Rigid Mountain Bike: Mountain Bike Without Suspension

A rigid mountain bike is the complete opposite of the full-suspension mountain bike. These bikes come without any suspension and do not absorb the bumps you may encounter on difficult terrain. The rigid mountain bike is a popular choice for old school mountain biking ( like in late 80’s and Early 90’s ). However, they […]

Are Cannondale Mountain Bikes Good (Are They “Worth It”)?

If you’re looking for a new mountain bike, there are a few brand names you’re likely to see popping up among your search results, or advertised at your local bike shop. Cannondale is certain to be one of them. But, are Cannondale mountain bikes any good? Absolutely. In fact, they are among the best you […]

11-Point DIY Mountain Bike Maintenance Checklist

Mountain biking is the hardest type of riding. It’s speeding over sharp gravel and gnarled tree roots, landing hard after launching over the crest of an incline, and powering through deep puddles and thick mud. Consequently, MTBs are the toughest, most resilient bikes around. Because of this, owners can be lulled into a sense of […]

Types of Mountain Bikes Explained ( Difference, Features )

If you are looking to know more about the difference between a hardtail, duel suspension, rigid, and fat-tire mountain bikes. You have come to just the right place! Here we will explain the key differences between each type of mountain bike in the market and the features they host,. Right from electric mountain bikes to […]

Full Face Vs Open Face Mountain Bike Helmets

There is an ongoing debate, whether to buy an open face or full face mountain bike helmet. Experts believe you should buy according to your style of riding. If you’re a hardcore trail lover and fascinated by traveling downhill at speed, then a full-face helmet presents you with added protection because head injuries are often […]

How Long Will A Mountain Bike Last? MTB Biking Guide

At some point in your biking journey you may start to wonder how long do mountain bike last, what’s the average age and how can I extent the life of my mountain bike. Mountain biking has many health benefits, starting with improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening your immune system, reduced stress and improved mood, and enhancing […]

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