How to measure the correct shoe size for your feet

Know Your Correct Shoe Size Before Buying It Online

There is a common concern about how to buy shoes online that fit. When it comes to online shopping many of us feel confused on correct shoe size to buy online. Why not after all we all have that bitter moment when the shoe just delivered; just not fit in or uncomfortable. It happens so much so that my brother had to face this a week ago.

Finding a right shoe online was always been a guess work for all. I see many who just find the correct shoe size; but some seems totally lost and confused. Even at times user reviews fail to help address these issue. The only technical way to get a solution is to learn; how to measure shoe size for online shopping on your own.

The average shoe size for both men and women has changed so much in this 50 years. For example in 1950’s the average size of a men’s shoe was 38-39. Similarly the average shoe size for women was 35-36. But today its 39 for the women and 43-44 for the men. The human race has evolved so much in the last decade.

So much so the average height and health of individual almost doubled. Thanks to better health care and accessibility to food in general. So before we go into stat’s and data under my DIY Shoe sizing guide; lets gets into the basics of shoe sizing and their formats followed internationally.

Basic’s To Know Before Finding Correct Shoe Size

The bitter truth about shoe size is that; there is no perfect size for you feet that will fit well for forever. In fact our feet keep changing throught our life; even after we stop growing. Our feet tends to become a little longer after an hour of walking or standing. Similarly foot size increase and decrease with your body weight.

Condition such as pregnancy and diabetes also have effects on size and how it will fit in a shoe. Similarly your sex also determines the width of your feet; for example men on average have a wider feet and women have a narrower slim feet. But still there are things which remain the same and considered constant.

  1. Foot Size: Although your feet is measured in inch or centimeters almost all countries follow a specific foot size in numbers. Some of the major size chart are US, UK, Japanese, European and Brazil. All other countries follow one or another of these size chart; or often just refer to centimeter or inch directly.
  2. Size Variation: A shoe or footwear can fit loose or snug with a minor change in the thickness of your socks. So while taking measurement one should wear socks that he or she ideally wears. Believe or not but socks can impact the fitting of a shoes.
  3. Foot Type: Not all feet are the same, some are wide others are narrow. Most shoes use specific letters such as “S”,”AA”,”B”,”D” and “EE” to represent; slim, narrow, medium, wide and extra wide shoe. A 6EE and 6S shoe might have the same length; but have very different width affecting fitting and comfort.
  4. Seasonality: Your leather shoes shrink and swell based on the seasons. So if you buy a leather shoe that is snug fit in summer will shrink to cause discomfort in winter. Thus it is recommended to but a size upper if you are buying leather shoe in summer.
  5. Shoe Type: There are shoes that effects the way we usually take size. For example shoes with narrow or pointy tips require one size bigger shoe than normal. Furthermore for people with wide feet it tends to further complicate the issue.

How To Measure Your Foot Correctly?

There is no universal size that may fit throughout your life. Its because your feet change size with increase in weight, pregnancy, diabetes, age and fluid retention. But the good thing is, you can easily measure your current foot size and compare it with the appropriate sizing table.

While in many stores you may find convenient brannock device; but you can also do it at home with or without using one of these. You can buy one of these devices to quickly measure your true size; click over here to check its price on amazon. But that’s not the only way and i will teach you how to do it without using any device.

1 ) Step’s To Measure Foot Size Using Brannock Device

  • Find and mark the widest point of your feet with a sketch or pen.
  • Prepare the device with the width bar at free or set to widest position.
  • Now place your left or right heel on the specified guard position.
  • Make sure you know the different notch; width and arch length indicator.
  • Follow the blue mark for men and pink for the women.
  • Now once you put your feet in position; the marking on top is the heel to toe size.
  • Now set the arch length indicator to the sketch marking representing widest point.
  • Now the measurement that you get on the arch length indicator is called heel to bowl size.
  • Take measurement for heel to bowl, heel to toe right,heel to bowl and heel to toe left.
  • Now go for the size that is biggest for all. For example if heel to bowl size is 10 and heel to toe size is 9; go for the size 10.
  • Then you may use the width indicator slider to see the actual width for your shoe. ( Do not forget to wear socks ).

2 ) How To Measure The Correct Shoe Size – Heel To Toe

  • Put your feet on a piece of white paper
  • Now either by yourself or asking someone help trace the layout of your feet on the paper.
  • Now mark the point for the longest toe on the traced layout.
  • Similarly mark a point on the middle of the heel.
  • Now trace parallel vertical lines from these two points to either left or right.
  • Now join these parallel line and mark the measurement in centimeter.
  • Repeat the procedure with your other feet to determine which measurement is the bigger of the two.
  • Once you get your measurement for the heel to toe; refer the sizing chart to find your correct shoe size.
How to measure correct shoe size from heel to toe  and measuring foot width.

3 ) How To Measure Your Foot Width

  • Walk for at least an hour before measuring the actual width as our feet expands when we walk.
  • Place the foot on a piece of paper placed on the floor. Make sure the paper does not move freely.
  • Now using a sketch or a pen mark an outline for your foot on the white paper.
  • Remove your foot and mark the points on the layout where the width is maximum.
  • Draw two parallel lines passing through these points.
  • Now using a scale or ruler determine the distance between the lines in both inch and centimeter.
  • Compare the data with the sizing chart to get the exact shoe size. Ex: 6S, 6A, 6EE etc.

Men’s Footwear Size Chart

1 ) length To Size Chart

Length In CentimeterUK SizeUS SizeEuropean Size

2 ) Size To Width Chart – In Centimeter

US SizeNarrow (B)Mid-Size (D)Wide (E)Extra Wide (EE)

Women Footwear Size Chart

1 ) length To Size Chart

Length In CentimeterUK SizeUS SizeEuropean Size

2 ) Size To Width Chart – In Centimeter

US SizeNarrow (AA)Mid-Size (B)Wide (D)Extra Wide (EE)

What Else You Should Keep In Mind Finding Correct Shoe Size

The biggest concern of a shopper online is to find the right shoe size for her or himself. While its easy to go with your gut feeling or try the last true size you remember. Everyone is going after the size or the length but no ones cares for the width; unless it become so important.

In fact its not anyone’s fault as 90% of people wear a mid-size width shoe. The only time you need to check for your shoe width if your foot is not so normal. That is why the most stocks in a shop for a size is for type “B” for women and “D” nor men.

  1. Go For Trusted Brands: Its not that new companies do not produce better shoes. It’s just they struggle to maintain the same shoe size or make regular adjustments. This all leads to confusion and increase in returns when shopping online.
  2. Measure Your Feet Regularly: Our feet change much quicker than we usually feel. Many a times your shoe size will change all together within a year; thanks to your change in eating habits or pregnancy. So always keep a check on your true feet size.
  3. Follow Sizing Chart For Correct Shoe Size: Sometimes we need to order shoes from international stores. While they do supply their product around the globe they follow different sizing chart. So be sure to order your size based on the sizing chart they follow.
  4. Research before you buy: Review sites, forum and even the product review on store helps you know whether the shoe is true to its size. Investing a little more time online will help you from the hassle of returning the product for a bigger size.

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