Zumba Shoes For Women Review 2019 | Top 10

Zumba Shoes For Women Review 2019 | Top 10

You won’t use the same sneaker for running that you usually use for work. Similarly performing Zumba require shoes of a different kind. It’s not though you can’t use any other shoes, using Zumba shoes just reduce the risks of painful muscles pain and related injuries.

Finally, the Latin dance fitness phenomenon has hit all people in states and worldwide. Thanks to its funky workout techniques with rhythm music and energetic instructors; it becomes the latest craze in the fitness industry. After all its a great way to tone your body while spending a good time.

If you had ever been to Zumba class then you may know, you need to slide, glide, jump, twist and turn wearing the same shoes. So wearing the right shoes becomes even more important. A proper shoe while makes your go for hours; while a wrong one will wreak your body to exhaustion and even pain or injury.

I personally knew you are struggling to figure out the right Zumba shoes for yourself; especially when you are a beginner. A perfect Zumba shoe are just not light wight and flexible like ordinary dance shoes; but also need to give adequate support and stability.

After barely surviving 29 hours of research we ( I and My Friend Arpit ) can finally present you; top ten list for right kind of Zumba shoe to wear. We have looked upon all the options available and comparing them on number of parameters; to help you guide make your best buying decision.

In a Hurry? Check out The Winners After 29 Hours Of Research

Product Name
Product Link
RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe
1 ) Upfront pivot section
2 ) Plenty of control
3 ) Versatile design
4 ) Perfect Fit!
5 ) Breathable
6 )Lightweight & comfortable
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( Amazon )
Zumba Energy Boom Dance Training Sneakers
1 ) Lightweight and Flexible
2 ) Looks Good & is Comfortable
3 ) Multiple color options
4 ) Fits well right out of the box
5 ) Provides ankle security
6 ) In Budget !
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( Amazon )
RYKA Tenacity Cross-Trainer Zumba Shoes
1 ) Quite stable and comfortable
2 ) Good for Flat / Wide Feet
3 ) Added Strap For Security
4 ) Fits well and have a stylish look
5 ) Lightweight & easy To Wear
6 ) Competitive Price !
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( Amazon )
ASICS GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe
1 ) Quality product at Low price
2 ) Looks good and fits well
3 ) Pivot sections
4 ) Flexible & Lightweight
5 ) Multipurpose Zumba Shoes
6 ) Gel cushioning system
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( Amazon )
Bloch Split Sole Dance Sneakers
1 ) Comfortable & Good For Knees
2 ) Built-in arch support
3 ) Split sole design
4 ) Flexible and lightweight
5 ) Mildew resistant
6 ) Durable & Easy to clean
Check Price
( Amazon )
Zumba Women’s Flex Ii Remix Dance Shoe
1 ) Does not stick to the floor
2 ) Extra protection to toe & heel
3 ) Comfortable & Mildew resistant.
4 ) Sufficiently firm & supportive
5 ) Perfect Fit, Right Out of the box!
6 ) Helps with post workout strength
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( Amazon )
Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneaker
1 ) Low-cost Zumba Shoe
2 ) Does not stick to the floor
3 ) Durable and long lasting
4 ) Flexible and lightweight.
5 ) Extra protection to toes and heel.
6 ) Fits really well and is comfortable.
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( Amazon )
PUMA Women’s Tazon Cross-Trainer Shoe
1 ) A cross trainer.
2 ) Good flexibility and control.
3 ) Sufficient cushioning and support.
4 ) Quite durable and stylish
5 ) Fits well and good price.
6 ) Stable and Mildew resistant.
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( Amazon )
Reebok Women’s Pilox 1.0 Dance Shoe
1 ) Heavily cushioned and thick
2 ) Lightweight and comfortable.
3 ) Easy to wear and take off
4 ) Durable and Multipurpose Shoe
5 ) Idle for Zumba classes
6 ) Helps you glide without sticking
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( Amazon )
Zumba Fly Fit Womens Sneakers
1 ) Great looks and design
2 ) Helps with twist’s and turns
3 ) Good for long hours
4 ) Breathable and lightweight
5 ) Glides easily over the dance floor
6 ) A smart choice for the price
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( Amazon )

Best Zumba Shoes For Women – Detail Review

1 ) RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

If you don’t want to stick to the floor and put pressure on your knees; Ryka women influence Zumba shoes are perfect for your need. With ample support, cushioning, comfort and flexibility it helps you slide; rather than sticking on the floor without pressure on your foot or knees.

The outline rubber sole further reduces the impact on your foot when it lands on the floor. With them you won’t just be able to perform all steps smoothly; but also feel secure with its comfort. These shoes are on top of our list for being able to wear comfortably; right after the box with no issues.

Not just this the pivot section on its sole helps you with moves involving twist and turns. The breathable mesh upper holds your foot without letting it go wet from sweats. Overall RYKA women influence cross-training shoe is perfect choice for Zumba class at an affordable price range.


  • Upfront pivot section that’s help with twisting moves.
  • Plenty of control and stability while on the dance floor.
  • Versatile design and multiple purposes.
  • Perfect Fit, Right Out of the box!
  • Synthetic mesh upper sole with breathable foot channels to keep your foot dry and cool.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and supportive at the same time.


  • Only six color options to choose from.
  • May take 1 or 2 days to get used to it.

2 ) Zumba Energy Boom Dance Training Sneakers

If you ever want to perform better at Zumba classes but also maintain that hip-hop look; you will definitely be in love with these shoes. One of the best shoes in Zumba brand lineup they have all that you need; mild traction, lightweight design, shock absorption, and comfort.

With these shoes you can turn, twist, jump, spin and glide easily without worrying of support and stability. Usually these shoes fit comfortably without being too tight; with extra support at front and ankle. The flat rubber sole allows you to glide freely with less friction on the dance floor.

These comfy dance sneakers can be easily put on and off. Came in 13 different colors it looks cute and fashionable at the same time. People usually fall in love with them out of the box for their style and comfort. The other thing you may like; is the extra pair of laces it provides with each pair shoes.


  • Lightweight design with flexible construction that always keeps you stable.
  • Don’t just it looks goods but also comfortable.
  • Available in multiple color options.
  • Fit well right out of the box. You may also love the extra pair of laces it provides for free.
  • The high top design provides ankle security
  • Definitely a great shoes at a Much better price !


  • A little bulky then other top 10 Zumba shoes
  • Not breathable so becomes hot after some hours of workout.

3 ) RYKA Tenacity Cross-Trainer Zumba Shoes

An affordable option from RYKA. The tenancy cross trainer Zumba shoes have the most loved features; like low friction, extra support and comfort at even competitive price. Unless you used RYKA Influence cross trainer before; you will appreciate this shoe for its quality and looks right out of the box.

Wearing one of these you feel in total control and ease while dancing on both the carpet and cemented floor. Unlike others its wide and open at top and also include strap for added support. Besides it looks more trendy it also better for those with wide or flat feet.

When you want to be sure of a quality shoes for Zumba or Dance class at an affordable price; there is no other shoe i could recommend for. These shoes are after all whats expected from any Zumba shoes; lightweight, durable, agile, stylish look, greater support, and easy to move.


  • Its quite stable and comfortable for dance workouts
  • Recommended for people with issues like flat or wide feet.
  • The strap provide added security and support while you glide and perform.
  • Fits well and have a stylish look
  • Light weight design with pivot pint that makes things easy
  • Competitive price ( Lowest Price in This Range ! )


  • Not as good as RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe
  • Some users finds it odd and hard to wear.

4 ) ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe

The brand ASICS is well known for its quality running shoes. But do you know they also produce shoes intended for Zumba or dance workout? If you are looking for a multi-purpose Zumba shoe, Its the one you should go for. You can use them for both dance workouts and normal gym training.

These shoes are exceptionally light weight and comfortable and provide more grip then others. The due max support system with rear foot gel cushioning; not just enhance stably and support but also absorbs shock at toes while landing after a jump.

All in all the rubber out sole with light weight design and comfort make it a good dancing shoe. If it weren’t be its friction it would have been the best dancing shoe ever. Overall its a nice looking multi purpose shoe intended for Zumba or dance workouts.


  • A quality product at reasonable price.
  • A good shoe that’s look good, fit well and comfortable.
  • The pivot section that helps with movements such as twist and turn.
  • These shoes are rather more flexible and lightweight then others in this category.
  • A multipurpose Zumba shoe.
  • Gel cushioning system that protects your feet against shock impact when jumping.


  • Not meant for long hours of Zumba Training.
  • lacks arch support and thicker cushioning.

5 ) Bloch Split Sole Dance Sneakers ( Zumba Shoes )

If you are looking for a split Zumba shoe with built in arch support, mildew resistant and comfort; its the one you just wished for. While Bloch made many more cross training dance and Zumba shoes; it made up to number 5 position in our list being specific to dance needs and its core features.

Made from high quality imported rubber soles they utilize an unique split sole design; it allows you to perform all dance moves without getting slippy. The upper breathable mesh allows air to pass thus keeping your feet dry and cool removing odor.

The Suede heel grip with EVA compression provides adequate cushioning and comfort; on both wood and synthetic floors. These shoes are really nice considering nice looks, comfort level and great control while dancing on floor in class or practicing back at home.


  • Super comfortable & Good For Knees
  • Built-in arch support with removable sock liner
  • Split sole design that make wonders on the dance floor
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Mildew resistant ( Breathable + Odor Free )


  • Only available in black color.
  • Not as pretty / nice looking than many other Zumba shoes.

6 ) Zumba Women’s Flex Ii Remix Dance Shoe

Many don’t like it from its price tag but if you one of those who prefer quality over budget; its the one just for you. Made by Zumba ( Brand ) itself, it’s a premium shoe engineered to be the best of all Zumba shoes. The Zumba Flex Ii Remix incorporates all you ever need with a Zumba shoe.

A true true Zumba shoes which does not stick while you move across the room; performing different dance steps. With these shoes not just your toes and heels will be protected with extra leather overlay over stress points; but also makes you feel in control.

The light weight mesh structure makes it true breathable and flexible at the same time. Made from excellent materials these shoes are durable, provide good foot movement, sufficiently firm and provide great support. Unless you worry for its price you will find it so comfortable and good; you may fall in love with them.


  • Does not stick to the floor when you move.
  • Extra protection to your toe and heels in the form of leather overlay over stress points.
  • Flexible, comfortable and Mildew resistant.
  • Sufficiently firm and provide great support
  • Perfect Fit, Right Out of the box!
  • Will make a diffrence in your post workout strngth and energy.


  • A great Zumba shoe albeit somewhat expensive.
  • Have limited color options.

7 ) Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneaker

Just like we do, you may find this shoe looks somewhat conservative but is indeed one of the best dance shoe at that price. This imported dance shoe have this split sole arch support system which helps provide great support and effortless turn while performing.

The forepart spin spot with cushioned Achilles notch allows for easy twist and turn steps on dance floor. While it has a look of any other street shoe; its ready for any serious Zumba session with built in arch support, padded lining and cushioned EVA footbed.

Available in just Black or Caramel these shoes are just perfect for Zumba classes. With these you won’t feel like its sticking to the floor or slippery either. The tech-mesh upper with the sport lace system makes it flexible and lightweight; while the added upfront protection ensures painless toes.


  • A perfect low-cost shoe for Zumba classes
  • Helps you move at ease and glide without sticking.
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Flexible and lightweight.
  • Extra protection to your toes and heel.
  • Fits really well and is comfortable.


  • Limited Color Option ( Came In Just Two Colors )
  • Inconsistent Size ( The Actual Shoe Size Is 1 Size Smaller Than Normal Size We Generally Use )

8 ) PUMA Women’s Tazon Cross-Trainer Shoe

Anyone who likes to wear the same shoe for the gym as well as on the dance floor; needs to try PUMA Tazon cross trainer shoe. They are some of the most versetile shoes for Zumba goers with other workout needs. It contains extra cushioning and padding that helps feel comfortable and stay away from injuries.

Being a cross trainer shoe you can wear them all day without any discomfort. The Breathable fiber keeps your feet cool and dry while the pivot section and ankle support; provides much needed support while dancing and let’s you feel in control.

The Puma Tazon cross trainer is designed to withstand extreme pressure and stress; when you twist and turn during your Zumba classes. Overall its pretty much decent shoe which you can use both for working out on treadmills and during Zumba classes.


  • Idle for those who wants to use same shoe for gym and Zumba classes.
  • Good flexibility and control.
  • Sufficient cushioning and support.
  • Quite durable and stylish at the same time.
  • Fits well and came at a good price.
  • Stable and Mildew resistant.


  • Does stick a little on dance floor.
  • Limited Color Options.

9 ) Reebok Women’s Pilox 1.0 Zumba Shoes

A great looking Zumba shoe from Reebok that won’t let your faith in their company down. Made exclusively for Zumba they are quite comfortable with extra slide in the bottom. Its durable, sound, good looking, supportive, don’t stick and glide smoothly on the floor.

This Reebok dance shoe has a flashy look, fits perfectly, lightweight, heavily cushioned and have rugged out soles. Designed with Zumba in mind these shoes have built in pivot section that helps with twist and turns. The midsection provide just adequate traction; you can glide without feeling like of slipping.

The thicker, heavily-cushioned sole makes you feel that you are wearing nothing. These shoes are quite well with activities like training at gym or walking; despite being designed and manufactured sole as a dance shoe. Overall its quite comfortable and good product for the price.


  • Heavily cushioned and thick
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Easy to wear and take off and came with relatively longer laces
  • Durable and can be used as an regular gym shoes.
  • Idle for Zumba classes with great support and built in pivot section.
  • Helps you glide without feeling sticking to the floor.


  • Limited Color Options To choose from.
  • Relatively less support at the ankle compared to other Zumba shoes.

10 ) Zumba Fly Fit Womens Sneakers

With these it’s not just easy to jump but also to move around; especially when there is adequate support and cushioning for toes. Made with much care these shoes are really trendy and good looking; both as a Zumba or any workout shoes.

Our last recommendation came again from Zumba which is designed and made with “Zumba Workouts” in mind. Its lightweight flexible design makes it suitable for excellent mobility and natural range of motion on the dance floor. After long hours of lessons, your legs will only thanks to you for that.

Its another benefit is its ability to breath that helps keeps your feet dry and cool all times. While its not the very best shoe for Zumba its not a bad one either. Overall it does what its meant for, to support and protect your feet while moving different dance moves without sticking to the dance floor.


  • Definitely great looks and design for any normal Zumba shoes.
  • Helps with twist’s and turns to provide excellent mobility.
  • Good for long hours of work on the dance floor.
  • Breathable and lightweight construction.
  • Glides easily over the dance floor and does not stick on the solid ( Non-Wood ) floor.
  • A smart choice for smart People ( Good Product For The Price Tag ).


  • The soles on these shoes are just a little thinner than normal.
  • There is no built-in arch support so beginners may find it hard to start with.

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