How Many Bicycles Are In The World? Bike Facts & Statistics

2020 was the year of renaissance for cycling industry with demand two to three times higher than supply worldwide. This sudden urge to stay fit then add on to already growing trend to shift to bikes. Ever since 1965 when the production of bicycles surpass that of cars; the demand for more, better bicycles has […]

Is Cycling With A Backpack Bad For Your Back?

It is common knowledge that exercise is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Health and wellbeing professionals often promote cycling as their choice of exercise as it is a method of cardiovascular fitness and fat burning, while it also supports muscle strength and improvement. In addition to providing physical and mental health benefits, choosing to […]

Why Cyclist Prefer Messenger Bags over Backpack? Commuting

Bicycle has increasingly become a popular option for commuting nowadays. However, bikes are never known for their storage space, so messenger bags and backpacks are the way to go to haul your gear and belongings. It is established that many cyclists prefer the messenger bag over a backpack because of a variety of reasons. This […]

Are Cruiser Bikes Good for Long Distance Rides?

Cruiser bikes are quite similar to hybrid bikes, but the cruiser bike is a bit more durable and has more adjustments to maximize the rider’s comfort. As the name suggests, you are able to ‘cruise’ while you cycle, so the ride will feel smooth and pedaling less strenuous. After-all a smooth, comfortable ride is exactly […]

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