Touring Bike vs Road Bike – What Should You Ride?

Bike riding is becoming a trend in the current time. Most of the bike riders got confused between touring bikes and road bikes for bike riding. You may be familiar with both of them and wondering what makes a touring bike different from a road bike. Touring bikes and road bikes are different things, which […]

Bar End Shifters: What Are They And Why It’s Good For Touring

Tired of using integrated side shifters that came in with most bikes and thought of bringing in change with bar end shifters? Well you might be the second person next to me who was confused, did some research and finally choose to try out one of these on my old tour bike. Living life on […]

Are Mountain Bikes Good For Touring? Yes Here’s Why!

The one-word answer to your query “Are Mountain Bikes Good for Touring?.” is Yes. Although mountain bikes are specially designed to run on rugged terrains, it is also suitable for a long-distance trip. The MBT is powerful, can deal with the most challenging roads; professional riders even prefer these bikes. Riding a mountain bike requires […]

Can You Put Panniers On A Road Bike? | Road Bike Touring Guide

So you are planning your next road bike trip for the weekend and wondering whether you can put Panniers on a road bike. I can feel your excitement and so do your doubts. To make the most of the adventure, carry all the essentials and perhaps little extras too. You wouldn’t want to spoil the […]

Cycling Across The Golden Gate Bridge: Tips & Route Details

What’s better than biking on holiday? And if it’s across the Golden Gate Bridge, who would even say no? The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the best place to visit on a holiday biking trip. It’s refreshing, a good tourist spot, and a great place to enjoy biking with your partner. While it […]

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