10 Things That Dramatically Increase Ur Level Of Fitness

10 Things That Dramatically Increase Ur Level Of Fitness

Sometimes even after putting blood and sweat ( hard work ) we just not get desired results or level of fitness. It feels as we start to ask ourself with doubt; what’s missing or where did i failed ? As some one putting a year of hard work in fitness and countless hours of research; its a problem i am familiar with.

It’s common to hear phrase like; “I have literally spend my all of the free time in gym but yet far away from any results”, “I eat healthier but yet i face medical complications” or “Even after trying different diet charts and exercise i cannot improve my level of fitness”. Its discouraging right ?

But if this is what your situation is you deserve a better deal that ordinary diet chart; you need to understand how things works and make out the best out of it. Having little to no knowledge of actual journey let us over expect of our abilities; leading to majority of health failures. Let’s fix it and get a look at an average fitness growth path.

How Come Average People Achieve Higher Level Of Fitness

We all follow the best among fitness industry along their path of hard work, dedication and steady growth in their fitness level. However have you wondered how a common person achieve that level of fitness or even get close to it ? It’s important to know their background, how much time they put in and what are their available options.

This helps us understand what’s really happening that makes or break their fitness goals. An average person performs back breaking job, workout or even morning exercise for the weekdays; expecting some kind of drinking with friends on weekends. It’s easy and almost anyone can do it; as far as i guess. The only trouble with this is the viscous cycle of drinking; excessive eating and a poor sleep that restrict an healthy lifestyle.

While it may sounds like odd but most people move back and forth on their fitness commitments; following a sinusoidal path to get to their fitness growth.

The Average Fitness Graph

Yes, an average person starts solid inspired by youtube videos; magazines, success stories, professional interview or just everyday colleague. Then he / she put in the hard work and much of their free time and money; just to see little results. Suddenly things paid off and it brings confidence and a sense of pride.

It was all hard and dry but you weren’t one of few who give up early and so improve upon existing level of fitness. And so you starts to believe that you somehow break this secret to fitness; and its like a piece of cake from hereafter. The increase in self confidence helps and you get even more better results.

It seems there is nothing there to stop and you starts to go easy; spending some unhealthy life on weekends or holidays. You starts to go back and forth; up and downs following your fitness goals coping up with negative effects of your unhealthy weekends. I don’t say you should not enjoy, hangout, drink and smoke if you wish to; but its this desire of little pleasure that brings ups and downs.

Self consumed by our fluctuating gym efforts we become that fat guy; who go for increased weights each week ignoring the need for all round development. We ignore on building stamina, improving body posture, running, yoga and the requirement to relax muscles to really give them time to repair and improve.

Thus we face injuries and fatigue causing a sudden drop in your fitness level; shown on the graph as the big dip. It is then you realize the need for proper rest, nutrition and all round exercise; helping you achieve a higher level of fitness.

10 Things To Do That Drastically Improves Your Level of Fitness

1 ) A conscious decision to cook at home

I never had thought of myself other than ordering ready made food online or buying down the street corner. We are so used to the process that our refrigerator is stuffed with fast ready to consume foods. With these ready to eat food we consume more but with lesser nutritional value.

So whether you aimed to workout at gym, exercise in open fields, swim, perform dieting or improve your level of fitness; you need to start by taking decision to eat everything cooked at home. There are so many reasons to cook your meal other than control over its ingredients and nutritional value; such as low cost and food quantity avoiding wastage and need for refrigeration all together.

Having a healthier yet fuller diet with balanced nutritional value is vital to support improvement your level of fitness. So its vital to switch from an easy but unhealthy lifestyle to cooking more at home.

2 ) Developing taste for healthier food

Believe it or not our subconscious decision to eat healthier or tastier starts in our childhood. According to the 2006 Anderson research journal food and science; children’s with less exposure to variety of fruits and vegetables show less interest towards healthier food when grownup.

While food preferences of children’s fluctuates on day to day basis; it takes some commitment, external effort and time to bring in change with adults. Start by cutting down or reducing the size of unhealthy or so called trendy fast food items. Then slow but steady start to develop taste for less spicy food full of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Cut on your daily consumption of table sugar and other sweet substances such as deserts; with that of natural sugar sources like fruits, honey, milk and other dairy products. You can read one of our old post about the “21 foods that makes you fit and look younger” via the link over here .

3 ) Say no to liquid calories

There is a reason why leading nutritionist and doctors all around the world ask for cutting down on our liquid calories. It’s because they are not healthier even when they said so. Do you know a can full of soda contains more sugar than a bowl full of deserts? Even consuming a can for the day adds up to more than a 100 pounds of sugar each year.

Everything that we drink except that of water contains lots of calories which get consumed unregistered by our body. Don’t you feel you feel fuller after consuming an orange or two; but it takes at least a glass full of orange juice to feel marginally satisfied. Drinking liquid beverage is a new thing and so our body don’t understand when to day no; as with the raw food which makes us fuller and force us to quit eating any further.

Do you know even so called real fruit juice too contains added sugar and are stuffed with preservatives? So if you are counting on your calorie intake or want to loose some kilos down your fitness journey; its better to say no to liquid calories. You may choose to drink a cup of milk, coffee or tea just once a day if you want to; but stay away from fancy liquid diets.

Stay positive and smile - How To Improve Level of fitness

4 ) Stay positive and smile

A recent study done by Eric, Alder and Stevenson in U.M.K.C research journal states that; even a fake smile can boost your confidence, mood and commitment. Smiling is a tool that makes things simple, straight and effective even in tough situation. Research have shown that a real smile generates pleasure hormone which helps you enjoy your fitness efforts.

Remember, smile is a contagious act bringing positive effects on others to laugh, smile and enjoy the situation all together. Furthermore it makes you look younger, thinner and can elevate your life span. To stay positive and happy about your fitness journey is vital specially when you have to build confidence and avoid getting doubts to ever quit in between.

There is no better time to smile than now, be good and truthful and it become so easy to break out of negativity and see the bright side. Adding on this; there is no cost involved then why should you not smile? Happy smiling….!

5 ) Get quality Sleep

There is an intermittent relationship between your sleep and level of fitness. Both workout and sleep goes hand in hand with exercise and gym; pushing your body muscles to its limit while giving it time to repair and grow while we asleep. An average healthy person spend at least seven hours of his / her time sleeping; just to avoid feeling sleep depreciated.

While we asleep our body release this growth hormone which helps repair our muscles, grow newer muscles, boost immunity, reduce fatigue ( mental + physical ) and prepare ourself for a new day. Having a sleep deficiency can  hamper your muscular responses leading to more fatigue and possible injuries during workout.

Thus having a healthy sleep is vital for mental health and physical fitness. Not just that it can make you 20% more effective than average with boosted motivation. Its never too hard to sleep well and sound; one can easily fix sleep depreciation by using special pillow for comfort sleep for 70 to 140 dollars. You can check on its current price using link over here on amazon.

6 ) Join a near by gym

I had no plan in the past to join gym even when i made my plan to be healthier and increase my level of fitness. But eventually i did join one because a friend of mine was already attending and also its was cheap. I was overwhelmed by equipment’s and the umber of peoples both men and women the first time i went.

Even when i stay for 30 to 40 minutes of my allotted two 90 minutes doing just light workouts; i stick to my plan to attend gym regularly at all cost. Soon it starts to pays me back and i meet new people and heard their story. It give me a sense of satisfaction that almost everyone had been through my state; and its just matter of time and hard work to succeed.

I started to approach trainer and learn new ways and tips to take my fitness to the next level. Even being so busy he maintain a good teaching experience for myself. Looking back at then i see only one thing that pays be well over time; my preference to pay more priority to my consistency then making new records on weights. So take something out of my personal story and join a near by gym or at least start workout at home; it helps !

7 ) Start simple but Solid

While one should always join gym or a trainer coach; its not that important to start with lifting weights or going to gym. Start with light exercise either individually at home or in groups in public and community parks. Even when i attend gym i start with basic stretching and pretty easy exercise before going for heavy weights.

You can start with side skies and go for jump rope, burpee, planks and light warm up run-up; either on treadmill or real ground jogging just before the gym. Divide your exercise based on days to better utilize time for both workout and proper rest to targeted muscle group. Don’t try to do anything fancy; and stick to a four or five day work schedule.

It is best practice to understand the implication of any particular exercise; what it target, am i prepared, what will the final result, short and long term effects on targeted muscle etc. For beginners its easy and right way to go weight less exercise for lower body with moderate weights for upper body.

8 ) Drink lots of water

We drink a lot of water throught the day and release some of it from time to time; but do you know water constitutes for more than 60% of our own body. It is vital for our body organs and any abnormality or deficiency can have negative effects on our health and well being. It keeps us hydrated and plays a greater role in other body function.

Studies have shown time and again that drinking water boost metabolism, improve digestion and helps loose weight. Drinking ample water helps maintain right flow of fluids down to your muscles; assisting them to efficiently work for longer. Furthermore it makes your skin look younger, reduce fatigue and helps your kidney function.

A man should drink three and half liters of water in average on day while female accounting for two and a half liter. The one who don’t drink much suffers from stress, mood swings, tiredness and lack of concentration.

9 ) Adding variety to your workouts

There is nothing more demotivating and disappointing then the feeling of boredom of the same daily routine. Believe it or not sooner or later you will get feed up with your daily workout routine; and feel like its a waste of your energy and time when you can relax and enjoy your life. While mixing things up helps keep you motivated and engaged.

Mix up your workout exercise with weights and weight machines; there is no need to stick to same set of machines or workout on particular day. Rearrange your workout routine; learn and introduce new exercise or technique while giving time to team sports once a month. If you are use to trade mill hope up to bicycles and vice versa.

The other area where you can bring change is the post and pre workout exercise. Mix up with inchworm, leg swings, arm twist, neck stretching, pushups and back stretching.

10 ) Join online forum

We all have some questions and doubts that we hesitant to ask. An online forum such as reedit and quora provide platform to ask question to people associate to your field. It not just allow you to ask anything that you want but also provide diversity; with people all around the world giving their opinion.

It helps you feel you are not the only one in this world with that dumb question; as you find a lot many similar question already asked and answered before. Furthermore it helps you meet new people and also came to know what others people are facing down their fitness journey and how they fix it.

It’s more like a learning experience where you learn from the mistakes of other and keep an eye on recent developments in health and fitness.

General Disclaimer: This article is for general information only and does not intended to replace an informed medical opinion. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem. Always consult your doctor before changing your diet, sleep habits, dietary supplements, or a new exercise routine.

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