What To Do When Neck & Shoulder Area Stiff For Weeks

What To Do When Neck & Shoulder Area Stiff For Weeks

We all have been to that situation that we wake up with pain in our neck and shoulders. While many a times it fix on its own within hours or take additional remedy when exceeds weeks. Not everyone’s the same and it takes different time to heal if you feel your shoulder area stiff for weeks.

Muscles complain in neck and shoulder areas are pretty common; arising due to a number of factors including sedentary life style, compressed nerves, bad sleep posture, muscles strain, improper exercise, prolonged sitting and general lack of exercise.

While in extreme case your physician will tell the reason to be shoulder impingement syndrome; requiring medical attention. But in mild case where the pain reduce each morning but get back again; it can be fixed making small adjustment to your routine and targeted exercise.

Although different people proclaim their neck and shoulder area stiff for weeks under different condition. But the most common symptoms which apply are; pain in different pockets of your neck and shoulder, difficulty moving your head from one end to another and the feeling of stiffness and spams.

Before getting deep into its remedy, prevention and possible cure let get know of the possible causes leading to the trouble.

What Cause Your Neck & Shoulder Area Stiff All Of A Sudden ?

A network of nerves, bones joints, ligaments, muscles and other life support structure pass through the neck and upper shoulder part. Pain can arise due to pressure or damage on any of the above; building block of our body. The most common reason why a person can feel prolonged pain is history of untreated injuries, wrong posture, too soft or hard bed and lack of magnesium intake.

In some case it can also be due to damage to nerves, bones or muscles fibers. Sudden impact load or injuries in the weak part of your shoulders and neck; takes proper attention and time to heal properly. Many a time a person pass time while his / her bursitis swell, nerve damage and die while the whiplash or another bone injury grow hidden inside.

While neck and shoulder pains are common and only one in 100 have real serious medical condition one should always get in touch with his / her regular doctor. Many a time its just a small steps which really make a difference.

Furthermore neck and shoulder pain can also be due to strain, sprain, Osteoarthritis, sports injury and lifting heavy weights. What happens is when we don’t utilize a particular muscles or organ; it weakens overtime. And when it is subjected to impact or high force or work suddenly many a times it leads to pain and temporary injuries.

How Would You Know Its Just A Minor Sprain Or Strain ?

If you wake up with pain in your neck or shoulder or if it arise all of a sudden; chances are you had a strain or sprain. While the two words seems similar to sound and often used interchangeably. A strain is the stretch or tension in your ligaments joining your bones all together; on other hands a strain is stretch or tension in muscles group or fiber.

Our body is bound to work under a set limit; if you use a particular area less than needed it becomes weak over time but if used to much it will strengthen with a high risk factor of having sprain or strain. A strain or sprain pain is what that increase with body movement, restricts your natural motion, ear ringing and stiff or tightness in upper body back.

Sprain or strain that doesn’t heal properly with proper rest and exercise; can be cause of people suffering from shoulder area stiff for weeks. What happens is when we lift heavy weights, over exercise or sit and stand in awkward position; we over utilize our muscles and ligaments with little time to relax. This cause stress and tension within which results into strain or sprain.

People dealing with high intensity exercise ( with improper machine or technique ), lack of sleep, prolonged hours of work in siting or standing position are at high risk for getting such pain. But the good thing is you can easily fix it with few stretching exercise, getting in shape, improving stamina and taking breaks when feel tired.

7 Easy Exercise To Relive Pain And Not Let It Come Back

1 ) Wide Leg Forward Bend Stretch

If you had shoulder pain in past quite some time i guess you already be known to this exercise. Now to do this simple workout place your legs at your twice hip distance apart ( meaning legs at wider than your hip position ). Now move your hands behind locking each other with fingers.

Now holding to your position bend forward to the down as far as you can go. Push a little but not too much ! Slowly move your arms locked with fingers to forward towards the floor passing over your head. Allow your head to move down in a free position and remain affirm in present position for the next minute.

Now slowly move back to initial position following the above steps in reverse order.

2 ) Chest To Chin Neck Stretch

The exercise need you to first sit in normal yoga pose sitting in a cross leg position. Keep your back straight and head forward; if needed you can also take a pillow for support at the back. Now clasp your hand locking each other with the fingers and move it to your head on top.

Now place your hand such that your ankles face forward. Move your head closer and closer to the chest pushing it slightly by your hand from top. Pull your head and hold to the position for quite some time. Ideally one should do it in a way that your chin be in contact with your chest.

But do not push it too hard do up to what you are capable of and then move back to initial condition and relax.

3 ) Cross Arm Shoulder Stretch

The exercise is simple yet effective and start by standing in upright position with your arms on sides. Now place your left hand over your chest to the right. Press and support the hand by the elbow using palm of your right hand. Try to move your left hand as back as possible with the support from right hand.

Now hold on to that position for the next half a minute and then move back to initial position following the above mentioned steps in reversed order. Now repeat the same exercise but with opposite hand and on opposite side. Make sure your face is always forward during the complete exercise or steps.

4 ) Standing Both Arm Swing

There is two common way a person can do standing both arm swing; either by complete rotation or moving it up and down. The first method sound easy to do but feels harder to perform specially when in pain. All you need to require is to swing your arm 360 degree about your arm joints.

On another hand the person simply had to stand and slowly and gently moves his or her arm up and down in second method. Stand straight with your palms facing your body. Now slowly start to lift both your hands with your palm in same position. Without raising your shoulders try to raise your hands to the limit you possibly can under situation.

Hold for a few seconds at the peak and slowly came back to initial condition. Repeat the complete process for next 10 minutes with a minute break after each set. If you troubled with shoulder area stiff for weeks; its something you should go for.

5 ) Side To Side Neck Stretch

Its a simple to do stretching which helps release the tension in neck muscles and ligaments. Sit in a comfortable position on half chair, floor or bed where you can support your body but not shoulders and neck. Now move your head on opposite side of pain say left; then using your left hand only gently pull your head to the left.

Now repeat the same step on the other side using the other hand. Make sure you hold your head on top from other side with your arm over your head. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds pulling on either side and then give a little swing to your head to release pain.

6 ) Side by Side Neck Rotation

Side by side neck rotation is something i guess you already know and use. Its so obvious that many a people don’t even believe how much it helps ! All you need to do is to move your head from one direction to another and vice versa. Start by sitting on floor, mat or chair maintaining a proper straight posture.

While keeping your face facing forward slowly turn your head to first right direction and then to left direction. Turn it until you feel the pain or its easy to turn. When done hold for a few seconds and return to original position. Now turn your head in opposite direction following the same procedure.

Turn your head at least ten times from left to right as it will slowly relieve tension in your neck on each repetition.

7 ) Reverse Prayer Pose

Every one who had been to a temple or church must know how to join hands for prayer. In reverse prayer pose you have to do that but at your back. Stand upright bringing your hands behind your back in a way you first join your hands with your finger facing downwards. Now slowly turn your hand keeping your hands stick to each other flipping to another direction.

Now make sure your palms are together facing each other. Slowly while opening up your chest try to draw your hands upward as your elbow drawn back. Try to keep your posture intact and do not push too hard at first attempt as many can;t even cross their hands properly in their first attempt at the back.

Once set in position hold for half a minute or as long as you can. Then slowly return back to your initial condition.

What Else Can I Do To Relieve Pain And Stiffness ?

There is many ways other than exercise and stretching to help reduce the pain and support your shoulder and neck area. Apply cold and hot compression from time to time on affected area. Applying cold helps numb the area re-livening you from pain while hot compression accelerate the healing of muscles fiber and ligaments.

Apply hot and cold compression at different time time interval when you feel your shoulder area stiff for weeks; otherwise use cold compression initially and hot compression latter on. One can also use gentle massage on his shoulder area to help relive the stress and tension. Take hot bath before a massage so your muscles are already relaxed when gentle massage helps further reduce the tension.

The other common method is to improve your magnesium intakes and use a neck supporting chair. A neck supporting chair is an ordinary chair with additional support for your neck and shoulder area.

They are best for working long hours without impact on your neck or shoulders avoiding chance of neck and shoulder issues in future. You can check on its current price on amazon from link over here. What it does is to gently support the back, shoulder and neck maintaining a correct posture.

General Disclaimer: This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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