When should you workout with 9 to 5 work schedule.

When Should I Workout With 9 To 5 Work Time ?

It’s not an easy task to manage workout schedule in your 9 to 5 work life. You hardly get some time for yourself and giving up on it is a tough call. Almost all major transformation stories that you see or heard is done; either with a full time workout or with a very flexible work schedule. But all is not lost; you still can manage to get some time for your workout following a long but steady transformation.

It all starts with a strong will and the urgency to fix your unhealthy lifestyle. Nothing is impossible in this world once you have decide. At first you need to do an honest assessment of your off duty routine; stuff like when did you go for sleep, wake up, things you do in morning and before bedtime etc. Try to find an scope of relatively free time out of your non productive activity to spend it on workout.

Once done if possible join a near by gym for that time. It would be hard at start to keep up to your commitment on a daily basis; but soon will be much easier once you get your momentum. Joining a gym is not everything; but it helps you stick to your routine with a company of like minded people. Get along and find your perfect GYM buddy; who will be there all time to help you push a little extra each time.

If you are wondering why you should find a gym buddy read through our old post on topic ” 7 scientific reasons why you should have a perfect gym buddy “.

Why Should You Workout Even With 9 To 5 Job ?

Working on a desk or down in a production line for years; makes your muscles weak and your bones disoriented due to bad posture. You must have noticed in the past; back pain you got sitting all day long on your desk to meet deadline or complete project. Furthermore if you sit too long; you will start to get obese with fat accumulating in your belly.

If you don’t care and sit idle soon will suffer from; high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, joint pains, back pains and so on. You have to fight this ! Countless studies have shown overtime that; doing a minimum exercise per week helps fight signs of ageing, look better, correct posture, reduce stress, improve fertility with an increased life expectancy.

Above all it helps boost your energy and confidence; something everyone needs working in tough job situation to make an impression. Do not workout to build body of a bodybuilder instead focus on core strength and overall fitness. There are plenty of ways to get distracted and get demotivated waiting for results which ain’t gonna come; like lots of girlfriends / boyfriends or sudden transformation.

So; don’t aim too high at the start or feel disappointed from others results. Everyone has an unique body in itself which takes different amount of time and effort to replicate the progress. It’s not must to gym two or three hours a day; even a 30 minute workout on a daily basis can make out wonders in the long run.

Creating Time For Your Workout ( Time Management )

There is no more time to relax on your office desk wondering; how some few lucky persons seems to get all that time to transform their life. People in general seems to find time more easily for watching T.V; chit chat, social media, games and even for house works then to workout, exercise or play outdoor games.

Research have shown that people who make a plan for workout or exercise; have far better chance of healthy transformation than those who are in denial of their health. The truth is you have ample free time off your work schedule for workout; and just need a strong will power to do it. Its nothing to be ashamed off its just human nature!

So stop complaining and ask your gym instructor to make an workout routine for you; considering your daily job schedule and physical and mental stress. If not; here are some workout schedule that i find useful and know will easily get along with your daily job routine.

1 ) Workout in The Morning

Get up early in the morning ? Great! If you find it easy to get up early in the morning consistently for a long time; it is the best spot for workout schedule. In fact it is the best time to workout at any point of day to achieve desired results. Your body is at fast for past six hours while you asleep; and any exercise or workout will cause your body to burn fat to release energy.

It just makes it easy to reduce those extra unwanted fat from your body without following up on tight diet chart. At morning your brain is at most calm and open way which helps you concentrate well and be mindful. Moreover your hormonal levels are at best balanced state which helps build up muscle quicker than ever before.

An hour of workout at morning will help give you an early boost with much more flexibility in timing. The calm and silent environment won’t let you get distracted. If you follow an early gym schedule its much more calm and peace; with much more people willing to help and assist. Neither you have to wait for any equipment or weights even in a small facility.

Moreover, since your body has recovered all night from the daily work fatigue and stress; you won’t find it too hard to lift off weights or burn some calories. So wake up early in the morning and start transforming.

2 ) Your Anytime Workout Mantra

Do you know walking is the most fun exercise one could do. Everyone should walk for at least three kilometers in total; just to maintain body posture and its core strength. Anything less than that will cause your posture to go bad with weakening of your thigh muscles. With availability of fast and reliable modes of transportation followed by an urge to reach on time; we hardly manage to meet the maximum walk criteria.

It is not important to go gym just to stay fit; its a place to build muscles. So can be easily replaced with activities such as cycling and walking. Aerobic exercise such as cycling, walking and swimming increase flexibility, burn calories, reduce stress on joints; such as knees and ankle while preparing your body for high strength workout such as lifting weights.

When sitting for long on the desk in office stretch your body fore and aft with standing in synchronous; this spread even supply of bloods to all your body parts. Take small breaks and walk a little; try to use stairs if possible and drink ample water to stay hydrated and maintain physical strength. If its hard for you to get to a balanced sitting posture use different balancing tools to assist you in the process.

Be confident about the work you are doing to bring a change; and ignore others who wants to demotivate you. Use your watch time effectively; add a bit of cardio and stretching at t.v commercials. Move around, jump and climb stairs; play workout DVD’s and bring in your family to your exercise event.

3 ) Post Work Workout ( Evening Gym )

For those of us who are not early birds; we have a hard time waking up an hour earlier in the morning. While morning routine sounds best to you; its always hard to followup on time each day. Moreover its not advised to do very heavy lifting in earlier stage in morning; as it require prolonged proper warmup to avoid injuries.

Most gym are available and open at evening and so its easier to catch up while returning from office. While you may feel exhausted after work; you won’t need much warmup before actually lifting some weights. Being awake for too long you are mentally prepared for workout in the evening. Go straight to the gym after work to stay focused and achieve results.

Most people who had a hard time sticking with their evening gym routine have one thing in common; they all pay visit to their homes. You just loose motivation and sense of duty; for the workout once you sat on that sofa switching channels on T.V. Since you already been through the hard work at office; go easy at the gym avoiding excessive workouts.

Make up for those workout cuts on weekends when you are more fresh and focused. Try to adjust to the early morning routine but if not; its a perfect match to complete your fitness goals putting a little extra effort.

Conclusion ( Way Ahead )

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”
– By Helen Keller

Finding the right time for workout is a tough job; specially with a 9 to 5 hectic work schedule. You have to continuously struggle between your desire to relax and need to change; finding time for workout. No matter what time you choose; evening or morning. You need to stay motivated and follow routine to succeed.

Making a plan on a piece of paper helps you stick to the routine. Try out some non conventional ways ( without gym ) to build strength and stamina such as swimming, walking and cycling. Utilize your non productive time mixing it with a bit of stretching and simple exercise. No one have achieved results over days and made some some mistakes; so do not panic and over exhaust you body. Give it some time and continues effort will start to pay off.

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