Can I Build Body Without Gym? – Here’s How !

Can i build body without gym? - Here's How !

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Most people never workout because its easy to give up on your fitness and think; it needs expensive gym membership with lots of time to build body. In fact at start i too think its almost necessary to join a gym to stay fit and build muscular strength. Yes it do helps a lot with the transformation providing; the right environment, a sense of routine and opportunities to make gym buddies to help each other.

You can read “Why you need a Right gym buddy” through the link over here.

While it contributes much in the transformation; its not what makes us fit, muscular and most important confident. It’s the commitment, hard work, discipline and positive attitude that really makes a difference. If you had gone to a gym or have friends who go; you must have been suggested or known off the popular supplements.

These products are advertised and produced in a way that its the only way forward. I do not say they are bad or do not take it. They are all good product which will accelerate your transformation process; but are not as important as they are produced or are thought of.

So yes; you can build body at home without gym living on a normal diet. In fact i have done so in a couple of months; not what i had initially expected but still i am happy with the results. It’s not where you do it; but what you do to build up the strength burning extra fat and calories.

Why Joining A Gym Isn’t Always The Best Choice ?

What would you do when you have to run for fitness and what if to win a race? You will get a professional trainer and course to start when to win a race; while it just need a little motivation and mood to run for fitness. That’s exactly what it is with building strength, reduce fat or improve stamina.

Unless you have to build nice barrel chest, heavy muscular arms, tight solders with tree trunk thighs; a gym is not the right place to start. Its a go to place for pro’s and professionals with a strict deadline; not for some beginner looking to be nice, slim and muscular.

Joining a gym is like starting a new blog; everyone wants to do it but only a few succeed. The best part is when we start a blog or join gym; we right away tell it about to our friends and family. It keeps us motivated and we love to get applaud for our commitment. But when things don’t went as expected; you became a laughing chapter.

It’s not that you won’t make any progress but; everyone would say “he waste so much money and time on Gym with not much progress”. Its definitely a dead zone for people with anxiety issues.

At gym everyone seems to be in competition with each other; with a lot hanging on each set of rep. If you are not fit or strong enough you will get fatigue by the process.

Five Easy Steps To Build Muscles At Home

1 ) Finding A Spot In Your Daily Routine

Its quite obvious yet never discussed point; online or even with friends. Finding a right spot in your daily route for workout is a key to success; as it not only maintain a sense of discipline but also avoid boredom. Its an easy fix to the common problem; to came up with 1001 points to skip today’s workout.

A workout routine must be flexible and well chosen. As you have office to attend and time to relax on weekdays; while laundry, shopping, cleaning and odd jobs at weekends.

Make a routine you can really stick too without worrying too much about anything. Creating a nice routine is not enough. Have a goal in your mind and write your commitment on the routine chart or note to remind yourself. Write where you want to see yourself in a month or two in your transition journey; make it bold and eye catching so its never out of sight even you want it to.

Add dedicated time in your workout routine for stretching and warmup at start. Whether you do exercise at home or gym; a warmup is necessary to avoid injuries and muscular stress due to workout.

2 ) Fix Your Diet Chart

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. Eating the right food at right time will lead you half way down your transformation journey. It is just as important as lifting weights or pushups; even in case its just what you need to maintain your fitness.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of long night parties and irregular sleep pattern. An unhealthy lifestyle with substance abuse such as; cigarettes, alcohol and drugs don’t go hand in hand with the workout. It may be hard but its the price one have to pay to get nice muscular body; that buildup your confidence.

Eat food rich in protein such as; egg whites, fish, yogurt, chicken, soy and low fat milk. Add strategic carbohydrates ( calculated carbs in fancy way ) in form of whole grains, rice, oats, breads and vegetables.

Depending on your goal one should take or avoid carbohydrate rich small calories an hour or two before the workout. If you are working on your strength and muscles its a good thing to go ahead; while for one looking for a slimmer light muscle body its a big no-no. Add a healthy mixture of seasonal fruits to your diet; to maintain taste and nutrition in your diet chart.

3 ) Warming Up Targeting Legs And Thighs

Start by jump rope with small sets followed by a brief stretching. It’s a piece of a light exercise to burn up some initial calorie to warm up your body. Other than that; a jump rope is equally beneficial for building strength and loosing weights. You can buy one of these easily on amazon for 5 to 80 dollars; you can check on its current price over here on amazon.

Once done move on to squats – a body weight exercise targeted on your thigh muscles. Stand up with your chest upside out and head forward. Keep your legs at solders width apart maintaining balance; you can straighten your hands if you like to achieve this balance. Now keeping your head forward sit down as on an imaginary chair.

Lower yourself till your thighs are in parallel to the floor; hold on for a moment and decent back to your initial condition. Repeat the process for the next five to ten minutes. If you schedule your workout in evening or morning its better to add jogging to your warm up routine. There is no match for jogging for warm up in the fitness industry.

Once done take a break for a minute or two and you are done to start some real exercise with and without weights.

My home gym workout - You dont always need a gym or tools to workout

4 ) The Zero Equipment Workout Plan

Now divide your workout days in two parts of three days with one last day reserved for recreational sports or swimming. On day one and three focus on your chest, triceps and solders; with exercise such as pushups, pull-ups, plank with forearm run and Burpee.

Do three rep of 30, four of 20 and five of 10 in your pushups; try to push your limits but do what you best can and leave rest for the future. Work on other simple exercise such as plank with forearm run and Burpees with five round of six sets. This will help build the strength and meet up with your daily pushups limit.

Just for the pull-ups you need to find a hard wall or bar to workout; something hard enough to hold your weight and extra force. While i personally used my bathroom walls for the purpose; you can find anything solid or can buy pull-up stand if you like.

On day two, four and six; you need to work on your thighs, waist, legs with lower and upper abdomen. Start the workout with four sets of donkey kick, ten reps of Russian twist; forty reps of body weight squat with four rounds of forward lunges and knee pull-ins of 10,8,6 reps. Complete three rounds of crunches with 50, 40 and 30 reps each.

At last do two sets of 20 reps for reverse crunch to end up the workout for the day.

5 ) Add Weights To Your In-Home Workout’s

You will need a pair of dumbbells; so get a 7.5 or 10 kilo pair depending upon your limit and previous experience. If you are an absolute beginner go for 7.5 kg / 15lb, if female or teen go for 5 kg / 10lb; but if have some experience in gym lifting weights get the 10 kilo / 25lb set.

You can buy one of these easily on amazon for 15 to 400 dollars; can check on its current price over here on amazon.

Keep the fifth day of the week reserved for your on weight workouts. Start with the floor press with laying down on the floor with weights in hands above the chest. Keep the hands straight as possible holding on for a moment before returning to the relaxed position with hands resting on sides of chest with weights on.

Perform other simple workouts such as one arm swing, two arm swing, two arm dumbbell dead lift; biceps curl, hammer curl, triceps extension, dumbbell lunge, dumbbell squat etc. There are dozens of videos out there on youtube on these steps which you can watch and follow along side.

But the easiest but yet effective exercise for your triceps is to walk normally; holding the dumbbell for more then three minutes. Consider it as such you are holding a briefcase but a little heavier one. Do not over stress and keep it within small reps with five to seven sets for each exercise.

Why All This Hard Work?

Maybe you be right for a moment; why we need all this hard work in first case? Well we all wants to look, feel and be believed perfect at least for a small point of time. When we workout at gym or at home our body starts to work better and it feels just nice and happy with all hormones in balance.

Suddenly you will feel more motivated in your life, be more confident, sharpen memory, sense of pride and self stem with a nice sleep. If you add up its medical benefits such as increased life expectancy, lowed risk of diabetes, reduced anxiety and no more mood swings; its more give then it takes.

I have been through this roller coaster path with times you feel; you hardly making progress while at others you too exited about the change someone just noticed. No matter how it goes; the thing is never to give up. If you just show up at the gym or at workout at home you will get your set goal sooner or latter.

I wish you all the best and Success.

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