Why You’re Not Loosing Weight On Intermittent Fasting?

Why You're Not Loosing

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It sometimes hard to keep going on a continues struggle to be fit; specially when you aren’t losing weight on your intermittent fasting. While it seems to be promising at first with benefits such as; healthy weight loss without losing on muscle mass. But it just takes different timeline and approach for different people.

In general when you do not eat for long your body starts to consume stored energy in form of fat and blood sugar. This helps boost metabolism, weight loss, lowers bad cholesterol and reduce chance of diabetes. All this is on what the whole idea of intermittent fasting is based upon. While everyone talks about its benefits and how to do it; they ignore the different body type and life of end users which plays a vital role in deciding whether or not it will work.

Personally when it comes to taking information from internet it becomes an absolute mess; lots of information on the topic with little to no real advice. In reality with people involved in stressful work it takes longer than usual to loss weight at the start. Furthermore the complete transformation is not a straight path.

In fact its a non linear path with lots of ups and down; some lose fast at the start while others tends to lose it latter. You shouldn’t be obsessed with calories and girth of stomach; as it only tends to increase performance pressure and thus makes things a lot harder. Go out easy on yourself; walk a little or do aerobic exercise while your morning fast time. This helps boost the weight loss processes increasing the desire to eat; but hold on and take in light diet to signal your body to get rid of those extra fats.

Intermittent Fasting Science – Understanding What Went Wrong !

A breakfast is one of the important place in our diet chart; after all it is the one we have after a long hour of fast while we sleep. So when we skip on our breakfast; our brain increase our metabolism and kick start our internal safe mode. We are programmed by evolution to store as much extra energy as it can; in form of body fat in the time of food abundance while use it in scarcity.

When we fast for too long by skipping breakfast our hormonal balance change with increase in; growth hormone, heart rate, gene expression and cell metabolism with reduction in insulin. The change make a pleasant condition for our body to burn fat that was stored when; we were getting more food than needed with high insulin levels.

But unfortunately it also signals our brain to store more and more fat; once we start to get more food than what we actually need to survive. Thanks to the hard time our ancestors faced with regular food scarcity. Its hard wired into our self to store for the hard times; which never came in present day living condition.

So, unless you keep an decent light but healthy food in your table for the non fast time; its harder to loose much weight in the short term. Do not eat for the sake of eating as your body well know when its enough; listen to yourself and progress along the way. The best known method to get result is to have a light dinner; followed by a medium heavy lunch with nothing in between to eat. If mixed with an morning exercise of any type will get you even faster results.

Why Not To Give Up On Your Transformation Journey

It would be unfair to ask someone never give up ! We all have to give up on one thing or another in our life; choosing one over the other. Honestly i don’t like the idea to never give up as expressed on T.V and internet; but would agree and suggest to not give up too early. It’s a tough call to decide; whether i had given enough time and effort before deciding on giving it up.

If you carefully analyze the data for available weight loss techniques followed by a successful transformation. there is only a small chance that it just might work for you; with even less chance to achieve same results following the same technique. Do not feel disappointed for not reading much about it; as its human nature to hide the sades and show the bright side.

For most people the problem can be with intermittent fasting method that they choose to follow. There are different methods within intermittent fasting to choose from; its up to you to see which works best for yourself. For some this can be due to less control over eating habits; with taking more calories that needed resulting in more body fat.

So stop worry if it not worked. Maybe you eat more than you should, maybe there was more oil and fat in your food or just; you weren’t much hydrated for your body to effectively work. There can be plenty of ways it can go wrong; try to think and find out what might gone wrong and try again with a better suitable method for intermittent fasting. Remember its not some medicine that you take and see instant results; but an easy but long journey.

Intermittent Fasting Options To Consider

An intermittent fasting is not something new; its been part of many society in the name of religious beliefs and cultural practice. Recently it has gain widespread attention and popularity; thanks to its effectiveness in reducing weight with increased lifespan. An intermittent fasting can be done in many ways; from a routine with strict to flexible calorie intake. One can choose the best method suited in his condition and way of life to get the maximum result.

1 ) Fast Till its Noon

You must have missed or skipped the breakfast in past to do the lunch; this is what is called fast till noon. This is a beginner friendly method of intermittent fasting; in which much of the fasting is done while we sleep. It’s easy with all you have to do is to skip the breakfast; to eat nothing in between the last dinner and lunch.

When we fast for that long time; our body release ketones which then break the fat into useful energy. To succeed with this method one need to maintain; or slightly reduce on their food intake during non fasting period. It is a common problem to see high desire to eat and eat and eat more after we fast; so its necessary to keep control on ourself.

The best way to do it naturally is to take small amount of food at a time and take more if needed. This helps with our wrong habit to take food more than we need; and then eating all what is taken. If its not something you can do try the more strict diet chart based on calories intake per time.

2 ) Fast Every Third Day A Week ( 5:2 Fast Method )

The basic idea behind 5:2 intermittent fasting method is to fast for two days in a week. While you can fast at any day in a week; it is most common to fast every third day a week. Its your second step in weight loss transformation with most results. The process helps reduce the insulin level in your body; pushing it to burn body fat to survive.

In recent study of 30+ women; the one following this method tends to show a 2.8% more weight loss than others. During this process you need to maintain a healthy but light diet during normal days; while living on strict diet of 300-500 calorie during fast days. This helps loose fat without having to feel the negative effects such as lack of energy and tiredness.

It is preferred and often suggested to have fresh seasonal fruits as your only diet on your fast days. Do not take in all calories at once; instead break them into small pieces so it only give you just enough nutrition and energy then you need. This helps avoid our body to build any fat from any excess calories at any time.

orange juice

3 ) Concurrent Alternate Fasting

This method is for those who wants to take their weight loss journey to the next level; and is ready to sacrifice all and do the hard work. As the name suggest the method involve fasting on an alternative day. Its one of the fasting method where you keep your body continuesly under calorie deficient state with surplus or balanced nutrition.

You are required to stay on liquid diet or on diet comprising only fresh fruits; that provide not more than 600 calories on entire day of fasting. It is advice never to start your transformation journey right away with this method; as for women it leads to irregular menstruation cycle. It is also accompanied by mild weakness and tiredness if done with tiring job schedule for both male and female.

You should only choose this method once get initial results with simple fasting methods; and discontinue it after a month or two of following. It is so because while it gives results even when others can’t; it also reduce your muscle mass which is not something desirable. Furthermore; its really unpleasant to sleep for long with empty stomach specially for long making it impossible to follow in long run.

4 ) The Weekend Fasting Technique

It is the way of fasting in which you eat normally as usual in week days while eat nothing during weekends. At start it can be problematic and hard to fast for the whole day just on water. This is why it is not considered to be a method for beginners. But once set the method can be really helpful in long term.

We require much needed energy with full mental attention during week days to perform our activities at job. And thus its a better way to do fasting on weekends; when you are free and mentally relaxed. I have personally followed this method for weight loss for some time; during my college before working on my muscles next day.

I have started this with skipping a meal and two followed by a gym routine in weekdays; right after my college hours. While some people follows a complete zero intake policy; i do drink coffee one or two times on my fast day. So be creative and make your fasting a better and fun experience; so it feel as any other day rather than a burden or task to complete.

5 ) The Warrior Diet Plan

The warrior diet method for weight loss is most popular for its effectiveness and ease of following. All you need to do is to have a diet just of fruits at noon and morning; followed by a medium heavy dinner. You might wonder how one can reduce weight by eating medium or heavy at night? But the method does work as it keeps you on a net calorie deficit; just not enough to trigger brain response to store more fat than it should.

Thus with time you loose weight in a healthy and gradual manner. The only problem with the method is that people get too far with this method; with no scheduled plan for catching up on the nutrients that they lack due to fasting on two meals each day. It is so advised to eat medium heavy dinner with lots of variety to compensate for those loss in nutrition.

Having an hydrated body can really boost up your weight loss process; so drink lots of water to stay hydrated while you fasting. Take utmost care while maintaining nutritional balance in your diet; with enough flexibility to accept light snacks while fast when needed. The method is best for those who have already tried on different intermittent fasting techniques; and have progress slow but gradual rather than forcing themselves to achieve their goal fast and easy.

Weight Loss Troubles ? – No More! | Shed 15 Lbs In Just Two Weeks

Want to fit in your old jeans or just trying to bring change for good. Whatever may be the cause; but one need to do more than just regular fasting to shed those kilos. In fact what i teach you now is the tried and tested method for weight loss using intermittent fasting method. Start with skipping on your breakfast; followed by a light exercise in form of jogging or walking for a kilometer or two.

Then divide your weeks into halves with at least three days when; you take on low calories, low protein diet while have a normal one on the other half of the week. Remember even when you split the weeks into halves; low calorie days and high calorie days. You still have to follow on to skip the breakfast followed upon a light exercise. By the end of the week you will loose on 8 Lbs of your body weight; followed by another 7 Lbs the next week.

Its not just a routine but a science of living with low calorie high nutrition diet to get slim; increase life span and reduce risks of heart related disease. If you just stay calm and have a positive attitude rather than in hurry trying so many techniques at once; you are just fine and will see results. In fact some times i see fast results while other it takes a little while it starts to make a difference. So stay motivated and keep loosing your body fat.

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