Is It Better To Run Faster Or Longer For Weight Loss

Is It Better To Run Faster Or Longer For Weight Loss

Thinking about of running i wonder is it better to run faster or longer. I know you must have seen and heard of the two forms of running.

The one in which we run slow but for continues ten, twenty, thirty minutes or even hour; while for other its just running at full capacity for a few minutes.

The first one where we run continuously at a slow speed is called jogging; while the later is called sprint.

Believe it or not they both are challenging specially for a beginner or one with weight issues; and have their separate advantages and disadvantages in terms of weight loss.

The strategy of running fast then walk and run fast again is more like of burning piece of paper; which gives heavy output in a quick interval but are not sustainable.

Running a marathon or going for jogging is like burning a hard wood; which takes time to give any output but are sustainable and have long lasting effects.

While the one give explosive results the other provide strength, stamina and endurance to your body; before burning the real fats in your body. Let us understand what does it all mean and what you needs to do.

The Effects Of Running On Our Body

Running helps develop good posture, elevate our mood and helps shed up some calories at we run.

As we start running whether be slow or fast; our body muscles in leg and thighs starts to consume energy already available to them.

As the local energy stored in muscles in form of glycogen starts to deplete; our body muscles start secreting lactic acid to signal the urgent need of additional energy and oxygen flow.

Our brain responds by diverting blood and energy from non essential organs such as digestive system to the; muscles working under pressure to keep running. This results in heavy breath and warming up of your body; as your body breaks more and more stored energy pockets to supply energy.

Now the body will continue to maintain a cycle of breaking energy pockets in different body parts; pumping more blood and taking deep breath.

But there is a limit to which the body can keep up with the ever growing demand to maintain speed; and so you feel an urge to stop at some point of time as it gets harder and harder to go on.

Now when we stop the demand for energy at short request reduce drastically; and our brain sends signal to restore normalcy while injecting endorphins into blood steams.

The hormone relax our mood and let us feel good about ourselves. To run fast or longer is a two different things; and need to chosen precisely for targeted results.

While running fast is best for those who want quick results in weight loss; on other hand running longer helps in overall development of your body and posture.

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Benefits of Running Short And Fast in Weight Loss

Anyone who had reduced lot many kilos in the recent past; will tell you the benefit of running fast or sprint in his / her weight loss transformation.

While running helps us burn calories; running faster helps us burn even more quickly in the same time interval. When we run fast; our body had to push further and harder to maintain same speed.

This results in more calories to be needed for the same distance; helping to loose on the extra kilos. What happens actually is that; when we run fast our body cannot make up with the growing demand of glycogen.

And thus had to release enzymes and chemicals; to break long term energy store in form of body fat to glucose.

This glucose is then converted to glycogen which feed up as the fuel to the body to function. So under peace time or walking our body was able; to keep up the energy demand by burning glycogen.

But as the demand rise in case of jogging or slow run; our body source glycogen from other parts of our body.

This helps our body to avoid using much of its emergency reserves in form of fat; saving it for a real emergency condition which ain’t gonna come.

So when we start to run fast our body can’t keep up with heavy imbalance of supply and demand of energy sources; and had no other option then to burn fat to ensure survival and functioning of core body parts.

Benefits of Running Slow And Longer in Weight Loss

While high intensity exercise such as multiple short sprint get you the fastest results; they are more riskier then low intensity exercise such as jogging.

People with weight issues are not generally fit and are so; more prone to injuries and trouble with high intensity exercise such as sprint. Even with the fittest person running fast just increase the risk for injury and fatigue.

To run fast or longer is not just about the perfect weight loss technique or physical strength; but also have an physiological angle to it.

It has been seen again and again that; most beginners who stick with just sprint and other high intensity exercise give up early. It is not because they don’t see results or don’t want to loose weight; but its the negativity it evolves when you can’t finish your designated running distance.

People who choose to run slow tends to find it easier to complete his or her designated running distance.

It just build up your confidence; so next time you push even harder and feel like you are going in a right way which also feels achievable. Moreover it helps build up endurance and stamina other than loosing some fat; which accounts for overall health benefit and not just weight loss.

The best point why you should prefer slow running over going for sprint is because jogging helps warm up our body; thus reducing the risks of injury and fatigue.

And you always burn calories whether be running slow or fast; it just the time you need with the slow speed longer run method which makes it look like slow and not quick fix to your weight loss troubles.

To Run Faster Or Longer

To Run Faster or Longer – The Best Way Ahead

What do you want; is it to loose most of your weight or to be slim and strong at the same time ? Well that’s a very simple question; a lot of us wants to just loose weight while other inspire to strong and slim body.

If losing weight is your key then going faster is better as its the one which will give you the results.

If you don’t just want to loose weight but also be strong go for the longer path. Running longer burns less calorie and thus require a far more time to show results.

But exposing your body over and over again withing a limit just elevates your metabolism and improve your stamina. This further improves your immunity, mood and muscular strength.

As described above in this article following just one is not always the best option as both have their cons and pros. So mix things up; start with a long run at slow speed to warm up your body.

This helps avoid unwanted injury due to fatigue and even helps one to adjust in your shoes; specially in the morning as sometimes we never fully awake.

Once set go for multiple sprints till you feel exhausted and then give yourself a break. Do not halt and sit down; instead walk slowly till your feel relaxed and comfortable again.

Drinking water or sitting down right away after sprint just increase the risks of cramps and future injuries. Even wear shoes which are in good condition to avoid knee and ankle problem in future.

Pro Tip

Do you know not all shoes are equal; running shoes are specially designed to assist person to run both slow and fast avoiding unwanted knee or ankle injury or strain.

You can buy one such running shoe for men and women from link over here on amazon.

How To Get Most Out Of Your Running Exercise

Being a beginner you must should have lots of doubts and questions. Not everyone on their own can get the same results from running; so one need to look into the strategy to get the best out of it. The best way forward is to start slow and double down on your efforts each next day.

If you are a beginner and its your first day; do not run instead just walk for half and hour to prepare your body. For the next one week combine your 10 minutes walk with 10 minutes of jogging. Next is make plan or target for the distance you would run next day; skip the walk and get on with full time jogging for the rest of the month.

By the end of the month you are ready for high intensity sprints and to mix things up. Now go for an early jogging for a predefined distance and; add up multiple sprints till you feel exhausted. Double down on your efforts each new day and be regular; as it starts to get little heavy on yourself with sprints on top of jogging.

Take breaks from your running activity on each Sunday and replace it with exercise such as; cycling and swimming. I generally prefer the cycling not just because i am a terrible swimmer but also; i do my odd jobs and day to day activity while cycling. Eat light but healthy to maintain your strength and necessary nutrients while keeping you on net calorie deficient.

Pro Tip

Remember the thing which matters most above all is your commitment and self believe that you will loose your weight. Never start to doubt of your attempts and hard work; as it just makes it harder for you to continue on the path of success. Have some one for your companionship as it helps stick to the workout plan; and motivate each other when needed.

General Disclaimer: This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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