+ ( Best Value )

HeartsBio Carbon Frame Road Bike Model H

1 ) HeartsBio Carbon Frame Road Bike Model H

If you are looking to get into the world of cyclocross there is no better bike than the “HeartsBio Carbon Frame Road Bike Model H” in the market today.

It’s super light at 18 lbs, beautiful from first look, go fast, is durable, easy to ride and shift gears. I have only put 35.2 miles testing and I am pleased with it!

Equipped with Shimano 18 Speeds gears, tubeless aero wheels, and caliper brakes it’s spot on for cross races where you need both greater control and speed from your bike.

While its carbon fiber frame helps achieve an ideal balance of performance, durability, and speed. The bikes feel very comfortable when riding be it in the city, outskirts, long empty roads, grass, or hilly trails thanks to its excellent frame geometry, saddle, and bars.

I highly recommend this bike if you do not intend to use it just for the cyclocross races but as a versatile road bike that can take on challenges and deliver the best result.

Adding to its versatility it’s a great adventure bike for cyclists who love to go both on and off-road riding. Overall it’s a little expensive but proves true to its price; no matter its looks, speed, comfort, and performance.

HeartsBio Carbon Frame Road Bike Model H: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Diamondback Women’s Endurance Road Bike - Best cyclocross bike

2 ) Diamondback Women’s Endurance Road Bike

I would suggest this one especially for my female onlookers, who are looking for something which will offer them with the best bike under amazing price availability.

And when I say that I meant that, this bike was configured on a female-friendly basis in terms of its size range with touchpoints.

This bike also has the required stiffness of carbon fiber frame and complacency where you need it to be.

Its frame is customized with lightweight aluminum tubes to give your bike that aesthetic look along with the best steering performance.

This would provide you with everything according to your need. Additionally, it also offers you Di2 compatibility. The geometry of this cycle is designed in such a way that it will serve you with the comfortably fast and “aero” ride with utmost stability on longer durational journeys.

To provide you with the smoothest ride it has also been equipped with a tapered head tube which would not only strengthen your precision but also softens the vibration during your ride.

With those tektro disc brakes gives you get a secured stoppage along with the 18 Shimano drivetrain enhancing all of your gears to have your back in every challenge you dive into.

Diamondback Women’s Endurance Road Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Diamondback Haanjo Adventure Road Bike

3 ) Diamondback Haanjo Adventure Road Bike

Imagine yourself blazing through the mountainous forests with the lightning speed, crashing down all the gravels with comfort is what all this bike is about. Sounds thrilling right?

Well, I couldn’t agree more when they said that this bike particularly loves rough terrain just like you and ready to pump up your adrenaline throughout the arduous journey.

Talking about what features it has to serve you, it is designed with 6061 –T6 aluminum allows the frame to provide stress-free flexibility no matter how long and stressed your journey is.

Just like I mentioned above, this bike excels in DB Gravel Performance, additionally, standardized with the monocoque carbon fork with dimensions of 12mm thru-axle to give you that satisfactory crushing sound of gravel underneath while you ride smoothly throughout your ride.

Shimano Ultegra 2×11 speed also provides you with every possible gear you flexibly want to put your hands on. The crushing of gravel efficiently could be credited to its extra fatter tires and efficient Shimano hydraulic disc brakes in every terrain your possibly can imagine.

The bike also has been embedded with the HED Tomcat Disc wheelset which absorbs all the harsh landing, therefore, providing you a pounding free ride.

Diamondback Haanjo Adventure Road Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

4 ) Diamondback Bicycles Century Road Bike

This bike has been incorporated with the latest technology and curated for all the high mileage lovers. Its geometry is designed in such a way that your body wouldn’t strain even after riding an upright beach cruiser for a longer duration altogether enhancing the performance of the bike.

The Century Sport Disc consists of a 7005 aluminum alloy bike frame along with full carbon fork material.

Additionally, it has also been equipped with Continuous fiber technology alongside steering precision, and dampening vibration is supplemented with the help of a tapered head tube.

Among its Shimona Parts, the bike showcases 105 shifters and front derailleur along with the Ultegra 10-speed rear derailleur.

The bike has enhanced precision with the provision of the 142×22 mm thru-axle. The powerful Trp Spyre disc brakes offer flexibility at regulating the speed at your own pace.

To accelerate in no time and modulating speed, this bike has been furnished with the Hed Flanders C2+ Disc durable wheelset, which will avoid wear and tear of the tires for a long period.

I would highly recommend this bike if you are looking for a jarring free ride irrespective of conditions.

Diamondback Bicycles Century Road Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

5 ) SAVADECK Aero Carbon Road Bike

This bike allows you hassle-free assembling and saves your trouble. They will be transporting you with the ready to ride hand-built bike shipped straight at your place.

You will be just required to put on the front wheel, pedals, and seat post after the delivery.

Furthermore, the brakes and derailleurs are modulated, after which lastly you will be needed to just pump up your bike’s tires and your bike is all set to sail.

If I talk about its features, the most amazing part about this bike is that it is has got TORAY T800 lightweight Carbon Fibre Frame, in specific terms at 9.1 kg, to comply with your steering speed demands.

It can quicken your start time without any delay with the help of an enhanced Shimano 105 Group Set which is further consisting of Shimano 105 7020 2*11 speeds plus shifter lever.

Alongside it also contains front and rear derailleur to build the operational performance of the bike. The bike’s crankset and freewheel allow for a smooth-shifting ride and durable structure.

Another breakthrough point is this bike is the hydraulic disc brake system in place of the conventional V brake system which offers a powerful brake system.

SAVADECK Aero Carbon Road Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

6 ) Schwinn Fastback Performance Road Bike

If you have recently explored your love for biking, then this bike serves the right purpose for entry-level riders. This bike lets you extend your limits and gain an insightful experience.

This would let you excel at your own pace and you will in on time find yourself in your excellent riding experience. They also suggest the recommended height range from 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 1 inch.

It has been fine-tuned with a triple-butted aluminum fork along with the aluminum steerer to provide you with the fastest speed yet fully in your control.

The bike also offers you a 16 speed Shimano drivetrain alongside 50/34T Schwinn crank and shifters for the smoothest shifting and comfortable ride leave talking about any strain.

The bike has been furnished with the Alex X2200 double-wall rims with Schwinn Aluminium road hubs, to avoid knobby behavior of the tires and providing you with an efficient ride.

I would highly suggest you to have this magnificent piece to call it yours because it not only has everything requirement which is needed to teach a beginner but also refines your skill to become an efficient rider in the minimum time possible.

Schwinn Fastback Performance Road Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

6 Best Cyclocross Bikes Under $1000 ( Great Value for Price )

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

1 ) Raleigh Bikes Willard 4 Adventure Road Bike

This bike displays the perfect combination of excellent performance in smooth as well as gravel platforms. The fatter tires provide saves you from altogether a bumpy ride nonetheless how stony the road.

If you are planning to buy something suitable for a long trek nevertheless how jerky roads are going to be then I think Raleigh would outperform concerning its job.

The most exciting part about this bike is its features i.e. it has a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork which gives you control on steering your bike flexibly in every direction you wish to without any strain.

Just like I told you it is prepped enough to tackle roads full of gravels and regulated shifting with the help of Shimano 105 11 speed shifters along with the Praxis Works Alba cranks.

The bike has also been equipped with the powerful TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes to offer you immediate reactions in every situation.

The provision of maximum durability in HED Tomcat tubeless wheels gives you the optimum smooth ride without any hint of rough terrain.

So if you are still figuring out which bike would provide you with the required confidence to sail smoothly through those epic rides then I think this is the perfect match for you.

Raleigh Bikes Willard 4 Adventure Road Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

2 ) Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike

I don’t think so there is any other bike that is as versatile as Imola’s Tommaso in the current market. And by far this one stands at the best in your bucket list under your budget.

They offer you the components which are unparalleled in comparison to any other bike in terms of performance and value. Another perk is its lifetime warranty along with the superb customer service which will keep you on track with everything.

The bike also has been equipped with 100% Shimano gears and an extremely sheen lightweight aluminum frame and wheels to let you have the required control on your bike as per your need.

Irrespective of you being a beginner or experienced cyclist, you shouldn’t compromise on the features and that’s what Imola believes in too, and that’s where Tommaso comes in the picture at an affordable performance.

It has been equipped with the integrated Shifters, Crank, Derailers, and brake levers of Claris for an unprecedented level of performance.

The bike will provide you with an efficient ride with those 25mm, 700c bike tires on every possible terrain.

At last, Imola ensures you with the maximum durability and longest shelf life of their product, and that’s what we consumers look for in a product, so Tommaso will prove to be undoubtedly a long weather friend.

Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Raleigh Bikes RXW Women’s Cyclocross Bike

3 ) Raleigh Bikes RXW Women’s Cyclocross Bike

I had to put something for my female consumers as well, and keeping in mind that I am here to suggest you with the best among the lot available in the market i.e. Raleigh RMX for Women.

It is available in various sizing suiting the customer’s needs and perspective along with particularly slim handlebars to offer you a tight grip and a wonderful ride experience.

The frame has been designed with the extreme lightweight butted 6061 Alloy for specifically Women to give them an amazing ride experience.

The bike offers you numerous gear options to ride on with the help of an efficient SRAM Rival 1X11 drivetrain to glide through bumpy roads swiftly.

And to give you riders confidence and game on performance, the bike offers you the tubeless wheels with Clement MXP tires.

It also offers you with disc brake frame furnished with thru-axles alongside a Carbon-Alloy disc brake fork. SRAM Rival 1×11 shifter has also been provided for Rigors and TRP spyre dual regulated mechanical disc brakes to offer you a powerful break in minimum possible time.

And obviously, it has been configured keeping in mind the combinations of purposes you come across in your daily life, that’s why it serves as the best option for city riding as well as trek racing.

Raleigh Bikes RXW Women’s Cyclocross Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Tommaso Sterrata R2000 Adventure Bike

4 ) Tommaso Sterrata R2000 Adventure Bike

And here I am suggesting you yet another Tommaso bike because it has a great range of variety for the consumers in the supreme quality.

The Durability has been ensured with the provision of Aluminium Compact Frame refurbished with High Modulus Carbon Fibre Fork which dampens the vibration to the maximum and offers you optimum comfort.

The product has also a back-up of lifetime warranty alongside the alongside long-lasting frame equipped in the bike. The frame has been elaborated with numerous racks and fenders to offer your Sterrata to serve excellently in trail riding, commuting, and touring experience.

The performance of this bike has upskilled with the inclusion of those 3×8 Shimano Claris Groupset, showcasing 30/39/50T Claris crankset with 12x25T Claris cassette.

It also offers you a variety of gears for your speed performance suitability and every possible rough terrain.

The smooth-rolling in different varieties of the terrain is ensured with the provision of Tommaso TC-30D rims outfitted with 28 spokes.

The extra versatile 700x40c tires are here to conquer every ride with optimum grip and required control. An all-weather and terrain experience is also certified with those BB5 disc brakes to offer you a powerful brake.

Tommaso Sterrata R2000 Adventure Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

5 ) Tommaso Forcella Endurance Road Bike

You must have got the idea by now Tommaso’s bike is leading the top bikes chart and I cannot agree more with that. Forcella is configured to be lightweight crediting to its Aluminium Compact Frame amalgamated with HCT Carbon Fork which further helps to minimise the vibration while riding the same and reduces weight.

It has been regarded as the amazing commuter choice as it has been supplied with the number of racks and fenders to make your ride as adventurous as it can get.

Forcella comes with all the features you wish to have in your bike like 3X8 Shimano Claris Groupset, besides that it also has a 30/39/50T Claris crankset and a 12x25T Claris Cassette.

It aims to conquer every weather and terrain, alongside providing you with the most comfortable and smooth ride altogether. For precise shifting, the bike has been composed with Claris STI shifters which furthermore offers you with compatible riding experience.

The sleek handlebars and firm geometry bring the ideal comfort and power to your bike.

No matter if you ride 10 miles or 100 miles, the design of the bike is configured in such a way that it should offer you with excellent bike riding experience along with optimum comfort.

Tommaso Forcella Endurance Road Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

6 ) Tommaso Sentiero Gravel Adventure Bike

If you wish to have a bike that will exceed your expectations in every possible way, then this adventure cyclocross bike is definitely what you are looking for.

Your hunt for the perfect bike ends here because Sentiero instills you with freedom and confidence whenever you hop on a ride. The bike has been backed up with the maximum durable Compact Frame outfitted with SST Steel Fork with the ensured lifetime warranty.

This bike also comes up with racks and fenders in varieties to provide prime flexibility to the customers. The 3×8 Shimano Claris Groupset furnished with 30/39/50T Claris Crankset in Sentiero has been proven to be best for smooth roads to rugged hilly terrain.

The classic Tommaso always comes up with the best optimized TC-20D Rims fitted with 28 spokes to upskill the durability of the bike and handles weights effectively.

Furthermore, Sentiero also offers you wider 700x40c tires arrayed with BB5 disc brakes for immediate responsiveness in a variety of terrains.

This bike is perfect for a short and long durational ride and also helps to bring the most out of its experience of riding it. It also offers you WTB Volt Saddle alongside Tommaso Ultralight Sport series handlebars, stem, and Seatpost to give you perfect comfortable posture without any chance of strain.

This bike loves adventures as much as you do, so without further delay get this one home.

Tommaso Sentiero Gravel Adventure Bike: Check Price On Amazon!

6 Best Cyclocross Bikes Under $500 ( Best for Beginners )

Gravity Liberty CXD Cyclocross Bike

1 ) Gravity Liberty CXD Cyclocross Bike

If you are looking for the best bike which also doesn’t burn your pocket down then this is the best option you can have, yes we are talking about Gravity Liberty CXD.

This bike has a lot more to offer you on such a low budget, like its aluminum frame and regulated straight fork blades prompts the rider with the most comfortable ride in the toughest situation.

The frame has been manufactured with advanced aluminum tubing which makes the bike lightweight and durably strong using Gravity’s special CX-series of frame tubes.

The bike equips with responsive behavior giving the rider utmost confidence and freedom while riding the bike. It’s Semi Compact Geometry flexes upright position to give you the strain-free ride, sleek straddling and you find yourself relaxed even after longer durational rides.

Commuting on this bike made even easier with the provision of those powerful cantilever brakes and rear rack mounts, with the help of which you will swiftly ride across any number of streets without the slightest difficulty.

Now, why would you choose to spend thousands when you can get everything you wish for in just one budget-friendly Gravity Liberty CXD Cyclocross Bike.

Gravity Liberty CXD Speed Cyclocross Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

2 ) Kilo TT Mercier Reynolds 520 Steel Bicycle

To satisfy your hunting options need, I have got you yet another amazing alternative bike to quench your curiosity. Before moving forward, I must enlighten you with the fact that this model is available in limited options, so don’t spend your time fretting and get this one already.

Now list out the amazing features to why you should have this bike with you.

Firstly, it has been furnished with the Single Speed Reynolds 520 Cromoly Steel Frame and Fork special chromed sections of frame and fork to give you an excellent lightweight structure for easing shifting.

Plus, the point is they also supply bonus free brakes and levers in a limited manner along with Rack Braze-on and Rear Eyelets to enhance the operability of your bike.

Apart from that my suggestion would be that you should install front and rear brakes as well, in case you wish to have your bike for street use too along with a track bike.

They also provide Flip Flop Hub for the fixed gear and single speed freewheel to make your riding experience even more efficient being a cyclocross bike.

And the Custom Alex SUB 30 MM V-Aero section wheelset serves as the highlight of this bike which is singlehandedly worth your money for the precision responsiveness behavior of the bike and keeps the bike steady throughout the journey.

Kilo TT Mercier Reynolds 520 Steel Bicycle: Check Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

3 ) Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Beginners Road Bike

Another pocket-friendly cyclocross bike for you would be undoubtedly Tempo which is an entry-level bike for all the naïve or beginners, who want to build their experience from scratch.

This comes as a low-cost bike along with even lighter weight which provides impetus to the rider for an easy riding experience keeping the bike in their complete control.

The inclusion of Shimano SL-A050 levers along with the STI Shifters also leaves an impressive persona on the rider’s experience as it helps them to shift gears without any hassle.

The CST Czar 25mm tires are the most durable and long-lasting tires your bike can have which are best suited for commuting.

Tempo offers cross-top and drops bar levers for a variety of upright and comfortable riding positions giving you the best riding experience. It also saves you with the complicated assembly procedure which customers find often back-breaking.

As you already know the bikes with steel fork frame offers not only maximum durability but also absorbs the vibration to maximum capacity and dampens the shock giving the rider the smooth ride.

And to quote down one of the commuter’s excellent review on the bike’s durability.

This bike was still as fresh as anything even after continuous use of eighteen months without having any requirement of changing the existing components.

Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C Beginners Road Bike: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

4 ) BearBike Performance Road Bicycle

If you want a bike that complements your personality, then this is the perfect bike you can get for yourself. This bike completely matches the bright and confident vibe of the people and brings out the comfortable and life full of freedom side of the customers.

This bike has been designed with the utmost attention to give their customers individuality. The bike has been refurbished with qualitative wheels and rims to enhance the grip and provides you with the smoothest ride.

The bike’s saddle and advanced rack design provide you safeguard against the all-weather terrain be it smelting heat or chilling winters.

BearBike also ensures the durability of the bike with the provision of the best qualitative gears, racks, wheels, and tires along with that, they also offer a lifesaving 10-year warranty as well for the engineered components.

The bike comes in a variety of colors reflecting the personality of the users and matching vibes, check out for the available vibrant colors as per your suitability.

I wonder if you are worrying regarding the size then I must save your day by letting you know that this bike is available in a variety of sizes irrespective of what your height is.

BearBike Performance Road Bicycle: Check Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

5 ) NAKTO 26″ 250W City-Ebike ( You can Use It For Cyclocross Needs )

It’s time to turn your dreams into reality, with this electric bike at an affordable price. The bike has been assorted with the front basket and rack at the rear end to provide it with the utility purpose.

There are lights and various fenders as well and imagine having all of this configured in a single bike on an ultra-budget, Amazing isn’t it?

You will be getting this electric bike in a superior Dutch-style manufactured in normal-sized 26”. It has everything that you can wish for, be it a cargo bike, utility bike, and mini bike as it serves every purpose.

The suspended fork offers comfort to their commuters throughout the journey by absorbing shocks and giving you all a breezy vibe with that woven basket look.

It has been equipped with a 36 V/10Ah lithium battery when fully charged gives you an effortless straight 4 to 6 hours ride up to a long-distance of 25 miles.

They also provide you with the e-bike equipment under the quality assurance period. I think this is the perfect bike that would completely live up to your expectations.

NAKTO 26″ 250W City-Electric Bicycle: Check Its Price On Amazon!

Best Cyclocross Bike Under $500, $1000 | Review & Comparison

6 ) Schwinn 27.5″ Aluminum Comp Women’s

The lightweight Schwinn Aluminium designed in mountain styled frame has been equipped with the hydroformed tubing along with the magnificent front suspension fork makes this bike the best option available for the riders as their riding companion.

They also provide you with the 21-speed trigger shifters for efficient shifting with optimum swiftness. Furthermore, the long-lasting alloy crank provides the assurance of a prime gearing experience for our riders.

For the immediate response in stoppage, the bike has been refurbished with the front and rear mechanical disc brakes additionally provide you cushion for controlling the speed.

This will let you have the freedom of enjoying the landscape without having the constant worrying of being vigilant to what lies ahead of you.

For a smooth ride in mountainous areas, they have been equipped with lightweight and powerful 2.2-inch-wide alloy rims which prevent the knobby behavior of tires during the ride.

Lastly, the lifetime warranty proves to be the cherry on the cake.

If you are looking forward to experiencing those peaking mountains views while trekking through the perfect ride, then this is the best option you can have under your budget.

Schwinn 27.5″ Aluminum Comp Women’s: Check Price On Amazon!

How To Choose Top Best Cyclocross Bike

Finding some of the best cyclocross bikes for your need and budget can be a huge undertaking. While there are many highly rated bikes in the market, they are far from being affordable or with right gears.

A cyclocross bike is built differently than a standard road bike. While it looks almost similar at first glance they include a slacker head angle with a longer wheelbase to suit off-road riding.

These adventure road bikes also have plenty of space between tires and the frame. This mud clearance helps keep the tires keep turning and does not get stuck with mud.

Many people do not know these differences and feel cheated later on. So it’s important to know about the bike or research online to buy the right bike for yourself.

When you need to buy a cyclocross bike for racing, adventure, and sports it just not need to be stylish, strong, and durable but also features quality accessories, wide grip in tires, and gearing designed for competition. Here are a few major questions one should need to answer.

What would you do with your cyclocross bike? Would you use it for race, competition, trail biking, cross country, off-road touring, recreation, or commuting in cities? How much and how far would you be using this bike; for example on the weekly basis, daily, and distance?

Based on them you then need to consider key things like the suspension, head angle, wheel size, frame material, gears, overall stability, braking, and traction.

It can soon become too much for yourself to figure out, that’s why we have tried to list down these adventure road bikes testing for above mentioned condition in every budget group.

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