10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

Looking for pedals for your mountain bike that are lightweight, yet efficient? Well, you’re in just the right place. There has recently been a debate on whether riders must choose flat bike pedals or clipless ones for their adventurous rides. So, which one is the best?

Well, like every coin has two sides, so does this debate. Both, flat and clipless pedals have their advantages and disadvantages and one needs a better look to decide what’s best for them.

This article aims to give you knowledge and information about both these types of pedals and the brands that offer the best products in the market.

This is a purely objective and unbiased view that is sure to arm you with the relevant insight you need to make a well-informed decision.

Pedals Model
Cleat Type
Amazon Link
SPD mountain
55 mm
1.08 lbs
Funn Mamba Mountain Bike Pedal
SPD mountain
58 mm
0.86 lbs
SPD mountain
62 mm
1.01 lbs
SHIMANO SPD Clipless Pedals
SPD mountain
60 mm
0.99 lbs
Mallet Outdoor Clipless Pedals
Crank Brothers Brass
57 mm
1.44 lbs
SHIMANO Ultegra PD-R8000
SPD mountain
64 mm
1.12 lbs
RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal
Flat Mountain Cleats
62 mm
0.65 lbs
Funn Mamba MTB Wide Clipless Pedal
SPD mountain
60 mm
0.86 lbs
Venzo SPD Bike CNC 6061 Pedals
SPD mountain
68 mm
1.50 lbs
SHIMANO PD-M9120; XTR Pedals
SPD mountain
62 mm
1.06 lbs

Top 10 Light Weight Mountain Bike Pedals

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

1) SHIMANO PD-M9100 XTR SPD Flat Bike Pedal

These flat bike pedals are truly from the next generation of XTR pedals and are sure to increase efficiency even in snow, sand, and gravel.

It also prides itself on its intuitive interface that is bound to give riders a seamless experience.

It provides users with a stable and strong shoe-pedal interface and helps is effective power transmission that aids in consistent acceleration and control.

It is also armed with steering that is predictable in nature and also provides users with traction control. Chosen by professional racers across the globe, this brand offers the best grip and fit in the market.

It hosts a contact area that is cylindrical and also helps the pedals stay mud-free without much effort.

Holding efficiency and smoothness as its key components, Shimano provides flat pedals that are highly durable and lightweight and can be availed of in multiple sizes available for a wide array of users.

Additionally, when users make this purchase, they can avail of a three-year warranty.

SHIMANO PD-M9100 XTR SPD Flat Bike Pedal: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

2) Funn Mamba Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal Set

This brand is sure to make you feel one with your bike, in more ways than one. To start with, these pedals offer users the opportunity to use them for a varied number of purposes.

With these unique set of pedals, you can also get an SPD suitable mechanism and increase your pedal engagement. That’s not all; these clipless pedals also have an in-build system that is in-charge of grease renewability. With this, you can replenish grease without doing any of the dirty work.

Funn Mamba is a well-renowned brand that ensures quality when it comes to production and manufacturing. It also ensures precision and offers a myriad of anodize colors a user can choose from.

With these pedals, you can be sure to have stability no matter how much you may shift your weight on your bike to gain the center of gravity.

With clipless pedals, your movements are more fluid, thus guaranteeing you a splendid experience.

Funn Mamba Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal Set: Check Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

3) SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain Bike Pedals

These unique mountain bike pedals perform with SPD mechanisms. They promise to enhance your biking experience and make pedaling more efficient.

Additionally, it also offers users a wide array of styles when it comes to shoes and pedals. These pedals also come with a one-of-a-kind cleat that makes not only riding but also walking a more comfortable experience. Shimano is widely known for its uniqueness and innovation.

It turned heads when it did away with toe-clips and created a sole system for the transfer of power by merging the outsole and the pedal. Marvelous, isn’t it?

That’s not all; this brand also provides users with ultimate control and powerful pedaling for their adventures. Users are guaranteed comfort and stability with Shimano that surpasses all brands in the market.

This brand also hosts a fantastic design to make mud-shedding a reality. It has an open system for binding, which causes mud, gravel and other debris to be discarded when the rider sets foot on it.

SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain Bike Pedals: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

4) SHIMANO SPD Pedal Clipless Pedals

These pedals host unique technology that functions even when you’re off your bike. It not only assists in providing riders with ultimate control but also gives them a seamless pedaling experience.

Its mud-shedding capabilities also help riders have a great adventure. Additionally, with riding a mountain bike, uphill climbs are inevitable. With the help of these pedals, this seems like a piece of cake too.

Even if you get exhausted during the process, these pedals make sure you don’t decelerate. It also allows riders to attain a high rate of power and maintain it across all types of surfaces.

These pedals also give you the pleasure of keeping your feet in the same position when you hop onto your bike again. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?

It also provides stability and support to your foot while riding on challenging paths.

This allows you to pay attention to the road and all on sightseeing; instead of trying to get comfortable while riding your mountain bike.

SHIMANO SPD Pedal Clipless Pedals: Check Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

5) Crankbrothers Mallet Outdoor Clipless Pedals

The design offered by this brand is one that appeals to most mountain bikers. The company has specially designed these clipless pedals, keeping in mind the hardships that come with mountain biking.

It gives users stability through contact. Meaning, it offers riders pedals that are nearly full-size, thus helping riders to gain more pressure and control while riding.

Additionally, these pedals can be used with a majority of cycling shoes but require an adaptor for cleats with three holes. Its mud-shedding system is also one-of-a-kind, with entry from four sides.

Along with a pair of pedals, when purchased, users can also get their hands on release cleats, while make riding a holistic experience.

It also allows users to navigate rough terrain with utmost ease and control. Apart from mountain biking, it can be used for other purposes too, making it a truly versatile pair of pedals.

Crankbrothers Mallet Outdoor Clipless Pedals: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

6) SHIMANO Ultegra PD-R8000 Bike Pedals

Made with light carbon-compost material, these pedals allow for a higher power transfer. This is all thanks to the wide platform it offers users, which makes riding a pleasurable experience.

This leads to an equal distribution of load, thus giving users control and stability on the roughest of paths.

These pedals are also durable and have no chance of getting damaged due to wear and tear; because of their stainless steel plate. With this users can also avail themselves of an axel that is 4mm longer.

This helps to reduce the distance between the position of your post and the crank. If you are supremely enthusiastic about riding, these are the pedals for you.

They weigh only 248g and are sure to make your experience seamless. Additionally, users also have the freedom to adjust and tweak the release tension.

This feature makes sure each rider has the chance to customize their experience based on their likes, dislikes, and level of comfort.

SHIMANO Ultegra PD-R8000 Bike Pedals: Check Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

7) RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

The pedals available with Chester pride themselves on their stability and grip. They are also well-known for providing users with quality pedals for a relatively lower cost as compared to other brands in the market.

It hosts a great system for brushing and is serviceable. It also has 8 hex pins on each side that are sure to keep the traction in check. Additionally, its body is also made of nylon.

It also offers riders a sealed high-quality axle, thus ensuring seamless functioning.

These pedals have a superior step design that not only renders them to be lightweight but also ensures users gain maximum control over their journey.

This design also makes the pedals durable. Additionally, if you have smaller feet, you’ve probably had a hard time finding pedals that fit you perfectly.

However, RaceFace Chester comes to your rescue, as the pedals it offers are slightly smaller in size.

RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

8) Funn Mamba Mountain Bike Wide Clipless Pedal

This brand offers pedals that have a large body. This makes sure you are comfortable while riding even with shoes that have a soft sole.

A lot of pedals in the market require you to have special shoes, but with this brand, you are guaranteed stability regardless of your footwear.

Additionally, you can also pedal while trying to lay your foot on the cleat, owing to the platform’s size. With these pedals, if you have a larger shoe, you can occupy more surface area of the pedal.

When a majority of the pedal is covered, the pressure applied to cycle on rough terrains increases effortlessly, thus ensuring users a more hassle-free ride.

Contrary to the model above, this brand offers users with large feet the right fit.

Funn Mamba Mountain Bike Wide Clipless Pedal: Check Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

9) Venzo SPD Mountain Bike CNC 6061 Pedals

Venzo SPD members love everything this brand offers. These pedals come with a distinguishing feature of simple clip in and out technology.

The grip is of the utmost importance when it comes to mountain bikes, and thus, Venzo pedals provide your feet with the ultimate firm support.

This brand also hosts four quality substitutable pins on both sides, as well as a large CNC 6061 aluminum platform, which expands the grasp.

Additionally, they give you the freedom to tweak the tension as well. The cleat pressure can also be tweaked and this allows riders to obtain the perfect experience. Venzo SPD is confident about the quality of its product and offers a warranty to all its customers for up to 2 years.

Venzo SPD Mountain Bike CNC 6061 Pedals: Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 lightest Mountain Bike Pedals In The World 2023

10) SHIMANO PD-M9120; XTR; SPD Flat Bike Pedal

These are indeed one of the up and coming leaders of the industry. They host a combination of expanded drive train productivity; unsurprising directing and footing control.

Its natural and consistent interface makes this exceptional series of pedals the best in the business. These pedals also include the SM-SH51 fitting set.

They will make riding along lengthy and rough roads a tireless experience, owing to its perfect grip.

The wider contact zone these pedals ensure, gives you better control, power, and the ability to speed across your path with no hassle whatsoever.

These pedals are highly durable and not only come with an aluminum body, but also a steel axle. They offer a great warranty deal and are calibrated to work efficiently with a wide array of models.

They are also useful for commuting across all kinds of land; right from sand to snow, it can do it all.

SHIMANO PD-M9120; XTR; SPD Flat Bike Pedal: Check Price On Amazon!

How To Choose Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Every rider’s body type and style of riding is different. Additionally, every rider also has a different bike and holds different functions dear to them. Some may want more control, others may prefer more grip.

These factors play a major role in deciding on the perfect pair of pedals for you. One may often underestimate the role of pedals for a bike, but as you have probably noticed, they make a world of a difference.

The first decision you need to make is whether you would like to opt for a clipless pair or a flat one. With the flat pedals, you have the surface area to place your foot on the pedal with utmost comfort.

This ensures you can apply more pressure and have control while riding along difficult terrain.

These are also sure to help you get your feet back on the ground instantly and regain balance in case of an unfortunate incident.

Now speaking of clipless pedals, they give riders a better connection with their foot.

This not only makes riding an effortless process but also makes it a safe option as it allows for instant release and entry of the foot. Whether for commuting or racing, these are the best in the business.

Although making this decision may seem like an uphill task in itself, it is essential to be aware of the amount of riding you typically engage in and how much you plan on doing in the future.

It is said that if you ride 10 miles on a regular basis, then clipless pedals are the way to go.

Benefits of Using Light Weight Bike Pedals

It is a well-known fact that it is a herculean task to climb uphill while mountain biking. The steep slopes are not the only difficulty mountain bikers must overcome.

In addition to this, they also have to navigate rough terrain and sharp turns. Not only does a rider need great skill and stamina, but also great machinery, as a back-up.

With lightweight pedals, you can be sure to gain efficiency, no matter what. Why add another difficulty to your list while on your adventure?

Lightweight pedals allow you to focus on pedaling and navigating your path with preciseness.

You can additionally apply more pressure on the pedals and move in a hassle-free manner when your pedals weigh less.

This is because you do not have to carry the weight of the pedals upon yourself along with the weight of the mountain bike. Lightweight pedals allow you to experience the true essence of mountain biking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Clipless vs Flat Pedals: Which one is better for you?

Ans: Flat pedals allow you to place your feet on the ground more easily and provide a flat surface for your feet, so you can steer clear of adjustment issues.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Clipless pedals make traveling through rough paths a seamless experience and allow users to have more control of the rear wheel.

They also give more riders the opportunity to gain more power while pedaling and protect their feet. Although clipless pedals may cost more, the advantages it hosts supersede the price.

Q.2 Can You Ride Clipless pedals With Normal Shoes?

Ans: Yes, this is definitely possible. However, even if you throw in an adapter, the pedals may not give you the best grip and level of comfort, especially if the sole of your shoe is thin or flexible.

Additionally, there is also a risk of your foot slipping, if at all it is wet. Casual bike shoes that work effectively with clipless pedals have spikes that recessed into the sole of the shoe.

Attaching metal cleats to the pedals is also another option available to users.

Q.3 Key Difference Between PD and SPD Pedals?

Ans: Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) is one of the types of clipless bicycle pedals’ design. They are specially designed for those who love mountain biking and help take their experience to new heights.

They make the mountain biking experience whole, with its control and stability. PD on the other hand is the first model of the SPD range and turned heads thanks to its revolutionary technology.

It helped users do away with pedals that retained mud and led to a tiring ride. Apart from this, there is also what is popularly called SPD-SL, which is widely used for road bikes and is extremely lightweight.

Q.4 Are clipless pedals worth the extra cost?

Ans: In simple words, yes they are. Clipless mountain bike pedals are definitely worth the extra cost as they are better on steep hills with varying inclinations.

Even if the gradient gets steeper or you wish to take a break, these pedals help the bike not to decelerate, thus keeping you safe and in control at all times.

It can often be a task to keep your feet stable on rough terrain, but clipless pedals provide ultimate foot stability and allow you to focus on only pedaling, the road ahead, and nothing more.

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