How to Pair Apple Watch to Peloton Bike

How to Pair Apple Watch to Peloton Bike

For decades, the health and fitness industry has been among the top online searches, products purchased, and memberships sold. What has changed as we continue to advance forward is how technology plays a part in our physical attempt at healthier, stronger, and leaner bodies.

Peloton and Apple are two companies that have climbed over the competition and provide optimized products to help us reach any of our individual fitness goals.

Peloton, widely known for its exercise bikes, is a brand worth looking into. The Peloton company started offering its first-generation exercise bike in January of 2012.

There are three generations of bikes to choose from, but the newer models are more popular with their thinner screens and faster processors.

When the first Apple Watch, Series 0, was released as a fashion accessory in April of 2015, it was unknown at the time that it would quickly evolve into more than a statement piece for Apple fans.

Soon after launching, the watch shifted from a fashion accessory to a fitness-oriented tracking device.

Apple and Peloton have created a system to work with each other as we take the necessary steps to be the healthiest versions of ourselves.

How Do I Pair My Apple Watch to My Peloton?

Pairing an Apple Watch with a Peloton bike can be done in two easy ways depending on the generation of your bike.

The original Peloton bike:

  • If you have an original Peloton bike, there is a way to connect your Apple Watch to your bike. HeartCast is available in the App Store and can be used to sync your cycling stats.
  • HeartCast is a heart rate monitor that detects increased heart rhythms associated with exercise. Using Bluetooth technology, the app connects to discoverable devices and exercise equipment.
  • When you install the app on your phone, a brief description appears, click continue after reading, and then your phone will ask you to press start on the HeartCast Watch App.
  • When you open the HeartCast App on your Apple Watch, it will be a red heart with a wifi symbol in its center.
  • Tap the heart icon to open the app, and you will see your current heart rate and a green start button.
  • Click the start button to connect your watch to your Peloton, then choose a class or scenic ride.
  • On the Peloton bike, click on the heart rate monitor, and HeartCast should be displayed under connected devices with a disconnect option. If the disconnect option isn’t available, wait a few seconds before starting your workout since this is how you ensure the connection was made.
Pair Apple Watch to Peloton Bike
Credit: Courtesy of Peloton

Peloton Bike+:

  • For the newer models, the Apple GymKit is integrated into the bike’s operating system.
  • To start the set-up process, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on My Watch.
  • Scroll down until you see Workout. After selecting Workout, toggle on Detect Gym Equipment, and pick a ride to start.
  • Hold your Apple Watch at the top part of the Peloton Bike+ screen, and tap Connect when it appears.
  • Once connected, press start on your ride and begin your workout.
  • The next time you are ready to ride, hold your Apple Watch above the bike’s screen to link the devices.

Why Won’t My Apple Watch Connect with Peloton?

To connect an Apple Watch with a Peloton bike, the watch needs to be Series 2 or later. Series 0 and Series 1 will not connect.

If you are using an original, first-generation, Peloton bike, GymKit will not establish a working connection, and a third-party app will need to be used in its place.

HeartCast is an excellent option, as are BlueHeart and ECHO Heart Rate.

The Peloton Digital App is another resource that can be used as a companion app that automatically starts a workout on your Apple Watch when an exercise has begun on your Peloton.

It is also important to mention not all workouts will be available to sync and connect through the Peloton and Apple Watch. Combined workouts, strength, cardio, and Bike Bootcamp are a few that will not connect and sync between the two devices.

Even when synced with Bluetooth, Peloton workouts cannot be started from the Apple Watch. If you are using an Apple Watch and another heart rate monitor, the Peloton can only connect to one at a time.

Software updates may need to be performed on either your watch or the Peloton bike to have the most up-to-date information and operating system.

Fix Apple Watch Not Pairing with Peloton Bike

One of the biggest pains during a workout is not performing the exercise itself, but rather when you think it is being tracked and synced only to find out that it wasn’t.

To avoid this from happening to you, there are ways to prevent an untracked workout and fix the problem when it is noticed.

Troubleshooting Apple GymKit:

  • Powering down your bike, waiting for at least one full minute, and restarting is an easy first step that could be all that your bike needs. This works as a simple reset that can potentially clear any “bugs” blocking the connection between your watch and the bike.
  • Open your watch settings, scroll to Workout, and toggle Detect Gym Equipment off. Exit the settings, wait for a full minute while the watch “sleeps,” follow the steps to toggle Detect Gym Equipment back to on, and see if it reconnects with the Peloton.
  • Force restart your watch by holding down the side button and digital crown for ten seconds. When you see the logo appear, it is ok to let go of the two buttons. Once restarted, try connecting again.
  • If these steps haven’t worked on their own, use the steps above to toggle off Detect Gym Equipment and perform a force restart. After restarting, open settings, scroll to Workout, and toggle on Detect Gym Equipment. Try to connect to your bike now.

Uninstall and reinstall the app on your Apple Watch.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the app on your Peloton. Start by tapping Settings on the bike screen, followed by device settings, apps, Peloton, force stop, tap the three dots on the upper right of the screen, uninstall updates, ok, tap on the Peloton logo, and return to the home screen. A new download should begin once back on the home screen. Reconnect your wifi and log back into your Peloton account.
  • If connecting is still unsuccessful after trying the above fixes, a recalibration may be necessary. Recalibrating will not remove any data from the bike.
  • It acts similar to clearing a cache on a computer and updating the bike’s firmware. To start a recalibration, toggle off Detect Gym Equipment on your watch, then go to settings on the Peloton bike.
  • Under settings, find device settings, apps, Peloton, storage, clear cache, and then reboot the bike. Once the reboot is finished, click settings on the top right of the screen, device settings, home installation, and start calibration. Wait for the firmware to download and the bike to recalibrate.
  • Click Done when the recalibration has finished, toggle on Detect Gym Equipment on your watch, and try to connect again.
  • The last resort before contacting support: Factory Reset. Unlike a recalibration, a factory reset will erase all your data that has been stored on the bike.
  • However, your data and stats should be restored when you log in to your Peloton account. If none of these solutions worked, contact Peloton customer support.

Troubleshooting with HeartCast:

  • If you have trouble connecting HeartCast to your Peloton, the first step is to restart your Apple Watch and see if the connection re-establishes.
  • Double-check that permissions were granted for HeartCast to write data to Health.
  • If you have already connected your watch to your bike, skip or decline the Bluetooth pairing prompt that will appear on your bike’s screen. There is no need to reconnect a second time if a connection is established.
  • Powering down your bike, waiting for one minute, and restarting may also clear any “bugs” that were blocking the connection.

Now that you have discovered how to connect an Apple Watch to a Peloton bike and fix any potential connection issues that arise, it is time to see the benefits of what syncing devices can do for you.

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