Are Mountain Bikes Good For Touring? Yes Here’s Why!

Are Mountain Bikes Good For Touring? Yes Here's Why!

The one-word answer to your query “Are Mountain Bikes Good for Touring?.” is Yes. Although mountain bikes are specially designed to run on rugged terrains, it is also suitable for a long-distance trip. The MBT is powerful, can deal with the most challenging roads; professional riders even prefer these bikes. Riding a mountain bike requires … Read more

Trek vs Specialized Mountain Bikes | Which One is Better?

Trek vs Specialized Mountain Bikes

Trek and Specialized are two pioneers of Mountain Bikes. They are too good to not divide the opinions of experts, professionals, and amateurs sharply. Let me be straightforward, I bend towards Specialized marginally. I have my reasons and will elaborate them later. Being an enthusiastic mountain biker, it’s been a tough choice and I cannot … Read more

How Much To Rent A Mountain Bike? Your Bike Renting Guide

How Much To Rent A Mountain Bike? Your Bike Renting Guide

Putting a mountain bike through its paces is one of the more exhilarating experiences a cyclist can have. Racing at high speeds over rocks and roots, navigating paths hemmed by trees, or bordered by steep drop-offs, leaves your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing. You need skill and control to get the most out of riding … Read more

Top 9 Women’s Mountain Bike Helmets for Ultimate Comfort and Safety

9 Best Women's Mountain Bike Helmets

Looking for the best women’s mountain bike helmets? After researching over 50 odd helmets across different brands; we have identified our 9 favorite mountain bike helmets for women. A good bike helmet is arguably your best friend on the mounting endeavor. Whether its uphill, downhill, or the tackling turns you better be well equipped with … Read more