Do Mountain Bikes Holds Their Value? MTB Depreciation Guide

Mountain bikes tend to lean on the more expensive side because of their durability both on and off sidewalks or set bike paths. Spending a few hundred dollars is not out of the question, but with equipment like mountain bikes you tend to get what you paid for. In present times, with inflation impacting all […]

Understanding How Stem Length Affect Mountain Bike Handling

Worrying if your stem length is right for your mountain biking needs? Well you can learn in this post how stem length affects your handling, steps to measure it properly and optimize handling. The stem’s primary objective in a mountain bike is to clamp the handlebars to the steer tube. The stems are available in […]

Are Bar Ends Worth It? How & Why To Install Bar Ends On MTB

Ever seen a bike that appears to have horns on either side? Well, that’s exactly what bar ends are. They promise to provide you with all the comfort and functionality you need, in order to have an experience free of trials and tribulations; irrespective of your age. Although bar ends have faced a lot of […]

Are Mountain Bikes Good For Touring? Yes Here’s Why!

The one-word answer to your query “Are Mountain Bikes Good for Touring?.” is Yes. Although mountain bikes are specially designed to run on rugged terrains, it is also suitable for a long-distance trip. The MBT is powerful, can deal with the most challenging roads; professional riders even prefer these bikes. Riding a mountain bike requires […]

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