Ride1Up E-Bikes Brand Review: Should You Get One?

E-bikes have been gaining more and more popularity over the years and Ride1Up are one of the best bike companies to buy from. Though e-bikes are not cheap, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth and more from a trustworthy, reputable brand like Ride1Up. Though, you may not know a lot about the company. Before purchasing […]

How Much Does An Electric Bike Cost? E-Bike Cost & Average

If you are planning to buy an electric bike, you might be wondering how much do electric bikes cost? Through this article, we will discuss this in detail. You should keep in mind that electric bikes are available in a variety of price ranges. For example the higher-end electric bikes are available in the market […]

Are Electric Bikes Dangerous? 6 E-Bike Risks To Know & Avoid

Electric bikes are know to be fun, supportive and adventurous while being safe at the same time. But today we will know are electric bikes dangerous, and what we can do to minimize the risks. If you are curious about the dangers of riding an electric bike, you’ve come to just the right place. Almost […]

Are Chinese Electric Bikes Any Good? Here’s What We Discovered

I can understand your dwindling confidence in Chinese Electric Bikes or Chinese manufacturing in general. The reasons for it go deeper than the Corona-crisis we witness. Let me answer the question first. Yes, Chinese Electric Bikes can be good. It’s true that most of the Chinese E-Bikes are cheap and not the best in quality […]

How Do Electric Bikes Work? Everything You Need to Know

Electric bikes are the kings of versatility in the cycling world. Riders can treat them like regular bikes (albeit much heavier versions) and rely on their own physical power to move them, but they don’t have to. The e-bike’s main claim to fame is its ability to provide variable levels of assistance to the rider. […]

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