How Much Does a Bike Weigh? The Importance of Bicycle Weight

How Much Does a Bike Weigh? Bike Weight Importance / Affect

If you are aiming to get a new bike, then focusing on bike weight is going to be a crucial part of it. Well, there’s no single answer for “How Much Does a Bike Weigh?” since the weight of a bike varies from bike to bike depending upon its requirements, type, and rider’s preference.

Generally, a road bike can weigh around 18 lbs while a mountain bike weighs 21 to 29 lbs. More active bikes like a fixie or a cruiser bike weigh between 25 to 30 lbs.

You may be surprised to know even kids’ bikes for 5 to 7 years old weighing up to 24 pounds.

Therefore, here, we are going to dive into this topic by analyzing the weight of a bike depending upon its type and purpose. We will find why the weight of a bike plays a significant role.

Bike’s Weight Importance: How weight affect a bike?

A Noticeable Change in Weight Boost Speed and Acceleration

The weight of the wheels comprising tyres and tubes is going to play a crucial role regarding speed and acceleration. How is it? See, we face inertia almost in everything, be it a small movement or an awesome ride. Having heavier wheels will increase the inertia.

While a bike that weigh one or two pounds more won’t have any difference but a noticeable change in its weight can increase or decrease its performance, speed and acceleration.

Meanwhile, let me confess that inertia can be a game-changer especially during cycling. So, more the inertia, more energy is required to dominate this inertia in order to accelerate.

I would suggest you go for stiff, lightweight, yet durable wheels. Carbon wheels fit perfectly for the role, They are more aerodynamic and usually have broader rims.

Yet, we can’t deny the fact that the weight of the bike does not make all the difference.

But, we can easily perceive the noticeable change by having a lightweight bike. It would mark a proper difference while dealing with speed maneuvers and accelerating at the sharp corners at a slower speed.

It Affects The Cost of Your Bike

A lighter bike always counts on your side. Well, we can’t deny that the rider’s weight combined with the weight of the bike is all that matters in the end. You can lose weight to a certain limit.

On the way, it is not a good option to keep on reducing weight, at least you must have the strength to hold and ride your bike. Right?

The prime reason for the higher cost of lighter bikes is carbon fiber. It has several grades and forms.

It is sturdy, durable, and lighter. That’s why high-quality carbon reflects a higher price of sourcing from the manufacturer’s side itself.

You can get them from $300 to $2000 depending upon the frame like carbon fiber, aluminum, or steel.

There’s no comparison between bikes and rockets. Yet, for most of the bikers, there’s also not too much difference in the way they try to ride.

The fact that rockets must be lightweight and weight weenies do everything to reduce even a single pound. In a similar way, having a lightweight bike does not count to that extent but to get a proper balance, high speed, and awesome acceleration, lightweight helps a lot.

And that would obviously increase the cost of the bike.

Lighter Bikes Help You on Longer Rides

Having a lightweight bike has several advantages. One of them is enjoying longer rides. It can save major chunks while climbing and riding through the hills.

Every time you ride at the upper side, you act against gravity. Here, having a lighter bike helps you to make a simplified ascent.

The lighter bike increases the brakes and suspension performance and in a way, they hold your back especially at a steep height.

Losing weight will help in reducing the overall bike plus rider weight. And, carrying extra weight, even if it is a single pound, it’s enough to create an impact on the performance of the bike.

While upgrading your bike, make sure that the additional weight has quite a minimum proportion as compared to the essential weight required for a smooth ride. That’s decent to make a difference.

It Affects Durability & Total Weight Capacity of Bike

Let’s consider an instance where a good quality bike frame that is made up of steel is obviously heavier. On the other hand, using a lighter bike is going to cost you more but it is worth the money.

Rider affects the major portion of the bike weight and the way he handles and cares about his bike is going to affect durability at the end of the day.

But, it is all possible only if you go for a lightweight bike. Having it will help you in handling, braking, acceleration, and almost everything that you can think of for now.

Along with increasing the durability of the bike, a lighter bike is going to contribute towards the total capacity of the bike. Since you already know, it is you + bike weight that makes up the overall weight.

Average Bike Weight Per Bike Type

Road Bike Weight

A standard road bike weighs 18 pounds on average. Or better say, it should not be more than 18 pounds in any instance when cages and pedals are excluded.

Road bikes are quite easy to ride on the roads and walking surfaces. They need very little handling attention and they are easy to balance while riding.

If you are aiming to head your road bike for competing then its weight is going to play a crucial role.

Well, according to the International Cyclists Union, there’s a weight limit set for road bikes, i.e., 14.99 pounds. It means that it would be so handy you can use it even with a single hand.

Several bike manufacturers aim to make strong, durable, and lightweight road bikes. You can go for road bikes that are made of aluminum and titanium that are really very lightweight.

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Mountain Bike Weight

The average weight of a modern mountain bike is 32 pounds. Since most mountain bikes are heavier, rides don’t mind weight as a barrier in their riding journey. But, if you want to have unlimited control, pedal performance, and responsiveness, then having a lighter mountain bike counts on your side.

The fun fact is that with time, instead of reducing the bike weight, technology has drastically increased the weight like larger wheels, disc brakes, and dropper seats.

Well, the lightest mountain bike weighs almost 21.1 pounds whereas the heaviest mountain bike weighs 47.5 pounds. Keeping in mind that the largest portion of a bike’s weight is constrained into the back and front wheel, frame triangle, and fork. In comparison, they make 59.8% of the total weight of the bike.

If you want to make your mountain bike lighter, focussing on these things will help in getting a better upgrade.

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BMX Bike Weight

The weight of a standard BMX bike is around 25 pounds. If you are the one obsessed with reducing the bike weight and mark the difference, then let me tell you that lighter and expensive BMX bikes can also weigh around 20 pounds by upgrading several components.

It’s already known that the weight of the bike affects the speed and durability to a greater extent.

Why is there so much trend about lighter bikes? Because it is easy to carry, more nimble, and the best part is that it accelerates faster.

Well, never ever compromise with the quality of the bike just for the sake of the speed.

Lighter BMX bikes are most suitable in competition due to extra efficiency and speed. The interesting part is that they also provide an amazing resale value.

This is a different thing that they are a bit more expensive and are quite suitable for smooth tracks.

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Electric Bike Weight

An Electric bike can weigh around 35 to 70 pounds. This variation is primarily because of the type, motor size, materials, and battery that is being used. Usually, lighter electric bikes are a better option.

Mainly because of their user-friendliness and movability. As compared to other bikes, a major portion of the weight of electric bikes comes from two things: the battery and the electric motor.

If you want to shed the weight of an electric bike, then make sure that you are not compromising on battery size, capacity, or motor quality. Go for bikes that give small batteries but help you to travel larger distances.

Well, it’s true and performance comes with a price. Several bike manufacturers have made electric bikes that follow this expectation and provide you an awesome experience.

If you want to travel longer distances, then having a light electric bike will count on your side by the ease of handling and performance.

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Active Commuter Weight

Normally, the active commuter bike weight is around 25 pounds. Their prime feature includes having a sturdy brake system. They have lighter frames and wheels.

Still, they are usually heavier than normal road bikes. Commuter bikes have sleek tires and these are almost perfect for riding on smooth roads.

The bike frames also play an essential role in determining the weight. The coaster brakes and is well equipped with a trustworthy braking system. The gear mechanism varies from brand to brand.

You can choose any of the ones according to your preference. If you are one of the weight weenies, then having commuter bikes of lighter weight is beneficial in several instances.

They can withstand heavy weather, wild winds, and even a rainy day.

By their build quality, they are made to carry extra weight at the front and rear side of the bike where some baskets are usually attached. Go for a lighter bike for a better experience.

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Cruiser Bike Weight

Normally, the average weight of a cruiser bike is around 25-30 lbs but can sometimes go as much as 40 pounds. Still, if you want a lighter cruiser bike, you can go for it.

The weight of a cruiser bike has several impacts on the riding experience. It is almost because of its height, size, type of accessories, and yeah, the composition of cruiser bike frames. The listed difference in ounces to making an impact in pounds is quite obvious when we keep on arming the cruiser bike.

Heavier cruiser bikes are going to serve as a barrier while accelerating and maintaining a proper speed. If you are trying to get a new cruiser bike and you love to have a speedy ride, then go for a lighter one.

As you go on a longer ride, the weight of your cruiser bike is going to impact your biking experience in an enormous way.

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Kids Bike Weight

You may be surprised to know even kids’ bikes ages of 5-7 can weigh around 24 pounds.

It wouldn’t be a stunning fact if it came to be known that the weight of a kid’s bike is sometimes even more than a normal adult bike especially the one’s built for performance and speed.

It is also said that kids’ bikes can weigh almost half of their weight and sometimes even slightly more than it. The prime reason for more weight of kids’ bikes is that they are usually learning and it is easy to get the bike thrown out of the way.

The weight of the bike also makes sure that a minimum balance is maintained that is inevitable in any instance.

Nevertheless, going for a lighter kid’s bike will help kids in easy handling of the bike with better responsiveness.

Although it shouldn’t be too light, it should be lighter so that the kid could play around it and maximize the riding experience.

How Much Does a Bike Weigh? Bike Weight Importance / Affect

Factors Affecting Your Bike Weight

There are several factors affecting your bike weight that are barely noticeable. They not only affect the weight of the bike but also the speed and performance of the bike are getting influenced. According to research by Ride Far, these are the factors affecting a bike’s speed, performance, and thus weight:

  • Rolling resistance
  • Air Resistance
  • Drivetrain efficiency

The above two factors vary depending on the situation but drivetrain efficiency remains constant. This not just affects how smooth it be to ride but also affects the overall efficiency.

The tire model and tire pressure also have a high impact on bike weight. As always said the weight of the bike is influenced by the wheels.

That’s why having carbon wheels is on a high trend. Since they are sturdy and lightweight at the same time while providing an awesome riding experience.

Air resistance and aerodynamics have a higher impact and it’s almost 25% due to the bike.

Installing a new drivetrain and applying fresh oil can drastically improve the speed of the bike. The weight of the bike plays an essential role at elevations.

The climbing speeds are heavily reduced if you have a heavier bike.

How To Make Your Bike Lighter

The heavy quest for having a lighter bike is perfectly fine when you are a weight weenie.

In order to make your bike lighter, there are several trusted ways by which you can make your bike lighter than ever. Here are some of them:

1. Get used to Carbon

If you want to shed proper bike weight without compromising on quality and that too at a moderate cost, then you need to get used to carbon. Even Carbon wheels are better than others and are sturdy at the same time being light in weight.

2. Try different cassette

Rotational weight is one of the most essential weights that can be reduced by making some changes. The most noticeable change can be observed by reducing the cassette weight. It also performs well by being on the scales.

3. Change inner tubes and tyres

The most significant result of weight shed can be observed by changing the inner tubes and tyres. They not only shed the rotational weight but also help in improving the quality and riding experience to a great extent.

Are 42 lbs Heavy For a Bike?

Depends on your requirements and circumstances. The average bike used by most people is around 30 lbs. Or better say, it is considered as medium weight.

42 lbs is not an issue until you are strong enough to lift your bike over the stairs. Otherwise, it would be recommended to go for a durable yet lighter bike.

Depending upon the type of your bike, even 27 lbs is quite heavy for a road bike. Talking about 42 lbs is way out of league here. The bike should not be more than half of the weight of the rider.

This is primarily because of ease of carrying and of course the handling purpose.

Having a lighter bike would help you have an awesome speed and great performance. On the other hand, it also contributes to getting amazing control for handling the bike.

How Much Does a Bike Weigh? Bike Weight Importance / Affect

Things To Consider Before Finalizing Buying Decision

Here are three things you must consider before finalizing your buying decision:

1. Decide your budget

This is the first step before even thinking of getting a bike. Considering the range of bikes, you will always need some amount of flexibility to spend money and choose a bike within that range.

2. Decide the motive

Why do you want to buy a bike? For the competition, for passion, or for daily use. How many times would you take a ride? It is almost daily or once a week. You must decide the “why” before buying a bike and then act accordingly.

3. Go for your bike: bike weight and comfort

Bike riding is gonna be an awesome experience for you. And, you must not compromise for anything while making a buying decision. Select a bike that is light in weight and provides massive responsiveness. It must be easy to handle and the brakes and wheels should serve their purpose almost efficiently.


There is no absolute theory of bike weight and it is all up to you, your comfort, and preference for using a bike. But, make sure that the bike weight is going to be an important thing.

It can heavily impact your riding experience.

Note that most of the weight is primarily due to the frame and the wheels and shedding some of the weight from that side can drastically show you the result.

Everything depends on the components used and selections made by the rider.

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