7 Brilliant Tips: How To Protect Your Bike From Scratches

It is inevitable that your bike will be at risk of getting scratched at some point in its lifetime because there are so many potentially damaging factors out on the road that we cannot plan around. These include loose debris, overgrown plants, and other people and vehicles. You cannot remove the risks, but you can […]

How Long Do Carbon Bike Frames Last? Bike Frame Shelf Life

Most bike frames are made out of aluminum, which is a strong and durable material in and of itself. However, the alternative is a carbon bike frame. These frames can be even more resistant than the aluminum option because the layering of carbon fibers makes the material laterally stiff and great at dampening the vibrations […]

Why Do Bikes Not Come With Kickstands? It’s Not All About Weight

Kickstands are incredibly convenient when it’s time to park your bike. They allow you to keep your bike upright and stable on any surface, allowing you to store your bike virtually anywhere with a simple flick of a lever. When you purchase a modern bicycle, however, the chances of the bike coming with a kickstand […]

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