Waist Shrinking Exercises For Beginners | Complete list

Waist Shrinking Exercises For Beginners | Complete list

We all aspire for slimmer healthy body we can be proud off. While you can loose a few inches around your belly cutting down on body fat; you can push it further with waist shrinking exercises.

A slimmer waist to a limit is not just good for your looks and personality but equally beneficial for your overall health. In females it becomes even more important with better fertility and attractiveness. The key to this slim trim waist is the strong core and strengthen abs with healthy food and waist shrinking exercises.

If you thought it’s all about your abs and doing crunches, you are all but wrong. Yes, loosing fat and toning your abs are key to slimmer waistline. But the thing which matter most are the oblique muscles. Located on the sides of your abdominal they are what responsible for side to side twisting of waist and bending.

While many try too many things and fail to their goal in six weeks; its important to know waist shrinking exercises for maximum benefits. While you may be anxious to loose pounds let us first understand the science behind it.

The Science Behind Trimming Your Waistline

With waist or belly fat notoriously known for the effort and handwork it takes to burn fat. There is no surprise you are loosing on number but not on tap measures. So do not despair if this the case with you as almost two third of people reducing weight suffer with the problem.

So before explaining science behind burning waist fat; let’s understand their different types and why we have them in first place. Basically there are three main types of the fat lying in your waistline.

The Visceral, Superficial / Primary subcutaneous and Secondary subcutaneous fat. The visceral body fat lies so deep inside your waistline and forward abdomen that they can’t be pinched. They basically surround all the vital organs and are rich in Beta-receptors and blood vessels.

While it’s easier to burn they are healthy and vital for your health. They lie so deep inside our body that even the thinnest person have them without notice. On other hand the primary subcutaneous or superficial subcutaneous fat lies far out of the organs hanging on your waist. These are the fat you and i can literally see and need to burn out.

Being poor in blood vessels supplying blood to and fro with high Alpha-receptors; they are literally harder to burn and remove. The last type is the mix of both these type which is scattered all around our body equally.

Biological Reason Why We all Have Body Fat

1. Biological Reason Why We all Have Body Fat

We all have them ( Saturated fat, Normal fat and cholesterol ) because our body needs them. Although it need them in small amount but still it needs for the vital organ function, growth, energy storage, hormonal balance and reproductive health ( Women ). For thousands of year our ancestors survived the harsh reality of life and frequent food shortage with the help of fat.

They knew it was rather special; some thing which makes them fuller and also help them continue without food for sometime. This is how it becomes vital to balancing energy in our body. Anything we eat if contains more calories than we currently require is then converted to fat and stored at various body parts.

While we all store fat in our body, sex and age plays a vital role in determining its storage location. For example, women in their growth age ( 6 – 18 ) store three times more fat than men. While in men most of their superficial subcutaneous fat is stored in abdominal front right from start, female store much of their fat in pelvis, buttocks and thighs.

Fat ( Superficial subcutaneous fat ) storage in other areas only start when these primary location are at least partially filled. This is why men are three times more likely to have belly fat. While fat in men have no other health benefit to supply with energy in food scarcity; in females it help them with reproductive health.

Thanks to unlimited food availability on our touch of a finger; its no wonder we all are storing more fat then we should with no future use in general.

2. How Your Body Get Away With Stored Fat

Everyone seems to know at least in general that it takes hard work at gym or ground with calorie deficit diet to burn fat. But did you ever wonder how this process take place in our body? The science behind breaking and building fat cells is controlled by a process called metabolism.

Whatever you may know about metabolism; in short it is the science which governs the chemical process within our body to survive. From taking in air to breaking food to produce energy came under metabolic activities. Consider it as the power house operation of your body working for prolonged survivor.

To ensure survival at all cost it develop two step solution to ensure energy to vital organs at all times. For this it store the excess glucose created from carbs and fat into liver for instant supply of power; and store fat in body cells as storage for emergency. Now under normal circumstances you only consuming the glucose stores in liver; while yet store fat in cells as a part of long term survival strategy.

Now in condition you don’t eat for a long time or having carbohydrate deficient diet for too long the body had no other option then to burn fat. The process by which fat is burned and used in our body is called ketosis and the actual fat compound burned is called ketones. However it doesn’t occurs instantaneously and it require time for your body to prepare and adapt.

Ketosis Life Cycle Explained

Your body loves glucose so much so it won’t switch to any other energy form. Even if you do a mild workout or skip a meal our body can make out for glucose requirement from the glucose stored in liver in the form of glycogen.

In case there is not enough glucose stored available, the body switch to other alternative. One such prominent method is to partially oxidize ( beta oxidation ) fat molecules to first convert into triglycerides and finally into glucose. The complete process is triggered by our brain response to decreasing insulin level.

The another by product in this process is ketones which is then again burned to produce energy instead of glucose or carbs. But the only negative impact of this process is that; it increase the acidity of our blood leading to keto flu. It is the situation in which your body go though ups and down resulting in; headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, fatigue and constipation.

You may face these temporary side effects because our body is not habitual with burning large amount of fat at a short time. But as your body convert more and more fat into energy these side effects will die down. Under ketosis, while your body provide the energy to all organs it gradually cut down on digestive system.

The complete oxidation process of fatty acid lead to generation of 23-26 mole of ATP; which are more efficient than energy produced from oxidation of glucose. But since our body are hard wire to run primarily on glucose; burning ketones lead to lower energy level with slower muscular growth.

How Does Waist Shrinking Exercise Helps In Fat Burn ?

How Does Waist Shrinking Exercise Helps In Fat Burn ?

Fat is burned in our body through the process of ketosis under low glucose level in our blood. While this can be done by a longer fast or living on a low calorie diet. But how does exercise help with all of this? Doing workout or exercise we force the targeted muscle to first strengthen and then grow.

Now since muscles are a hundred times more metabolically active than fat cells. It takes more and more energy to sustain and even more to grow. After an hour of workout our body starts to lack on blood glucose and thus switch to burning its reserves in liver. While all organs makeup to this fluctuation, individual cells with more energy demand ( Muscles involved in workout ) starts the process of ketosis to fill the gap.

This is why building muscles or even strengthening it is the key to burning fat. While it use only 2 – 3 % of fat reserve but its the best you can get under no fasting condition. While fat tries to slow your metabolism making space for more fat to store; muscles on other hand demand for more energy accelerating metabolic activity.

7 Easy Waist Shrinking Exercises For Beginners

While regular exercise will help you shed inches of your waist in long run; targeted waist shrinking will do it in weeks. At bare minimum if you do it for half an hour daily. It won’t take long to see its results. The exercise will tone up targeted muscle group forcing it to burn fat from nearby areas i.e belly and waist line.

However you can get results with minimum workout its better to push it to a hour or two with calorie deficit diet for extreme results. Doing more exercise leads to more muscle growth which later cash in by burning more fat.

#1. The Easy Russian Twist

The Russian twist is a simple workout which target your external oblique muscles, abdomen and muscles along the lower back. Being a core strengthening exercise it helps you grow muscles in abdomen, lower back and along the waist line. Not just it’s good to get slimmer waist line but also stronger abs and lower back.

The workout involve twisting your torso from left to right with your body at an angle with the ground. While it is suitable for both sex of any age group; take medical advice in case of back injury or back pain prior to do this workout.

Start by lying on the floor or yoga mat folding your knees with feet on floor. You may also ask your partner to hold your legs stiff to the position. Now slowly raise your upper body so much so that it makes a “V” shape with your thighs.

Extend your both hands to the front and lock them together. Now without taking any support twist your torso from idle to right and then right to idle exhaling while adjusting your hands in air. Now repeat the process in left direction.

Repeat the complete process for at least next five minutes before taking rest or switching to another exercise.

#2. Regular Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise such as walking long distance, swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing, sports etc is a key in developing new muscle group and strengthening the existing ones. It’s the simplest way to makeup the muscle loss in our body after the age of 25.

After the age of 25 human body starts to loose about 100 grams of muscle mass each day. So unless you do any exercise of any form it’s unlikely your body can recover. Which then trigger slower metabolism, slumping posture and high insulin levels leading to even more fat deposition.

While regular aerobic exercise such as long walk or cycling can be a best fit to reduce fat; unfortunately it’s not targeted. Which mean it tends to burn fat from different parts of your body and not just your waistline.

If you know how to keep walking for long, wake up early for a quick jogging, ride a bicycle, know how to swim and have an enthusiasm to play sport at any age, then i am glad you don’t need anything to be thought to perform regular aerobic exercise. While its not the perfect waist shrinking exercises but still good enough and can be done without making adjustments with your daily schedule.

#3. Dumbbell Side Bend

There is no better exercise targeted at your waist line muscles. The dumbbell side bend works on your abdominal muscles, obliques, deep spines and muscle along the waist line. Not just they help develop stronger core and slimmer waist but also reduce back pain. But yet they are not something to be done each day.

The workout put pressure on your lower back muscles connected with your spines. Being already in tension 24/7 supporting your body it takes more time to recover and grow. So the dumbbell side bend exercise must be done with at least one day gap.

By bending side by side you are targeting both the external and internal oblique muscles. This ensure you tone up your core all around with equal strength and fat burn. Start by standing straight with your legs shoulder width apart. Now with your right hand holding your waist pick the dumbbell in your left hand.

Choose a dumbbell size which still have some weight and you are comfortable holding. Do not pick too light dumbbells so much so it hardly make a difference.

Now by keeping your lower body straight bend to your right by your waist to the limit you can reach. Take deep breath as you moves down, hold for a moment and return exhaling. Now repeat the same on your left side. Do for five minutes and then change hands for dumbbell and do it gain for another five.

#4. Normal Planks Workout

With planks it feels like to do it forever only if you are in shape. Believe me the moment you are not fit enough it will feel hard as hell to hold your plank position for long.

The planks in fact are the best exercise to strengthen your core and burn up some fat in associated area. No matter which form you try from normal plank to side and from forearm to dolphin you will get results. So don’t feel overwhelmed by the planks option available wondering which one the best for you.

Instead, pick any one you are comfortable with and devote your time and energy in that workout. Its obvious question for those who haven’t done it before; “How it works without any weight involved?” here our own weight do the magic.

Start by resting down on the floor or yoga mat with your face down; with the support of your forearms and knees. Keep your hands under at smoulder width apart with knees under your shoulder. Now slowly contracting your abdominal muscles lift up with support from your elbow and tip of the toe.

Make sure you maintain a straight alignment with your neck spine and body posture. Now hold on to the position for as long as you can. You may start to feel sensation, shaking of muscles and many more but push your limit.

Take deep breaths and hold on to the position for half a minute and then slowly get back to your initial position. Repeat the same exercise for at least three times; while its a normal practice to do it for a period of five minutes. While many tends to move or adjust their leg or hand position in between; its not recommended as may cause muscle stretch.

#5. The Triangle Crunches

If you don’t like the old boring crunches and wants to do something interesting; this one is for you. The triangle crunch is the perfect exercise for your core and oblique muscles. Not just it’s free of equipment but also fun to experience something which can be done with your friends and family.

With the use of legs along with core muscles it also helps provide flexibility and strength other than burning fat or toning your waist. The bonus part is the repetitive element of this workout from side to side which helps little extra burn.

Start by kneeling on your right leg with your left hand over your head and right with palm facing the floor. You may also use yoga mat if you wish to tho perform this workout. Now extend your left leg to the side lifting it in air. Now by lifting it higher bring it close to your torso while bending your knees and lowering your elbow.

In short you have to literally squeeze to bring your left knee to close to your left hand and return to normal position. Now to produce more burn start with 30 second exercise on each side of your body switching sides for the next 20 minutes.

#6. Side Plank With Hip Lift’s

There is a reason to why we still do old school exercise such as planks, crunches and pushups just like 20 to 30 years below. Its so because it’s works; but to extract more out of it health professionals came with different variation overtime. One such variation which target oblique muscles and shoulders is called side plank with hip rise.

What it does is to create controlled tension in your targeted muscles adding stability and strength over time. And as you know strength came with development of new muscle fiber; and it takes more and more energy to sustain them.

Thus the easy to look exercise involving gradual lifting of your waist / hip helps burn out the fat and look prettier. Get into the position for side plank lying down on side using elbow and arm of one hand to propped up. Make sure you your body is lifted of the floor or yoga mat with support at your toe and forearm.

Make sure your body parts are aligned straight to each other in perfect side plant position. Now slowly bring your hip down too near the ground and move it up thereafter.

Complete this up and down movement of your hip maintaining side plank position for some time before switching on the sides.

#7. Doing Bicycle Crunches

One of the basic waist shrinking exercises, the bicycle crunches helps put tension on your abdominal muscles while you move your legs. The constant movement in the workout elevates your heart beat ensuring faster metabolism and more burn.

With bicycle well known for burning fat around your waist and building core it’s unusual that it don’t ask for a set tool or speed to do it. The bicycle crunches target abdominal muscles specially the obliques in just one simple workout. Furthermore it does not require much effort to start as such in weight lifting or planks.

Lie down on to the mat with your head and shoulder a bit higher than the round pressing the floor with your lower back. Lock your hand behind your head.

Now move your head elbow and shoulder to opposite side twisting your core while pushing one of your knee towards your chest. Make sure the other leg is two to three meters above the ground while the process. Now lower your arm and leg at the same time and repeat the process in opposite direction.

General Disclaimer: This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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