Best Nike Shoes For Hiking In 2019 | Review

Best Nike Shoes For Hiking In 2019 | Review

If there is anything Nike shoes are good at is its quality. Known for their wide range of athletic shoes. They also produce some of the best hiking shoes in the market. Whether its the balance, comfort, support or durability; you will appreciate Nike shoes for there quality.

Hiking is an activity with a low barrier to entry; all it takes is the right mindset and a good pair of shoes to start. Getting the right mindset is easy but the other is not.

The proper footwear can make or break your day when backpacking for outdoor activity. Whether it is the scrunched toes, strained muscles, blisters or all; you will really curse your shoe at the end of the day.

That is why most casual and serious hikers are always concerned about their shoes; when going out for hiking to experience some of the finest nature’s beauty. With Nike shoes, you are in good hands!

We have tested several random shoes inside out to find them perform well on one or two criteria. But it was the Nike shoes that top in all. As the momentum is slowly shifting towards lightweight hiking shoes; we feature only the best for you on the list.

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Top 10 Nike Shoes Perfect For Hiking Compared

1 ) Nike Men’s Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

The Manoa Leather boot from Nike is our top choice for hiking. I’ve spent a lot of time wearing them in suburban settings; just outside the town to find its quite a comfortable shoe to have. Being just 20 ounces in weight, it’s quite lightweight for the design.

Having full leather construction its easy to clean and are great for dust and dirt. Since it’s lightweight and elegant you can easily use it to walk in town. While the extra support, stability, ground grip and ankle support; make you proud on your buying decision at the hill.

It features an impressive lacing system that helps secure a locked-down fit. Together with the tread design, it offers a great uphill grip and better overall durability. It’s cushioned interior and mesh upper allows for breathability and comfort that last all day.

The shoe is far more nimble than traditional hikers and doesn’t come with a rigorous break-in period. Overall its a great fit for those who do not sacrifice with either; price or overall worth. The rugged rubber outsole helps the average hiker; to conquer tricky terrains.

Nike Men’s Manoa Leather Hiking BootCheck Its Price On Amazon!

2 ) Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men’s Hiking Shoes

The ACG Air Revaderchi Hiking Shoe came in second to our editorial choice. It’s truly outstanding with top performance in our 5 out of 6 testing metrics. Like any other running shoes, it features extra cushioning; that translates into a super comfy ride on the mountain trail.

This makes it more than idle for those who have an issue walking well on uneven grounds or sensitive to impacts. Unlike typical hiking shoes, it’s a bit roomier and looks modern with nice design and color. It features a unique sock-like upper that shapes well to your foot as you lace.

This ensures a custom fit, better durability and overall comfort to the hiker. With the addition of a rubber toe cap, there is extra protection for your feet upfront. The rubber sole is designed especially for hiking needs and offers a bigger base and greater support.

I will recommend these shoes not just for hikers; but anyone who has anything to do with walking distance. But there were some concerns too as it takes almost one week in general or two days if worn for more than 6 hours to break in. Otherwise great value for the price!

Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Hiking ShoesCheck Price On Amazon!

3 ) Nike Air Max Goadome Boot For Hikers

In our Internal test, the Air Max Goadome boot performs the best in harsh conditions. It is a comfortable shoe that fits just right and is comfortable to wear. The shoe is warm enough; you can littery take them to snow walk and yet don’t feel cold inside.

Made with high-quality leather it features a classic outdoor look. Given its low weight and high impact protection; its long been a consistent personal favorite. Built for tough conditions this full-grain leather boot is waterproof and provides intuitive support at hilly terrains.

The rubber sole is both rugged and durable making maximum traction with its lugged tread. That means it’s sufficiently grippy and tough for long hikes and rocky terrains. While its Air-Sole midsole technology makes pounding out miles on such tracks a lot less daunting.

It came out quite special as its cleat is very quiet and produces much less sound as you walk. Made in US it is built for adventures across any terrain. The best part is it’s quite versatile and can easily fit as your work shoes; although it will negatively affects the life of the shoe.

Nike Air Max Goadome BootCheck Its Price On Amazon!

4 ) Nike SFB Special Tactics Men’s Boots

If you not into style but build quality; This tactical boot is an absolute buy recommendation! For a brand that is known to put both comfort and quality – it is just another product in the line. It is built to meet the intense physical demands of hiking in general.

We found these shoes to be quite flexible, athletic and quite durable. It features a breathable canvas; that looks modern and is designed for first responders. These shoes are very comfortable right out of the box with the breathable canvas. Meaning Very short break-in period.

We even like it for everyday use; thanks to its attractive design and clean look. When tried first hand they were supper comfortable on uneven terrain and easy to walk in. In fact, you would be in love with them unless you hate boots for their massive size.

The only thing that’s quite odd about this boot is its size; as you need to buy a size up to get the best fit. Otherwise, it is a fantastic shoe with a dynamic lacing system for enhanced lockdown. The rubber outsole is quite wide and features an aggressive traction pattern for a better grip.

Nike SFB Special Tactics Men’s BootsCheck Price On Amazon!

5 ) Nike ACG Dog Mountain Trail Running Shoe

The ACG Dog mountain trail is a recent addition from Nike in the series of its outdoor shoes. Unlike hiking boots, it offers better flexibility when it comes to uphill movement. The good thing is it looks quite good and has an appeal to stands out.

Made for the tough conditions they held up quite good and easily fit in as your daily shoes. In fact, its the one shoe after the test I keep wearing for some time. It’s just so comfortable and easy to walk in. One thing for sure, you are going to get great compliments for the shoe.

The traction is great and the sticky rubber under the toe; makes it possible for you to scramble, edge on rocks and smearing. Definitely, a great shoe to consider for most on-trail off-trail conditions. Furthermore, it has a superior build to it and is quite durable.

With a lightweight design and cushy sole its weight-saving perspective; it makes ACG Dog Mountain the choice for long term hikers. Thanks to the super high traction this rubber sole provides; optimal grip and stability in the wettest condition under off-trail routes.

Nike ACG Dog Mountain Trail ShoeCheck Its Price On Amazon!

6 ) Nike Men’s Air Wild Mid Boots

We chose the Air Wild Mid Boots in our list for its water repellent characteristics, lightweight cushioning and better support. Ignoring its mid-range performance in durability in our internal tests. Being waterproof or water repellent is a great benefit; being on off-trail mountains.

You never know of the actual condition, and it needs a great deal of support and grip on such tracks. So for a casual hiker, it’s not a bad option to go for. Designed for walking over the most rugged terrain it is known to offers superior traction and ground grip.

The shoe fits true to its size and does best with lower pack weight. Afterall the least you want is to pay attention; to how much your shoes are weighing you down. In addition, these include molded sock liners which help enhance comfort and fitting of the shoe.

The neoprene collar wraps well on your ankle thus allowing an easy on-off. Perfect for the colder months, it offers the typical style and fitting of the Nike shoes. The canvas upper is easy to clean meaning; you can hike for miles on dusty trails without worry too much of the cleaning.

Nike Men’s Air Wild Mid BootsCheck Price On Amazon!

7 ) Nike Men’s Air Max 90 Low-Top Sneakers

It’s pretty decent shoe good for casual hikers not looking for exceptional qualities. The Air Max 90 implements superior rubber sole that provides an excellent grip. That makes it suitable for wet surfaces and off-trail hiking. Made in USA it is quite durable and easy to maintain.

The air max also uses a unique lacing system that extends from the ankle toward the tongue. This keeps your heel in place thus providing better midfoot support. It’s moderately flexible thus great for those who like to move fast or enjoy running on mountain trails.

This is among one such hiking shoes with diverse color options to choose from. The best part is it is quite a genuinely good product for the price range. But definitely not quite enough I would recommend it for professional hikers with much better expectations.

Made of 100% textile upper it is quite durable and easy to clean. It’s Lightweight EVA midsole for added comfort; it makes them an excellent choice for long-distance hikers. Inspired by other hiking boots it features enhanced traction pattern to perform virtually in any terrain type.

Nike Men’s Air Max 90 Low-Top SneakersCheck Its Price On Amazon!

8 ) Nike Mens SFB Field 6″ ACG Canvas Boots

A perfect shoe for adventurous souls, the Nike SFB Field 6 canvas boots is known for its comfort and versatility. The molded TPU toe cap enhances its protection and support capabilities. That is why we kind of like its rugged appeal while our internal testing.

The canvas upper is quite light and water-resistant. Unlike waterproof shoes that give full water protection but are quite warm. This ensures you get minimum protection; while still allowing ventilation to let you cool at all times. Thus helps keeps the foot dry no matter the weather.

On the downside, the SFB Field 6 Canvas Boots is seven ounces heftier. Furthermore, it looks much like any winter boot and needs some time to break-in. Other than that its quite decent shoe to have for casual hiking. We even like it for everyday use for its attractive design and comfort.

The SFB Field 6″ ACG Canvas Boots have a cushy sole; that is both quick-drying and have great traction for rugged mountain terrain. The Continental Rubber outsole with a speed lacing system supports your feet on most uneven grounds under varying conditions.

Nike Mens SFB Field 6″ ACG Canvas BootsCheck Price On Amazon!

9 ) NIKE Air Zoom Tallac Lite Hiking Boot

If you are into style and love hearing complements; this is just what you need this hiking season. It provides great traction and is comfortable to wear; thus making it an excellent shoe for several outdoor activities. Above all, it has a feel of an athletic shoe while the performance of mountain boot.

It features a lightweight textile upper with injected TPU technology. Thus, improving its load-bearing capacity, breathability, and overall durability. Similarly, a combination of a forefoot zoom air unit with a phylon midsole and extra air sole for heel; results in a higher degree of cushioning.

This is a shoe that grabs lots of attention for good looks. It feels nice on your foot and always a great fit. The only trouble is it may cause you blisters for long use before the break-in period. For instance, in our internal test, it takes five days to break-in before long term use.

So, unless you want something to use right out of the box; this could be a great fit for hiking and office use. Low lug design with superior outsole material; provides quick forward movement in all conditions. In conclusion, it is a great hiking shoe to have that really looks good.

NIKE Air Zoom Tallac Lite Hiking Boot Check Its Price On Amazon!

10 ) Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

The Air Monarch IV is the burliest shoe in this review. Made of leather with a synthetic mix; it offers a robust waterproofing and can withstand years of abuse. Whether it’s from dust, dirt, challenging mountain conditions or heavy impact; it will always inspire you with its durability.

It features a modern design with great traction and stability for mountain trains. The shaft is low-top from the arch and has perforated leather top construction. The best part is, it does not need any break-in period and is quite supportive to wear.

Made to support your most indoor-outdoor training; it incorporates phylon midsole with Air-Sole unit for better support and cushioning. In our internal test, we found this pair to work fairly great on all parameters; except the few needed solely for the hiking.

In other words in nothing but the best shoe for a gym, sports or on the daily job. Unfortunately, it is not that nice when it comes to everyday hiking; but it would a nice alternative to expensive hiking boots for a casual trip. Overall, it’s quite a sturdy shoe with a heel pull tab for easy on and off.

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross TrainerCheck Price On Amazon!

Hiking Nike Shoes Vs Hiking Nike Boots

Hiking Boots vs. Hiking Shoes

When looking for footwear to advance mountain trails; there are just two types to go for hiking boots or hiking shoes. While they both have many minor differences; perhaps the biggest point of differentiation is height.

Hiking shoes have a low-top fit, thus they are quite fast, lightweight and excels on smooth mountain trails. On the other hand boots generally, sit above the ankle and are made for rough trails conditions.

A hiking shoe is a versatile solution for better mobility and speed. They are not just lightweight but also easier to clean or maintain. On the other hand, hiking boots are built with protection and stability in mind.

They tend to provide more ankle support and reinforced protection than any shoe. A hiking shoe is good to have on trails with less steep. But when you are going for real hiking off-trail on uneven grounds; a hiking boot is your best friend in need.

Nike Shoes For Hiking - Buyers Guide & FAQ's

Nike Shoes For Hiking – Buyers Guide & FAQ’s

When going for something that is personal like hiking shoes; it is better to ensure it really worth your hard-earned money. Analyze each part of your buying process.

list down your requirements and match the shoes with associated qualities. Test your favorite products on these parameters and find out which one came victorious. Feeling confused?

Do not worry we have you covered with our internal inspection and listing. But to understand how we do it or better analyze a product; let’s understand the critical aspects of footwear:

1 ) Weight

Arguably it is the weight that makes a great difference in the way a shoe works or is perceived. Everyone prefers to go with lightweight shoes unless necessary. Not just it reduces the weight of backpacking but also improves mobility and are more easy to put on and off.

Moreover, a nimble shoe is quite easy on your muscles causing less strain or pain. Furthermore, there is a significant saving in energy that over time can help in faster recovery and longer trips. But it also has a downside in the form of less stability on uneven surfaces.

That is why all hiking boots that feature better grip; support and stability are generally heavier than hiking shoes. But that does not mean you need to walk around; with a feel of being anchored to the ground. You need to find a sweet spot between light weight and excellent support and stability.

best Nike shoes for hiking

2 ) Waterproofing

Whether its Nike shoes or any other brand; Waterproofing is important especially in wet seasons. Whether it’s raining or too cold when climbing; waterproofing is much-needed protection you have. Not just it keeps your feet sufficiently warm; but it also protects from soggy insoles.

The last thing you want is to live with your cold feet in freezing cold or soggy insoles in rain. No matter what you did if your Nike shoes or boot is not waterproof; moisture or raindrop will seep into your shoes to mix with sweat. If not checked all it leads to a bacterial infection on your feet.

In addition, when your lightweight shoe gets wet it becomes heavy and takes time to dry. In contrast waterproof shoes become quite warm and uncomfortable in summer due to excessive heat. So it’s always tricky whether to have or not to have waterproof hiking shoes.

Nike shoes - Stability and support

3 ) Stability and Support

Ask any professional hiker and he or she will tell you the importance of stability on off-trail hiking. While its safer and easy to climb up the mountain trails on paved roads. But it is not quite fun sometimes; so one needs to go off-trail and discover more!

But it is quite challenging and needs a complete trust on your shoe; to provide the type of support and stability you need on uneven grounds. This is when big heavy boots perform better than others. But it is quite a personal choice between greater flexibility vs greater stability.

But make sure your boot not get too stiff and is comfortable to wear. We recommend, at very least wear your new hiking boot before taking them in the mountains. Make sure your new Nike shoe or boot is semiflexible to allow easy movement but still maintain sufficient grip and support on technical terrains.

Nike shoes for hiking

4 ) Toe Protection & Lacing System

Easily overlooked, both your lacing system and toe protection plays a greater role in overall comfort. When passing through mountains one generally encounters irregular terrains; boulders, roots, and other potential hazards. Thus it needs to have added protection for your toe.

You mustn’t get your toe injured as it simply increases the risks for infection; provided your toe is one of the first places to face the consequence of any impact. The toe of your hiking shoe or boot thus needs to be a little tougher than the overall body.

Similarly, a better lacing system is great for better fitting and comfort. Having a poor lacing system means your shoe is prone to loosening. While on the flat road it’s not much of a risk; on mountains with varying terrains or rocks, it can easily lead to life-threatening conditions.

Nike shoes fit for hiking


Whether its other brands or Nike shoes durability is a critical factor of all hiking shoes. If you value footwear that will last for years it’s often better to have hiking shoes than a trail runner. A running shoe has the least durability after cross trainer and hiking shoes followed by hiking boots.

General speaking, if a running shoe lasts for 300 miles cross trainer would last for 500 miles. Similarly, the hiking shoe will last 700 to 900 miles; while hiking boots last for 1200+ miles. With Nike shoes, you are more secure as they are designed to provide the best of both worlds.

So if you buying a hiking boot or a shoe you don’t have to worry much about durability; as it is built-in features of a hiking shoe. What really happens is that when you increase flexibility as with trail runners; it become weak and could not sustain varying angle of pressure and tensions.

Nike shoes which can be used for hiking or mountain trails

6 ) Traction & Breathability

One of the main reasons why one does not go with their cross trainer on mountains; is because of the higher degree of traction from hiking shoes. In a way, it is the traction that makes hiking shoes or boots much different from other footwear types.

Having better traction capabilities ensures you are safe on the most exposed sections of trail. It is just difficult to climb if your shoe does not provide you with excellent traction.

While rubber soles are designed for scrambling over rocks; larger lugs underfoot give better grip under muddy or slippery conditions. Similarly breathability of insoles and upper is important to keep you cool. Generally, all hiking shoes and boots are quite breathable; except the ones designed with waterproof capabilities.

Q. What should I look for in a hiking shoe?

Ans: Hiking shoe should provide adequate arch support and has a snug fit. A shoe or boot that provides loose-fitting will reduce stability while being too tight to cause discomfort.

They should provide adequate toe protection and need to have better traction capabilities. If rain or cold is not the issue they one should prefer breathability over waterproof shoes.

Q. Are hiking shoes necessary?

Ans: Definitely yes! Hiking shoe is built for comfort and traction on the most uncertain terrains on earth. Being on the mountain one encounters uneven surfaces, water, snow, boulders trees, and roots.

They all act as a threat especially when the surface is not paved and full of rocks. From my own accounts, I can say it was my hiking boot that helps me avoid slipping down the hill on two occasions.

Q. Do you need to wear shocks with the hiking shoe?

Ans: There are some dubious claims in favor and against; whether wearing shocks helps in hiking or not. But I personally feel everyone going for backpacking should include shocks in their list.

Most hiking socks are made of polyester or merino wool; that absorbs and takes away sweat and rainwater quickly to give comfort. Moreover, they keep you added protection and warmth in a time of need.

Q. How to wash hiking shoes?

Ans: Whether it’s the Nike shoes or any other brands you use for hiking; the cleaning or ashing process remains almost the same. So start with brushing off the dirt from your soles and upper.

Now based on your convenience you can either hand wash the shoes or put in into the washing machine. Read carefully the steps mentioned in this post to wash your shoes in the washer.

Once done you need to dry them off with a blower or natural ventilation without using sunlight or heat. For coarse grain leather apply some polish if necessary and your shoe is good as new.

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