Why Corn A Better Carb Option ? Best Weight Loss Diet

Why Corn A Better Carb Option ? Best Weight Loss Diet

For long corn was considered mainly as a fodder crop rather than a human food specially in the western societies. After all it is easy to grow, cheap and provide less calorie per gram consumption. Unlike in past when it was considered a bad signs; its only recently we learn and start to appreciate it.

Traditional food crop such as wheat and rice have similar basic nutritional value that of corn. Wheat and rice while are more calorie dense; corn are rich in both fat and water soluble vitamins. The only problem is corn starts to loose its nutritional edge as we process it more and more.

While unlike wheat we does not need to process it to consume as it can be consumed even in its raw form; just by boiling in water or roasting it over fire. It is for these heath benefits, corn is prefer over others food crops by leading health professionals around the world.

The true essence of such low Carb food is utilized when you need to reduce your daily calorie intake drastically. Oh yes you can’t just go slim and confident just by exercise. Exercise are vital but are just like acceleration to your total calorie deficit without losing on essential nutrients.

Corn Nutrition Value Per 100g Serving

  • Fats – 1.18g
  • Calorie – 86 kcal
  • Protein – 3.27g
  • Carbs – 19.1g
  • Fiber – 2g
  • Vitamin A – 202IU
  • Calcium – 2mg
  • Potassium – 270mg
  • Magnesium – 37mg
  • Sodium – 0.77mg
  • Vitamin C – 6.8mg
  • Copper – 0.04 mg
  • Vitamin B1/B2/B3 – 0.11(mg)/0.17(mg)/0.6(mg)
  • Vitamin K – 0.33mg
  • High Anti-Oxidant Concentration ( Source : NCBI )

How Is Corn Beneficial In Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss, people tends to find the most effective workout program to success. But the effective and most efficient way to loose weight is to maintain calorie deficit diet; without sacrificing on nutritional value of your diet. The other things it need is a change in your lifestyle and light exercise.

You can only loose fat being in a calorie deficit diet and corn/maize is just one of them. It is so much low in calorie that it accounts for just 75% of what contained in normal wheat flour. On top of that it is rich in fiber which helps keep us feel fuller for long; thus curbing our desire to eat.

In fact it is an easy to cook low Carb food option with high fiber content which deserve to be on your daily diet list. The fiber makes it notoriously complex to digest staying longer in stomach; keeping you fuller for longer period of time without negatively affecting your digestive system.

Apart from saving yourself from bulk of carbohydrates that was keeping you obese; it provide the necessary nutrients such as vitamin B,C and A. Only few food grain have them in bulk and a corn is one of them. If grown in a certain way they could be more nutrients rich; says experts.

Why Maize Flour Is Not That Great For Weight Loss ?

Even i don’t want to accept it that a grain which is such nutritious and go to crop for weight loss; loose its advantages when when proceeded into flour. Actually when it is processed into flour they loose much of their nutritional value but not their starch.

So the end product we have is a flour rich in starch which cannot be used to replace your wheat flour in the kitchen. While a raw corn have just 86 calorie per 100 gram; its flour have much high calories i.e 365 for the same amount ( 100 gram ). This makes it more calorie dense than normal wheat flour we generally use.

Not just this, by the time they are turned into flour the vitamin concentration fall so low its almost negligible. The only thing left out is carbohydrates, lots of calories, fat, starch and small amount of protein. And when on top of that if you add fat, oil or butter for your food preparation; its become even worse for diet control.

In fact that is the reason why many project corn or maize as not a good food for weight loss. They may be somewhat right as even i would tend to switch to corn flour if i don’t know the fact. After all it is the popular culture that didn’t make eating boiled or grilled corn a respectable eating option.

Some Healthy Ways To Eat Corn

1 ) Healthy Corn Salads

Salads are both healthy, easy to prepare and delicious. The best part is you can mix it up with anything you like and at any occasion. There are more than dozen unique salad recipe for corn for your all needs; weight loss diet, healthy breakfast to a good change for the summer.

Corn in its raw form in salads contains the most amount of nutrients than in any other form. In that form it not just provide initial minerals like potassium and magnesium but also folic acid. You can also mix it up with other national food and salads for better texture and flavor.

In its simplest way all you need is 5 ears corn boiled, 1 diced tomato, one properly chopped onion, 2 tea spoon of olive oil, properly diced green bell pepper, natural salt and pepper. Now remove the corn kernels with a knife or fork in a bow and mix them with other ingredients.

2 ) Fat Free Popcorn’s

Since past century popcorn is associated with nice cinematic experience. Over years its process have evolved and flavors were added to increase its sale. But it is just recently big corporate have reinvented itself a healthy snack; a naturally occurring gluten free fast food.

But not all popcorn’s are equal, while the one made with oil and flavors smells and tastes really good. Its not as good as the aired popcorn’s. In its natural aired form its really healthy and nutritious but lacks in taste you could associate to as nice. This is why the most consumed popcorn’s are not the aired ones but the one stuffed with sweet, salt, oil, fat and flavors.

The only trouble is making popcorn over your stove or gas without oil is hard and tricky. Even my experienced mom can’t avoid roasting it here and there. So i buy this air-popper on amazon last year and been using it ever since. It proved to be a game changer as now its not just easy but also safe.

3 ) Boiled Corn On The Cob

I don’t personally like it; but that does not mean its less nutritional, healthy or even tasteful. In fact it is the best and most used method to consume corn in a healthy manner. It’s just some people seems to do better when it comes to making it delicious while others does not.

Cooking corn on cob is really simple and require little to no effort. First buy a fresh corn and pull off its husks removing all its threads. It can be really messy co keep a dustbin or trashcan nearby. Now boil some water in a big bowl and put these corn into them.

Now wait for five to eight minutes for the corn to cook. Once done your corn on cob is ready to be light fried with a little butter for 1-2 minute. Once done serve it with salt and pepper. You can also add toppings or mix it with other vegetables or food item.

Grilled Corn on cob

4 ) Grilled Corn On The Cob

My personal favorite, it is so damn simple even i love to cook one corn for myself. Whether you outside on vacation, throwing a get together or just want to eat healthy. You just need to reach to the nearest grill to do the job. The only trouble is you need to continuously pay attention.

Prepare the grill, remove the corn husk and put the corn on the grill. Now close the lid or cover and grill it for next 10 to 15 minutes. Turn the corn with hand or stick every 2 to 3 minutes so as the grains start to turn reddish with a little black on top of it.

By the end of 12 to 15 minutes your corn is perfectly grilled and will smells really nice. Now take your corn out of the grill; brush gently or just tap it with hand to remove any black shoot. Then eat them with a mix of salt, lemon and pepper for great taste. Give it a try, you will just love it!


If you are interested in weight loss, following a healthy diet or concerned about your calorie intakes; you can bring a welcome change by adding corn to your diet plan. While you cannot live just on corn, adding them just helps reduce calories and feel fuller; with the extra fiber you take with each 100g of corn.

So enjoy a taste of nutrition this summer either in the form of corn on cob, roasted corns or in salads. Corn’s are everywhere and we all consume them daily without knowing. So why consume its processed form containing less nutrition and not in its raw high nutritious form. Specially when unlike wheat which you cannot consume directly; you just can with corn.

General Disclaimer:This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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