7 Proven Treadmill Benefits For Your Body

Treadmill Benefits For Body That You Don’t Know !

While its hard to believe anyone would like to workout on treadmill rather than lacing up and hitting the road. Running outside is energetic and exiting experience as you always see something new each day.

But yet its truth you can’t sustain on your outside workout routine; whether be due to busy schedule or just an occasional rain.

Psychologically while running on treadmill is somewhat less exciting or appealing; biologically its all the same whether to run outside or at home on treadmill.

With ease of workout routine, equal burn, safety and protection against weather; its no doubt treadmill have become more of daily necessities out of movies and T.v shows.

With treadmill getting more and more popular in fitness industry; it most likely you should have tried one already.

While running on treadmill isn’t like that running on flat or hilly ground; there are many small benefits that we ignore which plays major role in burning calorie in long run.

You can’t get desired results with old school running in fields or by your roadside; with either getting faster or slow results. But with controlled running experience and workout programs; you end up much close to the desired results.

While treadmill benefits in a lot many ways; here are some proven treadmill benefit for your body.

Top 7 Proven Treadmill Benefits For Your Body

1 ) No More Excuses To Skip Workout Routine

There are plenty of things like weather, temp, wind and snow affecting your running performance out in the field. But whether its Snowing, Raining or a Foggy day; treadmill gets you covered and allow to workout at the fullest. 

While it won’t sound much but for places with high precipitation; the treadmill is definitely a workout savior.

Running out at open with different things to look and paths to choose came at a price; for higher risks to accidents and injuries.

As much as the treadmill be called “dreadmill”; there is no denial about its safe and convenient environment. So treadmill helps not just avoid accidents but makes it harder for you; to skip days for excuse of accident or injury.

After all the teachings and knowledge i know how hard it is sometimes for us to say no to our silly excuse and work.

Maybe you need to watch a show coming on television, or had fatigue; a treadmill starring at you just makes it harder for us to came up with silly excuses.

2 ) It’s No Secret That Treadmill’s Helps In Weight Loss

When you have weight loss in your goal treadmill is definitely your best friend. In fact its is the most effective way to loose fat; far better than cycling or dieting effort.

While its no secret that following a calorie deficit diet along with running on treadmill will accelerate the process; it’s the running on treadmill that do the major part.

Studies have shown that running on a treadmill helps you burn 25% more than other exercise; even 1 % more than running outside. Unlike outside where you go fast and slow; on it you go at a pace that helps burn more of your visceral fat lying deep down your belly.

Professor Kerry of Hopkins medical school describes that unlike other exercise that work great at start; running in a controlled environment works great in long run.

When other exercise struggle to burn any fat after a time; aerobic exercise such as continuous running at a pace keeps on burning fat at constant pace.

3 ) Its Gentle On Your Knees !

Do you know almost half of knee related injury happens due to running on uneven trains or with a flat shoe. While running out is fun and exciting it comes with a cost.

For most part its rocky, concrete and uneven ups and down that put stress on your knees. Moreover out open you need to constantly watch for the surface shifting focus away from running.

A treadmill provides a controlled environment with flat cushioned surface to run, incline and speed control. This ensures you can do what you want without worrying of the surrounding.

Since the running surface are flat and designed for walking and running application; it generate much lesser stress on your knees than usual walk or running on ground.

Most treadmills also came with a safety stray that protect you from any accident or injury by stopping the machine in event of emergency.

Unlike running outside where you can not push your limits all of a sudden without high risks of injury; you can simply go longer on treadmill with much less fluctuating stress on knee and calf muscles.

4 ) Its Versatile And Convenient To Workout

With most average and above treadmills came with preinstalled workout programs; you know you have some plan to stick to. Having a prerequisite plan with expected results just helps keep going.

Furthermore the different  workout programs to meet different goals helps us choose whats best for us.

It’s not just its versatility that makes it popular in fitness industry but its ease of convenience too. Anyone can use and workout on a modern treadmill even kids or elderly. You no longer have to worry of the favorite show missed or the heat or chilling wind outside.

With even smart treadmills you no longer have to carry your phone or need to worry of important calls or message. Its all connected and and available on a push of a button.

What more of a joy than to have someone that; measure your daily process and predict accurate results at the end of the month. That what many good designs are capable of doing while almost all provide analytics of your workout week after week.

5 ) A Treadmill is Your Best Training Tool

If you want to run for a marathon you should first train on a treadmill. Running on treadmill is relatively simpler and risk free than real running on ground.

So what the use of a on ground practice which let you injured only at the beginning of your training. That’s why many professionals runs and do it many a time on treadmill before practice on ground.

Whether you want to train for a sport activity like 100 meter run, marathon or just want to make workout a little harder; it contains all that needs to make it happen.

Set your limit, increase your speed and change inclination to burn more and at faster speed.

Mixing up with different speeds and inclination helps you build your stamina, makes you faster, helps burn more and get a healthy workout session. Initially all treadmills came with zero inclination and need a little bit of experiment; to know what works the best for your fat burn or stamina goals.

6 ) Why To Expend Your Time Only Running – Do Multi Tasking

One of the great irony of workouts is that generally they cannot be done side by side doing another thing. But what if i say using treadmill you can read, attend calls or even watch T.V while working out.

This ability for multi tasking makes it one of the favorite fitness machine.

You may heard from few that running on a treadmill is boring but they are who that doesn’t mix things up and take privilege of its multitasking abilities.

You can move it across bedrooms, halls to find the best viewing angle for your television or can brings in physical and audible books to read or listen.

With many expensive models you won’t even have to move your treadmill for entertainment; as they are all in all included as a part of it.

Just touch on the screen, choose your favorite songs or show and enjoy while burning up some kilo’s.

7 ) It Boost Your Stamina & Strengthen Circulatory System

Unless you are serious at losing kilo’s it unlikely that we regularly run, walk longer or swim. Aerobic exercise such as these are the helping hand of our body metabolism to help maintain healthy circulatory system. Keeping a healthy circulatory system makes your heart happy protecting you from heart disease.

Neglecting on your exercise is like neglecting on your healthy and specially the high risk of heart disease with growing age. Even walking for 20 minutes on treadmill of by the road side; can keep you fit.

Many people learn the importance of this while its too late for them to redo the past. If you have been running on treadmill in past you must have noticed how your stamina increase overtime.

Even athletes regularly work on advanced treadmills to build stamina; other than training on the ground. So do not do just for a slim body or appeal but for your own health and well being.

What Incline To Use On Treadmill For Best Result

An average treadmill came with either manual or auto inclination between 0 to 12 percentage limits. While many gurus tends to ask for more and more inclination for better burn; i don’t. It’s not false that with more inclination you will get more results with much less workout.

But running at an inclination of 12 % is some what equal to running on a slight cliff. It put pressure on your knees causing it to damage if not given ample time for rest. Treadmill are made to run and lose weight in a controlled environment away from the risks of accident or injury.

So when you exceed 8 % of inclination it becomes equally dangerous as running on uneven ground. But how to take advantage of the inclination safely? The best way to burn more with inclination without any further risks; is to set the inclination between 2 – 6 %. This way you burn more while enjoying the safety provided by the treadmill.

General Disclaimer: This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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