101 Positive Affirmations For Your Abs Workout

101 Positive Affirmations For Your Abs Workout

Who does not wants to succeed and feel healthier. While everyone loves to get inspired from others; whether be watching online workout lessons or reading an article in fitness magazine.

The bitter truth is, only a handful of people who starts; ever be able to replicate or surpass their success.

Getting inspired is easy but keeping your motivation up is a hard one. Its better be said in fitness industry that; you need to think about the success before actually achieving it.

Most people loose or give up because its easy to; and always just a step ahead rather than your goals which seems uncertain in the future.

There is so much negative energy in ourself that push us away from what we truly deserve or want to achieve.

This is where the positive affirmation came into play. It’s not just a manifestation of your goals; but a way to improve your life, stay motivated and build up positive energy within yourself.

Just by reading or believing in affirmation such as “you can push a little harder”; it trains you psychologically to go that extra steps without giving up that easy.

It’s not just words but expressions which can convince you to work a little harder each time; to improve your health and fitness. The power to change your life is with you; it just channels it in the right path.

101 Positive Affirmation For Abs Workout At Gym And Home

This is not all of my personal collection; although some are created by me to motivate myself out of my own words.

Out of the 101 positive affirmations; some are written by me while others are just a nice collection of positive affirmation available. I have used them in past to let go my negative thoughts and boost confidence.

  1. I believe in my 6 pack abs Journey.
  2. There is no need to worry when i am already seeing progress.
  3. I love my daily abs workout.
  4. My body is my home; and its my duty to keep it in good shape.
  5. I start my day and workout full of confidence and positive energy.
  6. My health is the most important thing to me.
  7. I feel joy and commitment pushing little harder while working out.
  8. There is nothing i have to prove to somebody.
  9. I don’t compromise with my fitness routine.
  10. I feed my soul to be strong and supportive.
  11. My partner is my soul which don’t let me stop.
  12. I think positive about my workout and it responds back by showing great results.
  13. I have the power to create a change.
  14. Today i will let go all my fears and and stress to start a new life.
  15. Change is necessary to improve upon yourself each day.
  16. I am grateful to the god for my body.
  17. I celebrate each day of my workout as success.
  18. No matter what i always stick to my decisions.
  19. I feel stronger and healthy each day.
  20. I am happy about my life and decisions.
  21. Each rips that i do is for a purpose.
  22. Setbacks are just a speed bum in my success story.
  23. I never give up!
  24. Everyone appreciates me for my commitment to fitness.
  25. I have started to feel my six packs.
  26. I have all what it takes to be successful.
  27. Life is all about showing up and you will eventually succeed.
  28. I have the courage to act upon and get results.
  29. I trust my instinct when it comes to positive decisions.
  30. Everything that i do is for a purpose.
  31. I deserve to be successful
  32. I am born to achieve goals i have set for myself.
  33. Everyday i wake up with this new energy.
  34. People stay low when live kicked them; but i am not one of those.
  35. I double down on my strategy and effort when my chance to succeed looks bleak.
  36. My God awards me for my hard work.
  37. Every challenge that i face is an opportunity to growth.
  38. I am happy because i trust the process.
  39. One can be man or women but not as strong and committed as me.
  40. Nothing is by chance but years of hard work!
  41. I choose to think positive and great things happen to me.
  42. Its hard to get results on your abs workout; but i did it!
  43. I always think The BIGGER Picture.
  44. Great things happens to those who work for it.
  45. Every day I move a step closer to my goals.
  46. My positive affirmations for my job and success always pays off.
  47. I am in charge of my life.
  48. There is always new to learn and Try.
  49. I create dreams to achieve it.
  50. I am fit, fitter and fittest.
  51. All excess fat is getting away from my body.
  52. I choose my health above comfort.
  53. All my workouts are concentrated and intense.
  54. Being strong and fit is an integral part of my life.
  55. Working out relives my stress and makes me attractive.
  56. I stay motivated throught my workout routine.
  57. Everyday that i work is for a cause.
  58. Every day I maximize my physical potential.
  59. Every day that i workout makes me feel younger and leaner.
  60. Exercise is being a part of my daily life.
  61. I never skip my gym for any reason whatsoever.
  62. Hard work never goes waste!
  63. I love the way workout makes my body looks better then ever.
  64. My body is in perfect shape.
  65. The leaner I get, the healthier I feel.
  66. Nobody can stops me now.
  67. I take every workout as an challenge.
  68. I have never held back and always face challenges upfront.
  69. No one can maintain an healthy weight as myself.
  70. I look wonderful today.
  71. There is always extra time for one more exercise.
  72. I feel better than before each morning.
  73. No one can say what i should and what shouldn’t do.
  74. I follow a discipline in my life and workout.
  75. I have reached my goals for the month.
  76. There is nothing in this world which can’t be done.
  77. I just feels nice to have an flat belly.
  78. I no longer have an irregular body shape.
  79. Step by step and rep by rep, I am creating my perfect body
  80. I loose on weights each week.
  81. Get up and start moving!
  82. Walking is what i choose to do as an all time workout.
  83. When it comes to weight loss and abs; you are the champion!
  84. Exercising is fun and revitalizing.
  85. I drive less and bicycle more to speed up my fitness process.
  86. I can do it in record time.
  87. They can and so am I !
  88. There is just one day i take a break; that is none day.
  89. I am born to be lion and not a sheep.
  90. 2 packs? 4 packs? But i have Six packs !
  91. It’s always easier to get in shape once you start.
  92. I likes the way it gets tighter and tighter each passing day.
  93. Building The core is the best way to look better.
  94. Week one, two three, four and i have shaped up and look slimmer.
  95. My workout helps be better sleep.
  96. Now i don’t feel shamed at beach anymore.
  97. It feels amazing to see my abs coming out of thick skin.
  98. I take the 14 days abs challenge.
  99. Every day i am performing better and better.
  100. I know you can do it!
  101. I appreciate my love for myself and my body.

How Does A Positive Affirmation Works? – The logical Science

Most of us had been schooled in our past specially by the teachers in our childhood. Those words like stupid, lazy and useless stick to our subconscious mind; and starts to shape our personality susceptible to stress fear and anxiety.

We receive so much of negativity throught our life that; when you think to succeed it tries to held you back.

Whenever we get an small failure in our lives; our brain immediately store that information in our subconscious mind. Now if we never succeed or too often failed.

It multiplies on our fear and break our morale and confidence. Thus building more of the negative energy holding you back to ever succeed; while letting you feel you are born to failure.

A positive affirmation is piece of words creating small sentence or phrases; which you speak to yourself until it latch on to your subconscious mind.

The sentence or words does not seems to be true but should always project yourself as the hero of your story.

It opens the door for new thoughts and confidence to build some space; in the subconscious mind loaded with past failures. A positive affirmation works much like that of a Hollywood film.

Just like in film you cry on emotional emotional scenes knowing the fact that its not real; similarly the affirmation builds an positive notion around yourself to build confidence and self motivation.

When you speak to many times to yourself that you can lift 50 kilos; its becomes easier for you to do it because of the self confidence it builds.

Ideally self confidence builds when we succeed after long struggle; but a positive affirmation skips the hard part and give you the results.

How Much of It is Based Upon Science

According to a recent journal published by physiologist in university of Pennsylvania; positive affirmation of any form enhance our self stem reducing our fear to failure and take risks.

The different forms of positive affirmation can be; speaking to himself, writing down what one likes and dislike about himself and where he wants to see in future.

There is also an another common way to surround yourself with successful people; or at least affirmation mounted on walls stating success.

The researchers asked 120 participants to rank in ratio of 1 to 10 for different aspects of life for success or satisfaction. The participants were then asked to think; of such situation affecting their decision and recorded their brain activity for study.

The researchers looked upon their neural impulses to back up the science behind positive affirmation techniques and its effect on one self.

What they find is that, it works similar to an achievement when our brain release a small amount of dopamine; to feel pleasant and confident of what we achieved.

The process works to build up the foundation blocks of your self esteem and self worth. Furthermore people with higher level of confidence were seen to be more flexible and planned; with steps in mind to take when things don’t go as expected. On other hand people with less confidence were seen short sighted with no plans if things don’t goes as they have expected.

Your Abs Workout Toolkit For Workout At Home

While it just feel fine and healthy to do simple abs workout without any tool or help. But a tool like of an abs roller wheel; makes you perform more challenging core exercise. I helps get you fast results targeting your abdominal and side muscles achieving higher muscles activity than normal workouts.

Just put it next to your T.V or somewhere you relax and just roll it through in your free time. Its really convenient and easier to do than it looks. I have personally used “Abs pro roller for core exercise” in the past to get great results; you can check on its price on amazon from links over here.

While using hyper extension machine you can build strength in core while performing challenging exercise targeting lower abdomen, back and  hamstrings. A hyper extension bench don’t take much space; and can be used for a variety of workouts including targeted abs exercise.

Furthermore It allows for a better motion to your muscles for same or similar exercise done on floor or mat. A hyper extension machine typically came in the range of 100 to 150 dollars; You can check on its price from link over here on amazon. For best results the hyper extension workout should be mixed with roller ball or  roller wheel workout.

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