How To Put A Basket On Any Bike ( All Option Listed )

How To Put A Basket On Any Bike ( All Option Listed )

Bikes are not only used as a source of entertainment but also as a source of transportation nowadays. But you might be wondering how is it possible to carry things on the bike? Baskets are the solution to thus problem.

Unlike common misconception bike baskets are not only developed just for teenagers, girls bike. Attaching baskets to bikes make them look unique and it can be a good accessory holder for any bike.

These baskets will provide you versatility you wish to make it while riding. You can easily put a basket to the front of the bike by using leather straps.

Their is also options to use like zip ties if there are no leather straps. You can attach front baskets to your bike’s handle bar and if you have back baskets then they can be attached to the seat.

Basket Installation Process

Installing bike basket is as simple as 1,2,3 done. Consider installing the basket similar to putting a seat belt around yourselves. Just wrap it, clip it and you’re secure.

  1. Pull the leather strap through one side of the basket
  2. Do the same on the next side
  3. Wrap the strap which was left open around the handlebars to attach it firmly with the basket.

If you’re having back basket then use the basket’s tools.

  • Attach the basket firmly with the seat frame.
  • Firmly attach it to the bike’s rear frame.
  • Fasten both these attachments.

You can also use zip ties or rope for attachment. The different shapes and size of bike’s handlebars also influence the looks, appearance as well as the how the basket is attached.

Attaching Baskets To Different Handlebar Types

Different bikes have different handlebars which influences the attachment of baskets. The way you attach the basket depends upon the point from where you grip the bike’s handle.

There are many brands and types of bikes so you might be thinking of how to add basket on it so here are few points to help you out.

Bike with curved handlebars:

Bikes having curved handlebars can easily attach baskets having straps or zip ties. These curved handlebar bikes helps in both sitting upright. These curved handlebars bikes include utility bikes or cruiser bikes.

You can enjoy long rides on these comfortably. These handlebars offer secure mounting. These simple handlebars have nothing for the basket to conflict with.

Bike with straight handlebars:

These handlebars as compared to the curved ones require more support as the basket is mounted ahead of the brake levers. At the back of basket are cables.

Take care while attaching baskets so that the cables do not get compressed resulting in improper working of gears and brakes. Also make sure the basket does not obscure the bike’s brake levers.

You also need to attach a wooden block or piece at the bottom of it so that basket is kept at a distance from the headset.

Things to Consider

Before you buy the basket, you should be aware of the type of basket that best suits according to your needs.

If your mission is visiting a nearby grocery store or the fruit shop then there is no need of installing large heavy material baskets. This task can be achieved using a sleeker small sized light weight basket.

Selecting the basket

  • The first important thing is to select the box. Make sure you select a basket that is deep enough for the things to easily fit.
  • You also have to make sure that the width of your basket not exceeds the handlebars.
  • Weight of the basket also plays an important role. Before attaching a heavy metal basket, you must check the rack mounted near the basket whether it supports it or not.
  • After these details next important factors that are considered include price, ease of mounting, requirement of additional features or not.

Things you will need to put a basket to your bike

You will need the following mentioned things while attaching the basket to your bike.

  • Metal struts: You can get struts specifically designed to support the basket from your local bike shop. If you are unable to find them then you can also make it by your own. Head on to YouTube to get easy ways to make struts.
  • Zip ties: You will need zip ties for attaching basket firmly with the bike. They are strong enough offering proper attachment. You can also tie ribbons over it to make it more classy.
  • Bolts: If your bike has bolt holes then you can attach struts through bolts.
  • Drill bit: You will also need drill bit to make holes in the aluminum strip and drilling the metal. You can get drill bit at your house.

Building Bike Basket by Your Own

If you need a basket for your bike you can easily get it at the nearest stores but is it fun for you? Instead of spending your pocket money and searching for the best one, why not build your own.

You can have fun and design your own bike basket. Here are tips for building your own DIY bike basket:

Selecting the basket: Select the appropriate basket for your bike.

Attachment: You can attach your basket easily using zip ties. Thread the zip ties through the basket holes. Make sure not to cinch the zip tightly. Also check if the basket interferes with your bike’s steering.

Marking aluminum strips: Mark the aluminum strips where you want to drill holes. These holes will be 1/2 inch above the bottom of the strip and 1/2 inch from the top. Also make a line to create space to rest basket.

At this Lin, the metal will bend. Draw this line at a distance of 2 or 3 inches from the top of the aluminum strip.

Now using blade, cut the metal strip placing it parallel to the floor. After cutting file the ends making it smooth. Make a 90 degree bend on the strip. Drill holes on the mark points of the strip.

If you are unable to do this, you can get this done by a local bike shop.

Different Types of Bike Baskets

There are a variety of bike baskets available but you need to select those which are durable and well made not only for show.

Front Loading bike Baskets

Front Loading Baskets

Front bike baskets are usually more convenient for people during ride. If you’re in search of front loading baskets then you are at the right place. Here are my top basket picks:

Retrospec Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket: These classic baskets can be attached to the handlebars. It contains steel mesh along with detachable system. It also contain handles so you can easily carry them.

You can easily attach and remove it as no special installation tools are required. These baskets are weatherproof.

( Check its Price on Amazon! )

Cofit Detachable Bike Basket: You can use this basket for a variety of purposes. You can use it as a grocery basket as well as go carrying your pet during the ride. You can even collapse it.

It contains light weight frame of aluminum along with waterproof cloth. ( Amazon Link )

Anzome Bike Basket: These baskets can be used to carrying your beloved dear pets along with you and let them enjoy the bike’s ride. It is comfortable for small pets.

It has been made of durable oxford fabric lining which offers to shelter your dear pet during the ride.

( Check its Price on Amazon! )

Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket: These baskets are designed for carrying more load as compared to other. It contains a metal basket with attachment legs.

If you want to to use your bike as a source of transportation then this basket is what you need. It can easily hold am your essentials. ( Check its Price on Amazon! )

Tote & Kari Bicycle Basket: If you’re looking for a stylish basket to man your bike attractive then this is the option you are looking for. The basket is fully woven from rattan.

Rear Bike Basket

Rear Bike Basket

Some riders are also comfortable with baskets at their back rather attaching them in front. Are you also in search of rear baskets? Here are my top best picks that will help you in getting the best ones.

1.Topeak TrolleyTote: If you are a bicycle rear basket fan then you will love the features offered by the Topeak TrolleyTote. It is a large compatible folding basket.

It contains a telescopic handle along with small wheels making it look attractive and unique. You can collapse the basket for storage. The handle is aluminized and light weight. ( Check its Price on Amazon! )

2. Bushwacker Omaha Grocery Basket: These rear baskets can be easily adjusted on each of the wheels. These pannier style baskets can hold grocery bags.

The dense mesh does not allowing anything from falling. ( Amazon Link )

3. Raymace Bike Basket: These metal baskets have waterproof cover protecting the things placed inside. It offers about 18 liters capacity. You can easily install the basket using screws kit and cable ties.

4. Hoobbii rear bike basket: These baskets have metal wires. It also contains waterproof cover and adjustable rope cargo net. You can easily install it on your bike’s back using screws and cable ties.

These baskets can be used do carrying loads nearly about 20kg. ( Check its Price on Amazon! )

5. Axiom rear basket: These are open rear baskets. They are highly durable. They are made up of steel. It can carry about 55lb load. It also contains a attached reflector. ( Check its Price on Amazon! )

Bottom line

You have become much familiar about the baskets that could be preferred according to your needs. By reading the article you have also acknowledged of making and designing the basket by your own.

You can make it more creative and unique.

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