Can I Convert Flat Bars To Drop Handlebars | Mountain Bike

Drop handlebars look cool. When you see a bunch of serious cyclists riding, it’s easy to miss the little details on their bikes. Handlebars, however, are big, bold, and extremely visible. Whether you’re on a trail, on the road, or hanging out in a public place, the distinctive curved shape of drop bars stands out […]

All About Oval Chainrings And Why You Should Have One

Oval chainrings tend to turn bikers into evangelists. After a few weeks or months on a bike with one of these elliptical contraptions, you’ll hear friends, coworkers, and media personalities gush about their magical new part for hours on end. But is the hype real? Let’s dive into the world of chainrings and analyze what […]

Is WD-40 OK For Bike Chains? WD-40 Bike Chain Maintenance

There is no doubt about the effectiveness and use of WD-40 in fixing daily issues; from de-greasing, fixing stuck or bound locks, lubricating appliances to removing rust. But when it comes to your bicycle; many wonder if is it safe to use WD-40 on your bike chain. Bear in mind; your bike chain has to […]

7 Brilliant Tips: How To Protect Your Bike From Scratches

It is inevitable that your bike will be at risk of getting scratched at some point in its lifetime because there are so many potentially damaging factors out on the road that we cannot plan around. These include loose debris, overgrown plants, and other people and vehicles. You cannot remove the risks, but you can […]

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