Specialized vs Giant Bikes: Full Brand Comparison!

If you are confused about choosing between specialized and giant bikes, you have landed in the right place. This article will compare Specialized and Giant Bikes, which will help you make a better decision. When purchasing a bike, it’s important to keep certain points in mind. Since everyone’s requirements are unique, that’s why it’s important […]

Trek vs Specialized Mountain Bikes | Which One is Better?

Trek and Specialized are two pioneers of Mountain Bikes. They are too good to not divide the opinions of experts, professionals, and amateurs sharply. Let me be straightforward, I bend towards Specialized marginally. I have my reasons and will elaborate them later. Being an enthusiastic mountain biker, it’s been a tough choice and I cannot […]

7-Speed Bike Vs 21-Speed Bike | Riding Experience, Gear And Shifting

Speed is something that gives us all the thrills and chills. It’s so damn important new riders and cyclists often argue on which bikes are fast enough and which speed gears go the fastest 7-speed vs 21-speed. There are many top-notch bikes available in the market that have different speed abilities; thanks to better speed […]

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